Tracksuits South Africa
May 30, 2017
Tracksuits South Africa – Tracksuits are iconic clothing items. So iconic, in fact, that they have their own day. November 6th is International tracksuit day, a day for those of us who have fond memories of velour Juicy Couture. The tracksuit is an integral part of sportswear’s integration into modern fashion and when it comes down to it, we have tracksuits to thank for yoga pants and leggings being worn regularly. Here’s to having a full, comfortable range of motion!

Tracksuits are fun and comfortable clothing that allow you to move around freely while you’re doing exercise.

The 1960s marked the official birth of the tracksuit into modern culture. Those three, distinctive stripes on a suit and jacket set made of all the new fangled textile technology that the era had to offer was the first apparel that Adidas produced. It even had neat little stirrups on the pants. This first Adidas tracksuit was produced in collaboration with the dreamboat of German football, Franz Beckenbauer.
The swinging 70s was a great era for the tracksuit and they bloomed when they were given a new lease on life as jogging and hiking became popular pastimes. And new innovations in fabric meant that tracksuits were not only becoming much more comfortable, but also better looking and more appropriate to wear recreationally.

During the 1980s even newer fabric innovations made tracksuits much more comfortable to wear while you were actually exercising and the rise in serious exercise made the tracksuit more of a staple clothing item than it had previously been.

The 90s as well saw a rise in tracksuits being used in the limelight of the sporting world. The Olympic team tracksuits were very popular and people wanted to emulate their favourite sports stars by wearing their uniforms off the track. The fact that a tracksuit is a loose, comfortable garment just adds to the off-field appeal.

The new millennium ushered in a veritable tsunami of tracksuit popularity with tabloid magazines full of glassy photos of celebrities living their lives in beautiful velour tracksuits. Britney Spears even had a whole range of custom tracksuits made up for her wedding party.

Tracksuits were everywhere, from print media to television, with Tony Soprano sporting a track suit that made the track suit the new Armani of organised crime.

Modern tracksuits seem to be a true blend of all that came before them. Sporting sleek minimalist designs that echo back to the 60s and 70s all created from those fabrics that were minted in the 80s and 90s, making the tracksuit of the 2010s a collaboration of the decades.

Of course it also because of the tracksuit that we find it much more socially acceptable to wear sports oriented gear out and about in public. Exercise isn’t stigmatised as something gross and shameful that should be done in private. These days we have borrowed the shamelessness pioneered by the Romans and their public gymnasiums. Though with a little less nudity. We are unashamed to exercise and show off our interest in sports in public.

This makes a tracksuit a wonderful corporate item. Tracksuits are designed to match so they make for great sports uniforms - particularly goof for personal trainers and gym staff – for teams.

Mens Tracksuits

Mens Tracksuits  - we stock a selection of tracksuits for men. Men’s garments are cut wider in the shoulder shoulder and tend not to taper in the leg. We have a beautiful uniform tracksuit option for men that’s made out of 210gsm polyester tricot and comes in three wonderful colours. Black and white, blue and white and red and white. This classic tracksuit option comes with a colour contrast zip and side pockets on both the pants and the shirt.

We have a selection of full mens tracksuits as well as tracksuit tops and bottoms that are sold separately so that you can have either, or both, whichever you prefer.

Ladies Tracksuits

Ladies tracksuits – we have a lovely selection of ladies tracksuits that would be wonderful for a sports team or for a sporty uniform. A tracksuit can make a fantastic uniform if you have a work environment where it is appropriate, such as a sporting goods warehouse, or in a factory where you are required to do physical labour.
Tracksuits are designed with physical labour in mind and therefore all9ow for a great range of motion while keeping your body temperature regulated. So when you’ve got a lot of hustle to do, a tracksuit is your best friend.

Team Tracksuits

Team tracksuits are a great thing to have. Weather isn’t always the way we want it to be and if you’re playing a sport with a shorter uniform – ladies hockey, lacrosse or soccer and you want to keep warm before or after the game then tracksuit is a great way to do that. Tracksuits are also called warmup suits and can help you keep cosy while you actually warm up. Then once you are warm it’s time to get down to your actual uniform and really work up a sweat!

We have a great selection of unisex tracksuits that are great for teams. These team uniforms often have sporty colourful accents. A popular unisex option is the US Basic Spartan Unisex Tracksuit.

School Tracksuits

School tracksuits are often a part of the uniform for gym or extracurricular sport. They are sometimes optional, with the shorter summer uniform being the compulsory option, but a tracksuit is a great investment for a really active student who wants to be comfortable and keep their game on no matter what weather it is.

Full Tracksuit

Full tracksuits are just a click away at brand innovation. We have ladies, mens and unisex full tracksuits for you to choose from, all ready and waiting for your branding.

Tracksuit bottoms / Tracksuit tops

Tracksuit bottoms and tops - You know what you want. And you want one thing but not the other? We have a great selection of unisex tracksuits that you can mix and match to make your perfect custom tracksuit. We also have individual gendered items so that you can get your perfect ladies cut tracksuit, no problem.

Branded tracksuit

Branded tracksuits are a way to advertise your brand. Many brands who supply sports gear to teams will add their logo to the team logo or have a selection of other sponsors on the uniform. A branded tracksuit gets your name out there while also letting the world know that you support your team.

Tracksuit Suppliers in South Africa

Tracksuit Suppliers in South Africa – we at Brand Innovation are proud to be bulk tracksuit suppliers in South Africa. You can send us an email at to place your order for Tracksuits South Africa. more
Fidget Spinners South Africa
May 26, 2017
Fidget Spinners South Africa – Fidget Spinners are the gadget sensation that is sweeping the world. They’ve sparked controversy and fads all over the globe and have been described by Forbes Magazine as the ‘Must have office toy of 2017’. What’s for sure is that everyone wants them!

These little toys are in hot demand and they’re incredibly popular with children all over the world. And we’re here to supply that demand! Fidget Spinners are coming to South Africa in a big way and we at Brand Innovation are here to provide you with what you want! Our stock is landing in June and again in early July. You can pre-order from us today by sending us an email at

What is a fidget spinner?

Fidget spinners are toys that are supposed to focus your attention and make it much easier to concentrate on the task at hand. The mechanism of the toy is relatively simple but it keeps it going and it gives those wandering hands something to play with.

See our awesome FIDGET SPINNERS

How Fidget Spinners Work

Fidget Spinners are a small to, the standard design having three prongs, being built around a ball bearing. This means that you can spin the spokes of the device and they will spin around and around. This creates a pleasant sensation which is said to be very relaxing and calming. You can flick them around and around on your fingers and even do tricks with them, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.
These funky gadgets have exploded across the globe and across the market, with everyone wanting to get their hands on them. The can make for fun and engaging presents and are a wonderful promotional item. Even celebrities want to get their hands on them!

Katy Perry’s Instagram feed even feature’s the singer’s hand holding one of the spinners on a blue background, featuring the text, ‘Katie Perry ft Nicki Minaj - Fidget Spinna’. Whether this is a clue as to one of the To Be Announced tracks on her new album Witness, which is dropping in early June, we’re excited to see!

Fidget Spinners are also not quite as they started, they’ve gone from strength to strength since their inception, going from their original smooth design to something a little more edgy, and even getting LEDs attached to enhance the gaming experience. If you’re looking to use them recreationally rather than as stress relievers, you can even find instructional videos on YouTube on how to make your own crazy customs or how to do tricks with them, from basic to advanced levels. There are even neat tricks on how to stack your spinners! They’re one small gadget with a lot of potential.

Fidget Spinner Apps

With these toys absolutely everywhere, they have sparked a lot of related media, from the raging debate on their actual function to the tricks that you can do with them. You can even download apps on your phone to help you learn tricks and discover new ways to play with them, there are even apps on your phone that will simulate the sensation of holding a fidget spinner! Fidget Spinners really have rocketed into their position as the must have of the year and the world is eating them up!

The apps are available on both iOS and Android, and these apps go from being therapeutic in just imitating the gadgets to being actual games themselves, encouraging you to do a certain number of spins in order to complete the levels and do a number of different tricks.

These apps range from 2 two four stars and have a variety of different functions, allowing you to pick the app that best suits your style of game play and what you want from it. They range from competitive games to just spinning fidget spinners on your device screen. You can even get them in different shapes and colours, some are even neon and a few games even give you new spinners as you go from level to level.

Benefits of Fidget Spinners

Benefits of Fidget Spinners are widely contested but they are often advertised and sold as relaxation toys.
The motion of a fidget spinner is incredibly relaxing and the motion of it is said to help sooth anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders like ADHD. They do this by providing mild simulation for the brain to focus on so that the user can focus their concentration on something without the constant need for extra external stimulus. This can help to quell nervous habits like foot tapping, nail biting and finger tapping. Stress can be a difficult thing to deal with in an office environment but this kind of device can provide just enough soothing stimuli to keep you calm and focused to get you through the day.
These same benefits have been described as being great for children and adults who have ADHD, anxiety and Autism.

Often these kinds of disorders can be made a little more manageable by having a comfort object or some method to keep them occupied. Many children have reported that it helps to keep their attention focused at school or calm their stress levels when they are facing something unpleasant. One girl cited going to the dentist as a specific occasion that the fidget spinner helped her through.

