Cross Pens ATX Lustrous Chrome Engraved
October 02, 2017
The Cross ATX Pen is a one of the most popular pens in our range of Cross Pens. 
Cross also offers a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism only of their pens, so you know you are buying quality and that your clients or staff will love their Cross ATX Pen gifts.

Cross Pens South Africa

The pen we are highlighting here today is the ATX Lustrous Chrome ball point pen which is a much loved and popular pen in our office.

Brand Innovation is able to engrave the pens for you.
We can engrave the pens with a personalised name or a company logo or name.

When you buy Cross, you are assured of quality and a brand that has stood and still stands the test of time.

Brand Innovation is proud to supply the range of these wonderful pens, quality and class. more
End of Year Gifts
September 26, 2017
If you are looking for new end of year gifts  - we have put together a collection of our new products for you to choose from.

This selection of gifts range from stunning gold flasks and executive gift sets to a classic 2018 Diary. Whatever your budget or style, we have got something suitable for you. Please go and have a look at the new gifts section on our homepage.


The Poykie

This is a uniquely South African gift idea - brand new from the Andy Cartwright range. These ceramic pots are designed to look like the classic three foot pot - or Potjie, as it is known in Afrikaans. This is small, multi-functional dish that can function as:
  • Soup bowl
  • Coffee Mug
  • Snack bowl for biltong/chips/nuts
  • Porrige Bowl
  • anything else you can think of!

Stock is flying, so if you want an awesome Poykie CONTACT US NOW!

Fashionable Grey Picnic Bags

Grey melange is highly fashionable this year, and we have a selection of awesome bags in this stylish colour. One of those is the Avenue Picnic Bag. This is ideal for end of year, because it contains all the trappings for a lovely sunny, Summer's day out.

This picnic bag features:

  • A Cooler Bag compartment 
  • 2 x Plastic plates 2 Plastic glasses 
  • 2 x knives 
  • 2 x forks 
  • 2 x spoons
We have a host of awesome new ideas, don't miss our and order your year end gifts soon so that you can delight your clients and staff. more
Carving Knife Sets
August 21, 2017
Carving Knife Sets are very popular as executive gifts for the year end. This is because these sets are functional and everyone can use them - it makes a gift that really adds value.

Because of their popularity of these sets we have a few options that we can offer you. Whether you are looking for something classic in wood or a modern, all-metal knife and fork set - we have something suitable to offer you.

Some of our Carving Knife Sets:

  • Dallas Carving Set
  • Oakdale Carving Knife Set
  • Glendale 3 Piece Carving Set

Our carving knives can be branded with your company logo to make an elegant corporate gift. Depending on which set it is, we can brand your logo by engraving the blade or the handle of the knife and fork.

For more information or more knife sets, contact us.

We are able to deliver countrywide for you. We have dispatch in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

For other promotional products, please see promojozi. more
Womens Day Gifts Mugs
July 19, 2017
Women's Day Gifts Mugs -  Are you looking for a unique women's day gift? Brand Innovation has a selection of full colour mugs available online in South Africa that are just perfect for the occasion.

Flash Sublimation Mug

  • 330ml capacity
  • 5 Bright colours
  • 5 lovely Women’s day designs

A mug is the perfect gift for any woman who enjoys a hot beverage, whether it’s at the office or at home, a vanilla chai latte or her favourite brand of coffee. It’s both the perfect corporate gift because anyone can use it.

We are currently having and awesome Women's Day promotion where you can order 100 units of these mugs with one of 5 beautiful designs for a great price. Contact us for this mug special.

Women's Day Designs


Womens Day Gifts design 1

Womens Day Gifts design 2

Womens Day Gifts design 3

Womens Day Gifts design 4

Womens Day Gifts design 5

Women have done a lot for South Africa, and they continue to every single day. And what better way to thank women for all that they have done for this country, and everything that they are doing than by giving them a beautiful branded mug?

Mugs are great corporate gifts because people often get attached to their mugs specifically. It becomes something personal.

Womens Day in South Africa

This women’s day we have a really stunning selection of mugs that come with full colour, flash sublimation print. These mugs come in 5 gorgeous, floral designs and five different coloured accents that come with matching presentation boxes. It almost seems like these gifts are excited to be given!
Women’s Day in South Africa is on the 9th of August and has been marked with a public holiday since 1994.

You can choose your favourite design and your colour, picking from four beautiful ‘Happy Woman’s Day’ designs and the inspirational, ‘Behind every successful woman is herself.’
If you’d like, we can also add your branding on the opposite side of the design, or provide your own full colour branding for these stylish sublimation mugs.

Full colour branding is often something that people write out of their budgets as it can be infamously expensive. But with the new range of full colour sublimation branding, it doesn’t have to be. You can have a beautiful full colour design that will turn heads and create smiles wherever it goes. Wouldn’t it be lovely to make South African women smile?

Sublimation as a branding technique, is something akin to magic. The process involves turning ink from a solid into a gas and back into a solid without it passing through a liquid stage. You can put the magic into Women’s Day for your staff and clients with our Womens Day Gift Mugs.

Branded gifts are always well accepted and appreciated. Be the reason someone smiles and feels good. more
Ladies Laptop Bags
July 11, 2017
Ladies Laptop Bags South Africa – A laptop handbag is the best way to carry your personal computer around South Africa. Bags like these are designed to hold your laptop while giving it the best protection and making you look good.

A gorgeous laptop bag like the ones on this list is a great way to flaunt your brand and your impeccable taste!

Our selection of awesome 
Ladies Laptop Handbags are a great way to show your appreciation for someone.

  • Perfect executive gifts
  • Beautiful and high quality
  • Beautiful finishes for all tastes
  • Top trend colours

They look awesome and make for fantastic promotional gifts. A product like this is a really luxurious gift that will put a smile on any woman’s face. It looks gorgeous and it makes a really fantastic high end gift.

If you’re looking for a stunning 
executive End of Year Gift then one of these is perfect for the executive women in your office. These bags all have a beautiful feel to them and are absolutely awesome corporate gifts for women.

Duchess Laptop Bags for Ladies

  • Metal Branding Tag
  • High Quality Faux Leather
  • Metal Details
  • Organisation panel inside
  • Diamond Stitch Pattern

The Duchess Ladies Laptop Bag makes for a really spectacular corporate gift. It looks like a high end designer handbag. It’s made from brown leatherette which is very popular at the moment. It looks gorgeous with the diamond pattern that’s stitched into the PU fabric.

It makes for a really stunning 
corporate gift and every part of this beautiful laptop bag is high end. With this bag in hand you're sure to turn heads like the Duchess that you are!

