Ceramic Travel Mugs
February 27, 2014
Ceramic travel mugs are very useful for people on the go. We supply awesome thermal travel mugs for your convenience.

The Thermal Travel Mug (Amcam68657) is one of our favourite corporate gift mugs. They are beautiful, bright coloured mugs that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

This mug has the following features:

  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Size: 15.5cm x 9cm
  • Material of the walls: thermal porcelain
  • Silicone grip that prevents burning and allows for good grip
  • Lid is also made from silicone, which keeps your drink hot
  • Travel mug comes in a lovely presentation box

You can choose from 4 beautiful colours:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Lime green

These great mugs are popular as a promotional gift. Because they are eco-friendly, they will serve as a great promotional gift for companies who strive to promote sustainability.

Don’t let the morning rush stop you from being able to enjoy your coffee. These convenient travel mugs allow you to take your coffee with you wherever you go.

They are also a great alternative to the regular throw-away travel mugs. These ceramic travel mugs can be used over and over again, and you will not be wasting any materials. These travel mugs thus also make for a great eco-friendly gift.

The ceramic travel mugs can be washed in the dish washer. However, please remember to remove the silicon grip and lid.

We can also brand these mugs for you. A printed logo on the porcelain area of the mug will look fantastic!
Imagine having your company name or logo displayed on these mugs for everyone to see. It will look great, and gift recipients will love it!

Why should I brand my company name on the ceramic travel mugs?

  • It will look amazing!
  • The branded mug will make for a super, practical gift
  • Your company name will get great exposure
  • It is a fantastic way to keep your brand top of mind

All gift recipients will appreciate the ceramic travel mug as a gift. Because its thermal porcelain walls keeps your drink hot, the mug will come in good use when they are travelling to and from work.

It will also serve as a great advertisement for your company. People at the gift recipient’s work and home will be exposed to your company name. This will help to ensure that your brand is top of mind.
To order your branded ceramic travel mugs, please email us at We are excited to add value to your marketing campaign.

To view more of our mugs, please feel free to browse through our catalogue. more
Mont Blanc Pens
February 26, 2014
Mont Blanc pens are magnificent writing instruments for the VIP. Montblanc provides a blend of contemporary style with classic craftmanship. 

One of our most popular Montblanc pens is the Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black ballpoint pen.

This beautiful and elegant writing instrument has a mystical, dark gloss. Its design is inspired by the darkness of a midnight sky.
The Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Back ballpoint pen has the following features:

  • It is made with black, precious resin
  • It has a ruthenium plated clip
  • The rings on the pen are also ruthenium plated
  • It has a clear lid that is branded with the Montblanc logo, creating the appearance of a floating emblem.

These stunning pens are presented in a lovely gift box. As a branding option, we can also add an engraved plaque inside the gift box.

We also offer engraving on the pen itself. This is available for purchases of 20 or more. The engraving is done in-house by Mont Blanc.

These stylish writing instruments make a perfect gift for your corporate VIPs. Its chic and elegant design will be loved by all gift recipients.

Choosing to include an engraved plaque in the gift box adds a special personal touch to the gift. You can engrave this plaque with your gift recipient’s name, your company’s name, and perhaps even a date.

There are many occasions that warrant a beautiful Montblanc pen as a gift. Below are a few suggestions:

  • To present as a long service award
  • The Montblanc pen can be used as an incentive to encourage hard work
  • This pen can be a reward for hard work already done.

A typical day at the office for business executives involves a lot of exciting work, such as contract signing and report writing. A superb way to make these events even more exciting and memorable is by using this gorgeous pen.

Clients and employees will love the feel of this exclusive pen. It will turn any writing into a dream.
Why should I choose the Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black pen?

  • Montblanc makes superior quality products
  • The brand is very reliable
  • It gives you exclusivity
  • This pen has a beautiful, tasteful design
  • It is a practical gift that can be used every day.

To see a range of other awesome Montblanc products that we supply, please have a look at our catalogue.

To order your Montblanc pens, please email us at more
Mouse Pads South Africa
February 24, 2014
Mouse pads make awesome promotional products for the office. A colourful printed mouse pad can add a bit of colour to your working environment.