Fidget Spinner Controversy

As with any super popular gadget, there is a lot of controversy surrounding them. One of the main points being raised is that the fidget spinner has never actually been proven to help people cope with Autism and ADHD. They may help, and many individual reports claim that the toys are extremely beneficial, however experts in their fields are reluctant to recommend them as actual coping mechanisms.
The devices are being banned in classrooms all across the United States, cited as being distracting to students. Some parents protest this, saying that their children are reporting better attention spans in class when they use the spinners and saying that the children who use them as toys are the ones distracting the rest of their classmates.

It is difficult to tell who is who though, when fidget spinners don’t come with any kind of doctor’s recommendation.

Origins of the Fidget Spinner

The origins of the fidget spinner are murky at best, there seem to have been several people who have created different versions throughout the years, several of whom have filed for patents.
The earliest model seems to have been created by Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer who applied for a patent over twenty years ago in 1993. The patent lapsed in 2005, but not before it gained some traction at the invention fairs that she took it to in Florida.

Hettinger herself admits that there’s not a lot of similarity between her original design and the Spinners on the market today. Her original gadget was designed of soft plastic with a button in the centre to entertain her daughter who suffered from an autoimmune disorder that caused muscle weakness. Because this limited the amount of play she and her daughter could share she began making a peaceful toy that wouldn’t put too much strain on her while stimulating her. Thus was one of the original fidget spinners born. While Hettinger admits that there is no direct link between her own spinner and the modern take on it, she is happy to claim Wikipedia status as one of the potential inventors.

Another possible inventor is Scott McCoskery, who threw together a ball bearing device to keep himself from fidgeting too much in meetings. He’s partnered up with an associate and applied for a provisional patent in 2016.

The patent status of the Spinners that are on the market at the moment is unclear, as no one seems to be able to pin point their exact moment or origin of conception. This has led to many thrifty and innovative individuals making their own custom fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinners Promotional Items

Because their current status as the IT toy of 2017, Fidget Spinners make for fantastic promotional items. They’re fun, they’re simple, they’re cost effective. A toy like this is great for the office because it can help concentration. They’re also super popular at the moment, meaning that everyone is hankering to get their hands on them!

Fidget Spinners can be branded with domed sticker branding on the ball bearing at their centre. They also come in a wide variety of colours to match your brand. Fidget spinners are fun and if you’re aiming to give people a little bit of joy today then you can certainly do that with a fidget spinner toy!

At (Company name) we stock them in eleven funky colours and can also give you LED fidget spinners that light up and flash when they spin. These are the kinds of spinners that are making them so very popular as kids toys. But who says that adults don’t deserve to have some fun too! The fidget spinner is fun for all ages!  It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, or whether you have anxiety or not, the fidget spinner can have benefits for anyone. You can have fun with it or you can use it to calm yourself down, it’s all about how you view it.

Fidget Spinners as Mental Health Aids

One important thing that these gadgets are doing regardless of their patent status or whether or not they are recommended by a doctor, is that they are bringing children’s mental health to the conversational forefront without dismissing it. It’s being brought up as a possible solution and getting people talking about way to help children handle mental illnesses like anxiety and depression rather than dismissing the possibilities of a child having illnesses like this. These days we are able to catch the mental health symptoms earlier and earlier, which does make it look like more children are developing mental illnesses at younger ages. But it may very well be that this has always been the case and we as adults are only now developing the tools to understand and treat this

With the advances in medical science racing ahead every day, we are discovering more diseases earlier, and achieving a higher understanding of them. We are learning how to identify autism earlier on, and how to better diagnose it in women, because up until recently mental health professionals considered autism to be relatively uncommon in women. This is not actually the case, it’s simply a case of women exhibiting different autistic behaviours which up until recently went unstudied. Mental health is something that has come under the microscope very recently in human history. We have many things still to understand but we’ve come a long way and things are improving every day.

Modern theories speculate that early folk lore such as ‘changelings’ may have been caused by children displaying autistic markers and being grossly misunderstood by their communities. As little as fifty years ago mental illnesses like BPD and Schizotypal Personality Disorders, even something as common as post-partum depression, could have earned a one way ticket to the sanatorium. These days mental illnesses are much better understood and very often treatable through a variety of methods, who says that in a dew years the Fidget Spinner might not be one of them?

Fidget spinners are really in great they are opening up an avenue for people to have conversations about children’s mental health with a solution in mind.

Fidget Spinners South Africa

Like them or love them, Fidget Spinners are the big gadget right now and with so much going on around them, they look like they’re going to be staying here for a while. If you’re interested in ordering some of our fun, competitively priced Fidget Spinners then you can send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you in getting these awesome gadgets all ready with your brand!

We aim to delight our customers here at Brand Innovation and we are glad to be suppliers of Fidget Spinners South Africa. more
Why People Love Brands
May 22, 2017
Why People Love Brands? Great question! Why are they important? If you’ll indulge me, I’ll explain. A brand is an identifier. And that’s not bad. A brand is a message that doesn’t need to be said aloud. It’s a statement about you that other people can immediately pick up on.

A brand is a label. And while it’s all well and good to bring out the old adage of Labels Go On Boxes, that’s ultimately untrue. Labels are ways that people learn about themselves, how they explore their own identities. A label doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. It’s like your favourite jacket. One that makes you feel happy and confident in yourself. You may one day find a new favourite jacket, or outgrow the old one. Just because it’s your favourite doesn’t mean that you have to keep wearing it once it doesn’t fit any more.

As you grow and change as a person, so does your personal brand and so can the brands that you surround yourself with. People tend to align themselves with brands that reflect things about themselves. Their personalities and their hobbies, or even just things that they find aesthetically pleasing.
There can also be a moral and ethical element to it. When you put a brand in your home and on your body, you are saying that everything they stand for, you stand for too. When they can do so much for people, it’s easy to see Why People Love Brands.

Trusted Brands

Trusted Brands are important. A lot of people weigh up the pros and cons very seriously before choosing one brand over the other. And with good reason. In today’s market, there is a lot of stiff competition to be the top of the range.

Which brand is the most ethical, which brand has the best delivery time, the highest quality products? You’ve got to have all that and a bag of chips if you’re going to come out top of the pops.
So people go with brands that they trust will give them the best quality products and the best quality service. People are often willing to pay more for that. After all a little more money is worth it for products and services that you can trust.

A runner will go with the brand that they trust to give them the most support and the best protection while they’re running. When you’re an athlete, your body is your brand.

Or maybe it’s the way that they do business that makes them so trustworthy. When the company is open and honest with you, you’re more likely to buy that brand because you trust the people behind it. Trust is a very important part of a business. Being kept in the loop by a business gives you that sense of trust, of knowing that you know everything that the business does. Which is a great comfort to a consumer, and why a client will almost always stay with their Trusted Brands.

Brand Ethics

Brand Ethics are an integral part of how brands operate, and something that people often consider when they are choosing which brand to buy from. The way brands do things also has a huge impact on their consumer base. Is this an ethical company? Do they support animal welfare or do they conduct animal testing? Are they environmentally friendly or do they pump toxins into the ocean?

The way a company conducts themselves ethically can make or break it for a consumer. Because they want a company that reflects their own moral standards. If someone won’t associate with someone who practices animal cruelty, they aren’t likely to buy from a company that does the same.
Having a brand that aligns itself with your own moral code is very important to a lot of people. A brand makes a statement about you, making your ethics the Brand Ethics.

Value of Promotional Items

Value of Promotional Items – The Value of promotional items is incredibly high. Statistics show that clients who receive promotional items they are six times as likely to feel appreciated by that brand. More than that, they’re three times as likely to be loyal to a brand that gives them something. And compared to clients who have only been exposed to media about the brand, they are twice as likely to go out there and do something about that loyalty by supporting the brand.

Which is fantastic! That’s exactly what you want. What you want is people coming to you, engaging with you. Even if someone is only there for the free lanyard, they’re there and they are being exposed to your company and your brand. Which is exactly how you planned it.

Studies show that a promotional gift is up to six times more likely to make your client feel appreciated, and twice as likely to go out and do something about that. Marketing is a competitive business, with consumers being flooded with media every day. A promotional gift can go a long way to making you stand out of the crowd.

Branding even just a small thing might not be a huge expense for a big company, but it can make a huge difference to your customers. It shows that they value them. It’s a personal touch. It’s a gift. It gives clients a sense that they are important to you and your business. They’ll remember you and be more inclined to talk about you. That is the Value of Promotional Items.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is an excellent marketing tool. It makes your brand visible. When your items are branded, they stand out. People are curious by nature, so if you have something that’s branded immediate reaction most people have is to try and read what it says and see what it is. This is particularly true of t shirts.

Without corporate branding, uniforms would serve only to make sure that our street clothes kept clean. The police force, paramedics, firefighters, all of these professions have branded uniforms which makes them identifiable the world over. Vodacom has their logo on their jackets so that you know who their employees are in store. Branding make uniforms easily identifiable. It also makes products identifiable.

If you’re giving away products as part of a promotion, then your brand will keep you and your brand in the memory, expanding the reach of your marketing to that person and every person that they have contact with. Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and having corporate branded products can really help get people talking about you and that personal touch I mentioned earlier

Corporate Clothing South Africa

Corporate Clothing South Africa is a great way to get your brand known. From fast food chains to luxury restaurants, from school sports teams to international players and everyone in between, a uniform is what makes your brand identifiable. A uniform is great, it gives your staff or team a sense of unity. It gives them a purpose.

But what is a uniform without branding? Just clothes. With branding, it becomes a true uniform. Branding tells the rest of the world who you are. It gives you a sense of pride. Once your uniform is on you are a representative of that brand, and your conduct reflects how others will see the brand. A brand unites the workforce, the company as a whole.

