Promotional Products South Africa
March 31, 2014
Promotional products are a perfect way to keep you top of your customers' minds.

How about a branded company mousepad?

A mousepad is a useful item and everyone likes to have a nice fresh looking mousepad on their desks.

A great option is the Rubber Based Mousepad with full colour branding.

Our minimum order quantity is 100 units.
These mousepads are 230mm x 185mm in size.
These pads have been dual laminated

To order your mouse pads or other promotional products please email us at and also feel free to visit our page at

Benefits of using mousepads as promotional products:

Brand Exposure

  • The rubber based mousepad has a really big area for branding.
  • It can be branded with a full-colour print.
  • Do you know how cool printing this mousepad could look?
  • It looks super cool.
  • It sits on your clients' and employees' desks and is constantly in seen in the office.

Promotional Item with a Purpose

  • Everybody who uses a computer needs a mousepad.
  • These mousepads with rubber grip give you great movement when using your mouse.
  • They come in handy.
  • Everybody likes a promotional item or gift they can actually use.

Cost-effectiveness for the win!

  • Getting great value for your money is always a solid win.
  • By investing in branded mousepads, you create a fun and fresh way of promoting your brand or services.
  • With its great potential as promotional merchandise, the branded mousepad can help you in your marketing campaign.
  • The printed mousepad is a long-term promo item.
  • It will stay on a person’s desk for long and continuously promote your brand.

Proudly South African

  • These mouse pads are made in South Africa.
  • It is always great to support our South African brands.
  • Local is lekker!

The rubber-based mouse pads can be made in any shape and size, as it is manufactured locally. Contact us with your specifications and we will do our best to meet them.

Brand Innovation delivers anywhere in South Africa, from Cape Town to Jozi. Including Sandton, Randburg and Centurion. more
Montblanc Starwalker Pen
March 31, 2014
Montblanc Starwalker pens make the perfect gift. The Starwalker Ballpoint Pen from Montblanc is our most popular executive writing instrument.

The Montblanc Starwalker Pen has a captivating appearance:

  • Gleaming and modern.
  • Slim and yet shapely.
  • Streamlined and stately.

The barrel is made from exquisite, black resin.

The writing instrument is adorned with beautiful clips and rings coated with a metal from the platinum group and provides for a wear-proof characteristic.
These glossy fixtures have the Montblanc emblem embossed on them.

The ballpoint with a choice of blue, red, green or black ink, provides for elegant and smooth writing that is rivalled by no other brand.

This pen is designed with a twist-mechanism that allows you to softly twist the cap revealing the ballpoint nib.

The top of the cap holds the trademark Montblanc Star-emblem floating in the clear resin cap top.

It truly rounds off the sophistication of this pen, making it look like the powerful sceptre it is.

To order your Montblanc Starwalker Pen please contact us at and let us assist you in giving the magnificent writing instrument as a luxury gift.

Branding Options:

  • These Montblanc Starwalker pens can be engraved, but it needs to be done in-house at Montblanc.  
  • Every Montblanc item is presented in a premium Montblanc Gift Box.
  • Brand Innovation provides a branding option where these special boxes can be attached with a handsome, personalised plaque.  

The Montblanc Starwalker ballpoint pen is a solid performer with astonishing attributes.
It is clear that masters have taken their time I perfecting a ballpoint writing instrument like this.

The Montblanc Starwalker pen has been described as holographic-looking. Like a multi-dimensional work of art.

These craftsman have moved away from the traditional look.
They have given us a more futuristic look. A pen ahead of its time. more
Winter Jackets
March 20, 2014
Winter jackets are an important part of any company uniform, especially now as the chilly season draws closer. If you are looking for some warm winter jackets for your staff, we have a great selection for you to choose from.

Parka Jackets

The Parka is a thick and warm winter jacket available in mens and ladies styles. These are padded jackets with a water resistant outer coating and a hood. The Parka jacket is perfect for those cold winter days. These jackets can be branded with an embroidered logo.

Hastings Parka BAS-2108 Features:

  • 100% polyester outer fabric with AC coating
  • 100% quilted taffeta padded lining
  • Fold away hood in jacket collar
  • Water resistant properties
  • available in mens and womens jackets

Softshell Jackets

Softshell jackets are very popular, because they are fashionable and functional. The US Basic Cromwell Softshell is a stylish jacket option that is suitable for any work wear uniform. These jackets are great quality clothing items that look fantastic with branding.

Cromwell Softshell Jacket BAS-1007 Features:

  • 100% bonded polyester fabric 
  • windproof and moisture vapour proof features
  • drawstring adjustable hem and collar
  • reflective piping on front and back
  • available in mens and womens jackets

We also stock various other types of jackets, including fleece jackets, running jackets and rain jackets. Please browse our corporate clothing catalogue for more options.

