The Modern Business Card
January 29, 2016
The Modern Business Card South Africa- Whether in business or life, first impressions are vitally important. A way to catch the eye of any prospective client, a creative business card can set the tone for your brand image.

In the search for fresh ideas and creative thinkers we have found some of the most unique and eye catching business cards around.

Below are some unique and creative business cards:

A Cheese Grater Business Card

A clever design from this cheese company, this mini grater is a memorable business card to say the least. A unique style that allows you to enjoy their product with their business card, this is sure to be shown off as much as possible.

Ideal for indulging in some of your favourite cheeses, this is a perfect example of a unique approach to marketing.

cheese grater business card

USB Business Card

A clever business card from this producer, the USB business card is the best way to show off your work. Bright and colourful, this is great for giving clients a montage of your work.

An item used every day, this is a clever way to feature in the daily life of prospective clients. A tech-savvy business card, this is perfectly suited to working in the digital world.

You can order your USB business cards from Brand Innovation! 

USB Business Card

Yoga Mat Business Card

A brilliant idea form this yoga mat company, these are the mini matt business cards. A custom business card that shows off their unique style, this is a card not to be forgotten. Perfect for showing off their product, this can be rolled up and tied just like the full size mat.

Made from the same material, complete with their business info, this is an attention grabbing business card to say the least.

Yoga Mat Business Card

Photography Business Card

In this day and age, a photographer needs to stand out from the crowd.  With this view finder business card, this is one photographer that nailed it.

Subtle and eye catching, this is a card that clients will never let go of. No matter of your style or skill, a card like this sets you apart as a creative minded individual. The perfect way to market your own unique brand, this tells all about your brand and creative grounding.

view finder business card

Bicycle Shop Business Card

A card that can be used for more than just making contact, this awesome wrench card gives you tools for riding. With a selection of indents and socket sizes, this caters for all your adjustments while riding.

Perfect for a bike company, this card fulfils a daily use. A clever way to ensure your clients never forget your name, this comes in handy on every cycle.
bicycle wrench business card

A business card is an important part of modern business, make sure to get a creative card for your brand.

Something to set you apart from the rest, first contact is where it matters the most. Key to staying relevant and on par with trends, the modern business card is a clever approach to brand marketing.

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Election Promotional Items
January 29, 2016
Election Promotional Items South Africa - One only needs to look as far as the recent marches to see the power of branded clothes during elections.

Painting the streets, so to speak, giving out colourful t shirts is ideal during election time. 
People like to show their support for their political party of choice and these items are ideal for just that.

Popular Election Promotional Items:

US Basic Detroit CAP-801
  • Twill cotton design
  • 10 bright colour options available
  • Cost effective option
  • Great for branding

Available in these vibrant colours:
  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Lime green
  • Navy blue
  • Khaki
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black
  • Ocean blue
145 g Printed T-Shirts
  • Available in thirteen eye catching colours
  • Can be branded in up to ten spot colours
  • Wonderfully cost-effective promotional t shirt

Great colour options:
  • Black
  • White
  • Stone
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Navy blue
  • Royal blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Bottle green
  • Emerald green
  • Lime green
Showing off your supporters, this is a great way to promote your strength as a party. 

A huge time in any country, elections determine the course of the future. With colourful t shirts and branded caps, you can clearly see the support throughout your crowd.

An eye catching promotional item, these are given out at political rallies and events.
Giving back to supporters while marketing your parties overall brand. These are very popular promotional items. With vibrant branding on all items, this is a brilliant selection of election promotional items for your party.

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Stylus Pens
January 28, 2016
Stylus Pens South Africa- As touch screens become common place, so does the stylus pen. An ideal item for promotions, this offers a quick switch between pen and stylus. An awesome tool for anyone working with multimedia.

Perfect for any designer or executive, this funky pen makes daily work that much more efficient. Whether designing on a tablet or simply taking notes, this is wonderful to have in any work situation. 

Slim Metal Stylus Pen
item Code: Amcam18955

Reasons why this is an ideal creative pen

  • A slim design pen
  • Can have personalised engraving on the barrel
  • Twist action pen with stylus on the clip end

A clever creative item, this item can have branding done in either laser engraving or pad print. A great idea when considering personalised gifts, these can have names elegantly engraved on the barrel. 