A branded school uniform gives school students a sense of equality. When there is no variation in the clothes that they wear, there’s no pressure on students to wear expensive clothes to school to try and prove their financial status. A branded work uniform does the same thing while also making employees visible to the public and giving them neat, professional workwear.

In the historical context of sports, they are war games. Exercises in tactics, and physical skill that are designed to put athletes to the test. And just like armies wear uniforms, so too do teams. Not only does it make it easier to know who your opponents are when they’re wearing brightly coloured shirts, but it gives the team a sense of comradery. Wearing the same uniform gives a team a sense of united purpose. Someone in the same uniform as you has the same goals and the same values. That makes them trustworthy.

It has many faces and many functions, but nothing brings people together like Corporate Clothing South Africa.

Brands with Heart

Brands with heart may sound like an abstract concept, but it’s really not. A brand is not a faceless entity. There are people behind it and every person has something that they care about, their beliefs and their own code of ethics. Which is what they pour into their brand. Branding is not just for companies. Many companies use branded items as a way to give back to their communities.

A gift of notebooks and pens to a school in an underprivileged community can be the reason that a child smiles today. It can put the love of learning into someone. Something as simple as a promotional pen can have a positive ripple effect on someone’s whole school career.

When you don’t have enough, even a little can mean the world. Branded items are a way to pay it forward. A donation can lift the weight off of someone’s shoulders. The teacher who was wondering how they were going to do the exercises they are required to with their learners when they don’t have the tools can breathe a sigh of relief. The learners who were worried that they weren’t going to be able to make it to the next grade with no way study now have hope.

Animal shelters who were struggling to feed their animals with all the expenses it takes to run the place can afford another few bags of food because they don’t have to buy stationery or blankets. An animal that might otherwise have gone cold and hungry is fed and wrapped up warmly in a blanket that you provided.
At Brand Innovation, we have green values. We do whatever we can to help the environment, because we know that even something small can make a big difference. As humans it is our responsibility to care for our world. That is why our head offices in Cape Town run off of solar electricity

We are a company and we are made up of a strong, innovative team. There are people who care here, and there is a lot of place in this world for Brands with Heart.

Brand Value

Brand Value – brands represent certain values within a community. Although people may have different viewpoints and opinions, communities as a whole tend to have very similar values. A community may not be big, a suburb or a housing complex, but humans are naturally social creatures who will work together to preserve things that they hold dear.

Like anything else, a company needs ideal conditions to grow. It needs to be nurtured and cared for.
Just as an example, late last year in the USA, Ivanka Trump’s line of clothes was removed from Nordstrom, among other stores because the American people boycotted it.

The sexual harassment controversy surrounding her father, and the fact that Ivanka sided with him, angered many women across the US, who then proceeded to boycott her fashion and jewellery line, resulting in its removal from many stores. As of writing this, the Nordstrom site has no search results for her line and the handful of products on Nordstrom Rack which appear to be the last of the stock.

This is just a microcosm example. One brand in one country. But it shows the power of people and the amazing feats that people are capable of when they join together. It’s also an incredible example of the American people working together in order to show their support for each other. Brands rely so much on their clients, and this just goes to show that the values of the community are directly linked to Brand Value.

Brands Send a Personal Message

Brands Send a Personal Message, whether you planed it that way or not. People will recognise your perfume, your cologne, your clothes. Much like the hermit crab decorating its shell with sea anemones, people tend to surround themselves with things that they like. The psychological aspect of brands is fascinating. Just the way that people take brands and attach them to themselves, working them into their own label. It doesn’t matter if you’re Givenchy or Hello Kitty, brands are everywhere.

Professional athlete or weightlifting hobbyist, you probably have some kind of sports paraphernalia at home. Lifting gloves, protein powder, running shoes; something. And of those, if you think really hard about it, you probably have a favourite brand. Maybe one that was recommended by the sales person. Maybe one that you found by yourself through trial and error. Maybe one that you found through researching it yourself and choosing the product you thought was best for you.

There is this really fascinating aspect about brands that seems to mimic the natural world. Animals often have brightly coloured hides to tell other animals something about themselves (usually, ‘don’t eat me.’ It’s a jungle out there) and there are several instances of animals using inanimate objects and even other animals as decoration. The aptly named decorator crab is one of them. Human beings use products for the same purpose. More than that, they use brands. Where a carrier crab might wear a sea anemone as a stylish and functional hat, a man could have a Fossil watch. They’re both decorative and functional. If you really want to impress your girlfriend, you might get her something from Tiffany’s. The male Satin Bower Bird has a similar game plan, and decorates his nest with blue things that he collects to try and impress his girlfriend.

It’s often thought of in our consumer driven society, that brands dictate who people are. It’s closer to the truth to say that people use brands to tell other people about themselves without. Brands are the blue bottle caps and sea anemones of the human race.

People who like similar things find each other through branded merchandise. Put two people who like the same TV show in a room, one of them in a branded shirt, and immediately broken the ice between them.
You might meet someone who loves the same brand of running shoe that you do at the gym you joined when you moved to a new city. Your cologne or perfume might be the first thing that your partner noticed about you. Brands have a huge amount of power, and not just on a global scale. It’s the power that you give them. Brands do not dictate who you are, you use brands to tell other people who you are.
People love different things, and by keeping those things close to you, you help Brands Send a Personal Message.

Aspirational Brands

Aspirational Brands are ones that you strive to achieve. This is a particularly common occurrence in people who come from less affluent backgrounds. Media and advertising is everywhere in the world. Almost every screen, building and page in the world has some kind of advertising on it. The can affect the way someone views material wealth and how they value it. Possessions become status symbols to aspire to.

When someone from a less fortunate background comes into a lot of money, the norm is to make up for lost time. New Money, as it is called, tends to spend more on flashy items like fast cars and big houses. And brand name goods.

Brands can easily be used as status symbols because brand name goods tend to come with a brand name price tag. It can become a goal for someone. For example, I could say that one day when I’m all grown up and successful, I’m only ever going to wear Christian Louboutin high heeled shoes. Louboutins are expensive and distinctive because of their signature red soles. This makes them a great status symbol.
Brands with distinctive and prominent logos tend to be the most desirable as social status indicators. That or very big name brands like Armani, Versace, Yves Saint-Laurent and Marc Jacobs. All of these make great status symbols and are frequently sought after Aspirational Brands.

So Why Do People Love Brands?

After all that, the answer can only be that it’s personal. Everyone has a different reason for loving something. That’s what makes us human. We’re all individual and we’re all unique and we all love the same things for different reasons. One brand can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people, that’s what makes it so wonderful. For every person in the world, there is a different answer to the question, Why Do People Love Brands? more
Stress Relief Gifts
May 18, 2017
Stress Relief Gifts are a great way to help people relax and keep calm while they’re at work or at home. These days, life can be incredibly stressful, that’s no secret. Work can be fast paced and competitive and the current economy isn’t doing us many favours.

This is why it’s a good idea to give stress relief items as corporate gifts or promotional items. A little gift like that can really lift someone’s mood and even small things can help reduce stress and make the workplace a happier and more efficient environment. Improving productivity and helping to improve the quality of life of your staff are some of the benefits of Stress Relief Gifts.

Symptoms of stress

Symptoms of Stress are many and varied, and can be drastically different from person to person. But regardless of what symptoms a person is displaying, they’re not good to have around and the sooner you can help yourself de-stress, the better it will be for your overall health.

Below are a few common symptoms of stress:

  • Nail Biting
  • Lip Biting
  • Lack of sleep
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased appetite
  • Heightened blood pressure
  • Lack of focus
  • Panic attacks
  • Breakouts of acne
  • Cold sores
  • Hair loss

Stress can affect both your mental and physical health and it’s a very important thing to deal with as quickly as possible. Many of these symptoms can be dealt with on their own, but in order to be properly managed it’s necessary to find the root source of your Symptoms of Stress.

How to Deal With Stress

Everyone has their own methods for dealing with stress, a few of the unhealthier of which can be found on the list above. Those should be avoided if at all possible, but we will go over some healthier alternatives here.

The first thing that needs to be done when you’re dealing with your stress is you need to find the root cause of it. It can be very helpful to have a serious chat with someone you trust to help figure this out, even if you just want them to listen to you. It might be something in your personal life or something at work, or even a completely outside factor.

The next step is to deal with it directly. That can be the most difficult part, but we believe in you and we’re behind you on this. Take some time to think about it, think about what you want to say if there’s a person that you need to talk to about it like a friend or a co-worker. Using ‘I feel’ statements during this talk can help to gently communicate your feelings.

If it’s a change you need to make in your life, think about what you can do to make it easier for yourself. If you need to get up earlier to avoid traffic on the way to work, you can also try little things like making your lunch the night before or setting your clothes out before bed so that you don’t have to think about those things, you can just get up and go.

To manage some of the symptoms, here are a couple of tips.

Tips to Manage Stress

For nail biting, try using nail polish to discourage the habit. You can even get special nail polishes that are designed to stop you from biting them. A hand cream might also be helpful, as those don’t taste nearly as good as they smell. This tip is applicable for men and women, but guys, if you’re worried about being seen in nail polish, if you use a clear top coat no one has to know.

For lip biting, a medicated lip balm can help. As with the hand cream, it doesn’t always taste great and has the added benefit of helping your lips heal while you wear it.

For hair pulling, a piece of press-stick or tactile putty might help to keep your hands occupied and pulling something while leaving your poor scalp alone.

