Promotional Desk Gift Ideas
April 28, 2015
Promotional Desk Gift Ideas- Looking for a great promotional gift for your staff this winter? A cool coffee mug and spoon set is great option that is sure to be very popular with your employees.

Coffee consumption is a big part of any work day, and having a unique mug to drink from makes the experience even better. Giving your employees a cool branded mug will definitely brighten their day, and adding a fun or inspirational printed message is a great way to keep them motivated.

A branded coffee mug makes a great promotional desk gift that will stay on your desk and be used often. Printing a mug with your logo is a sure-fire way to keep your company top of mind.

For clients, this can serve as a constant reminder of your company and if you add your contact details it can even become a business card of sorts.

For your staff, a mug branded with the company logo can become a symbol of pride and help inspire brand loyalty.

Our Top 3 Mugs:

  • Mug and Spoon
  • Ceramic Travel Mug
  • Standard White Mug

These best seller mugs are the most popular options that we have. Our clients order them again and again and are always very happy with the product. 

Two of our more unique mugs are the colour changing mug and the chalk mug. If your are looking for a creative gift, try one of those options.

To get a quote on any of these mugs branded with your logo, please email us now. 

We can print all over mugs, including on the inside, underneath, on the handle and the exterior.
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Polo Clothing South Africa
April 20, 2015
Polo Clothing South Africa - Brand Innovation is proud to be a supplier of the Polo South Africa range of products in South Africa.

Polo is a well known and highly regarded brand in South Africa, known for their high quality clothing, handbags and other accessories. Our brand new range of Polo products include;

  • Polo Shirts for men and women
  • Polo Double Mercerised Golf Shirts
  • Polo Blouses for women
  • Polo Lounge Shirts for men
  • Polo V-Neck Jersey

These clothing items are all high end, executive products that would make an excellent addition to your company uniform. Having your logo branded alongside the Polo pony logo is sure to show your clients that you believe value quality products.

We will also be adding some great Polo branded writing instruments to our product catalogue shortly. View our Polo South Africa brand page to see our range of products on offer.

We can embroider your company logo on these great clothing items.

Order your Polo Clothing Now!

Did you know that there is a difference between Polo SA and Polo Ralph Lauren?

The Polo SA brand is easily recognizable thanks to the iconic pony logo, however it is often confused with the international Polo Ralph Lauren brand. The distinguishing feature is the direction in which the pony logo is pointing; Polo SA points right and Polo Ralph Lauren points left.

For more information on the origins of the South African brand you can read the brand history. more
US Basic Fleece Jackets
April 16, 2015
Fleece Jackets are a great addition to any company uniform, and we supply these great US Basic Houston Fleece Jackets in South Africa.

What makes a fleece jacket so popular is that they are very versatile clothing items. These zip up sweaters are light enough that they can be worn underneath a jacket for those extremely cold days, yet light enough to be worn even in warmer weather.

A great corporate clothing jacket to wear all year round! 

This jacket can be branded with a beautiful embroidered logo and is available in mens and womens styles to suit all your employees. We even supply the Houston kids fleece jacket option.

Features of the US Basic Houston Jacket

  • Weight 280 g/m2
  • 100% anti-pill treated polyester
  • elastic cuffs and elastic hem
  • two front pockets
  • black contrasting inner collar
These are available in seven different colours; navy, black, grey, white, red, khaki and blue.

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External Hard Drives Branded with Your Logo
April 15, 2015
External hard drives - If you are looking for a cool corporate gift that is modern and different, a branded hard drive is exactly what you need!

Computers are almost a mainstay in today's world, with most people having one at home and at the office. And if you have been using computers for a few years now, chances are you'll have accumulated lots of data and files to store.

Whether your data comes in the form of excel spread sheets and documents for work or photos, music and video files for personal use; the size will just grow and grow and your hard drive space will eventually get filled.

The solution; An External Hard Drive

We supply Western Digital My Passport Hard Drives in South Africa. We can also brand these hard drives with your company logo to make the perfect corporate gift.

