Parker Fountain Pens
May 26, 2014
Parker fountain pens are great business gifts that are suitable for both men and women. A fountain pen is a timeless gift that gives you a unique writing experience.

Our Parker Vector Black Fountain Pen is the perfect balance between traditional and modern. The sleek, lightweight black barrel combined with the classic stainless steel nib gives you a pen that is a trustworthy companion for work and leisure.

The Parker Vector Black Fountain Pen Features:
  • Black Plastic Cap and Barrel
  • Stainless Steel Nib
  • Includes Parker Pens gift box

Parker fountain pens are great business gifts that all your clients will appreciate and use. We supply branded Parker pens in South Africa, and the Vector is a pen that is perfect for printing.
The beautiful deep black barrel of this pen looks lovely with a contrasting white printed logo. This is the ideal pen to display your branding.

This versatile pen is suitable for everyday use in the office or for those who practice calligraphy.

Why Choose Parker Pens:
  • Parker is a famous brand worldwide
  • These are great quality pens
  • Parker ink refills and accessories are readily available at stationery stores
  • A great brand to associate with your company

If you are looking for a great business gift for your clients, why not give them the Parker Vector fountain pen?

To order your Parker Fountain pens now, please email us at, or view our range of Parker Pens for more great options. more
Gadget Gifts USB Stylus Pen
May 23, 2014
If you are looking for the latest gadget gifts and tech items for your corporate gifts, the USB Stylus Pen might be just what you want.

This awesome 3-in-1 pen is a the perfect companion to any tech savy clients. It serves 3 functions, all of which are used on a daily basis by most.

This Pen's 3 Functions:

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Touch Screen Stylus
  • 4GB USB Flash Drive

The Pen

Whether your office is digital and you work on a computer, you will still use a good old pen and paper sometime during the day. This great ballpoint pen is great to have around when you need to write something; whether it be a groceries list or signing an important contract.

The Stylus

These days almost everyone has a touch screen smart phone or a tablet of some sorts. For all of these touch screen devices, the soft stylus at the end of the pen is ideal. Using a stylus prevents any smudges and fingerprints that appear when you use your hands. It is also soft and smooth, preventing any scratches. 

A stylus give greater precision and is easier to use for writing on a touch screen than using your fingers.


A memory stick is always useful for when you need to transfer files and documents from one computer to another. This 4GB USB flash drive is hidden in the middle of the pen, meaning you will have it wherever you take your pen!

These awesome USB Stylus Pens can be engraved with your company logo or a personalized name and are presented in a smart presentation tin. This is a great corporate gift idea that your clients are sure to love.

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Promotional Tote Bags
May 22, 2014
Promotional tote bags are fashionable and functional marketing products that provide you with a unique branding opportunity.

Our Long Handle Shopper is a popular tote bag made of 100% cotton. This bag is eco friendly and the natural colour makes is a great canvas for your banding. We can print big, beautiful designs on these bags.

Why chose promotional tote bags?
  • A useful product that everyone can use
  • Large branding space on both sides
  • Great value for money

The image above is an example of one of the stunning designs that we have printed on these bags for our clients. You can use your creativity to make an eye-catching design that will have your clients raving.

These bags are useful as shopping bags, book bags and more. Printed bags are often used as giveaways at expos, conferences and events and our long handle cotton is a great choice. The awesome long handles on this bag means it can also be carried over your shoulder.

The Long Handle Shopping Bag Amcam62164

  • Material 100% cotton
  • Extra long handles
  • Eco-Friendly, can be recycled and reused
  • Size: 42 x 38 x 0.8 cm

Order your printed tote bags now!

We also stock a large variety of other great shopping bags. Whether you need a bag that is big, small, colourful, laminated or hessian; we have it all.
View our shopping bags category for more great promo bag options. more
Parker Pen Sets
May 20, 2014
Parker pens sets make ideal business gifts for any company. A pen and pencil set is a corporate gift that you know your staff or clients will be able to use on a daily basis, and this beautiful set is something they will definitely appreciate.

The Parker IM SS CT Pen and Pencil Set

This classic Parker pen set consists of the Parker IM Stainless Steel Chrome Trim ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil, presented in a premium Parker Pen gift box.

The clean stainless steel design gives the IM a professional feel and it works great with any company logo. On the pen sets we engrave your logo on both the pen and pencil.

If you want something a little more personal, we can engrave your client's name on the pens. 
Having a pen with your name engraved on shows the world that it belongs to you, and it makes it unique and special. Personalized pen sets are a timeless classic when it comes to corporate gifts.

What makes a pen and pencil set such a great gift?