A dream to have with you at all times, these are superb for the creative minded person. Keeping close at hand for when an idea strikes, these let you indulge. Whether sitting on a train or in the office, the stylus pens let you create where you are with the media you have.

With a sleek design and a stylus on the clip side of the pen, this fits perfectly into a notebook. Great for a subtle promotional item, these are sure to be used day after day.

The best multimedia tool, these stylus pens comes in handy time and time again- especially in the business world of today, filled with tablets and iPads.

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Creative Office Gifts
January 28, 2016
Creative Office Gifts South Africa- A clever side of marketing, creative gifts should be items used on a daily basis. Colourful and fresh, these offer unique approaches to branding that can set your name apart.

A few creative gift ideas for your office:

Fusion Paper Clips Item Code: GIFT-9920
  • Available in eight awesome colours
  • Trendy jar for your desk top
  • Full colour branding on the lid area or the side of the jar

Puzzle Paper Clips Item Code: GIFT-9915
  • Funky puzzle shaped boxes
  • Eight vibrant colour options
  • Mix and match colours to differentiate between departments

Jigsaw Binder Clips Item Code: GIFT-9910
  • Great for a desk set, these can be linked like a puzzle
  • Available in eight exciting colours
  • Very useful for keeping documents together

Brighten up your work space with these awesome office promotional gifts!

A fantastic selection of items, these make for colourful desk top items. Branded stationary that is used every day, these make your clips easily accessible while working.

In a wide range of colours, these can be subtle branded on the packaging to give you a useful staff gifting item.

8 Vibrant colours to choose from

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Great for keeping documents ordered and together, these cost-effective creative gifts are perfect for the office. Whether as a promotional gift or a general staff item, these are effective marketing tools that are seen constantly.

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What makes a Moleskine notebook special?
January 27, 2016
What makes a Moleskine notebook special? - A sought after branded item, this is the Moleskine Notebook. Great for a client or staff item to use daily, these are special branded items for the office.

Best Seller: A5 Hard Cover Molskine Notebook

So what makes a Moleskine notebook so special? Simple- this is an executive notebook from a world renowned brand, made form the highest quality materials.

These beautiful notebooks can also make for amazing personalised notebooks, having names embossed on the front cover.

Reasons to choose a Moleskine notebook:

  • World renowned brand
  • Branding can be printed, embossed or foiled
  • Perfect for the professional environment
A timeless branded item for your staff or clients, these can have beautiful foiled branding on the front cover.

A fantastic notebook option that can promote your brand proudly with every use. This is a useful office item that makes for a classic corporate item. A favoured notebook of many executives and creatives, even the pages make for a smoother writing experience. 

A sought after notebook option that is perfect for the discerning client. These stunning notebook options are elegant and timeless, perfect for connecting with important stakeholders.

Trust the professionals to give you the best branding around. E-mail now to get your awesome branded Moleskine Notebooks. more
Bamboo Pens
January 27, 2016
Bamboo Pens South Africa- A stylish bamboo pen is a perfect eco-friendly pen for your office. A great gift idea that makes for a thoughtful eco-friendly gift, this is a wonderful branded item for clients. 

Unity Bamboo Pen

Item Code: IDEA-3735

Reasons why this is an awesome branded pen
  1. 1.  An executive eco friendly gift option
  2. 2.  Includes a stylish bamboo presentation box
  3. 3.  Available in a pen and pencil set
  4. 4.  Looks very professional with an engraved logo
This is a great way to show off your modern “go-green” corporate ethos. Functional, everyday items, bamboo pens are sure to be seen in every client office.

A selection of items that your corporate family are sure to fall in love with at first sight. A recyclable pen option that shows off your socially aware brand, this is a perfect eco-friendly gift pen.

A great grouping of eco-friendly gifts for important stakeholders within your company, these eco-friendly gift pens are fantastic to use, offering an everyday marketing tool for your vibrant brand.

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Why We Love Brands
January 26, 2016
Brands – why does the world love brands, from the tip of Africa to New York City? Any where you go, people love brands.