Sometimes it is the smallest thing that can make the biggest difference. Something as simple as changing your boring old mouse pad for a bright new one could brighten up your day.

We supply these great dual laminated mouse pads with a unique textured finish for ease of movement. The mouse pad surface is designed to make mouse control easier. The base of this mouse pad is a thin rubber that grips to the table or surface used on. 

Laminated Mouse Pad with Rubber Base:

  • The surface of the mouse pad is dual laminated
  • It is manufactured to ease mouse control
  • The backing is a thin rubber that grips the desk
  • Rubber backing is available in 1.5mm or 3mm
  • Mouse pad Size: 230mm x 185mm

The best part of a promotional mouse pad is that it provides you with a large and highly visible branding space. Your clients or staff will see the mouse pad everyday when they are at work and your brand will stay top of mind. 

These mouse pads are branded with a beautiful full colour digital print, so you can create a fantastic design that will capture the eye.
These mousepads are manufactured in South Africa and we can make mouse pads in different shapes and sizes.

A mouse pad is a great promotional gift because:

  • Provides highly visible brand exposure
  • Is used every day at the office
  • Will stay on desks for a long time
  • Every person using a computer needs one
  • Is cost-effective

A mouse pad is overall a fantastic marketing product and something to consider for your marketing campaign. Whether you would use these printed mousepads as giveaways for your clients or as desk gifts for your own staff, this is an awesome product that people will love.

If you are looking for a mouse pad with a difference, why not try our gel mouse pad with wrist rest. This is also a very popular corporate gift.

To order your branded mouse pads, please email us at more
Eco-friendly Products
February 21, 2014
Eco-Friendly producs - At Brand Innovation, we are very environmentally conscious. We do all that we can to play a part in sustaining our environment.

Recycling is a major part of our business protocol. We have separate recycling canisters for different materials. We also try to reduce the amount of paper that we use, and recycle that which we do use.

As part of our green movement, we promote a variety of eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Eco-friendly products are perfect for companies that promote sustainability as part of their corporate ethos. Here are some of our best sellers:

  • An eco-friendly shopping bag
  • An eco-notebook
  • A bamboo USB
  • A bamboo pen and pencil

Investing in eco-friendly products is a good first step in your journey to going green. Not only will clients and outsiders appreciate that your company is playing its part in saving our planet, but it will promote sustainability as a whole. You may motivate other businesses to also go green, thus spreading the message of sustainable living.

The Greenmount shopper (BAG-3506) is one of our best-selling eco-friendly shopping bags. It is manufactured with jute material, which is a type of hessian. This material is made from natural plant fibre and is reusable and recyclable. The bag is also biodegradable. It has rope handles and a rope closure, keeping your groceries secure. You can have this shopping bag branded with your company logo, which makes for a wonderful and reliable gift. We use one colour screen print for these bags.

The Ink Fusion A5 notebook (NB-9372) is a popular eco-notebook. It is made with 100% recycled paper, with a recycled cardboard cover. It also includes a ballpoint pen that is built into the notebook’s cover. This pen is eco-friendly as well, as its barrel is made from recycled cardboard. This notebook can be branded with your company name or logo. You can choose from a 6 colour screen print or silver/gold foiling.

The Evergreen Memory Stick (USB-4605) is an awesome, eco-friendly USB. It is made from bamboo instead of plastics that are harmful to the environment. Bamboo is the fastest growing wood plant, making it an excellent renewable resource. You have the option of having this USB branded with your company logo. We use a 4 colour pad print to brand these bamboo memory sticks.

The Unity Bamboo pen and pencil set (IDEA-3737) is a great gift idea for companies who promote sustainable living. As the name suggests, this pen and pencil are made from real bamboo. It is also presented in a stunning bamboo wood box. If you would like this gift to be branded, we offer laser engraving on the barrel of the pen and pencil.

To order your branded eco-friendly products, please email us at more
Swiss Army Knives South Africa
February 20, 2014
Swiss Army Knives are much loved in South Africa. These multipurpose gadgets make for fantastic gifts. We supply a range of awesome pocket knives that can also be branded with your company logo. These are ideal as corporate gifts for men.