  • Suitable for men and women of all ages
  • Great for office use
  • Everyone uses a pen or pencil during the day
  • Can be personalized with engraving

A Parker pen set will always remain a popular gift choice because it is a versatile gift that suites everone and all occasions. 

Why choose Parker:

  • Parker is a famous and trusted brand
  • They make high quality writing instruments
  • Parker refills are readily available at most stationery stores
  • A great brand to associate with your company

Brand Innovation is the main supplier of branded Parker pens to the corporate market in South Africa. To order your Parker IM SS CT pen sets now, please email us at

View our complete range of Parker Pens. more
Business Card USB Flash Drive
May 19, 2014
A business card usb flash drive is an innovative and useful corporate gift. This gift combines the old classic business card with a modern new twist; a USB flash drive.

These days every office and household uses at least a few flash drives. We use them for quickly copying our files, photos, music and any digital documents to various different computers. And having a flash drive with all your documents on sure beats carrying a big file with lots of papers.

A branded flash drive is always a popular promotional item and with the unique card shaped USB you are sure to grab your client's attention.

Why in a credit card shape?

  • Easy for men to carry in wallets
  • Easy for ladies to slip in their wallets too!
  • Cool and unique
  • Awesome branding for your company on both sides of the flash drive

How do we know that your clients will love this gift?

  • Once a client orders these credit card usb’s, they usually order again
  • A re-order of the same item time and again means client satisfaction
  • Everyone needs a usb at some stage and how awesome to have a unique flash drive given to you
  • This is a practical and very useful product that everyone will appreciate

Awesome corporate branding opportunity too!
Full colour branding on both sides of the credit card usb large branding area for company website, email addresses and telephone numbers.  

Order your business card flash drives today. more
Tips for Choosing Winter Corporate Clothing
May 15, 2014
Grab your body warmers, jackets and beanies, because Winter is here! 
If you are in charge of organizing your company's corporate wear, you might have your work cut out for you.

There are dozens of different types of jackets, jerseys and sweaters to choose from and it might seem a little daunting. But that is why Brand Innovation is here; to make your life a little easier.

When choosing your winter corporate clothing it is a good idea to keep these in mind what you want from the clothing.

3 Important things to keep in mind when choosing winter corporate clothing:

  • It needs to keep your staff warm
  • Must be functional
  • And in must make your company look good!

Not only does your winter corporate clothing need to keep your staff warm and happy, it also needs look presentable as it will be the "face" of your company for the next few months.

Need some suggestions?

We have a few go-to favourites that are popular every year, such as our softshell jackets and fleece jackets. Here is a shot list of items, sorted by function:

  • For Rain Jackets: The Miami Jacket and The Slazenger Trainer
  • For a smart business type jacket: The Slazenger Soft Shell
  • For wearing indoors as a uniform: The Houston Fleece Jackets
  • For something a little different: The Slazenger Quilted Body Warmer

If you want to add a more modern twist to your corporate wear, or are just looking for something different that the usual, the Slazenger Quilted Bodywarmer is a good choice.

This padded body warmer is suitable for men and women and can be worn anywhere. With a branded logo on the left chest, this bodywarmer will look professional and stylish! 

Didn't you know? Padded vests are the IN thing this season. Even big designer names such as Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana have designed their own versions.

Order your's now!

For more great winter clothing options, please browse through our catalogue, or email us and we will send you some ideas. more
Moleskine Branded Notebooks
May 14, 2014
Moleskine branded notebooks are a great hit as corporate gifts. The famous Moleskine notebook is known globally for their great quality and timeless style. Having your logo branded on -and associated with Moleskine shows that your company invests in quality.

What makes a Moleskine different from all of the other notebooks we offer?

These secret of a Moleskine notebook lies in it's rich history, it's careful craftsmanship and its character.

Moleskine A5 Notebook Features:

  • 240 lined pages
  • Expandable pocket in back cover
  • Satin ribbon bookmark
  • Includes pamphlet on the Moleskine History
  • Thread bound hard cover

If you are looking for the best quality notebook around, the Moleskine is exactly what you need.

Each Moleskine notebook is hand crafted and goes through rigorous quality checks. Inside of the notebook cover there is an expandable pocket wherein you will find your quality control number.

At Brand Innovation we supply and brand these notebooks for companies throughout South Africa. These sleek black notebooks branded with a beautiful logo makes a fantastic executive gift.

Moleskine Branded Notebooks:

- Generally a 1 colour screen print is done on these notebooks
Embossing - This procedure makes an indentation of your logo in the notebook cover
Foiling - Similar to embossing, makes an indentation with an added layer of golf or silver colouring

All 3 methods of branding are very effective for different circumstances. 
- If you are looking for vivid and eye catching branding, we recommend a colourful print. 
- If you are looking for a more subtle branding, the tone on tone embossing looks great.
- If you are looking for something elegant and lustrous, the gold or silver foiling is the way to go.

