New Branding Methods
March 22, 2017
We have unique new branding methods available to offer on a select few products. These methods are designed to help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Notebook Belly Bands:

On some of our notebooks we can now offer a full colour printed horizontal ‘belly bands’. These bands are similar to that of well-known notebook brands such as Moleskine, but completely customizable. The branding guidelines of the notebooks that can be branded with the belly band have already been updated with the information on the dimensions of each belly band for each notebook.

Because of the position of the band, we cannot have pens placed in the pen loop on these notebooks. The branding price list offers three prices based on an A4, 5 or 6 notebook, though each belly band within these three categories has a specific size.

Notebooks that can be branded with the belly band include the following;
  • Stanford A5 Notebook
  • Stanford A6 Notebook
  • Jotter A5 Notebook
  • Jotter A6 Notebook
  • Excelsior A5 Notebook
  • Renaissance A5 Notebook
  • Fourth Estate A4 Notebook
  • Fourth Estate A5 Notebook
  • Prominence A5 Notebook
  • Newport A5 Notebook
  • Colourblock A5 Notebook
  • And more…

Full Colour Print on Bags - Digital Direct Transfer:

We now offer an incredible new process that gives us the ability to brand full colour (digital print) on some of our bags. The digital direct transfer process involves printing the full colour artwork onto a special transfer paper and then transferring the artwork from the paper onto the bag using heat and pressure. This gives us a spectacular, eye catching result!

And the biggest benefit is to your budget!

Where a 6 colour screen print on a non-woven bag would mean an expensive individual print and six different setup costs, this NEW process will charge only 1 basic setup fee, no matter the number of colours.

This makes multi-colour prints on bags, not only, much more affordable, but also more effective. We will update our website to show which bags can be branded with this new method.

Digital Printing on Drinkware:

We have a new Digital Printing process that enables us to brand full colour prints on drinkware with a smooth surface and without handles. This is specifically designed for wrap prints on water bottles such as the Braxton Water Bottle. In the blog image you can see how a full colour logo really transforms a product into something unique.

Bottles that can be branded with this new method:

  • Braxton Water Bottle
  • Solano Water Bottle
  • Nautilis Water Bottle 700ml
  • Cabana Water Bottle 750ml
  • Avalon Water Bottle 750ml
  • Tropica Water Bottle
  • Hype Water Bottle 700ml

Laser Engraving on Clothing:

Very soon we will be able to offer a unique new clothing branding option; engraving! This new technique offers amazing possibilities that are not available with any other branding method. With engraving on clothing we can brand over zips and seams.

In our new Clothing Catalogue that has just been released you can find a full description of the new process and a list of the limitations and benefits of using engraving on clothes.

The result of laser etching on clothing is a subtle, tone-on-tone branding that looks very professional.
The laser engraving process removes the top dye layer of the fabric, leaving a slightly shaded colour variant underneath. Unfortunately, this does not show clearly on white, black or white garments, so we do not engrave those colours.

This method creates highly detailed Images and logos that cannot be branded with embroidery. And it also does not damage the integrity of waterproof material.

A few of our Clothing items that can be engraved;

  • Biz Sprint T Shirts
  • Biz Sprint Golf Shirts
  • Slazenger Apex T Shirt
  • Biz Razor Golf Shirt
  • Slazenger Victory Golf Shirts
  • Elevate Quinn Golf Shirts
  • Gary Player Wynn Golf Shirts
  • Cutter & Buck Genre Golf Shirts
  • Cromwell Softshell Jacket
  • Cromwell Softshell Bodywarmer
  • Elevate Jozani Hybrid Softshell Jackets
  • And much more

For the latest, innovative corporate branding always trust Brand Innovation. We are always striving to be the best at what we do.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the new branding processes –

We hope that you love the new offerings! more
Winter Hat Scarf and Glove Sets
March 15, 2017
Prepare for the cold season with these Winter hat scarf and glove sets! These fantastic winter sets include a matching black fleece beanie, fleece scarf and fleece gloves. These items can be brought individually or you can make up a great gift set, presented in a drawstring bag.

Make a Great Winter Set:

  • Alaska Beanie CAP-901
  • Alaska Gloves BAS-6200
  • Alaska Scarf BAS-6250
  • Micro-Mini Drawstring Bag BAG-3772

A branded hat and scarf set is a great addition to any staff uniform. Just picture your team all dressed in matching beanies and scarves, proudly branded with your company logo. These sets are a great way to show your employees that they matter and promote your brand at the same time.