Our best-selling Swiss Army Knives include:

  • The Victorinox Swiss Army Biltong Knife (GDC-V3.9050)
  • The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Ecoline Matte Red (V2.3303)

The Victorinox Swiss Army Biltong Knife is a high quality pocket knife that will easily cut through your biltong. Because it is pocket-size, it is convenient to carry around. This is a favourite amongst South Africans, because we love our biltong! The biltong knife is available in matte red or black. The handle is manufactured with scratch resistant nylon, and features an embossed Swiss cross. The blade has a length of 10cm that conveniently folds into the handle. We can engrave the blade with your company logo, which makes for a wonderful corporate gift. You will feel proud to associate your company with this prestigious brand.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Ecoline is an impressive, great quality pocket knife. This multipurpose tool is made up of a large, sharp blade, a cap lifter, can opener, screw driver, wire stripper, cork screw, key ring, tweezers and toothpick. It has a tough, nylon exterior that is matte red in colour, and it is stamped with the Swiss cross. These awesome contraptions are a favourite among men especially. It offers them the convenience of only having to carry one item around instead of many tools, because this one item contains most of the essentials that they would require. Having your company name or logo branded on this Swiss Army Knife makes a great corporate gift, and will be loved by all gift recipients.
Why do people love these Swiss Army Knives?

  • It’s a world famous and trusted brand
  • Excellent quality
  • Reliability
  • Their pocket-size makes them easy to carry around
  • The multi-functionality of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Ecoline is convenient, as it enables people to carry only one item around with them, instead of multiple tools.

To order your Swiss Army Knives, please email us at We look forward to being of assistance. more
Gel Mouse Pads
February 19, 2014
Gel mouse pads are great to use as a promotional product. People can use them for their computers at home or at work. A popular mouse pad is the gel mouse pad. These have a nifty gel bubble for wrist support.

We supply these awesome gel mouse pads, called the Colourburst Mousepad (GIFT-820). The Colourburst Mousepad is made from PVC.

It is available in a range of beautiful, lively colours and will be sure to brighten up your office space. They are available in:
  • orange
  • red
  • green
  • black
  • lime
  • blue
  • silver
  • turquoise.

These vibrant colours are sure to catch everyone’s attention, making them the perfect promotional gifts. The gel wrist support is a great selling point on these fantastic mouse pads. Because people spend so much time in front of their computers, having support for their wrist is very important.

We can brand the mouse pads with your company name, logo and contact details. This is a great way to market your business, especially to business people, considering that they sit in front of their mouse pads most of the day. This will keep your brand top of mind, which is important for any company. Moreover, gift recipients will have your company’s contact details at their fingertips.

We use these amazing Colourburst mouse pads at our Brand Innovation offices, and can thus vouch for their great quality and stunning features. Brand Innovation staff love the cushioning support that the gel bubble offers for our wrists. We don’t know what we would do without our Colourburst mouse pads.

Why is this branded gel mouse pad a great marketing gift?

  • It is a practical gift, because most people use mouse pads
  • Their beautiful design makes these particular mouse pads stand out from the rest
  • Its vibrant colours will grab people’s attention
  • Gift recipients will have your company’s contact details at their fingertips
  • Your company will be kept top of mind
  • The gel wrist support feature will be much appreciated by everyone.

At Brand Innovation, we strive to add value to your marketing campaign. To order your branded Colourburst mousepads, please email us at We look forward to being of assistance.

Other top selling mouse pads include the Custom Foam Mouse pad (AB-FOAM057) and the Round Foam Mousepad (AB-FOAM56). Please feel free to browse through our catalogue for other lovely desktop gift ideas. more
Leather Notebooks
February 18, 2014
Leather notebooks are a fantastic way to market your business. Having your company name or logo branded on these beautiful notebooks makes for an ideal corporate gift.

We supply genuine leather notebooks such as the K-LGIFT70. Alternatives to the leather notebooks are the stunning Baltimore Midi and Baltimore Maxi Notebooks. These notebooks are made with simulated leather. The features of the Baltimore Midi Notebook (NB-9415) and Maxi Notebook(NB-9414) are as follows:

  • Midi notebook size: 21.8 ( l ) x 14.5 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h )
  • Maxi notebook size: 27.3 ( l ) x 19.5 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h )
  • Material: Simulated leather
  • Each notebook has 104 lined pages
  • Ribbon book mark
  • These notebooks are available in black and brown

We would like to offer your company the opportunity to make a great investment by having your company name or logo branded on these gorgeous notebooks. There are various branding techniques that you can choose from, namely embossing, foiling, printing, and engraving.