It has a metal tag that can be engraved with your brand for you. Engraving is a really wonderful, classic branding method that can pick up a lot of detail while not drawing attention from the stunning bag. 

This gorgeous 
corporate laptop bag has a buckle fastening over the main pocket, which adds an extra touch of elegance to this stunning laptop bag. It can take a laptop that’s 15.6”, which is one of the most standard sizes and means that you can easily keep a smaller notebook inside this beautifully padded interior.

Vogue Laptop Bags for Women

  • Black faux leather and twill nylon
  • Zippered inner pocket
  • Branding tag
  • Trolley supporting back tag
  • Diamond stitching detail

Vogue Ladies Laptop Bag – You're definitely be en Vogue with this gorgeous ladies laptop bag!

When something is in fashion it’s often referred to as being 
en Vogue. Which is French for being in the current fashion, much like Vogue magazine. This stunning corporate laptop bag for women is definitely in fashion right now.

Now is the time to get these beautiful bags for yourself and for your company. They’re perfect for travel with their beautiful diamond pattern stitching in their beautiful twill nylon.  Twill means how the fabric is woven. Twill fabrics have a diagonal grain to them which looks beautiful and is much more durable than many other weaves.

This beautiful 
ladies laptop bag is made with a panel of fabric on the back that can slip over the handles of your luggage so it’s the perfect travel gift. Take it with you wherever you go and show off your innate sense of style!

High End Laptop Bag

  • Stylish Grey Melange
  • Durable fabric
  • Cross and box stitch reinforced handles
  • Black and white accent detailing
  • Zipped front pouch

The Saturn Laptop Bag will take you out of this world!

It's a great option for a stunning 
corporate laptop bag that looks wonderful and feel great. Saturn is a beautiful planet in our solar system. If you want to have a really beautiful part of the stars to carry your laptop around in, this stunning grey melange bag.

Grey melange is the in colour right now. We have a whole selection of beautiful products in this range that make for really gorgeous promotional products. This bag can hold a 15.6” laptop and has a strap on the back that allows you to attach it to the handles of your luggage which makes it a really wonderful 
gift for travellers.

Ladies Laptop Bags for Sale

  • Our products are for sale online on our web store
  • We supply these products in bulk
  • We deliver all across South Africa
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • We can brand your products for you!

Our wonderful selection of women’s laptop handbags are available online for your convenience. By having our promotional products for sale online we are saving you time and money in coming to see us.

We’ll even 
deliver your products to you all over South Africa, so you can order from anywhere in the country. Online shopping is a really great way to get your corporate gifts in bulk.

Laptop Bag Price 

Speaking of bulk laptop bags, we’re a bulk supplier. That means that we supply your products in large quantities. Why would we do that, though? Well, in doing that, we’re able to give you the most competitive price so that you get your gorgeous goods for less per unit than you would have if you bought one at a time. Laptop bags are a beautiful gift for someone who travels a lot, and for anyone who has a laptop to travel around with.

Laptop Bag Fashion

The fashions that are all the rage at the moment are grey melange and a beautiful brown leather look. The Duchess and Saturn are really fantastic ladies laptop handbags

Many companies use laptops, especially in the higher levels. It allows you to move around while still doing your work and allows you to keep the documentation that you need on you at all times. It makes for a really beautiful gift, and these beautiful laptop bags are an awesome way to show the ladies that you appreciate them

Promotional Laptop Bags

A promotional laptop bag can be something that someone will use over and over again. They look fantastic, they’re very useful, and with a gift like this you can put your brand on your gift in a beautiful and subtle way. Having an engraved tag on your corporate gift means that your brand is an elegant accent to the beauty of the bag instead of the main focus of the bag. 

promotional gift like this is a really fantastic, luxury product that will make any woman smile. A gift like this is perfect for an executive woman. A laptop bag like this is a perfect, high quality corporate item. This is truly a gift worthy of an executive woman.

Womens Day Gifts South Africa

Women's Day is a chance for South African's to show their support of women in South Africa. These bags area  really great way to celebrate women in South Africa! The date of this public holiday is on the 9th of August, to commemorate the Women's March that took place on that date in 1956 to protest women's pass laws. 

But how can you give women executive womens day gifts if it's a public holiday? No stress, the whole of August is actually women's month in South Africa, so you have plenty of time to shower the women in your office with appreciation! 

Executive End of Year Gifts

  • High quality products
  • Exclusive gifts for women
  • Great for women's day and the end of the year
  • Perfect for travel

Exclusive gifts for women look and feel great, and our selection of gifts is stunning! These gorgeous bags are both very practical and functional as well as being gorgeous to look at. And with your branding on them, the receivers of your gifts is going to be able to flaunt exactly who gave them this beautiful corporate gift! 

Laptop Bags South Africa

With more and more entrepreneurs in South Africa, the laptop is a way that many people do business. Carrying a laptop around poses a unique set of dangers, from mugging to dropping. A laptop bag is the perfect way to protect your valuable technology from bumps and knocks, and with a bag like this it looks less like a laptop bag and more like a handbag.

For a truly beautiful and wonderful corporate gift we have a selection of Ladies Laptop Bags in South Africa. more
Bluetooth Speakers South Africa
July 07, 2017
Bluetooth speakers South Africa – Brand Innovation is a supplier of Bluetooth technology in South Africa. Bluetooth Technology is a really fantastic way for two devices to connect wirelessly. This means that you have the freedom to move around with your device without losing the connection with your speakers. This is a really great device to have for parties or to listen to music!

  • Wirelessly connect two devices
  • Share music and media easily
  • Great end of year gifts!
  • Perfect for travel!
  • Lots of beautiful designs to choose from!

We have a selection of awesome Bluetooth speakers from leading brands like Swiss Cougar and Volkano, as well as a few surprises of our own. These products are a really fantastic way to bring people together, get everyone dancing and put smiles on faces!

When it comes to a corporate gift that’s really going to turn heads, putting your brand on one of our stunning speakers is sure to do just that! We’ve got speakers that range from small to large, and even some that come with cool features, like being waterproof!

A speaker that works for every occasion, is easily portable and produces great sound is a fantastic way to make a splash with your brand!

End of Year Gifts

It’s Christmas in July! Or rather, you should probably start thinking about Christmas in July. It sometimes seems like 2017 just started yesterday but that’s not quite the case. Unique end of year gifts are a great way to make your clients, partners and staff smile, and an awesome way to make them feel appreciated for all the hard work that they’ve done over the course of the year.

With our Bluetooth speakers you can encourage them to let their hair down and relax a little to their favourite music. These speakers also make a great gift for offices! We’ve used the Swiss Cougar Mega Boom Speaker at Brand Innovation and it has amazing sound quality! It also has man ways to connect to the device, from USBs and SD cards to AUX cables and, of course, Bluetooth.