Stress eating can be hard to control. If it’s possible, try and replace your stress binges with smaller, healthier snacks. A bowl of nuts on your desk, or lightly salted, homemade popcorn can be a good substitute because they’re things that you can snack on guilt free. Popcorn especially is a cheap alternative that has fewer calories than a bag of chips.

Going for a walk or doing exercise before bed can help improve your sleep. An evening jog around the block or a youtube exercise routine can tire you out and increase your serotonin levels, which will help combat the stress too.

These are just some small ways to help you manage your stress. If you are experiencing any of the more serious symptoms, please consult your medical professional. If left unchecked, stress can have some very serious consequences.

Stress relief products

Stress Relief Products are items that have been designed to help combat stress and relieve tension. Some can also improve focus. These gadgets and toys can help to manage symptoms such as tapping, twitching, nail biting, hair pulling wandering focus.
Many of them have moving parts, which gives your brain something to focus on in the periphery while allowing you to devote your attention something else. It’s the same reason people often listen to music while they work or why you might doodle while you’re on the phone. It helps you focus on what’s being said while stimulating multiple senses at once to keep your mind from wandering.

Fidget Cube South Africa

The Fidget Cube is one such products. Five of its six sides has a different little mechanism to press, click, roll or flip to keep itchy hands occupied while the mind needs to put its focus elsewhere.  Whether you’re stressed, nervous or bored, the Fidget cube can give you extra mental stimulation to make a stressed out brain feel a little more at ease. It can also help to curb more self-destructive habits like skin picking, scratching, hair pulling and nail biting by keeping the hands occupied.

With buttons to click, cogs to roll and switches to press, we have a great stress relieving product in the Fidget Cube South Africa.

Fidget spinner South Africa

Fidget Spinners have the same basic concept as the Fidget Cube, to use motion to stimulate the brain and help focus attention and calm anxiety. A repetitive motion can be very calming to some people. It’s the physical and visual equivalent of white noise to help you relax. A Fidget Spinner is a three pronged gadget that has a bearing in the centre, allowing it to spin. The motion and sensation of the spinning is reported to be very soothing.

At Brand Innovation we have a standard Fidget Spinner that comes in an incredible range of eleven different colours as well as novelty LED Spinners that light up in different colours. These gadgets are very popular as stress relief items and children especially enjoy all the benefits of Fidget Spinners South Africa.

Relaxation Gifts

Relaxation Gifts can be many things of course. We have an array of pamper packs to offer as gifts to those who just need a nice long bath and a cup of tea after a busy week. These range from Aromatherapy to Bubble Bath and a Robe. A pair of headphones can be a great gift to give someone their own personal bubble while they relax.

Because there are so many ways that people can relax there are many gifts that they will appreciate to help them do that. An avid gardener may appreciate a Tree in a Box for their desk, as plants can also be very calming and help to produce oxygen, for better breathing. Every person is unique and each office will have a different feel to it, meaning that one of these products may be a better fit than the other. This is why we offer such a wide range of Relaxation Gifts.

Stress Management Toys

Stress Management Toys can be particularly useful in an office because they can be used while working to help improve work flow. In meetings, during brainstorming sessions and during the day, a small toy can do a little bit over a long period of time to help improve your focus.

Stress Balls

Stress Balls are a fantastic stress relief toy, and can also be used for the same purpose as a fidget toy, by rolling it and squeezing it, you can use it to channel frustration and anxiety through the motion of your hand. The soft texture of the ball makes it easy to squash but resilient enough to bounce back again, and that is why the classic stress relief toys are Stress Balls.

Branded Stress Balls 

Branded Stress Balls are the same great stress relief product but printed with your brand. A branded toy makes it ideal for office use and it can become a very important tool for someone who suffers from anxiety to have a tool that they can use to combat that stress and tension that they are feeling.
Stress balls are the traditional stress relief gift, but at Brand Innovation we see no reason why we can’t offer you a modern twist on the classic stress ball. We have a range of fun and funky stress balls in different shapes and sizes that we can brand for you. Branded stress balls make fantastic promotional items at health days, as it gives someone a tool to help them manage their mental and emotional health as well as their physical health. Your mental health can have a major impact on your physical wellbeing and showing that you want someone to be both physically healthy and mentally stable is really can go a long way to showing them how much you care, as a person and as a company.

Brain Stress Ball

Brain Stress Balls are just one of the many novelty shapes that we offer stress balls in. Be it something medical, religious, sports, construction or even social media related, we have a stress ball to suit your needs

  • Brainstorm Stress Buster
  • Cloud Nine Stress Buster
  • Thumbs Up Stress Buster
  • Smiley Face Stress Ball
  • Hard Hat Stress Ball
  • Stress Cube
  • Lightbulb Stress Ball
  • Heart Stress Ball
  • AIDS Ribbon Stress Ball
  • Rugby Stress Ball Keyring

With everything from light bulbs to hard hats in soft, squishy polyurethane foam, we have a stress ball to suit all your needs, from variations on the standard round stress ball all the way to ones that aren’t even round at all, and even some that are sort of round, like the Lumiere light bulb stress ball and the Brainstorm Brain Stress Ball. We even have a Stress Relief Coffee Mug!

Whether we like it or not, stress is unavoidable these days, from minor stress to major life changing stress. What we can do is we can manage it, though our lifestyles and through tools that can help us manage the day to day stress that we face.

An amazing way to show that you care for your people and others is to give them tools to help them cope with Stress Relief Gifts.

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Womens Day Gifts
May 12, 2017
Womens Day Gifts are a great way to show appreciation for women.

Professionals estimated midway through the year, that half the population of South Africa was women.

Half the population, although logical, is a pretty impressive statistic when you think about how many people there are in this country.

That’s a lot of women, each one unique and individual and deserving of equally such Women's Day Gifts.

Unique Gift Ideas for Ladies

  • Manicure sets
  • Pamper Packs
  • Pen and Pencil Sets
  • Ladies Bags

Unique Gift Ideas are an important part of any kind of celebration. And for Women’s Day, we have a selection of gifts to remind women how important they are. Women do a lot of hard work, often above and beyond what is required of them. We’ve come a long way, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t deserve a little pampering when we remember the contributions that they have made to our society.

Manicure Sets

Manicure Sets are a great gift. Looking your best is a point of pride for most women. Personal grooming is more than vanity. It’s war paint. When you have to go out there and do a tough job and you have to be fierce, why not look fierce? The Starlett Manicure Set has 9 tools in its aluminium case, ready to help you look your best. As Heather Renee Sweet once said, “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.” The history of Women’s day is one of revolution. By giving this manicure set to a woman you’re helping her get ready to go start one.

Pamper Packs

Pamper Packs are an excellent way to remind the women who have been out there inciting revolutions to take time and relax. We have a variety of gorgeous pamper packs to choose from in a range of different scents and sizes. From our Bath Robe set to the Sweet-Dreams Pamper Set and more.

Pen and Pencil Sets

Pen and Pencil Sets are practical gifts. They’re also great commemorative items and there’s a certain weight to a really good pen that adds a sense of gravitas to any occasion, especially petition signing. We have a range of gorgeous pen and pencil sets to suit any petition. If it’s a set you’ve set your heart on then Balmain has what you’re looking for in the shape of its Auxiliary Ball Pen and Pencil Set. They also have a set of ball pen and rollerball in the Columbia Set. When it’s a day that was founded on the signing of petitions, a good choice of gifts are stylish Pen and Pencil Sets.

Ladies Bags

Ladies Bags are incredibly useful when you’re marching on parliament. Where else will you keep your pens and petitions? And snacks, it’s a long walk. Something like the Metro Fashion Tote Bag will make a bold, elegant statement while the Extravaganza Shopper is a powerhouse. For something smaller, the Isabella Cosmetics Bag makes a chic accompaniment for travel.

With us you can relax, appreciate the women in your life and take your pick of our Unique Gift Ideas.

Womens Day in South Africa

Women's Day in South Africa is celebrated on the 9th of August, it’s a public holiday that celebrates the women of South Africa and how they fought for equality under the Apartheid government.
On the 9th of August, 1956 twenty thousand women marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria from places as far away as Cape Town. The crowd is described as moving with dignity despite the size of the gathering which really is an impressive feat.

The purpose of this march was to protest what were known colloquially as Pass Laws, more formally as the Urban Areas Act. This act required to women to carry passes in order to enter and move around within so-called White-Only areas.

The marchers had requested to meet Prime Minister J G Strijdom but their request was refused and neither the Prime Minister nor any of his senior staff were there to meet them. Even so, women stood outside his door in absolute silence for a full 30 minutes.

The march was a great success and to this day we honour the women who protested against unjust treatment and took strong steps to shape the country that we live in today.

One of the songs most commonly associated with the march is, “Wathint'Abafazi Wathint'imbokodo!” or, “You strike the women; you strike a rock!” Truly a powerful slogan for Womens Day in South Africa.

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Picnic Bags South Africa
May 04, 2017
Picnic Bags South Africa - We live in a beautiful country. There’s no arguing on that point. This country has some of the most beautiful landscapes and such a varied climate that it would be downright criminal not to enjoy the outdoors every once in a while. And what better day to do that than to have a picnic? A picnic is a fun way to enjoy some time in the great wide world and still enjoy your lunch.

5 Best Picnic Bags

Avenue Picnic Cooler

Code: COOL-5140

A classic picnic basket with a fresh twist!