Embroidery on Beanies and Scarves

We can brand these items with a beautiful embroidered logo. In order for us to accurately quote on embroidery, please email us a high resolution copy of your company logo. We will need to calculate the thread cost for your logo in order to give you the best price for branding.

Winter Beanies by Brand Innovation

Branded beanies are a top seller every year. That is why this year we have brought in a few new styles for you to choose from.

Our top two sellers are the US Basic Alaska Fleece Beanie and the US Basic Colorado Acrylic Beanie.
But if you are looking for something a bit more up market, we have the great Elevate Pinnacle Beanie option.

Looking for branded beanies for your sports team? We have two new colour styles, the Team Colours Beanie and the Team Spirit Beanie. These feature some fast, stylish stripe details.

And last but not least, we also have a brand new high visibility beanie – available in luminous yellow or orange with a reflective strip. This is perfect for staff that work in low visibility conditions or outdoors.

Stock of all of our new beanies are scheduled to arrive in April 2017. Contact us now to get pricing and reserve your stock, because these will move fast! more
Valentines Day
February 03, 2017
Valentines Day is globally known as the day of love! All around the world people celebrate this day by bestowing their loved ones with flowers, hugs, kisses, chocolates and Valentine's gifts.

Where did the tradition of Valentine’s Day come from?

Valentine's is an annual holiday celebrated on the 14th of February. No one can pinpoint the exact origin of Valentine's Day with started in ancient Rome with a festival called Lupercalia.
The romantics of the time celebrated love with a large feast and a festival lasting a couple of days.

Who is Cupid?

Cupid also comes from the Romans. He is a classic mythological god - the god of love, desire, attraction and affection.

Legends told that he carried a magical bow and arrow, imbued with the power of love. If he shot two people with the arrows they would fall head over heels in love.

Love is really what makes the world go round.
Do those we care about know how much we care?

From us all at Brand Innovation, we wish you a month of happiness, love and joy.
May Cupid be spreading his or her love your way! more
Best Customer Service company in South Africa
January 09, 2017
Happy New Year! We hope that our wonderful clients and suppliers and families have had a great and restful holiday.
May 2017 be a healthy and happy year, a year of achieving personal and work goals and all in all a year of kindness, compassion and laughter.

At Brand Innovation we continue building on our vision to offer the best customer service that any client has ever experienced.

Raising standards is something we do day by day, month by month and year on year.

There is always place for improvement and we really appreciate your ideas and feedback.

If you have any suggestions of how we can better assist you, our loyal and amazing clients, please email
Your feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

So, here’s to a great year for you all and to us giving you customer service that you did not believe was ever possible.

A big thank you for your business.

Warm regards from Heidi and the Brand Innovation team. more
Car dash cam South Africa
November 28, 2016
The car dash cam must be one of the greatest creative corporate gifts to hit the market.

We are excited for this new useful product to arrive on our shores in January 2017.

Tired of thinking of new promotional products for VIP’s?

Anyone with a car would LOVE  a car dash cam.
You have proof of exactly what is going on around you while driving.
A very, very useful item if you are on the road a lot.
A car dash cam will also encourage everyone to drive more carefully.

Travelling on a game safari? Yes, of course, a car dash cam would be a wonderful idea.

For more information on this awesome product, head over to our dash cam product page.

The first batch of car dash cams is a limited stock order, so order yours now to avoid disappointment.

Email us at or call 0861 111 954 more
Brand Innovation Customer Reviews
November 24, 2016
Brand Innovation Customer Reviews are something that are very important to us at Brand Innovation.
In the promotional products industry many of our competitors have similar products to us.

So there are not many ways to be different. The way we become and remain your supplier is  by giving a great service.

Our focus is on delighting you, our clients and consistently improving what we do in every way.

At Brand Innovation we really care, so your reviews are important to us.
On our site you will see many of our client compliments. Please note that we keep our client’s surnames and company names confidential.
If you would like more details of reviews and would like to know who some of these client are, then please contact Heidi at Brand Innovation and I will be sure to confidentially send you some references of those clients who have allowed us to give their full details.

So our aim is to get a great review for every order. We look forward to assisting you with your promotional products.
So for any Brand Innovation Customer Reviews, please click here.
Thank you for visiting our site.