The End of the Year is a time to give thanks and to look forward to the year that has yet to come. You can have people dancing forwards into the New Year with our awesome selection of high quality promotional speakers.

Top Electronic Gifts

Electronics make for amazing gifts! Whether they’re promotional gifts, corporate gifts or thank you gifts, this is an era when technology rules! So getting someone a gift that will help them enjoy their technology even more than they already do is fantastic way to celebrate! And the great thing about a Bluetooth speaker is that it is a device that is compatible with almost every device that’s Bluetooth enabled.

Bluetooth enabled means that both devices have Bluetooth radio transmitters. That’s right! Even in the age of satellites, Bluetooth is a radio transmission. It allows two devices to send and receive data from one another in real time so that you can send media files like pictures and music from one device to another without having to use cables for either of them.

This is particularly useful if you don’t have a connecting cable for those two devices. It also means that while you’re sharing files and enjoying your media then you don’t necessarily have to sit in one place and stare at the device until it connects.

Sometimes when you have an old connector cable you have to hold it at just the right angle on a still afternoon in mid-September if you want the devices to pair.  Modern technology means that Bluetooth is advancing all the time! Bluetooth transmitters are getting smaller, able to use less and less energy while doing more and having a wider range! This kind of technological advancement is what makes Bluetooth Speakers such a great gift, because the frequency is the same while the technology of the device changes.

Best Portable Speakers

The really great thing about a lot of our Bluetooth speakers is how portable they are. We have pocket sized speakers and speakers that you’d need to stand on your desk, all of which can get their playlists from a Bluetooth enabled device. Like your phone! A smart phone, and even generations of phones before this have had Bluetooth capabilities. This means that anyone with a phone can connect to your speakers and play their own music – which is a really fantastic way to keep the music at a party fresh and have something that everyone will enjoy! Because everyone can bring their own.

Many speakers, like the Mega Boom and the Mini Bomb are really easy to carry around. The Mega Boom because it has a strap that lets you carry it around over your shoulder and the Mini Bomb because it could fit into your pocket. Having speakers like this with your branding on them is a great way to have your brand spread smiles and good cheer wherever it goes! A perfect gift for the end of the year.

Must Have Gifts for Men

Boys and their toys, right? Men love something that they can play with and they especially love tech gadgets! You can have a really beautiful product with your brand on that men will love.
We have speakers like the Melody and the Harmony, which are both sleek squares. They have a sharp, sleek design in silver and white that looks amazing with a full colour brand and makes for a truly fantastic branding option.

Our range of Bluetooth speakers is suitable for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the kind of tech heaven that a man will have trouble choosing his favourite out of. We have some beautiful high end brands that will give you the sound quality you crave with designs that are a feast for the eyes.
Like the Mega Boom, which can have beautiful wrap around branding on the barrel and can be accessed by just about every file sharing method known to man. Or the Atlantis, which has the really cool feature of being water proof so that you can listen to music and podcasts, or even take calls in the shower! Bluetooth speakers really are Must Have Gifts for Men!

Fun Promotional Gifts

They’re also really fun promotional gifts. A speaker like this is something that allows you to have fun and keep dancing no matter where you are. You can have a dance party with your sibling in the middle of the living room, or you can sing along to your favourite songs in the car. You can even take your tunes on a picnic so that you and your friends can sing along. This also makes it the perfect thing to take a long to a children’s birthday party – there’s no need to have a plug point to play pass the parcel or musical chairs. Just you, your phone, your speakers and a lot of happy kids!

Putting your brand on our speakers – which we can absolutely do, the methods for how we do this vary from speaker to speaker – can being smiles to everyone from young to old, making them really fantastic promotional products! And corporate gifts too!

Technology is so wide spread these days that anyone can find a use for a Bluetooth speaker, and a branded one is a great way to promote your brand with a product that people will enjoy using.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof? Really? The uses of a Waterproof speaker can go on and on. From using those shower acoustics to full advantage and giving yourself an awesome backing track to having pool party fun with the Volkano Splash Series, these speakers are a really great way to maximise your aquatic experience!
As mentioned before, the beautiful Atlantis Speaker is a domed speaker that you can stick to your shower walls with a suction cup. Bluetooth Shower Speakers are a great way to take your shower time solos to the next level. They come in pink, blue and black and are a really stunning gift for anyone who enjoys listening to media in the shower.

The Splash Series Speaker from Volkano is waterproof and can float – making it the perfect pool party accessory and a really great unique end of year gift!

We have gadgets for every occasion at Brand Innovation and our beautiful waterproof speakers make for wonderful summer time gifts! They look beautiful and they brand well. These are wonderful corporate gifts for anyone who loves technology.

Bluetooth Speaker Price

We’re a Bulk Supplier of these phenomenal goods. That means that we sell large quantities of these products, often to companies as promotional items or as corporate gifts. And they do make fantastic gifts. We sell them in these quantities so that you can get the best price for your product. Selling these gorgeous Bluetooth Speakers in bulk allows us to keep the price down per unit, so the more you buy, the more you save.

We sell these great speakers branded and unbranded. Branding a product is a way to put your signature. Your brand is the thumb print of your business, it’s a great way to draw attention to who exactly provided this stunning piece of technology. This is also a great way to let people know that something belongs to your office.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker South Africa

Bluetooth Speakers for Sale in South Africa – Brand Innovation is a supplier of Bluetooth speakers and other promotional gifts. And for your convenience, they’re for sale online. That’s right, you can place an order for your Bluetooth speakers online from our web store. You don’t have to leave your office to order, which saves you time and money in the long run. It also means that you can order these speakers from wherever you are in South Africa and we’ll deliver them to you. Delivery is, after all, one of the major perks of online shopping.

You can order these with the click of a mouse, and you can carry them around almost as easily too. Speakers like the Volkano Blaster Speaker and the Swiss Cougar Mega Boom both have carry straps so that you can take them where they need to go easily. Others like the Occulas Bluetooth Speaker, which looks amazing and has great sound quality, could be tucked into a jacket pocket and taken to wear they need to go.

Don’t let the Occulas’ small size fool you, it has some serious volume in that little body. We’ve used this one in the office too! We took turns connecting our phones to it and playing music for the office to listen during the day. It was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for the office.

Electronic Gifts South Africa

South Africa is a country that is constantly growing and learning. Every day we’re climbing and pushing ourselves to learn new things. That’s one of the perks of being a developing country. There’s no need to rest on your laurels, just a determination to get bigger and better and become an integral part of the global economy.