Embossing your company logo on these notebooks looks beautiful and classy. Embossing involves pressing the logo into the cover.  This branding technique is the most popular and recommended form of branding. We have recently supplied a large, well-known company with their own stock of beautifully embossed notebooks. They are very happy with their wonderful products.

Foiling is similar to embossing, in that your company logo is pressed into the cover. Unlike standard embossing, however, an element of colour is added (generally silver or gold) for an eye-catching and chic finish. Screen printing involves printing your logo straight onto the cover. It is a high quality print that allows you to add colour in your branding. Engraving on these notebooks involves etching your company logo into the cover.

Your colleagues and clients will be delighted to receive a personalised notebook. Notebooks are very handy to have around. Whether it be for jotting down notes in a business meeting, or making a shopping list, everybody will get good use out of a notebook. Make these writing activities all the more rewarding and exciting through giving your clients and employees personalised, beautifully branded notebooks.

A notebook goes a long way, it offers long lasting branding and use over a long period of time. Ensuring that your brand stays in sight and in the minds of many.

To order your branded notebooks, please email us at We aim to supply you with the best corporate gifts to add value to your marketing campaign. We deliver to your door, anywhere in South Africa. We look forward to being of assistance. more
Promotional Mint Tins
February 17, 2014
Promotional mint tins are a unique and refreshing way to market your business.

Why mint tins?

  • Their small size makes them easy to carry around.
  • It is always convenient to have mints on your person. You never know when you are going to need one. 
  • Mint tins brand beautifully.

We are proud to supply a range of mint tins. Some of our most popular mint tins include the round Clic-Clac tin (CLIC-01), the rectangle mint tin (AB-FRES 100), and the round Refreshmints (SWT-9467). These mint tins are filled with FDA-approved sugar-free peppermint flavoured mints.

All of these containers can be branded with your company logo using a beautiful full colour sticker. The Refreshmints container can alternatively be branded using pad print, where the branding is transferred directly onto the container. Mint tins are super for branding, as they allow your company name and logo to be prominently displayed.

These pocket-sized branded mint tins are convenient to carry around with you. This feature makes it ideal to use as a promotional giveaway. Having your company name or logo branded on a mint tin is also an effective way to market your business. People tend to offer their mints to others when they eat one. This is great for your company’s brand exposure, as many people will be exposed to your brand through mint sharing.

These lovely containers need not be thrown away when the mints are finished. They are perfect for re-using as a storage space for other small items. While marketing tools such as business cards and pamphlets are generally thrown away once they have been read, branded mint tins are more likely to be kept, either as a collectible or as a reusable container. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about your marketing tool (the branded mint tin) being tossed aside and forgotten about. These awesome branded mint tins will help to ensure that your company logo is kept alive.

Who will use promotional mint tins?

  • Because mints are so handy to carry around with you, everybody will appreciate a promotional mint tin.
  • Business people who are constantly interacting with other people, and who probably drink a lot of coffee during the day, will especially appreciate this promotional gift. There is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious when trying to make a business deal. Eating a mint before their meetings can prevent business people from feeling this way.

Please email us at to order your branded promotional mint tins and make a great investmint. After all, how can you have business improvemints and  deveopmints without the mints? more
Slazenger Softshell Jackets
February 14, 2014

Slazenger Softshell jackets is a proud supplier of Slazenger. 

Slazenger is an internationally famous sporting gear manufacturer.

Founded in 1881, they are one of the oldest surviving sporting gear manufacturers in the world.

The brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and is trusted by prominent sportspeople around the globe.

Slazenger has sponsored Wimbledon since 1902, which highlights their great success as a sporting brand.

Slazenger softshell jackets are some of Brand Innovation’s most popular Slazenger products, including the Slazenger Catalyst softshell jacket for men and ladies (SLAZ-816 and SLAZ-817), the Slazenger Apex softshell jacket for men and ladies (SLAZ-3215 and SLAZ-3216), and the Slazenger Junction softshell jacket for men (SLAZ-3223).

