Doing Business with Thanks
May 18, 2016
Doing Business with Thanks

At Brand Innovation, we are all appreciative of the work that our clients give us.

We are also grateful that our clients are so wonderful to deal with.
From the largest listed companies to the smallest businesses, we have amazing clients.

To you all, we say a big thank you.

Wishing you an excellent rest of 2016.

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Staff Uniforms for Winter 2016
April 14, 2016
Can you believe that winter is just around the corner again? We are here to help you prepare, with a wide range of great winter clothing, jackets and cool new body warmers. You can kit your employees out in a brand new staff uniform this winter.

Top 3 Benefits of having a staff uniform:

Great for your business image – having all of your employees wearing an appropriate, branded uniform creates an attractive and professional business image.

Brand Promotion – When your staff wears clothing with your logo or corporate colours it helps differentiate your company and serves as great advertising for your brand.

Team Spirit! – Studies show that if employees all wear the same clothing it promotes a sense of belonging and is great for team spirit.

Many businesses worldwide provide their staff with branded clothing, whether it be free of charge or sold as company merchandise. As you can see there are great benefits to having branded corporate clothing.

What we recommend for 2016:

This year the Brand Innovation team has chosen one of our brand new options for our company clothing, the Slazenger Evolution Body Warmer!

Usually there is much deliberation when it comes to choosing something that everyone is happy with, but surprisingly everyone agreed that this is a great option.

This body warmer from Slazenger is great quality and nice and warm. It has ha hood and is available in both men’s and ladies styles.

  • Mens and Ladies styles
  • Padded with soft, warm lining
  • Hoodie
  • 3 Colour options

We predict that this is going to be a great seller, and the stock has already been moving quickly!

Email us now and don’t miss out on these stylish new body warmers.

Or for more winter clothing feel free to browse our clothing category. more
Luxury Writing Instruments
February 17, 2016
Luxury Writing Instruments South Africa- A stunning way to give back to clients, luxury writing instruments as gifts. These pens are high end yet functional gifts that any recipient will appreciate.

Montblanc is often seen as the most well known luxury brand throughout the world. If you are looking for the cream of the crop in writing instruments, Montblanc is the brand you need.

Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black

Item Code: Montblanc-105657

Features of these Luxury Pens:

  • Hand crafted from the finest materials
  • Montblanc Emblem branding
  • Presented in a beautiful black gift box

A wonderful pen, coated in black precious resin and finished with a ruthenium- plated clip, this is a stunning addition to any office. Proudly displayed on your client’s desk top, this is an eye catching gift pen that is sure to be seen constantly.

With stunning special engraving making for awesome corporate items, these are status symbols of excellence throughout the office.

A sought after item, an exclusive branded gift pen, the Starwalker is a stunning offering from a world renowned corporate brand. Presented in a stylish Montblanc gift box, perfect for any discerning executive.

Get stunning luxury writing instruments today, e-mail now to order yours.

We are a registered supplier of these elegant, high quality luxury products in South Africa. Contact us for more Montblanc corporate gifts. more
Eco Stationery Sets South Africa
February 15, 2016
Eco Stationery Sets South Africa- An eco stationery set is a clever way to promote your environmentally aware company. A perfect item for office branding, these are simple eco-friendly sets to use every day.

A great way to promote your eco-friendly brand to the world, this is a set made from recycled materials.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Eco-Logical Karma Stationery Set 
Code: GIFT-9371

This Eco Stationery Set Includes:

  • 3 x wooden pencils
  • 15cm wooden ruler
  • wooden sharpener
  • eraser
  • recycled tube pencil holder

Do you want to show off your green brand to the world? A unique approach to eco-friendly promotions a corporate set is useful on a daily basis and cost-effective. A visible set, this can promote your brand widely with every use.

These stunning branded sets are great for creatives, especially in advertising. Giving all you need for sketching designs or wiring notes from day to day. These are wonderful to have during meetings and brainstorming sessions for quickly jotting down important points.

With three pencils, an eraser, a ruler and a sharpener, this has everything you need for analogue sketching and design. With subtle branding on all items, this is a brilliant promotional set.