And with our love of growing, our love for technology and our need for it is growing too. Having a speaker like this allows us to take our technology wherever it needs to go and share your music and your media with anyone wherever you are in the country. You can take your sound to the tops of the Drakensberg and down to the coast, wherever there needs to be sound, smiles and a song, you can have them with this stunning selection of Corporate Electronic Gifts.

Bluetooth Speakers are a really great way to have a party or share media and stories. These speakers make for a really beautiful corporate gift. They’re not the usual notebook and pen and they’re something that will put a smile on the faces of your staff and clients. The selection that we have ranges from promotional items all the way up to executive gifts so that you can have the product that best suits your needs and you budgets.

We’re a supplier of beautiful, branded electronics and we’re glad to be offer you this selection of Bluetooth Speakers South Africa.

Technology Gifts are always a popular promotional item or corporate gift and in fact, is one of the fastest growing gift categories in the corporate world.

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of music, fun and laughter in their lives? more
Mandela Day
July 05, 2017
Mandela Day – the 18th of July is International Nelson Mandela Day. It’s a day to celebrate the life of a South African icon; Nelson Mandela. Mandela did so much for South Africa, from fighting against the Apartheid system to acting as president of our country. We use this day to honour his memory and his actions by giving back to the community.

Mandela was a peace maker and a human rights lawyer who campaigned for the equal treatment of all South Africans. This day, his birthday, is when we honour his legacy and everything that he has done for us.

The first Mandela Day was celebrated in 2008, on his 90th Birthday. In 2009 the United Nations declared June 18th International Nelson Mandela Day, making it a day that the entire world can come together and work to make the world a better place for their fellow man. This was in recognition of Mandela’s humanitarian efforts and contribution to the struggle for democracy as well as to an international culture of peace.

Nelson Mandela day

On the 18th of July, 1918, Rolihlahla Mandela was born into the Madiba clan in the Transkei. He was the son of the councillor to the acting King of the time, but when he was 12 years old, his father passed away. Mandela’s published autobiography states that his father passed when he was 9 years old, though the original manuscript cites the year as being 1930, when he would have been 12 years old.

As a ward of Jongintaba at the Great Place, he attended primary school in Qunu, where he was given the name Nelson by his teacher in the practice of the time of giving African children ‘Christian’ names. His given name, Rolihlahla, translates to troublemaker. Which certainly held true for his future, as he helped to create a democratic system of government for South Africa.

Jongintaba was the regent of the Thembu people, and Rolihlahla was given the same responsibilities as his own two children and taught English, Xhosa and Geography. It was at this time that he developed a keen interest in African history which he learnt from his Elders. He admired the way that his ancestors fought during the wars of resistance and he hoped that one day he would be able to contribute to his people’s struggle for freedom.

After matriculating from Healdtown, he went on to study a Bachelor of Arts at Fort Hare, but was expelled for joining in a student protest before he could complete his degree. He had resigned from his position as president of the student council in order to side with the majority of the students and the principle of the school had given him the opportunity to come back – provided that he returned to serve on the Student Representative Council.

Jongintaba was furious at him for this, and threatened to marry him off if he didn’t go back to Fort Hare. As a result, he and his adopted brother Justice ran away to Johannesburg in 1941. There he became a mine security officer before meeting Walter Sisulu, another struggle hero who was working as an estate agent. After meeting Lazer Sidlesky, Mandela then went on to do his articles for his firm, Witkin, Eidelman and Sidelsky. His BA was completed through the University of South Africa and he went back to Fort Hare for his graduation in 1943.

It was around this time, 1942, that Mandela began to become very heavily involved in politics, joining the African National Congress in, and helping to form the ANC Youth League, an organisation that is still active to this day in 1944.

In 1952, after he had risen through the ranks of the ANC Youth League, he was appointed National Volunteer in Chief of the Defiance Campaign. The aim of this campaign was to protest 6 unjust Apartheid laws through civil disobedience. Mandela and 19 others were sentenced to 9 months of hard labour for their part in these protests after being charged under the Suppression of Communism Act.

1952 was also the year that Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo established Tambo & Mandela, the first black law firm in South Africa. With a two year diploma and his BA, Mandela was allowed to practice law. This was also the year that he was banned for the first time.

On the 5th of December 1955 he was arrested in a national sweep which resulted in 150 arrests. This resulted in the 1956 Treason Trial, which was a marathon trail that resulted in the last 28 people on trial, Mandela included, being acquitted on the 29th of March 1961.

In June he helped to establish Umkhonto weSizwe (Spear of the Nation), a militant organisation that had an explosive launch in December of the same year.

In January 1962 Mandela assumed the name David Motsamayi and secretly left South Africa using an Ethopian passport. He travelled across Africa, receiving military training while he was in Morocco and Ethopia, and gained support for his struggle when he visited England. In July of the same year he returned to South Africa and was arrested outside Howick on the 5th of August in a routine police roadblock. He was charged with leaving the country without a permit to do so and organising a workers’ strike and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

In 1963 ten of his fellows were arrested in a police raid on a secret hideout in Liliesleaf, Rivonia.
Mandela and 7 fellows were then put on trial for sabotage in what has become known as the Rivonia Trials. They were all sentenced to life imprisonment on the 11 of June 1964, and Mandela was transferred from the Pretoria Local Prison to Robben Island to carry out his sentence.

In August of 1988 he was taken to hospital and diagnosed with tuberculosis. He served the last 14 months of his sentence at Victor Verster Prison near Paarl and was released from there on Sunday the 11th of February in 1990. It’s estimated that during his incarceration Mandela rejected three or more offers of a conditional release, and was released 9 days after the ANC was unbanned and 4 months after his fellows from the Rivonia Trials.

After his release, Mandela threw himself into peace talks and discussions of ending white minority rule. The ANC voted him president of the organisation, to replace his friend Oliver Tambo, who was very ill. That was in 1991. In 1993 he and the then President FW De Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

On the 27th of April, 1994 South Africa held the first free and fair elections in the country, and Nelson Mandela voted for the first time. Today that day is celebrated in South Africa as Freedom Day. On the 10th of May he was inaugurated as the first black President of South Africa.

Madiba Day

Madiba is the name of the clan that he was born into and a name used fondly by the nation that he fought to free. We celebrate this day so that we can have a way to commemorate the wonderful work that he did throughout his life. Mandela became politically active in his twenties and continued to work for South Africa. He is a man who dedicated his life to public service and the service of the South African people.