From Heidi and the Brand Innovation Team more
New Moon ending October 2016
October 31, 2016
The New Moon for October 2016 was on Saturday, 30 October.
Many people worldwide believe that the New Moon is the time to set new goals and intentions for the month ahead.
A time for beginnings.

For many of us at this time of year, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, it is a time when we need to regroup, redraw and dig deep for the last 6 weeks of work before our annual holidays. This time of year in South Africa is always busy, many businesses are not taking on new work as they want to complete the work they have before the Christmas holidays.

So the last few months involve completing as well as setting new goals for the month ahead.

It is also a time to say thank you to all our clients and suppliers and to tie up all loose ends and finish what we need to do before the end of the year.

Brand Innovation is here to assist you in saying thank you to your clients, suppliers and staff.

We wish you a great November 2016. more
NEW VR Headset - The Future of Promo Gifts
September 30, 2016
Look into the future with this amazing new VR Headset! This is an innovative new corporate gift that any techie will love.

We supply this fantastic new virtual reality headset, that is designed to hold most smartphones sizes 4.7" to 6".

With a range of new apps and websites that enable 360 degree viewing, this headset can transport you to other worlds. Whether you are riding a roller coaster or taking a virtual tour through New York City, the Titan Headset will leave a lasting impression.

Features of this VR headset:

  • adjustable object distance
  • adjustable interpupillary distance
  • comfortable foam face protector
  • headphone & USB cord access holes on either side
  • sliding front panel for ventilation
  • Size: 19.8 ( l ) x 13.7 ( w ) x 11 ( h )

Stock is arriving in October, so contact us NOW to place your order. more
End of year creative corporate gifts for clients
September 12, 2016
End of year creative corporate gifts for clients. September is here and with that, here in Africa, a time of new beginnings, when the jasmine flowers, when there is a spring in our steps and the knowledge that the Christmas holidays are close.

It feels like the year has just begun, but we are so close to the end of the year.

There still feels like so much must be done.

Now is the time to plan for the end of year, to continue doing good business, to plan for next year and to thank and celebrate those who are our partners in business.

Now is the time to acknowledge our clients and customers who continue to trust us with their business.

Unique Corporate Gifts

So that brings me to the idea of what are creative corporate gifts that I would love to get?

What end of year gifts can inspire and help others in some way?

Well, top of my list is the fit tracker, of which we have 2 options.

I have been wearing one to test it and it is really helping me “take more steps” each day.

I love exercise, but with work always taking focus, even when I am at home, I often don’t take enough steps.

It is said we should take 10 000 steps a day. As I type this, I am close to 7000, which means I might have to run around the block later.

But how great to give a gift that helps people exercise and gives them a feeling of achieving their goals of 10 000 steps.

We all need to be moving more, so give a positive and creative gift this end of year.

It has many great features, like find your phone and more.

So for my first creative gift that for me would be great to give and receive, it is the fit tracker.

Head over to our product pages for the 2 options: The Fit Tech Tracker and The Fitboosta Activity Tracker.

Long Service Award Gifts

Long service award gifts are important to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your employees and clients. 

From high-tech gadgets, executive notebooks, excellent quality bags and much more corporate client gifts, we have got you covered!

Browse our selection of corporate gifts for inspiration for your end of year client gifts, add your branding and gift something with good intentions and lasting memory. 

Email us and let us know your thoughts.

We are here to delight our clients and be your promotional product supplier of choice. more
Personalised Branding
August 02, 2016
Personalised branding is a great way to add an extra special touch to any corporate gift. Having your name branded on a pen or a mug makes it truly unique.

We offer personalised branding on certain items of our ASGOT range, at fantastic prices! 

In the past, it was very expensive to add an individual’s name to products due to separate setup charges. Now on these selected products only, we can add your client or staff member’s name as well as your logo at a fraction of the cost.

We have a great new branding method that allows us to offer cost effective personalised name branding on a range of our product. This new printing method is cost effective, easy to use and quick. No extra setup costs or delays.

This branding method is only available on a selection of our products. Please email us for a full list of the products.

The list of products include;

  • Mugs
  • Notebooks
  • 2017 Diaries
  • Pens
  • Flasks
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Keyrings
  • and more from our ASGOT range

We brand your logo, as well as an individual name and surname. For the name branding you can choose between six different font options:

  • Arial
  • Berlin Sans FB Demi
  • Daun Penh
  • Footlight MT Light
  • French Script MT
  • Matura MT Script

Now is the perfect time to order your year end gifts, and why not make them extra special by adding your staff or client's names? 

Order now! more