Your clients will be blown away if they receive a branded hard drive as a gift!

The Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2.5'' Portable Hard Drives

  • Available in 500 MB, 1 TB and 2 TB capacities
  • Super fast USB 3.0
  • 3 Year limited warranty
  • Password protection feature
  • Automatic backup to dropbox
  • Powerd via USB cord

These drives are available in 4 colour options and can be printed with your logo. 

For more information, view the WD My Passport Ultra product specs.

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Thermal Mugs for Winter
April 09, 2015
Thermal mugs are the perfect corporate gifts to keep you warm this winter! We supply a great selection of thermal mugs and travel mugs for you to choose from.

What is a Thermal Mug?

A thermal mug is a drink container that is designed to be heat insulating and is often made of stainless steel, ceramic or plastic. These mugs keep your beverage hot or cold for a longer period of time than a normal mug.

Thermal mugs usually have a sealed lid to keep the heat trapped inside. These mugs with lids also prevents leaks and spills, making them ideal for travelling. The best thermal mugs and flasks use a vacuum seal.

Basically: Thermal Mug = Keep Coffee Warm Longer

And having a nice warm cup of coffee is always a good thing!

Our Top Thermal Mugs:

  • Vienna Travel Mug 300 ML (IDEA-3530) 
  • Altos Double Wall Mug 450 ML (MUG-800) 
  • Cardinal Double Wall Flask and Mug Set (FLASK-6505) 

The options above are some of our top selling thermal drinkware products. 

These mugs make great promotional gifts that can be used in the office, at home or on the road. You can take your thermal mugs wherever you go.

We also brand these mugs with your company logo. On the different types of mugs we can do different branding methods, such as engraving, digital print or screen print.

We supply branded mugs throughout South Africa.

You can view our range of travel mugs on our site or contact us now to order today! more
Branded BIC Pens South Africa
April 07, 2015
Branded BIC Pens South Africa -  BIC Pens have been around in South Africa since the 1960's and it has become a well known and trusted supplier of stationery. Because of their reliability, BIC pens also became the number one choice when it came to pens used in businesses.

Branded BIC pens are still a top choice for most corporates and often you will see the classic BIC Stic ballpoint pen used in banks, financial companies, law firms and business in all industries.

Brand Innovation is an accredited supplier of branded BIC Pens in South Africa. We supply pens printed with your logo to companies countrywide.

Why Choose BIC Pens?

  • It is a well-known global brand
  • The pens are great quality
  • The range includes pens made in South Africa
  • BIC pens are cost effective
  • Perfect for printing with your logo

What makes a printed BIC pen such a great marketing tool is that it is both cost effective and functional. A pen is an item that can be used on a daily basis by everyone in all industries.

Some of our BIC Pens such as the BIC Stic and BIC Stic Round are even manufactured in South Africa, with an SABS approval. Email us for our BIC Pens pricelist and to see our full range of BIC promotional products.

Order your promotional BIC pens now, by emailing us or giving us a call on 0861 111 954.

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New Technology Products
March 23, 2015
We have a range of new technology products that we are brining in, in 2015. Our Technology gadgets and power banks have been very popular in the last year and the demand it growing ever more.

In a time where everyone has a cellphone and tablet always at hand it is very important to keep your gadgets charged. That is why power bank backup chargers are so popular.

Our new range of technology products include:
  • 5 new power banks
  • 1 power bank end pen gift set
  • 2 multi-connector cables
  • 1 Apple iPhone charging cable

All of these new power banks are presented in a black presentation box with a clear window; designed to show your branding. These promotional powerbanks emphasise your branding and make great marketing gifts.

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Balmain Paris Pens
March 20, 2015
Balmain Paris Pens are a range of executive, luxury writing instruments inspired and created by the Balmain Paris fashion house in France. These pens make excellent corporate gifts for any trendy businessmen and businesswomen.

Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of Balmain Pens and other products in South Africa.