He created the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund in 1995, as well as the Mandela Foundation and the Mandela Rhodes Fund. He worked hard to give back to the community long after he left the office. He was a mediator in the 2000 conflict in Burundi, and organised the 2003 46664 concert in Green Point Stadium to raise funds for his charities and international AIDs charities. Many international artists performed at the concert, which was named after Mandela’s prison number; 466/64. He even openly spoke about how his son Makgatho had died because of AIDs, in an attempt to destigmatise the illness.

Mandela continued to work towards a more peaceful world even though he was deliberately staying out of the public eye, until his failing health stopped him in 2011. He sadly passed on the 5th of December 2013.

Mandela Day 67 Minutes

67 Minutes is all that Nelson Mandela Day asks of us. One minute of our time for every year that Mandela dedicated to public service. In total it comes to just over an hour, a lunch break. But that one hour can make a huge difference to the community that you live in. Your time is a very valuable resource. Time is valuable and more than just your time, you’re donating yourself. For those 67 minutes you can help people or animals in need, and you can give to the community something that they might not have had before.

These 67 minutes are meant to be a bite sized contribution to your community that may inspire you to carry on and do bigger and better things in future. Just like Mandela did. There are still things to be done in every community. It was Nelson Mandela’s dream to have a world where everyone could live as equals.

As he said in his Speech from the Dock on the 20th of April 1964;

I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

What he also said, at his 80th Birthday celebration in Hyde Park, and the words that inspired this special day; “It is time for new hands to lift the burdens. It is in your hands now.”

We can all make a difference, and an entire country taking just over an hour to make a difference to their communities is a huge impact. 67 minutes from every South African isn’t a lot to ask, but what you end up giving is so much more.

Why do We Celebrate Mandela Day

So why do we celebrate Mandela Day? We celebrate to honour a man who fought for our country.  Mandela Day is a way to help our communities. It’s a day to raise awareness for causes that need help. It’s also a day, as decreed by the UN, to promote humane conditions for inmates in prisons, and how valuable it is for prisoners to be a continuous part of society while they are incarcerated.

That decision lead to the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (A/70/490). These are often called the Mandela Rules. This one man had such a profound effect, not only on the country that he fought for, but the whole world. And you can too. You can honour his legacy by celebrating Mandela Day.

Things to Do for Mandela Day

Mandela Day is on the 18th of July 2017 (and every year subsequent to that). This year, that means that it’s on a Tuesday. For many South Africans that means work. And that can make it difficult to donate your time to charity.

What you can do is organise with your employer to donate your time collectively, as an office. Or give your time before or after work, during your lunch break.

Time is a precious resource and that’s why it’s so important to give it. By giving your time you’re involving yourself personally in helping South Africa.

  • You can collect refuse in your area and help the environment.
  • You can volunteer at a homeless shelter and help the less fortunate in your community.
  • You can visit your local animal shelter and help the animals there.

You can make every day a Mandela Day and help to continue his legacy in South Africa and around the world by making it a better place one little bit at a time. Sometimes a task can seem daunting or impossible. Sometimes you might not think that you can make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is proof of his own words:

It always seems impossible until it is done.” This day allows you to break down a task that might be difficult for an individual to accomplish alone and get the whole nation, even the whole world involved in. This is the importance of Mandela Day.

At Brand Innovation, we are proud to remember the great man, Nelson Mandela. May his legacy live on forever in South Africa and the world. more
High End Corporate Gift Ideas
July 03, 2017
High End Corporate Gift Ideas – When you’re giving a gift to a very important business partner, thanking a high profile client or visiting a business partner in a different country for the first time, it can be a good idea to use a high end gift. The gift itself can be very symbolic. In Chinese culture luxury branded goods are seen as symbols of good fortune and success. This means that bringing a beautiful and prestigious branded present along with you can bode well for your business.
Luxury items are also a sign that you’re willing to invest in building this relationship. A present can go a long way to building a bond with someone, and a good working relationship can grow beautifully from that encounter.

Luxury Business Gifts

Luxury Gifts can be symbols of prosperity, not meaning that you are running a prosperous company but that the collaboration between your two businesses can be very prosperous too. When you’re giving someone a luxury gift, it pays to know a little bit about them, their hobbies and interests, so that you can gift them accordingly. The symbolism of the gift is only as strong as the meaning behind it and it can be a huge business faux pas to give someone an inappropriate gift. Just by way of example, we have a beautiful selection of leather gifts available, and they make absolutely stunning corporate presents. However the La Vie Boheme ladies wallet made of genuine Russian calf skin might not be the best gift to give to a business in an area with a large Hindu population.
Luxury business gifts are a great way to network with fellow businesses. A gift as a token of appreciation or goodwill can do a lot for the relationship between companies and it makes a wonderful way to begin a dialogue with a company.

Best Gifts for Executives

To quote Meg Cabot, “What do you get the woman who has everything? Soap on a Rope?” Which is a fair answer when you’re shopping for your grandmother. Not so much when you want to give a gift that makes an impression. An executive gift is something that has that extra special touch of class to it. That feeling of elegance and luxury that really makes it special. There’s also a great deal of thought that can go into an executive gift. It’s not always about the price tag, but about what that person’s interests are. Thoughtful, high quality presents can make the executive gifts.

Luxury branded corporate gifts

Branded Corporate Gifts make an even bigger splash. It’s all the stunning quality and prestige of a luxury gift but with the added oomph of your brand. This not only reminds the receiver of who gave them this stunning present (you), but also aligns your brand with that one, putting them on the same level so to speak. It makes a wonderful gift and a great way to encourage further business.
Here at Brand Innovation we have a stunning selection of beautiful, luxury gifts from high end brands that we can brand for you, giving you that extra edge when it comes to your business transactions.

Montblanc gifts

Montblanc Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for someone, and to honour a business agreement. Montblanc is a very prestigious brand. Founded in 1906, Montblanc are known internationally for their high end writing instruments. When you’re truly looking for a gift that will impress, Montblanc is winner.  And they stock more than just pens. Montblanc has a range of cases, watches, fragrances, notebooks and cufflinks that are available as well.
Our bestselling Montblanc products are the Starwalker Midnight Black and the PIX pen.

Starwalker Midnight Black

The Starwalker midnight black is a beautifully designed pen with a barrel that is made of Montblanc’s signature, ultra-glossy precious resin. The ruthenium accented barrel is beautifully sleek and capped off with the distinctive Montblanc Snowflake logo suspended in clear resin. This is a very subtle way of branding the pen as it is only visible when viewing the pen directly from the top.