We supply winter jackets in Johannesburg, Cape Town and throughout South Africa. Order your awesome branded jackets now, by emailing us at more
What are Promotional Products?
March 19, 2014
Promotional products, also known as promotional items or merchandise, are items used to market a business, service or product. These promotional items are often branded with a logo and given away to potential customers at events, trade shows or simply just in general public areas.

Brand Innovation is a well known promotional products company in South Africa, serving clients throughout the country and into Africa. We are dedicated to helping you find your perfect marketing products to suit your needs.

Why use Promotional Products?

  • effective and affordable way to market your business
  • long lasting advertising
  • great way to spread your company details to a large audience
  • to give your company the edge in a competitive business environment

Studies have shown that people love receiving promotional gifts and the vast majority of recipients keep the products for more than six months. This means that your branded products will be seen throughout that time and your company will stay top of mind with your clients.

If you are giving promo items for the office that can remain on a desk, workers will be exposed to your branding for approximately 8 hours every week day! That is a lot of brand exposure at a very cost effective price.

Promotional products have been favourites in the world of marketing for years. Big companies such as Pepsi and Coca-cola, who can afford the most elaborate marketing strategies, still rely on branded promotional items.

Brand Innovation is here to supply you with your branded promotional items and help make your brand unforgettable. Please contact us for some creative promotional gift ideas and we will give you great options to choose from.

Email us at, or give us a call on 0861 111 954. We look forward to being your promotional products company of choice! more
Mont Blanc Cufflinks
March 18, 2014
Mont Blanc Cufflinks are the cream of the crop in mens' luxuxry gifts. These stunning and elegant cufflinks are crafted from the highest quality materials and made with fine attention to detail. A Montblanc Cufflinks set is the perfect up-scale corporate gift for business executives and VIPs.

For businessmen who wear suits on a daily basis, a pair of beautiful cufflinks makes an ideal gift that they can use and will appreciate. We have various different cufflink options to choose from. Below are two of our most popular options;

The Montblanc Steel and Tantalum 3 Ring Motif Cufflinks 101536

  • Series: Steel Collection
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Tantalum
  • 3 Ring Motif - Center ring has Montblanc name
  • Length: 20.00mm
  • Width: 9.00mm

Mont blanc Cufflinks Steel Tantalum

The Montblanc Steel and Onyx Square Classic Cufflinks 106624

  • Series: Steel Collection
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Onyx
  • Natural, untreated Onyx gemstone
  • Diameter: 19 x 19mm

Montblanc Cufflinks Steel Onyx

All cufflinks sets are presented in a stunning Montblanc gift box that we can brand with an engraved metal plaque. Engraving your logo on the plaque, gives this business gift an added personal touch.

The Montblanc Jewelry for Men range includes cuff links, money clips, tie bars, key rings and more. If you would like some more great luxury gifts for men, please email us and we can give you some options.
We are a premier supplier of Montblanc luxury goods in South Africa. These premium gifts more
BIC Pens
March 17, 2014
The BIC Pens brand is a name known throughout the world. BIC is synonymous with a great quality, long lasting pens, and we are proud to be the premier supplier of promotional BIC pens in South Africa.

If you are looking for a great promotional product that will give your brand a boost, a printed BIC pen might be just what you need. 

What makes a pen a great promotional product?

  • Pens are used on a daily basis
  • A pen is cost effective
  • A printed pen with your contact details makes a great business card
  • Pens can be used at the office, at schools and universities and at home
Promotional pens have been proven to be great marketing products and companies still buy printed pens every year. Big corporate institutes and banks often choose BIC for their promo pens.

Why choose BIC pens?

  • BIC is a reliable brand internationally
  • These are great quality writing instruments
  • Available in a variety of different styles and colours
  • great for branding with a logo or text

Whether you are looking for the cheapest promotional pens or a more stylish rollerball pen or grip pen, the BIC pens range is sure to have an option for you. 

BIC pens are often quite customizable, and pens such as the BIC Stic and BIC Stic Round can have a mixed and matched pen barrel and cap colour.

To order your BIC pens, please advise how many pens you require, what type of branding you want and what your estimated budget is. Our sales team will send your some great options to suit your needs.

Please email us at to buy BIC pens in South Africa. more
Slazenger Clothing
March 14, 2014
Slazenger clothing is a famous brand, known for making high quality sports wear and apparel. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Slazenger clothing in South Africa.

This range of clothing is designed to be both fashionable and functional and is perfect as corporate clothing. Slazenger is major sporting equipment brand, especially well known for their contribution to the world of tennis and cricket. All Slazenger clothing is made to reflect the impressive performance of their sports equipment. 

We supply a wide range of corporate clothing from Slazenger;

  • golf shirts
  • winter jackets
  • body warmers
  • fleece sweaters
  • caps
Having your employees wear a staff uniform is a great way to create brand awareness and inspire teamwork. With Slazenger clothing you can be sure that you have the best quality clothing.