Order your stunning eco stationery sets today. E-mail to order from a premium branded item supplier in South Africa. more
Engraved Pens as Gifts
February 12, 2016
Engraved Pens as Gifts South Africa- This is a brilliant corporate gift pen from a world renowned brand. Engraved pens as gifts are executive branded Cross Pens that are ideal for important members and clients.

Cross Century Classic Satin Chrome Ballpoint Pen Item

Code: #AT0082-14

  • Awesome personalised engraving
  • Beautiful stainless steel and chrome finish
  • Presented in a premium Cross gift box

With a stylish stainless steel body and chrome trim this is more than just a pen, it is a work of art. A corporate item perfect for giving out engraved pens as gifts, these brings some elegance to the office environment.

With a unique knurled grip section making it wonderfully comfortable to hold, this is a popular executive gifts pen for clients.

With an iconic thin design, this is a wonderful pen option from the opulent Cross range. Due to the slim line design of the body, these are perfect for both men and women.

With personalised engraving giving it a professional finish this is an opulent writing piece that can be enjoyed day after day.

Get engraved pens as gifts today from Brand Innovation. E-mail now to get in touch with the professionals. more
Why Give Long Service Awards?
February 09, 2016
Why give out long service awards? - Rewarding long term staff on their dedication and loyalty is important. But why give out long service awards?

A long service award is important to congratulate staff members on years of dedicated service. For high quality work over a long period of time, a long service award is a brilliant way to give back. Thank your employees with a stunning Montblanc pen.

Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black

Code: Monblanc-105657

Why is this a great long service award?

  • From a world renowned pen brand
  • Can only be bought from premium suppliers
  • Precious resin coating for executive finish

A stunning corporate pen option, this is a sleek and sexy luxury item. An offering from the iconic Montblanc range, this is an opulent pen. An elegant writing piece with a uniquely dark style, this is a pen exclusive to premium branding companies like Brand Innovation.

Presented in a stunning gift box, these can have subtle engraving on the presentation plaque. Coated in black precious resin, these famed pens are wonderful for any executive setting.

Perfect as a long service award, these sought after writing pieces are only given to the top performers. A status symbol in the corporate world, this is the sign of a world class businessman.

So why give out long service awards? It offers an elegant way to show your appreciation for hardworking, loyal staff members.

Order your amazing corporate gift pens today from Brand Innovation. E-mail now to contact our professional sales team. more
Locally Manufactured T Shirts
February 03, 2016
Locally Manufactured T Shirts South Africa- What is the best cost-effective promotional item? A common question in our line of work, we suggest locally manufactures t shirts.
A promotional t shirt is a great item for events, allowing for a highly visible branded item. A favourite item for giveaways, this is a clever way to market any creative brand message.

180g Locally Manufactured T Shirt

Code: BOS01

Reasons why this is a favoured t-shirt option:
  1. 1.  100% combed cotton design
  2. 2.  A stunning range of seven colours available
  3. 3.  Branding can be done in up to 10 eye catching colours
Available promotional colour options:
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Navy blue
  • Royal blue
  • Bottle green
  • Sky blue

High quality garments that wont break the bank, these are perfect for bulk casual uniforms. A big draw to many events, people love getting a stylish branded t shirt at events or rallies.

Ideal for an eye catching design, these can be branded in a range of styles and layouts. With seven awesome t shirt colours to choose form, these can be perfectly suited to your corporate image.

E-mail to order your locally made t shirts. Trust the professional branding and marketing company in South Africa. more
The Power of Design
February 01, 2016

The Power of Design South Africa- Nothing compares to the power of design. Ask any marketer or advertiser and they will tell you the same. Whether copy or images, big picture or below the line, design is the glue that holds it all together.  

A key aspect of any advertising or marketing effort, this is in essence the first impression of your brand. Whether content layout online or branding on a product, an eye catching design approach  sets you apart from the rest. A condensed version of marketing, design shows your brand for what it is, differentiating price and quality to customers.

One of the innovators of business, designers set the tone for business trends in many respects.

Steve Jobs of Apple springs to mind.

Other examples of this would be to look at brands like Google and Woolworths.

Simple and cool designs always work.

Google is also a brilliant example of modern design and branding. With so many apps and divisions, they exemplify clever design and uniformity. With every symbol,style and app showing off their unified design, there are no holes in their globally recognised brand image.