Montblanc PIX Ballpoint

The PIX has a lot of history behind it. When Montblanc was still just starting out, their focus was on innovative mechanical pencils, and they called them PIX. Montblanc kept this name when they made the leap from pencils to the classic pens that they are known for today, and to this day, the word PIX can be found beneath the clip of genuine Montblanc pens as a measure against counterfeit copies. PIX is a registered trademark with Montblanc.
The PIX pen itself has a design that was inspired by the Bauhaus artistic movement and the clean lines that it used. Both the barrel and the cap of this beautiful pen are made with that high gloss precious resin that Montblanc is so famous for. The gloss of Montblanc products, whether resin or leather, is legendary and is said not to fade over time regardless of polishing. The Pix also has stunning, platinum coated detailing on the barrel, making this historic pen a true beauty and a truly luxurious gift.

Leather Gifts

Leather products can be an excellent choice of high end gift. There is of course culture to consider when giving a gift like this, like whether the person receiving it would appreciate a leather gift. But if they will then leather is a beautiful gift to give! Leather is one of those materials that can last and last for years, generations even if it’s cared for well. For instance, our beautiful range of Gary Player Bags is made from genuine leather. Gary Player is a brand that promises quality without compromise. It produces beautiful apparel and bags that are equally lovely.
From notebooks to bags, purses and wallets, we have a stunning range of high quality Leather Corporate Gifts.

Boss Gift Ideas

Are you looking for something to really wow your employer? Let us help you find that perfect gift for the boss in your life. This year, your boss gave you a job, helped you to put a roof over your head and food on the table. In South Africa, the opportunity to work is one that we are grateful for. By working we’re doing more than just getting by. Every day that we work we’re helping to build this beautiful country of ours, we’re working together to make it stronger and better than it was yesterday. Your boss allows you that chance to help South Africa move towards a brighter future. You’re all part of a team, and showing appreciation to your team mates is a great way to build team spirit.

Christmas Business Gifts

These types of gifts vary from culture to culture across the world. Christmas, when it boils down to the core beliefs of the day, is about good will towards others and loving your fellows. It’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation for your business partners, your clients and your staff, no matter their religious denomination. A gift is a gift, especially when it comes from the heart. It can really mean a lot to someone that you thought of them when you were thinking about the things that you’re grateful for over the course of the year. A present is a wonderful way to do that, and it can thank someone for all their hard work and dedication over the course of the year. Giving a gift to your employees or clients at the end of the year is a great way to spread a little joy.

High End Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifting is something that a lot of companies do. It’s a great chance to build relationships between individuals as well as with businesses. A great way to make a good impression is with a high end corporate gift. A high end gift can be a very strong indication that you value your relationship with the receiver. It can be a way of indicating that you want the relationship to be even stronger and more positive going forward. Impressing someone can be as simple as picking one of our gorgeous top of the range gifts.

VIP Corporate Gifts

VIP Corporate Gifts are for those where you must really show a big thank you, or a big congratulations. Again, please let us know your minimum and maximum budget and if the gifts are for women or men. If you need branding and by when and where you need delivery.

Our aim is to help, to be your corporate gift supplier of choice and to really help you in the best possible way. more
Branded Blankets South Africa
June 30, 2017
Branded Blankets South Africa – Branded Blankets can go a long way in South Africa. A company looking to do some good can make a wonderful donation of blankets to those in need, or a hostel company can keep travellers warm by investing in some of our great branded blankets. The truth is that in winter, everyone needs a little extra warming up. A warm, snuggly blanket can be just the thing to help keep a puppy warm during winter, or help a mother and child stay warm in the coldest nights of our year. We’re very fortunate to live in a country that doesn’t reach the climactic extremes of the North, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the cold too. The perfect way to combat that is with a blanket. We have blankets for sale in bulk, with lots of different branding options.


Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets are some of the most common ones that you will see around. They are incredibly popular! They’re warm and cosy as well as being soft! A fleece blanket can be an awesome promotional blanket, as they’re fairly cost effective in terms of production. They are also a great way to have your brand get known out there.

Our top seller is the Cuddles Fleece Blanket.

Why brand a blanket?
Well, from movie theatres to concerts that offer blankets as part of their service, they’re a pretty great investment and they can really improve your standing on a company if you’ve got something warm to snuggle under in the chill. Fleece makes for lovely, plush blankets! It’s also one of the items requested by animal shelters during winter. Animals, particularly the young and the old, who are commonly found in shelters, can really feel the cold.

Cocoon Fleece Blanket And Bag

Try as shelters might, there’s often not enough warmth to go around, and a donation of fleece blankets can really go a long way towards warming an animal’s body and their heart and help them have a second chance at finding their forever home.

Picnic blankets

Picnic blankets are another kind that we stock! We have a whole range of picnic blankets, some waterproofed, some fleece. These blankets make for awesome gifts, encouraging people to spend time outside and in nature! They’re a little more geared towards summer than winter, but a picnic blanket with a water proofed base is a great way to enjoy those crisp winter days without getting wet around the seat from any wet grass that might be around.

It also makes just about all weather picnic weather, which is a wonderful wat to enjoy the outdoors. Promotional picnic blankets are a great way for your company to encourage people to get out there and enjoy the great wide yonder!

Embroidered Blankets

Embroidered blankets are a super great way to get your branding onto the blanket. Often, we only offer embroidery as an option for branding on blankets because printing doesn’t always take very well on fabrics like fleece. However, embroidery does, and embroidered fleece blankets look and feel amazing! An embroidered blanket looks fantastic and it makes a definite impression.

Embroidered blankets. We use this method to brand directly onto the blanket, but we do often print onto carry straps for a more subtle branding solution if that’s what interests you. Embroidery is done by stitching thread into a pattern on the fabric. We do it by taking your design and programming it into our embroidery machines, which do it much more quickly than hand stitching.

Our embroidery costs are calculated by how much thread is used in the design, or per stitch. Embroidery is also a great way to add colour to your blankets, as our machines can stitch designs in up to nine different colours!

Printed blankets

Printed Blankets are usually printed via screen printing onto the straps on the parts that don’t have that delicious blanket texture that we all love so much. The softness of the insulating fabrics used to make blankets don’t always lend themselves to printing. So rather than give you a branding option that won’t look as good as it could, we would rather give you a smaller screen print and a larger embroidery area so that you can have the best looking blanket that you could possibly have.

Corporate blankets

Corporate blankets are a fun way to commemorate an event like a concert or a carol service that the company had. Even a company sleep over that could be a lot of fun, and it could really help the team bond. A corporate blanket can have a lot of benefits, from keeping staff warm behind the scenes to being something that you can offer to clients and customers when they are feeling the cold. A corporate blanket is a really fun and creative way to show off your company brand, and what a fun time you can have at your company.  Even a day care could benefit from corporate blankets for naptime, as sleep is an important part of a child’s development.