  • Gorgeous grey colour scheme
  • Contains x2 of each plates, glasses, knives, forks and spoons
  • Aluminium metal frame and handle
  • Large main compartment

Avenue Picnic Cooler COOL-5140

This incredible picnic basket is so packed full of great features that it’s surprising that there’s still room for food. But with it being 45cm wide, 26cm deep and 29cm tall, there’s plenty of room. The zip-down front pouch has all the cutlery and crockery that you need for a two person picnic, with a Velcro flap to keep everything inside. With a domed sticker for branding, it’s a bright, fun complement to any picnic. For a full matching set, check out the Avenue Picnic Bag (COOL-5145) and the Avenue Wine Cooler (COOL-5150).

US Basic Prairie Picnic Cooler

Code: COOL-5110

Spacious and compact, this is a picnic set made for two.

  • Contains x2 goblets, knives, forks and napkins
  • Contains x1 butter knife and waiter’s friend
  • Main zippered pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Top grab handle

Prairie Picnic Cooler COOL-5110

A picnic cooler needs to be able to hold anything that you can throw at it. What you want is a sturdy, good looking picnic cooler that can hold up to twelve cans. Or to call it by its proper name, the US Basic Prairie Picnic Cooler. With goblets, napkins, knives and forks, and a butter knife and bottle opener, it’s got you sorted and there isn’t even any food in there yet. That’s all tucked away in the front pocket, leaving the main compartment free for all your delicious snacks. Conveniently sized at 24cm wide, 8.5cm deep and 30cm tall, it’s made perfectly for two, and with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and a top-grab handle it’s very portable. This is definitely an awesome bag!

US Basic Yukon BBQ Cooler

Code: COOL-5105

A BBQ set you’re never going to want to be without, it’s perfect for every South African.


  • Contains X3 Stainless steel and wood BBQ tools
  • Contains X2 Steak knives and forks
  • Contains Salt and pepper shakers
  • Contains X1 wooden board and waiter’s friend

Yukon Bbq Cooler COOL-5105

This is a serious cooler! At 24.3cm wide, 18cm deep and 30.5cm tall, it can hold up to 30 cans, has a side pocket for extra storage and a front pocket that holds cutlery, a chopping board, salt and pepper shakers and, tongs, a spatula and a two-pronged fork for turning meat. This cooler contains all the essentials for an amazing BBQ. It’s available for domed sticker branding and has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. With a cooler this highly in demand, can you afford not to put your name on it?

Avenue Picnic Bag

Code: COOL-5145

Chic and modern in gorgeous grey, this cooler bag is an awesome gift.

  • Contains x2 plates, glasses, knives forks and spoons
  • Contains x1 waiter’s friend bottle opener
  • Shoulder straps
  • Aluminium foil lining
  • Zipped main compartment
  • Zipped front compartment

There aren’t nearly enough words to say how good this picnic bag looks. Shaped like a backpack for your convenience, discover just how magical a picnic for two can really be! 26cm wide, 18.5cm deep and 35cm tall, it’s compact and portable while still having everything you need tucked inside its front flap and all your food in the main compartment. It has an aluminium lining to keep your food cool and fresh. This stunning bag makes a fantastic stand-alone item, but there are two more items in this range if you can’t get enough of the Avenue collection, the Avenue Picnic Cooler (Cool-5140) and the Avenue Wine Cooler (Cool-5150). And who could blame you? With coolers this beautiful, you’ve got to have them all!

Bastille Picnic Backpack

Code: BAG-47

In a soft stone with black trim, this superb bag is the ultimate in picnic accessories.


  • Contains x4 melamine plates and tumblers
  • Contains x4 knives, forks, spoons and napkins
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded back
  • PVA lined cooler

Picnic Backpack South Africa

This ingenious stone backpack cooler is everything you could ever want in a picnic bag. At 25.5cm wide, 17cm deep and 35cm tall, it’s got ample space in its U-shaped zippered compartment. It has a strong top-grab handle and adjustable shoulder straps, and is ready to go when you are. The black piping along the seams highlights the 12cm branding area on the front of the backpack. This four-person picnic set is an excellent high-end gift.

Picnic bags are one of our best selling end of year gifts every year. ORDER NOW. more
Cooler Bags Supplier South Africa
April 25, 2017
Cooler Bags Supplier South Africa - When you think of cooler bags South Africa, there are lots of things that come to mind. Lunch bags, going to the cricket or the rugby, having a braai or a picnic at the beach.

But no matter what your memories or first associations of them are, there is no doubt to be had that the cooler bag is a South African staple. Everyone needs one. Whether you’re having a day at the beach with your friends and family or if you’re just trying to keep your lunch neat and together on your way to work, it’s a go to. It’s evolved a lot since its chunky beginnings, but there’s still nothing that beats a cooler bag.

Nordic Lunch Cooler Bag


Nordic Lunch Cooler COOL-5090

Available in green, lime, navy, blue, red, and black, this fun-sized bag is great for lunches!

  • 6 cool colours
  • Single zipped compartment
  • Aluminium foil lining
  • Short padded handle
  • Domed sticker branding

It’s 22cm long, 10cm deep and 16cm high, so it’s a convenient size to take to school or work, the handle is padded for a comfortable grip and the single compartment makes for quick and convenient access – you’ll never be left wondering where you left that doughnut.

Foldz Lunch Cooler

Code: COOL-5022

Foldz Lunch Cooler COOL-5022

Easy to store and with a handy snack pouch, this is perfect for the busy professional.

  • Mesh snack pouch
  • Short handle
  • Velcro closure
  • Folds conveniently flat
  • 4 fun colours
  • Domed sticker branding

The Foldz comes in lime, black, blue and red and can fold from 19cm wide, 10cm long and 23cm high to a flat, wallet-shape for super easy storage and handling. Not only that, but if carrying lunch doesn’t strike your fancy, it can also hold 6 standard 330ml cans.

Lunchmate Lunch Cooler

Code: COOL-603

Lunchmate Lunch Cooler

Easy to carry, conveniently sized and in 7 funky colours, this bag is great for students.

  • Single zipped compartment
  • Securely attached handles
  • Domed sticker branding
  • Aluminium lining
  • 7 funky colours
  • Can be screen printed

At 14.5cm wide, 13cm deep and 20cm high, and with a handle that’s stitched right the way around the bag, it’s a powerfully compact bag. Lined with aluminium foil and yet again capable of holding 6 330ml cans, its proof that dynamite comes in convenient packages.

Frosty Lunch Cooler

Code: COOL-5115

Frosty Lunch Cooler COOL-5115
This is the perfect bag for the pro on the go!

Six fun colour accents on black
  • Screen printed logo
  • Mesh bottle pouch
  • Front slip pocket
  • Back ID window
  • Short double straps
  • Silver PEVA lining
  • Zipped main compartment

The list of awesome features on this bag is just never ending. From the fresh and funky colour accents in cyan, blue, dark green, black, red and orange on black, to the convenient bottle pouch on the side. This bag has everything you need to just grab it and go. Your drink, your snack pocket and your lunch safely tucked away in the main zippered compartment. The dimensions are 21cm wide, 11cm deep and a whopping 30cm tall.

Frostbite 6-Can Cooler

Code: COOL-5065

Frostbite 6-Can Cooler Bag

A shoulder strap makes this super portable for work and school!

  • None-slip bottom
  • Aluminium foil lining
  • Front slip pocket
  • Handy side pocket with Velcro closure
  • Opposite side mesh pocket
  • Main zippered compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Screen printing
  • 7 Colours with black straps

This bag is a real hold all! With three additional pockets and a main zipped compartment that can hold another 6 330ml cans, and an adjustable strap that you can easily carry over the shoulder, it’s a great grab-and-go bag. It comes in black, blue, turquoise, grey, dark green and red. It is 22cm wide, 15cm deep and 18cm high, and it’s nice and roomy, with your branding front and centre on the slip pocket.

Cooler Box Sizes

Cooler box sizes may vary wildly but a standard way to measure them is their capacity to hold cans or bottles. That way you know immediately what fits inside. If the capacity of a cooler is measured in litres, it can be a little tricky to visualize as that’s the total volume. But cans are easy to picture and they give an accurate and immediate understanding of how much the cooler can hold. Our smallest coolers are 6 cans and our largest, the US Basic Paradiso Cooler (COOL-5160) holds an astounding 72 cans.

6 Can Cooler Bags

A 6-can cooler bag is exactly as it says on the box. A Cooler bag that can hold 6 330ml cans. Which makes it portable and versatile. 6-can coolers are often used as lunch bags. But they have a multitude of other uses as well! Carrying ice cream, jelly and other sweets, ice for your drinks, or anything else you might need to keep cool. It’s the ultra-convenient size that makes it so useful for so many different things, be it storing cold cans or paints at home, taking drinks to a party or just taking your lunch to work or school, a 6-can cooler has got you covered.

Small Travel Cooler Bags

But that’s not the only option that there is available to you! Small travel cooler bags are a great way to take your cool items from place to place without getting to your destination with a lukewarm two-litre that was previously ice cold. They’re great for taking in the car on a road trip with family or friends and because a cooler bag is flexible it can change its shape, it can easily squish between your luggage, between two people, or even next to your feet. There are many great options for travel cooler bags, from a 6-can cooler bag to our wonderful range of larger cooler bags.

Large Cooler bag

If you’re looking for a larger cooler bag, whatever your reasons, you can’t go wrong with our range of larger cooler bags, ready to tote what you need while keeping it crisp and fresh.