From layout on a product page to a full page print advert, the design is key to putting out an effective marketing message.

Not only must it grab the attention of prospective customers, but it must cleverly play into the psychology of the market. This is setting the basis for all marketing communication to follow.

Launching a visual debate as to why your brand is the preferred option, the power of design in business is endless.

An integral part of your business, this is an area best suited to the professionals. So trust a premium branding company in South Africa to show you the power of design by branding your products with your design. more
How do Colour Changing Mugs Work?
February 01, 2016
How do Colour Changing Mugs Work? South Africa- A colour changing mug is an eye catching branded mug to say the least. But how do colour changing mugs work?

The colour changing mugs have a unique heat sensitive colour coating. As soon as the mug comes in contact with hot water, the dark exterior turns transparent. This enables any printed logo that's printed on the mug to be revealed, like magic!

This process of a substance changing colour due to temperature is called Thermochromism.

Chameleon Colour Changing Mug Item
Code: MUG-6357

Why the Colour Changing Mug is such a great gift

  • Cool two tone design
  • Changes colour when hot water is added
  • Includes a matching colour spoon
  • Presented in a matching 

Choose from these great colours:
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Lime green
  • Turquoise

A promotional item to use daily, these are eye catching and unique. A great way to set your brand apart from the competition, this is an item to been seen on ever desk top. Perfect for ensuring your brand appears every day in the lives of many.

Changing from black to white, these creative branded items come in a wide range of six vibrant colours. With colour matching spoon and box, this offers a complete branded gift for any situation.

A very popular promotional item, these good looking mugs have a clever spoon holder in the handle.

With a wonderful looking two tone design, the inner can be a colour of your choice while the outside is black. Presented in a colour matching gift box, this is an ideal everyday branded item.

Order your creative branded items today, e-mail now. Trust the professional branders in South Africa.  

If you are based in Johannesburg, please visit Promojozi more
The Modern Business Card
January 29, 2016
The Modern Business Card South Africa- Whether in business or life, first impressions are vitally important. A way to catch the eye of any prospective client, a creative business card can set the tone for your brand image.

In the search for fresh ideas and creative thinkers we have found some of the most unique and eye catching business cards around.

Below are some unique and creative business cards:

A Cheese Grater Business Card

A clever design from this cheese company, this mini grater is a memorable business card to say the least. A unique style that allows you to enjoy their product with their business card, this is sure to be shown off as much as possible.

Ideal for indulging in some of your favourite cheeses, this is a perfect example of a unique approach to marketing.

cheese grater business card

USB Business Card

A clever business card from this producer, the USB business card is the best way to show off your work. Bright and colourful, this is great for giving clients a montage of your work.

An item used every day, this is a clever way to feature in the daily life of prospective clients. A tech-savvy business card, this is perfectly suited to working in the digital world.

You can order your USB business cards from Brand Innovation! 

USB Business Card

Yoga Mat Business Card

A brilliant idea form this yoga mat company, these are the mini matt business cards. A custom business card that shows off their unique style, this is a card not to be forgotten. Perfect for showing off their product, this can be rolled up and tied just like the full size mat.

Made from the same material, complete with their business info, this is an attention grabbing business card to say the least.

Yoga Mat Business Card

Photography Business Card

In this day and age, a photographer needs to stand out from the crowd.  With this view finder business card, this is one photographer that nailed it.

Subtle and eye catching, this is a card that clients will never let go of. No matter of your style or skill, a card like this sets you apart as a creative minded individual. The perfect way to market your own unique brand, this tells all about your brand and creative grounding.

view finder business card

Bicycle Shop Business Card

A card that can be used for more than just making contact, this awesome wrench card gives you tools for riding. With a selection of indents and socket sizes, this caters for all your adjustments while riding.

Perfect for a bike company, this card fulfils a daily use. A clever way to ensure your clients never forget your name, this comes in handy on every cycle.
bicycle wrench business card

A business card is an important part of modern business, make sure to get a creative card for your brand.

Something to set you apart from the rest, first contact is where it matters the most. Key to staying relevant and on par with trends, the modern business card is a clever approach to brand marketing.

For the best creative ideas in branding, trust the professional. E-mail now to order your unique branded items. more