The Catalyst softshell jacket (SLAZ-816 and SLAZ-817) is a best seller at Brand Innovation. This Slazenger softshell jacket has the following features:

  • Material: 100% polyester single jersey knit bonded with 100% polyester micro fleece
  • Size: 360g/m2
  • Adjustable hood (volume control tab)
  • Adjustable Velcro closure at the sleeves
  • Wind placket
  • Two hand zip-pockets
  • Left sleeve has a zip-pocket
  • Two pockets on the inside
  • Mobile phone pocket on the inside
  • Elastic cords with stoppers at bottom hem as well as in hood
  • Rubber Slazenger label in the front
  • Windproof 1000 and moisture vapour proof 1500
  • Men’s sizes range from S-4XL (standard fit)
  • Women’s sizes range from S-3XL (standard fit).

These jackets are available in the following colours:

  • Lime
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Off white
  • Black
  • Grey

Brand Innovation also offers branding for your purchased Slazenger softshell jackets. This is perfect as part of a corporate outfit, or to use as a marketing gift. Having your business name or logo branded onto these jackets will show potential clients that your company appreciates high quality products. They may also begin to associate your business with the reliability and quality that is synonymous with the Slazenger brand. This will reassure potential clients that your company is a good choice.

So how will branded Slazenger jackets benefit my business?

  • It will ensure great exposure for your company
  • Potential clients will associate your company with Slazenger’s excellence
  • This will help to turn these potential clients into permanent clients
  • Ultimately, branded Slazenger jackets will assist in increasing your business revenue.

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Slazenger softshell jackets and many other Slazenger products in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and throughout South Africa.
Please take some time to browse through our catalogue, and find out which Slazenger product would best suit your needs. You won’t go wrong with this legendary brand.

We take great care of our customers and their products. We deliver to your door, anywhere in South Africa. 

To order your branded Slazenger products, please email us at more
February 13, 2014
Slazenger is a brand that is a world famous sporting gear manufacturer, focusing predominantly on racket sports such as tennis, cricket and hockey.

Why choose Slazenger?

  • It is one of the oldest surviving sporting gear manufacturers
  • It is synonymous with exceptional quality
  • It is trusted by world renowned sportspeople.

The brand was founded in 1881 by brothers Ralph and Albert Slazenger.

It started up as a small, humble family business, but soon grew to become an internationally recognised brand.

The father of Ralph and Albert is said to have been blessed with the gift of picking out superb agents to represent Slazenger around the world.

Because of these great agents representing Slazenger, people were under the impression that the company was a very large corporation.

This played to their advantage, and allowed the brand to increase in size and prominence.

Today, Slazenger is one of the world’s leading sporting gear manufacturers.

The brand is an official sponsor of Wimbledon, and has been since 1902.

This is an incredible accomplishment that many sporting manufacturers stand in awe of.

Slazenger has also signed a great number of famous sports people, including South African international cricketer Jacques Kallis, British tennis player Jamie Murray, and British field hockey player Iain Mackay.

As one of the oldest surviving sporting gear manufacturers in the world, Slazenger is synonymous with timeless, excellent quality, and have proven that they are here to stay.

Brand Innovation is extremely proud to be a distributor of Slazenger products.

One of our best-selling Slazenger products are the Slazenger jackets.

We also offer branding on your purchased products.

Having your company name or logo branded onto these products makes for an ideal corporate gift.

Everybody loves receiving personalised gifts, and your clients and colleagues will feel honoured to own something that is manufactured by the legendary Slazenger brand.

Furthermore, the exposure that your company will receive through this branding is a fantastic marketing tool for any business.

Having your business name branded on a Slazenger product will show others that your company appreciates great quality.

Potential clients may even associate your company with this celebrated brand.

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Slazenger products in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and throughout South Africa. Please take some time to browse through our Slazenger catalogue.

We take great care of our customers and their products.

We deliver to your door, anywhere in South Africa. 

Slazenger is a prestigious brand, made with superb quality materials, offers long lasting branding and will last for many years. 

Add value to your brand with a Slazenger product! 

To order your branded Slazenger products, please email us at more