3 Top Large Cooler Bags

  • Tailgate Jumbo Cooler
  • US Basic Sub-Zero Cooler
  • Frostbite Jumbo Cooler
Branded Extra large cooler bag

Different Types of Cooler Bags

Cooler Backpack

When you’re on the go, you’re on the go and there’s no time to stop. The last thing you want when you’re hiking, walking or cycling to your favourite picnic spot is to have to worry about dragging an awkwardly shaped cooler bag along with you.

Especially if it’s over terrain that’s rough and you need your hands. It was for this sort of on the go, hands-free need that the cooler backpack was invented. All the convenience of a cooler bag neatly stashed on you back so you don’t have to worry about hauling it around or throwing off your balance by strapping it to the back of your bike.

Siberia Backpack Cooler

Siberia Backpack Cooler Bag

You don’t get much cooler than Siberia. Except this backpack cooler.


  • 4 Zingy colours
  • PVC lining
  • U zipped main compartment
  • Side zipped pocket with earbud outlet
  • Mesh side pocket

This bag is cooler than cool. The main compartment is sleek and fashionable, and looks like something an international spy might wear if they were going out for the day between missions. It has a handy earbud outlet that lets you use them on the go without worrying about your device falling out or your cables getting caught in the zipper teeth.

A mesh pocket on the side allows easy access to your on-the-go snacks or your water bottle. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps are there for your comfort. With your branding on clear display across the back, you’re one step closer to saving the day. It’s hardly classified information, this backpack cooler is a must-have item.

Cooler Bag on Wheels

Bringing new life to the phrase, “Meals on Wheels,” a cooler bag on wheels will get you where you need go and are a great way to carry around a heavy bag without putting too much strain on yourself. They’re very convenient and easy to move around. Why not make your life easier? Less back strain, less arm strain, more time for you to spend enjoying yourself!

Pacific Trolley Cooler
Code: Cool-5088

Pacific Trolley Cooler COOL-5088

This cool, compact cooler bag is about to make your life a whole lot easier!

  • PEVA lining
  • Side slip pocket
  • Front zip pocket
  • Main zip compartment
  • Two top straps
  • Velcro strap wrap
  • Collapsible metal handle

This bag looks great. Not only is it highly functional and portable, it also has a cool grey and black colour pallet with white piping around your branding to really make it stand out from the crowd. The pain compartment can hold an astounding 24 cans in its PEVA lining. With neat, hard plastic feet to keep it stable and a long handle to pull it along with, this bag is a powerhouse of storage, and definitely a must have item.

Igloo Trolley Cooler
Code: COOL-5155

Igloo Trolley Cooler COOL-5155

When a cooler this good looking has domed sticker branding in the price, it’s too good to pass up.

  • Plastic handle grip
  • Velcro strap wrap
  • Two side straps
  • Front slip pocket
  • Mesh side pocket

White and black with white accent piping is a killer combination. You could send this cooler bag down the red carpet and it would look right at home. Holding a massive 30 330ml cans, this cooler has plenty of space inside, with a chic PEVA lining. And with the domed sticker branding included in the price and front and centre on your bag, this bag is a hot item!

Wine Cooler Bags

A glass of wine goes wonderfully with a picnic or an open-air concert. On a hot day, a cool glass of wine is even better. A wine cooler bag is the perfect way to enjoy a cool glass of wine in the open without worrying about it warming up as the evening progresses.

Avenue Wine Cooler
Code: COOL-5150

With two glasses and a bottle opener already in there, all you need is your bottle of wine to complement the perfect romantic evening.

  • Zippered main compartment
  • Front slip pocket
  • Holds 1 wine bottle
  • Two glasses
  • Waiter’s friend
  • Top carry handle
  • Domed sticker branding.

This chic, modern grey design has beautiful contrast black straps, a recessed plaque for domed sticker branding and a convenient, top-opening main compartment. It holds one standard size wine bottle, two wine glasses and has a waiter’s friend tucked up into the top flap. If you’re going for a matching set with your cooler, the Avenue Wine Cooler pairs beautifully with the Avenue Picnic Bag (COOL-5145) and the Avenue Picnic Cooler (5140). It’s everything you need to make sure that your evening goes as smoothly as the wine you’re serving.

Balthazar Double Wine Tote
Code: LS-6306

When presentation is what you want, this tote is what you need.

  • Imitation leather
  • Piped bottom gussets
  • Stitched side seams
  • Side pocket
  • Aluminium lining

With wide handles, this cooler holds two standard wine bottles, ready for any special occasion if might be called on to serve in. Modern and sleek looking, this tote really is the perfect way to present your wine. It has a chic, one-colour screen printing option to ensure that this cooler communicates how cool your brand is.

Lunch Cooler Bags

There are several key features for a lunch cooler bag, from pre-school to working 9 to 5, it’s a very useful thing to have. It keeps your food at a consistent temperature. If you’ve got a drink in there, it will keep that cool and it will help to keep your food fresh.  A couple of ideal characteristics of a lunch time cooler bag are:

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Small
  • Secure

Branded Lunch Bags

A lunch bag is the gift that keeps on giving. And if it’s branded, so much the better. It’s a great way to have your brand be something that someone thinks about regularly. After all, wouldn’t you think about something you saw every day and subconsciously associated with that delicious doughnut that you’ve been looking forward to since you packed it this morning? When your brand is associated with positive things like the feeling of a good meal and a chat with friends, you’re in good stead with that client.

Sports Chair and Cooler

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to watch a good game.
When you’re watching a sports game, no matter what sport it is, you want to be right up front, you want to have a cool drink to hand and you want to have a comfortable seat because standing all day in the heat is not only unpleasant but unhealthy, too.
The solution to that, and a wonderful and versatile gift, is the Capri Chair and Cooler.

Capri Chair and Cooler
Code: GIFT-206

Capri Chair & Cooler GIFT-206

  • PVC lined cooler
  • Holds up to 95kgs
  • Fold up chair
  • Handle for carrying
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Zippered main enclosure
  • 3 cool colours

An ingenious idea that’s sure to be a hit at any kind of sporting event or pool party, this amazing chair and cooler combo comes in three colours; red, blue and black. Its PVC lined cooler holds up to 24 cans in its 30cm wide, 21cm deep and 26cm tall main compartment which is conveniently located under the seat.

The chair itself stands at 64cm tall and has a seat that’s 41cm wide by 36cm deep. On top of everything else, this chair comes with a colour matching carry bag that can also carry your branding.

Insulated Cooler Bags

A cooler bag needs to keep your items cool and fresh for as long as possible, so you really do want the best insulation possible. Something that’s going to give you proven results every time. So here’s a selection of our top insulated cooler bags to suit your needs.

5 Top Insulated Cooler Bags

  • Greyston Cooler Bag
  • Precision Cooler
  • Ovation Cooler
  • Slazenger Competition Cooler
  • Iceberg Cooler

Ovation Cooler COOL-5120

Camping Coolers

When you’re camping a cooler bag is going to be your best friend. Possibly even better than your best friend sharing your tent because a cooler bag doesn’t snore. Filled with everything you’re going to need on your trip, cooler bags and camping have gone together since time began. Or rather, since the cooler bag was invented, but more on that later.

Coolers are indispensable on a camping trip, from keeping your drinks cool in the car on the way there, to keeping you food from spoiling while you’re out there communing with nature. One thing you cannot camp without is a cooler bag.

How to Pack A Cooler

The cooler is a camping basic. After all, without it, where are you going to store all your cool drinks, your meat, your salad, and anything else that might get a little mushy (or off!)

You Will Need:
  • Two to three coolers
  • Zip seal baggies in assorted sizes
  • Airtight containers
  • A permanent marker
  • Sticky tape
  • Re-freezable ice bricks
  • Packs of ice

1.  First things first, clean and cool your coolers. Particularly the one that you’re going to be storing raw meat in because you don’t want any dust from the garage getting in the food. And if where you’ve been storing it is warm then you’re going to want to dump a bag of ice in your clean coolers before you start packing. This will help it stay cooler for longer.

2.  Everything you put in your coolers should have been chilled for at least 24 hours before hand. If anything warm goes in there, it’s going to heat up everything around it.

  • Pack your meat and seafood from frozen
  • Chill all your beverages overnight before packing them
  • All your vegetables should be washed and chilled before packing

3.  Separate what you can. Keeping meat in a smaller, separate cooler will help keep down the risk of contaminating other items of food as the ice melts. Keeping your beverages separate will also help to slow down the ice melting because you won’t be opening and closing the cooler all the time to reach for a drink.

4.  On the theme of separation, store things as individually as possible. Zip seal bags are your friend. If you don’t want your chicken mixing with your sausage then Ziploc them both away. It will save you packing space as well if you remove the polystyrene packaging as well. Put your fruit or pasta in airtight containers so that even if you are packing your meat and other perishables in the same cooler, there’s significantly less chance of any cross contamination from the raw meat.

5.  Layer everything! You’re packing something in a this-way-up box. So you want everything heavy and non-squashable on the bottom and everything delicate and easily breakable at the top where it won’t get hurt. Meat, boxes and ice on the bottom, eggs and squeezable bottles on the top.

6.  Get some sticky tape or masking tape and slap it on all your bags, all your airtight boxes and all your individually packaged items. Label everything you have. It helps keep things neat and organised and you won’t have to spend ten minutes squinting at a frozen Ziploc bag trying to figure out if it’s the vegetarian soup for Rob or the Four Meat soup that Sara wanted.

7.  Cut down on your excess packaging so that you can fit more food into one cooler. Take the polystyrene off your meat and your vegetables. Cut the excess off your egg cartons if you’re not bringing full ones and decant your condiments like mayonnaise and tomato sauce into smaller, more easily portable containers so that there aren’t a load of half empty bottles cluttering up your cooler.