We have lots of stock available and these notebooks will be a perfect gift idea for end of year! Be prepared and order your Branded Moleskines now.

Please email us at more
Recycled Promotional Products
May 13, 2014
Recycled promotional products, have a big impact on your business and the environment.

Going green seems to be an ever growing trend in the business world, and for good reasons.

Integrating eco-friendly products and processes at your workplace into benefits the business, the employees and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are the smarter and better choice for your brand and the earth!

Why environmentally friendly items great:
  • Reduces waste by re-using materials
  • Promotes your company as a caring entity
  • Inspire clients and staff to be environmentally concious

Giving your clients a recycled promotional product with your logo on shows that your company is leading the way for a greener future.

At Brand Innovation we supply a range of great products made from recycled materials.

Our range of recycled products include:

  • Recycled Eco Pens
  • Eco Stationery Sets
  • Eco Notebooks
  • Recycled Plastic Memo Cubes
  • Recycled Newspaper Pencils
  • and more

These promotional products are all eco friendly items that are useful and functional as office gifts.

Whether you use these items in and around your own office, or give them to clients as giveaways, you can't go wrong with these great eco gifts.

At Brand Innovation we care for the environment and support the incentive of eco-friendly gifts!

To order your recycled promotional products, please email us now at, or if you are looking for other great eco products browse through our eco friendly gifts catalogue.

You can find such and more eco-friendly promotional and corporate products on Promojozi, if you are based in Johannesburg. more
May 12, 2014
Promotional material suppliers in South Africa are always in demand. Marketing and branding has become crucial to all businesses, big and small, and they use it to project a great image of themselves to the consumer and public.

With Brand Innovation as your promotional material supplier in South Africa, you can’t go wrong.

  • We provide a personal service and we take pride in everything we do.
  • We take on clients and care for them until they are happy with the promotional merchandise we supply.
  • We keep the process smooth and ensure that our clients have peace of mind at all possible times.
  • Brand Innovation upholds these standards to the best its ability by being passionate about our work and our clients, and always working hard.

Why do you need promotional material suppliers in South Africa?

  • We want to help you achieve success in your marketing campaigns.
  • Therefore we share our knowledge, skills and expertise with you.
  • We offer amazing service accompanied with friendly assistance and a caring smile.

Without promotional material supplier in South Africa, branding and promoting your company would have been troublesome and time-consuming.

At Brand Innovation we WANT to help you. We want you to use us as your leading promotional item, corporate gifts and corporate clothing supplier.

Brand Innovation wants to help put you on the map even more. We want your clients and employees to be educated in how you, your products, and services can help them change their ways and achieve their goals.

But most importantly, we want help you make it easier for prospective clients to find you, to find your valuable brand and to create more business and success for you.

Contact us at Brand Innovation by emailing us – – or phone us at 0861 111 954 and let our friendly BI Team assist you with your marketing campaign. We are always willing and always ready! more
Marketing T Shirts
May 08, 2014
Marketing t shirts are everywhere!

Especially now, with the election season in South Africa, you are bound to have seen hundreds if not thousands of people wearing printed t shirts proclaiming their support for their political party.

If you didn't realize it before, you are sure to know now what a great form of advertising a printed t shirt can be.
Worldwide hundreds of businesses, ranging from big corporations to small businesses, choose branded t shirts for their marketing campaigns. Ever wondered why?

What makes marketing t shirts so great?

  • They are suitable for men and women of all shapes and sizes
  • Will be used over and over again
  • Provides highly visible branding
  • Great for staff uniforms
  • Great for handouts at events and concerts
  • Great for promotional campaigns

Whether your are trying to grow your brand or just inspire further brand loyalty to your all ready successful campaign, having your logo printed on a t shirt is the way to go.

How can we help?

Brand Innovation will assist you with all of your printed t shirt needs.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight promotional t shirts or a higher quality brand such as Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, we have it all. 

Ordering your printed t shirts is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Please let us know how many shirts you need, what type of shirts and what sizes. We will send you a quote.

2. Send us your logo, in a high resolution, and we will do artwork of your t shirt design. Once payment is made and you approve the design we start printing.

3. Approximately 7-10 working days later,you will receive a lovely parcel with your awesome looking printed t-shirts.

It's as simple as that!
If you have a rush order and need, please contact is and we will try our best to assist.

So, what are you waiting for? Email us now to get your great marketing t shirts: more