Custom logo blanket

embroidered logo blankets
Your blanket is something special, and we can give you personalised blankets as well as a blanket with logo. Custom Logo Blankets that are unique to your company or to you are a great way to celebrate your individuality. Custom blankets are also a fantastic way to set you and your company apart from anyone else. It’s a way to show off your pride in your company and your logo!

Gift blankets

Gift blankets are a fantastic way to give back to the community. You never know who is a little colder this year than they were the year before, and a great way to take care of your people is with blankets. Another fantastic way is to gift blankets to charity organisations who help the homeless, who suffer greatly when the temperatures drop. A gift of blankets is the gift of warmth that may mean the world to someone. Animal shelters also ask for donations of blankets around this time of year, as our four legged friends also feel the cold, and those who need the shelters the most often aren’t in any kind of position to take care of themselves.

Branded Blankets South Africa

A blanket may just be a square of cloth, but that square of cloth holds the promise of warmth and comfort, and caring too. And sometimes that’s the greatest gift that you can give someone, a gift that can be helped into being by Branded Blankets South Africa

Brand Innovation stocks a great range of corporate gift blankets. more
Gifts for End of Year
June 29, 2017
Gifts for End of Year – the end of the year is fast approaching. It seems as though 2017 has whooshed past. It’s halfway through already and it was only February last week. Or that’s what it feels like. But seeing as the middle of the year is upon us, now is a good time to start thinking about the gifts that you’ll be giving people in December. End of Year Gifts are a really popular way to thank people for all the hard work and effort that they’ve made over the course of the year, or if it’s a gift for your client, it’s a way to thank them for the business that they’ve given you.

The end of the year can be a great time to look back on the things that have happened over the course of the last twelve months and think about all the things that you’re grateful for. Getting a present can really make someone’s day, and it can really make them feel special and appreciated. A gift is a really great way to thank someone, because it shows that you were thinking of them.

This is why corporate gifts are so important, and why people start their end of year shopping in July.

It’s nice to get your ducks in a row before the end of the year actually hits, and you have to rush around from store to store. When you have a lot of staff and you want to include everyone, buying gifts can be quite a process. And it can take a while too. This is why we suggest that you consider bulk buying your end of year gifts with us!

The queen of England buys gifts for her staff in bulk, after all, so it’s not an uncommon practise. It also makes things much more cost effective when you have a large staff to cater to (Buckingham Palace has an estimated staff of 800 people). Getting gifts for everyone, whether it’s your clients or your staff, can be done just by placing a bulk order with us.

Buying in bulk allows us to keep the price down so that you get the best value for your money when you buy with us. It also gives you the opportunity to give your gives an individual touch by branding them with your company logo. Branding your products like this makes for a really fantastic way to get a really beautiful end of year gift that is singular to your company.

Year end function gifts

  • Wine glasses
  • Power Banks
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Stylus Pens
  • Manicure Set
  • Bamboo Pens

End of the year functions can be really great opportunities to give out your gifts. They’re fun get-togethers that celebrate the past year and there’s generally a mood of celebration around them, making them the perfect opportunity to dispense presents!

An end of the year function can see you raising a toast to the old year in a beautifully branded wine glass. To the old year, and everything that the New Year is going to bring you! That’s a gift that works beautifully for a really celebratory occasion. The end of the year is a great time to celebrate all the hard work that has been done and a time to relax and recharge before forging on ahead to the year ahead!

Power banks and USBs are also really fun to give at the end of the year, they’re reminders to have some fun over the December break while also being practical and beautiful. We have a selection of power banks that brand beautifully! Ask us about our new range of full colour prints that we can do on our power banks!
We also have USBs that come in a beautiful selection of really awesome devices that can come with packaging, so that you get the best option. A USB can also be a more cost effective option, as you can choose the capacity of your flash drive, which can influence the price.

Corporate Year End gifts

  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Gift hampers
  • Executive desk stands

Gifts for corporate business partners and companies who you do a lot of work with can be a great way to network and encourage someone to do business with you again in future. These gifts are a really fantastic way to give someone a thoughtful gift while at the same time reminding them of your partnership or working relationship.

A diary, is a great gift. A diary is an excellent way to keep track of your day, and they are especially lovely given at the end of the year, like a prelude to continued partnership in the coming year. A diary is a really beautiful thing to have and we can brand a range of our diaries with prints, debossing or foiling, whichever you prefer. These make for really striking, classy books that are stunning gifts.

Gifting your corporate business partner a diary is a way to keep you in their minds every day when they look at it. It’s also a very thoughtful gift. Getting an individual diary can be an expensive experience, whereas buying them in bulk from us makes them more cost effective, and it gives you a ready supply of end of year gifts to strengthen your bond with your clients.

A gift hamper is a classic gift. A collection of gifts that have been thoughtfully picked out for you that can be branded with your logo to give you a really beautiful set of products that will put a smile on someone’s face! The really great thing about giving a hamper as a gift is that you can give someone many smaller gifts, so it feels like a bigger present! We also have a variety of hampers that range from beach items for those who like sun and sand, to ladies and gents bath time pamper packs that can encourage someone to relax and unwind during the holidays.

Our executive desk organiser makes for a really wonderful end of the year gift! It’s got a stunning leatherette finish and a memo pad so that you can start using it immediately! A desk organiser like this makes for a truly spectacular gift because it’s a brilliant accessory for any desk and it’s in a position where your client will see it every day, meaning that your brand is always on their minds, whether consciously or not. It’s also got storage drawers and place for a small tablet, or your letters, so it has a lot of space to be utilised.

Year end gifts for staff

  • Cooler bags
  • Beach bags
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Desk organisers
  • Stationery sets

Your staff are the cogs that keep the machine of your company running smoothly. A company is often more than one person can run on their own, and a little help is always appreciated. It’s a nice thing to do to thank your staff for all the hard work that they put into the company. People are more likely to work harder in future when they feel like the hard work that they put in before has been acknowledged. People like to know that the effort that they put in is appreciated. Working hard with no thanks isn’t always pleasant. A gift as a token of thanks can really cheer someone up and make them more inclined to keep up that hard work!

Cooler bags make for a really great end of year gift! They look fantastic with branding, and the end of the year in South Africa is often warm, the perfect time to picnic! When people are making camping trips and beach days, these are the times when you need to have a cooler bag handy! A cooler bag is a great accessory for any picnic and is the kind of product that everyone needs!

Beach bags are another great bag that makes for a really fantastic gift! These wonderful totes can be used wherever you’re going, be it the mall or the beach. They’re roomy and can be beautifully coloured, which is a really great way to complement your logo. Though it says for beaches a beach bag is another bag that can be very easily applied to other areas of the country, like a picnic in the bush, or a bag to take towels down to the pool or the river. The African summer can get very hot and a cooling dip is a really great way to regulate your body temperature and have fun at the same time.