Different Kinds of Lining

There are several different kinds of lining used in cooler bags, PEVA, PVC and Aluminium. Each one has its own benefits, and neither is lesser than the other. Both of them are used to create superb cooler bags.
PEVA, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate, or polyethylene vinyl acetate, is a biodegradable, non-chlorinated vinyl. It is often used as a plastic food wrapping and is also used as padding in sports equipment like boxing gloves and soccer cleats.

PVC, or as it is technically called, polyvinyl chloride, can be rigid or flexible. The flexible sort makes a good waterproof lining. So good, in fact, that the thicker kind is often used for lining swimming pools and dams. So if there’s a spill in your bag, PVC is very easy to clean off.

Aluminium foil lining is particularly well known for its heat retentive properties. Keeping things insulated is one of the things that aluminium does best. Thermal heat has three basic mechanisms, conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is the one foil uses to circulate and retain heat, or in the instance of cooler bags, cold.

History of the Cooler

Though it’s a far cry from Ye Olde Ice Chest, the modern cooler bag still serves the same purpose, just in a much more evolved and convenient way.

Invented by an American, Richard C. Laramy in 1951, the first Ice Chest was patented in 1953. The first cooler boxes were made of metal. Which is all well and good until someone gets their tongue stuck to it on a dare. They got the job done but they were also heavy and hard to transport, and they could be pretty hard on the fingers – wear gloves. Luckily, times have changed. The next step in the evolution of the cooler box is Styrofoam insulation sandwiched between two stiff plastic shells. That same method has held true through to today’s boxes.

But while those are nice, they’re still heavy, clunky and inconvenient to store. Which is where the cooler bag comes in. Cooler bags are often made with thick polyester, lined with a heavy-duty foil and padded with foam which is both flexible and durable, unlike Styrofoam, which is neither of those things. This also has the added bonus of making a cooler bag much easier on the arms than its predecessor. No longer need setting up your picnic be a replacement for arm day at the gym.

That’s not to say that cooler boxes don’t still have their place in the world, but cooler bags are definitely the way forward.

The Benefit of Cooler Bags as a Marketing Product

What are the benefits of cooler bags as a marketing product? Very similarly to the benefit of a pen, only more wide spread. When you give someone a pen, they take it to work with them, their colleagues see, it gets used or lost as pens are want to do. When you give someone a cooler bag, it goes places, and so does your brand.

A cooler bag is by its very nature a travelling item. It goes to work, to the park, to the beach, to the rugby, to the soccer. Even shopping! When your branded cooler bag is at the beach or a party, it not only gets seen by the friends of its owner but also all of their friends. People will ask where it came from. That’s how word of mouth works. If you have a great marketing product that is not only great to look at, as all of our coolers are, but customised with your branding and improves the daily life of your clients then you’ve got a winning combination.

People might even trade stories about how they acquired their wonderful new cooler, giving your company even more positive press!

A cooler bag makes for great branded item. It’s fun, useful and it goes places, getting you even more exposure than you originally would have. It’s a great, fun way to promote your brand while giving the gift of great memories! No matter whether they’re for work or play, the Cooler Bag South Africa is here to stay!

Contact us today to place your order! more
Best Body Warmers South Africa
April 24, 2017
Best body warmers South Africa - Bodywarmers make an excellent uniform item. You can layer them up or down for use all year around and they look incredible. They keep you warm and cosy and are an amazing platform for company branding. Have a look at our top five. They’re all masteries of form and function, available in both mens and ladies cuts and are waiting to carry your brand.

Below are 5 of our best bodywarmers;

Slazenger Evolution Bodywarmer

Code: SLAZ-7608 & SLAZ-7609
  • 3 Beautiful colours
  • 100% Polyester with diamond patterned finish
  • Mens and Ladies designs
  • Hood

Mens Evolution Bodywarmer SLAZ-7608

In black, navy and dark green with beautiful diamond detailing on the outer shell, this bodywarmer is a gorgeous addition to any corporate uniform. It has a fun, adjustable hood with drawstrings that can zip right off for when you don’t need it. A drawstring hemline makes this a great way to keep out the draft.

The lining is a soft and comfortable 65% Polyester, 35% cotton mix, the padding is 100% polyester and so is the outer shell. As if that wasn’t enough reason to invest in one of these, it has pockets galore! With two pockets on the outside and one zipped pocket on the inside and a cellphone pouch on the inside, the Evolution bodywarmer is amazing for all occasions.

US Basic Rego Bodywarmer

Code: BAS-820 & BAS-7780

  • 5 Great colours
  • Two internal pockets
  • Two front hand pockets
  • Padded

 rego padded bodywarmer
This amazing bodywarmer is made with a 100% peached polyester shell and a 100% polyester taffeta lining keeping the cosy, 100% polyester  padding in place. It has a wind placket to keep out the breeze and two pockets on the inside with Velcro closures to keep all your valuables close to your heart.

The striking silver zip stands out from the solid colour vest, which comes in khaki, black, red, navy and white. Available in both men’s and ladies styles, this bodywarmer is soft and chic, its matte peached finish adding style to any of corporate uniform.

Slazenger Fusion Reversible Bodywarmer

Code: SLAZ-813 & SLAZ-7606

  • Reversible design
  • 5 zipped pockets
  • Stow-away hood

Slazenger Reversible Bodywarmer

This ingenious bodywarmer is more than one garment could ever be. It’s two! It’s reversible, so that you get two bodywarmers in one, warm package. The outside is made of 100% ripstop nylon and the inside is made of 100% polyester fleece. With five zipped pockets, two on the inside and three on the outside, this bodywarmer has all the space you’ll ever need.

The hood has an adjustable drawstring and can be tucked away into the collar for when you need to go incognito. The waistband also has a drawstring adjustment, keeping you warm. In black, green, red and navy, this bodywarmer is ideal for those who are as adaptable and unafraid of change as it is.

Elevate Scotia Down Bodywarmer

Code: ELE-7410 & ELE-7411

  • 4 Fab colours
  • 80% Down and 20% feather filling
  • 3 zipped pockets

Mens Scotia Bodywarmer ELE-7410

Let’s all give a warm welcome to the new member of the award-winning Elevate Scotia range! All the wonderful features of the jacket, just sans sleeves! This unequalled design has elasticated arm holes, two hand pockets and a chest pocket all with zips.

The flattering standard cut is made with 100% nylon dull circe fabric and comes in red, blue, black and grey. With elasticated binding around the neckline, armholes and hemline and its light down filling, this bodywarmer is the perfect addition to a corporate uniform.

US Basic Microfleece Bodywarmer

Code: BAS-8004 & BAS-8005

  • Made in Africa
  • 5 Great colours
  • 2 Easy-access hand pockets
  • Colour matching zip

US Basic Mens Fleece Bodywarmer BAS-8004

Keep ahead of the curve with this brand new design, to us and to Africa! This gorgeous US Basic bodywarmer is made of 100% polyester microfleece and comes in four classic shades; grey, black, navy, blue and red, making it modern and professional.

The high collar makes looks neat and fashionable either open or zipped up and its two front pockets make for wonderful hand warmers. This bodywarmer’s simple, chic design makes for cool part of your corporate uniform that will keep you toasty warm.

Different Types of Bodywarmers

Still confused about the difference between all of these clothing items? Lets have a look at a few different types of garments that fall within the 'bodywarmer' category.

Sleeveless jackets

At first glance, a bodywarmer doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box. Why would anyone want a jacket without sleeves? Aside from the opportunity to pull the old, ‘Look Ma, no arms!’ gag, they seem like they’d be all form and no function.

But you’d be wrong. A bodywarmer has great purpose. A bodywarmer does just what it says on the box. It warms your body. Which again, may have you saying, ‘But my arms are part of my body, too!’ And you would be exactly right, they are. But your torso is where all your internal organs are. Which is why when you’re out in the cold, your hands and feet are what get cold first, followed by your arms. Your body is trying to keep your core temperature up by focussing the circulation of your blood there because that’s where all the bits that keep you going are. Your body has made the executive decision that your arms and legs are not as important as your heart and lungs.

Which would be perfectly fair if you happen to be stuck out in the cold and at risk of hypothermia. If you’re not, then it’s mostly just annoying and makes you drop things.

The bodywarmer provides you with a way to keep your core temperature up so that your body doesn’t have to make drastic decisions without your input. It helps to regulate your body temperature and keep your arms warm and also mobile by trapping warmth around your core so that it keeps the blood flow to your limbs as it should be.

Gilet jacket

A Gilet jacket, said jee-lay, is the French word for vest. These days it is used to describe a loose-fitting, sleeveless vest. It’s usually used to describe a more fashionable bodywarmer, one made out of faux fur rather than fleece or the traditional padded puffa style. In recent times the gilet has been the staple of big-name brands like Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Middleton and Rihanna. So you know that a gilet is timeless fashion item. And it has the history to back it up. However they didn’t start out as the fashionable vests that they are today.

The original style of the gilet was adopted by the nobility from peasants’ jerkins. Jerkins were hardy, practical garments meant to endure working the land and often made of leather. A gilet was like that but ramped up to 11. Made of silk and delicately embroidered, they were tightly fitted and well-padded to give the wearer a bit more presence. If you were King Henry VIII, who was very fond of the gilet and already suffering from an overabundance of presence, that extra bit of stuffing was unnecessary. But like the rest of us, royalty are slaves to fashion.