Brand Innovation supplies branded clothing to businesses throughout South Africa and other African countries. We can brand your logo on all of these great Slazenger clothes. We recommend embroidery on all jackets, gold shirts and sweaters, but we are also able to do a print on some of the jacket options.

Here are our top sellers in the Slazenger Corporate Clothing Range:

  • Cotton Golf Shirt (SLAZ-803 & SLAZ-804)
  • Catalyst Softshell Jacket (SLAZ-816 & SLAZ-817)
  • Reversible Body Warmer (SLAZ-813)
  • Smash Hoodie (SLAZ-1005 & SLAZ-3217)
  • Trainer Jacket (SLAZ-1003)
Slazenger is a top brand choice, that clients keep ordering.

To order your branded clothes, email us at or give us a call at 0861 111 954. We supply the clothing, do all the branding and deliver straight to your door, throughout South Africa. Buying promotional clothing has never been so easy! Order now.

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Personalized Business Gifts
March 12, 2014
Personalized business gifts are often given as awards or tokens of appreciation and thanks. Giving a personalized corporate gift with the individual's unique name engraved or branded on the item definitely makes the recipient feel special.

We supply a range of products that we can customize with personalized branding.

End of Year Client Gift Ideas

Personalized business gifts are often used as the following:

  • a thank you gift to specific individuals
  • a long service award
  • a birthday gift for businessmen and businesswomen
  • a farewell gift to a co-worker
  • a corporate Christmas gift
  • for a group of team members
The most popular personalized business gifts are always our pens. With our large selection of different styles, colours and brands, we have a pen to suit everyone's taste. 

Parker pens, such as the Parker Jotter and Parker IM are best sellers and they look fantastic with engraving. Below is an example of the Parker IM SS CT with an engraved name.

Mini Metal Torch

Most products that can be engraved can be personalized. A folder with an engraved plaque is also a popular business gift, and if the plaque is too small, we can engrave your initials instead of a full name.

We are also able to do personalized branding on certain other products such as coffee mugs. A coffee mug printed with your name is a great office gift. Every employee can have their own individual mug and no one will take someone else's mug.

When doing custom name branding, you can choose your font from a range of options including beautiful scripts and classic serifs. These corporate gifts will be unique, one of a kind items that will make your staff or clients feel very special.

To order your personalized products, email us now at We supply the best corporate gifts in South Africa.

Needing corporate gifts in Johannesburg? Promojozi is your answer! more
Balmain Pens as Exclusive Gifts
March 11, 2014
Balmain pens are fashionable, high-end writing instruments that make fantastic exclusive corporate gifts for your business executives. These pens are part of the internationally acclaimed Balmain Fashion House, designed as a tribute to the late Pierre Balmain.

The Balmain Supreme Ball Pen is our most popular option from this range. The Supreme is a unique heavy ballpoint pen with genuine leather wrapped around the barrel. This pen combines functionality with aesthetics and is a great gift for men and women.

The Balmain Supreme Pen PEN-787 Features:

  • Beautiful brass barrel with silver gloss coating
  • barrel wrapped with genuine leather
  • leather is available in brown or black with white stitching
  • Clip and features are polished chrome
  • Includes a simulated leather pen pouch

We can brand these pens with an elegant engraving on the barrel. If you would like to make this corporate gift a bit more special, we can do individual name engraving on the pen. An engraved pen is a gift that looks stunning and the branding lasts forever.

A Balmain pen is definitely a corporate gift to be proud of.

Brand Innovation supplies Balmain products in South Africa. To order your Balmain pens, please email us at View more Balmain Corporate Gifts Here more
Promotional First Aid Kit
March 10, 2014
A promotional first aid kit is an excellent gift idea. It shows gift recipients that you care about their safety and well-being.

One of our popular first aid kits is the Mini First Aid Kit (FAK008).

This is a small medical kit that is convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. You will always have the necessities at hand.
A first aid kit is essential for everyone to own. This handy first aid kit can be easily stored in your vehicle for in case of an emergency. It is small enough to fit in the glove box of your car, giving you easy access to the medical supplies.

What are the contents of the Mini First Aid Kit?

  • A CPR mouth piece
  • 4 Plaster strips
  • 2 safety pins
  • A mini cotton wool roll
  • A pair of medical gloves
  • First aid dressing no.3
  • 50ml Antiseptic liquid

These first aid kits are standardly available in blue or red bags. However, for larger scale orders, we will manufacture the bag to the colour of your choice.

We can also brand the first aid kits using a screen print. Your brand will stand out beautifully, making it ideal as a marketing gift.

You can give it to clients or employees as a corporate gift. Gift recipients will love the gesture.

Why should I brand my company logo on these first aid kits?

  • A first aid kit is essential for everyone to own
  • It is a practical gift that will come in good use
  • Your brand will stand out nicely on the bag
  • It will help to keep your brand top of mind
  • Your company will be appreciated for caring about others’ well-being.

To order your branded mini first aid kit, please email us at
For more promotional first aid kits, please view our first aid kit category. more