Some can afford them and some can’t, but nonetheless the world LOVES a brand. 

Are brands always better than non brand items? 

I have not always thought so. And sometimes you hear of the same factory making non brand items as big brand name products.

But we love brands because they “speak” to us in some way. We identify with a particular brand for some reason.

Children might love Nike shoes, teenagers Levi’s, MOST people love an iPhone.
So what is it? Why do we love the brands we do?

Maybe we feel that we have a personal relationship with the brand? And this means that we expect something from the brand?
We expect the brand to last longer, to get back to us when we compliment or complain?
To be better than the rest?

Let us know your thoughts on brands at

And while you’re thinking of that, have a look at our major top class brands that people LOVE,

Brand Innovation also values the quality and trust that brands deliver to the world.

We are a supplier of a range of great brand names including;

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Lanyards Suppliers South Africa
January 25, 2016

Lanyards Suppliers South Africa -
A small promotional gift item, suitable for any occasion, a lanyard is a cost-effective branded item. Perfect for giving to staff, this is ideal for holding keys or ID cards close at hand.

Digital Printed Lanyards

Reasons why this is an ideal lanyard
  • Made in South Africa
  • Full colour print on both sides
  • Stylish satin material
  • Quick lead times

A brilliant office gift, a digital printed lanyard is a full colour promotional item with a white of black clip to hold keys, ID cards or even USBs. A cost-effective branded item, these are made from a stunning satin material and has a full colour dome sticker on the clip.

Locally made in South Africa, these high quality lanyards have a wonderfully quick lead time.

A great giveaway item, used daily at schools and universities, this is an efficient giveaway item. An ideal item to have branded with your logo and brand name, these are simple items that can constantly promote your brand.

Clearly visible around the necks of clients and staff, this is a perfect way to identify with your market or staff member son a daily basis. Whether as a staff item or giveaway gift, this is an awesome way to market your modern brand.

Don’t miss out on these stunning digital print lanyards. E-mail now to get your quote. more
Slazenger Fleece Jackets
January 25, 2016
Slazenger Fleece Jackets - During the colder winter months, a Slazenger fleece jacket is a favourite branded item. Comfortable, high quality clothing from a world renowned sports clothing brand. With a form fitting design and stylish branding this is the perfect item for staff or important clients.

Apex Fleece Jacket Item Code: SLAZ-3219

3 Reasons why this is a great corporate jacket
  1. 1.  Made from comfortable micro-fleece
  2. 2.  Cool two tone design
  3. 3.  Front zipper and two front pockets

Fleece Jacket Colours Available:
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Red

With a stunning two tone design and a thick, warm body, the awesome Slazenger fleece jacket is ideal for the cold winters commute to work. With branding in nine colour embroidery this can be made into a stunning promotional item for staff to wear.

With a high collar for wind protection, the Slazenger fleece jacket is a dream to have by your side through the cold winter months.

An item that can be perfectly suited to the corporate environment, yet casual enough to wear every day, these are ideal to give out as a promotional gift. An item staff and clients alike will adore.

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Cutter & Buck Golf Shirts
January 22, 2016
Cutter & Buck Golf Shirts South Africa - A stylish, comfortable golf shirt is often the best option for corporate clothing. Perfect for the corporate environment, these are smart casual shirts that can be branded with your logo or company name.

Hawthorne Golf Shirt
Item Code: CB-5801

3 Reasons why this is a good staff uniform item
  1. 1.  Available in five colour options
  2. 2.  Embroidered or embossed branding
  3. 3.  Stylish stripe design

Colours available
  • Black
  • Lime
  • Sky blue
  • White
Fantastic golf shirt options for your corporate clothing range, the Cutter and Buck golf shirts offer good looking branded wear. These high quality golf shirts give you beautifully branded corporate clothing for staff uniform or casual wear.

A great promotional item that can also be used for events or given as a client gift, this allows your stakeholders to promote your brand.

Ideal for creating a well branded corporate clothing item, this golf shirt option is available in five great colour options. Great for creating an item perfectly suited to your unique and vibrant brand image.
E-mail our professionals today to get a quote on the stunning Cutter and Buck Golf Shirts.

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