Top 3 Balmain Pens and Sets:

  • Balmain Supreme Ballpoint Pen
  • Balmain Fuselage Pen and Pencil Set
  • Balmain Bergerac Gift Set

Our top seller in the Balmain Paris range is the Balmain Supreme Pen.
It is an elegant, simple ballpoint pen with a coated brass barrel wrapped in genuine leather. This is a stunning statement piece of a pen that will surely impress your clients.

Each Supreme pen is presented in matching leatherette pen pouch. You can choose between black leather or brown leather.

We can brand these pens with a beautiful engraved logo on the pen barrel or on the leather. This is a subtle and elegant way to brand these pens that adds a personalizes touch of class to the pen.

Order your Balmain Pens now!

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Laptop Trolley Bag Suppliers
March 19, 2015
Laptop trolley bag suppliers is a great corporate gift for companies, especially if your staff have work laptop computers. We supply a range of different laptop bags, but our laptop trolley bags are the most popular.

A laptop trolley bag is a cool computer bag that has a collapsible handle and wheels, making it easy to transport. If you are often in and out of the office or even travelling on business trips carrying a heavy bag is something you want to be doing.

That is why a trolley bag is so fantastic; simply pop out the handle and drag your bag along. No heavy lifting required.

Our laptop bags are mostly small enough to meet airline standards for carry-on luggage, so if you are flying you don't have to worry about booking in your computer.

Laptop Trolley Bag Suppliers in South Africa

Our 3 most popular computer trolley bags are;

  • Monaco Laptop Trolley Backpack
  • Manhattan Laptop Trolley Bag
  • Paragon Laptop Trolley Bag

All three of these options are best sellers and and can be branded with your logo to make spectacular corporate gifts for staff or clients.

The Monaco and Paragon bags are laptop backpacks with wheels, so you can carry them comfortably on your back as well as dragging them on their wheels.

Order your corporate gift bags now by giving us a call on 0861 111 954 or emailing us.
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How To Use A Powerbank
March 18, 2015
Power Banks have become very popular over the last year and are a definite must have for everyone who uses their cellphones or tablets often. If you don't own one yet, you should consider investing in one soon, as having this battery backup device will change your life.

But how exactly does a Power Bank work?

We'll try to cover the basics of what you need to know about these awesome gadgets to help you.
A power bank is fundamentally a rechargeable battery device that can store power and is portable. This means that you can use these mobile chargers to charge your phone or tablet wherever you go. No need for a power outlet or plug!

Most Power Banks have;
  • A USB output port
  • A micro USB input port
  • and a charging cable
Before you can use your brand new power bank to charge your phone, you first need to charge the device.

How to charge a Power Bank

Along with your power bank you will have received a cable; either a micro USB to USB cable or a multi cable with more than 2 outputs. Below are examples of the cables.

charging cables

To charge your power bank you need to use the Micro USB input port on the device and plug your cable into that. The USB port on the cable then needs to be plugged into a power source such as a laptop, computer or a USB wall plug.

USB Input and Output

Most power banks have a light to indicate that it is charging.

Depending on the capacity and the input current of your power bank, charging times will differ, however it will take a few hours. Your power bank might have some kind of indicator to show when it is fully charged or the charging light might go off.

Charging the Power Bank

If you are not sure how long to charge your device, you can look at the information pamphlet or contact us.

The Zoom Power Banks show how much charge is in the device with 4 lights. Each light accounts for 25% of the full capacity.

How to charge your phone or tablet with a Power Bank

When charging your phone with the power bank charger you will need to use the USB output port on the device. Plug the USB on your cable into the power bank and then use the port that works with your phone.

Charging your Phone with a Power Bank

If you have a good power bank such as our Zoom Extreme or Superboost you should be able to charge your phone fully and still have power left in the bank.

For smaller capacity devices you will need to recharge your power bank after every use.

Now that you know how these fantastic gadgets work you have no reason not to own one!

Order your power banks now.

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