A fun thing to give your staff would be one of this year’s hottest promotional items, adored by children and adults all across the globe: the fidget spinner. We also have fidget cubes if that’s more your speed. These awesome products are a really great gift! They’re the must have office toy of the year and we’ve been selling out of them as fast as we can get stock in. A fidget spinner or fidget cube is a really awesome way to keep fingers busy, and you may even find that you have a fun new toy to play with yourself!

A branded desk organiser ia really awesome way to make a desk look much neater, and is a really great thing to have in the office. We even have desk organisers that are combined with Stationery Sets, like the Fizz Stationery set, which comes in a range of colours with all the essential stationery items. And you can brand them! So that you get the best and most personalised office stationery around.

Year end gifts for clients

  • Kooshty Products
  • Volcano Technology
  • Laptop Bags

Your clients are the ones who keep giving your business, and rewarding those loyal customers is a really wonderful way to strengthen your working relationship. It’s a way of letting the client know that you value their support through the years. Studies show that when you give someone a promotional gift, or in this case a corporate year end gift, they’re more likely to feel appreciated. The same study says that people are three times as likely to be loyal to a brand that gives them a gift, and twice as likely to support them in future.

A gift is a powerful token of appreciation, and a pretty fantastic way to strengthen the relationship between you and your client. Giving someone a nice gift, with a personal note can go a long way towards furthering your working relationship. And it’s just a nice thing to do!

Kooshty Products are a really fantastic way to gift someone with something that’s stunningly beautiful, is made with gorgeous quality and is a really fantastic way to make someone smile. Kooshty South Africa has a range of beautiful products that has a strong focus on travel and drinkware. They have a range that includes the comfy travel set – the perfect way to rest on your flight or long distance journey!

Kooshty has a range of a different bottles and drinkware sets that can be branded, from their borosilicate glass travel mugs that have brightly coloured silicone sleeves and lids to their Kooshty Bottle, which has a neoprene sleeve that comes in bright colours. These awesome glasses look beautiful and are BPA free, which makes them a really stunning option for gifting! They also do coffee sets, which are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a strong cup of Java.

Volkano is an awesome range of technology that does everything from power banks to headphones and Bluetooth speakers, so there’s a lot of selection within this really awesome brand to make sure that you can give your client the gift that suits them best. The Volkano range of products also includes a really awesome multi media player that will turn your standard TV into a smart TV, allowing you to connect to the Wi-Fi and stream media from the comfort of your own living room. It’s a really beautiful gift to give someone, and is a great, high end gift for technophiles.

A genuine leather bag is a stunning gift, and this one is for the ladies. The Duchess Ladies Laptop bag makes a gorgeous gift. It’s a high end, faux leather in the stunning, warm brown shade that is so popular this year. This bag looks like a ladies handbag and it has subtle branding in the form of a metal tag that we can engrave for you. This bag looks fantastic!

We have a similar bag for those of you who feel like black is the new brown. The Vogue Ladies Laptop Bag, which is made from twill nylon and synthetic leather and stitched with a diamond pattern just like the Duchess. The Vogue bag also features a back panel to slide over the handle of a suitcase. Both of these lovely bags can hold a 15.6” laptop.

Unusual Corporate Gifts

Moptoppers are a really fun an funky corporate gift or promotional item! They’re very fun to play with and have many functions! The chief features of Moptoppers are their smiling faces and their microfiber hair, which can be used as a screen cleaner. Moptoppers are nothing if not multi-functional. We have Moptopper pens in a range that extends from Moptop doctors and breast cancer awareness pens to pens that are also styluses and highlighters. They also product a beautiful little notebook with space to include your Moptopper Pen.

Another really awesome thing that they produce is the Moptopper ear buds, screen cleaner and phone stand. This nifty gadget comes in the form of a little person with the signature smiley face. The hair on that head is the screen cleaner, which is made from microfiber yarn. The earbuds are stored in the clear tube of the body, and the feet act as a suction cup that you can attach to the phone and then use it as a stand! Having a gift like this at your disposal is an awesome way to thank someone in a fun, playful way with lots of smiles and bright colours.

One of the new products that Mopopper has introduced is a really nifty two in one stress ball that features the smiley face and microfiber hair so that you have a two-in-one stress ball and screen cleaner.

High end corporate gift ideas

  • Montblanc
  • Gary Player
  • Cross
  • Parker
  • Balmain

High end gifts are for those really special clients, those big investors. Or everybody if that’s what you want to do! Having a high end gift is a really awesome way to thank someone and to show how much you value them.  Of course that might not necessarily be the case, in Japan there is a strong tradition of gift giving in business, but it’s the act of giving and not necessarily what’s given that makes the impact.

On the other end of the scale you have China, where a brand name gift is considered to be a sign of good fortune in business and the more highly priced the gift and the more well known the brand, the better. Cultural differences can be a good thing to consider when gifting someone, especially if you’re intending on getting them an exclusive branded product.

Montblanc is one of our most popular exclusive brands. It’s a company with a long history of beautiful quality. Founded in 1906, as a small company that was selling mechanical pencils, the signature snowflake logo has come to grace a wide range of products from those world renowned pens to fragrances and cufflinks. We also have a range of beautiful Montblanc purses and wallets, so that you can have the best and most beautiful products for your gifts. These gifts are made from genuine leather and metals. Some of the cufflinks have stone accents and the pens are made out of their black precious resin. We’ll even engrave a plaque in the presentation box of these beautiful pens for you.

Gary Player is a great brand to use for your executive gifts because not only is it the line of a local ledgend Golfer, but they’re also beautifully high quality and locally made, so if you’re looking for a range of products for someone who golfs, then Gary Player has a range of bags, clothes and golfing accessories to make up the perfect gift for you.

Cross Pens make fantastic gifts. They produce ranges of pens for every occasion and they even have a really beautiful selection of pens for the new Star Wars movie, and for Marvel superheroes. Cross pens have also been a long time staple in the Whitehouse, with many presidents having used these beautiful pens. The contract with Cross was officially signed under Bill Clinton, but since then every President has used them. President Obama made a change from the classic Cross Townsend model to the Century II, a tradition that the current President has continued by ordering 150 Cross pens for his term in office.

Unique gifts for customers

We also have some great new and unique gifts for customers. These include technology gifts, French products and beautiful made in South Africa creative gifts. Please email us and ask us for ideas and we will send you some sure to be perfect options.

Order all of your awesome end of year gifts from Brand Innovation. Email us or give us a call on 0861 111 954 more