In the 1840s, when the Romantic era was winding down, a popular thing for a woman to wear was a gilet corsage, which was the term for a woman’s bodice that had the same cut as a man’s jacket or waistcoat.

Jump forward to 1908 and the luxury UK brand Barbour released a line of waxed cotton jackets that were popular for hunting, fishing and shooting. Popular pursuits that required a large range of motion while still keeping warm. Keeping warm and mobile has been its main function since then and it’s done that well.

Fishing jacket

A bodywarmer or gilet that is made for a very specific purpose is called a technical gilet. Under this category fall bodywarmers for riding, hunting, shooting and fishing.

Barron Angler Jacket


  • 3 Great colours
  • 100% Polyester
  • 4 Pockets

When you’re out in nature, you want something that lets you move. Something that is practical and good quality. Look no further than the Barron Angler Jacket with its flattering panel details and heavy top stitching.

It has two chest pockets with flaps and snap closures and two easy-access welt hand pockets so that you have plenty of space for all your gear. It also has adjustable snaps on the waist and a back tab with eyelets. This innovative technical gilet, available in charcoal, sand and airforce blue, is a winning choice for any outdoors activities.

Sleeveless hoodie

If you’re looking for something edgy, something protective and something fun, then a sleeveless hoodie is what you’re after. And though it might not seem like you’d find one hidden amongst all the corporate gear here, we have two such options available for you!

Our Slazenger bodywarmers are extremely high quality and have gorgeous designs. Slazenger Fusion Bodywarmer and the Slazenger Evolution Bodywarmer both have hoods that are either removable or can tuck away, giving them a professional edge as well as a fun and practical feature.

Padded bodywarmer

A padded bodywarmer is one with some kind of insulating filling sandwiched between the shell and the lining. It makes for an extra layer of protection against the cold and the wind. It makes for an extra layer of insulation and trapped air, which is what keeps you warm.

A few of our popular padded bodywarmers include the Rego and the Lando bodywarmer.

Fleece bodywarmers

You really can’t go wrong with a classic fleece bodywarmer. It’s a warm, fluffy option that comes in lots of different colours and looks modern and feels great to wear. A synthetic fleece will keep the warmth close to your body while it keeps you looking amazing.

Quilted body warmers

A quilted body warmer is very similar to a padded bodywarmer. Lines of stitching across the padding of the fabric create pockets of stuffing and air, which keep you warm by keeping the air immediately around you warm. They also make beautiful decorative features and add some interesting texture to you bodywarmer, making it both practical and elegant.

Custom bodywarmers

Your bodywarmer is a part of your corporate uniform. And as such, you want it to represent you and your brand. Picking any old thing off the rack just isn’t going cut it. We at Brand Innovation have a wide range of comfortable, functional body warmers for you to choose from, every single one of them customisable with your branding, slogan or logo. We have colours, brands and styles for you to choose from, as well as different finishes and fabrics. Our team is ready and willing to help you find the perfect bodywarmer. 

Embroidered body warmer

All of our Top 5 Body warmers can be embroidered. Embroidery is the art of stitching a decorative design into fabric. Our embroidery at Brand Innovation is done with a machine to create the cleanest and most uniform result.
The machines can use up to nine different threat colours and the cost of a standard 10cm by 10cm embroidery is included in the cost of most items. Ask our friendly staff to be sure! But please note, should your branding fall out of our standard guidelines, you will be charged in full.


Body Warmers South Africa

With Brand Innovation you have a wide selection of products to choose from and with in-house branding, it just doesn’t get any better than this. It’s a sound life choice to invest in one of our Top 5 Bodywarmers.

Matric Jackets
April 04, 2017
So it’s your Matric year. There’s an awful lot to do and not an awful lot of time to do it in. You have your books, your pens, your papers, you’re worrying about what you want to do with your life, which university you want to apply to and your matric dance. What, where and who are you going to ask?

All of these questions and so much more are taking over your life right now. It’s not going to be easy. It’s a hard year, full of trials and tribulations. But it’s also going to be one of the most fun, fast-paced years of your life as you rocket towards fully-fledged adulthood. You’re closing the chapter on your high school career and opening the first page of the rest of your life. You need something to remember it by.

The Symbolism of A Matric Jacket

Standing in the classroom, looking around at your classmates, you wonder where the last four years have gone and where the next year will take you. There’s no feeling on earth quite like it. In fact, the only thing that could possibly make it even more special is something that sets you apart. Something that says to everyone, ‘You’ve made it’. There’s nothing that says that the same way as  a matric jacket . Be it a jacket, a blazer, a hoodie or a cardigan; it’s a status symbol.

No matter which one you choose , when you walk down the corridors with it on, it commands respect. Lower grades move aside, and the ones just below you will look at you and imagine themselves in your shoes.

High school is such an important time in your life. So much of what happens there determines who you are going to be as a person, and what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. School is never easy, and Matric, in particular, is a very stressful time. It’s full of hard choices and big decisions, all needing to be made in an incredibly short amount of time.

While it can be both a stressful and frightening time, your matric jacket can serve as a reminder to you of all the hard work and effort that you put into getting this far. After all, no one else can take those exams for you, no one can write your essays or put in the hours of study needed. You are the one who earned that jacket, and you are the one who is going to put pen to paper at the end of the year and set a course for your own future. It can be a wonderful, tangible reminder that you made it this far, and that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Matric Jacket

The History of the Matric Jacket

There’s a long and illustrious history behind Matric jackets. In America, when someone excels in a sport, they can be awarded a fabric letter to be attached to a special ‘letter sweater’ or ‘letter jacket’. These were for the best of the best, the elites. The jacket was in the school’s colours with striped collars for men and hoods for women. They were first worn by the Harvard University Baseball team way back in 1865, and were often exclusively sporting jackets thereafter, which is a little different to the Matric jacket that we know and love.


The Matric jacket is a lot more inclusive than the plain uniform. Yes, it puts the spotlight on you as a Matric pupil, but also unites the entire grade. It includes all of you, because you made it. Every one of you going into this year has earned your jacket. On top of that, going through the process of designing and choosing your jacket can be a fun and exciting bonding exercise for the whole grade. It’s an excellent excuse to get everyone in your grade to sit together at break or after school and talk about what you want to get out of your jacket, what your options are and what your budget will be.

It’s also a great way to learn more about the people in your grade that you might not know so well. High schools can be huge and it’s easy to miss someone who’s not in your class or your immediate circle of friends. What started out as a jacket may end up as the foundation for a new and wonderful friendship. You are the elites of your school. So wear it with pride!

But it can be so hard to choose one! There are so many jacket ideas and twice as many designs to choose from. Don’t sweat it. Here at Brand Innovation, we’ve got anything and everything you need to get the best possible Matric jacket for you, and customer service that does the extra mile to make sure that you’re happy with your product.

Alternative Matric Jacket Ideas:

  • T Shirts
  • Golf Shirts
  • Shirts
  • Bodywarmers
  • Jerseys
  • Hoodies
  • Blazers
  • Jackets
  • Microfleece
  • Varsity Jacket

All of these have their own pros and cons, and a lot of options that go along with them.

Matric T Shirt

corporate clothing

T shirts come in a wide variety of colours and sizes, and are really easy to source. They’re light and fun for summer, and they also have a lot of placement options for printing. But the downside is that they are very informal, and might not gel with your school’s dress code at all. It’s not always as fun when you only get to wear them on special occasions. While that’s not a problem everyone will face, it’s definitely something worth thinking about. But if your school has a more relaxed uniform, or even no uniform at all, it’s a super fun, less expensive option while still being a little bit different.

[145g Printed T-Shirts
Code : 145TSHIRT] or [Super Club 165 T-Shirt
Code : BAS-4770]

Matric Golf Shirt

Golf shirts are like t shirts, but kicked up a notch. They can look a lot smarter than a regular cotton tee - the collar comes in handy there -  and could win you more favour with the governing body. It’s smart-casual, it looks good, and has the same size and colour benefits that a regular t shirt has. The material is thicker than that of a regular cotton t-shirt and could easily be warmer to wear. That can be great in winter but isn’t so hot in summer.
[Boston Mens Long Sleeve Golf Shirt
Code : BAS-3430] 

Matric Shirts

Continuing with the theme of, “It’s Not Exactly A Jacket But I Like To Be Different’, we have the shirt. If you go to a school that has a uniform, single-sex or co-ed, chances are that you have to wear a shirt at some point. While it’s not the most practical or showy of the options available to you, it might be something to think about if your school is particularly strict about the uniform regulations being adhered to. It can be blended in almost seamlessly to any uniform, looks wonderfully smart and can still have that personalised touch that you’ve earned after all these years.

Matric Bodywarmer

The bodywarmer is a nifty little jacket. Sure, it’s not the most traditional or in your face item, but it’s not without it’s merits. It can be worn under other clothes to layer up and keep warm. It has a lot of different stylistic options such as zips and pockets, as well as different fabric options; knit, fleece or polyester, whichever works best for you! Both knit  and fleece are warm, the former sometimes being a bit too bulky. The polyester option has the added benefit of acting as a windbreaker.  All these options will keep your body toasty warm and keep your core temperature up when it’s icy outside. The downside of that is, of course, not wanting to even look at them during the summer.

[Rego Bodywarmer
Code : BAS-820]

Matric Jersey

Matric Jerseys are the traditional option.A classic uniform item that almost every school can claim to have had at one point or another, even if they now subscribe to something a little different. Round neck, V-neck, chunky knit, ribbed or cable? There are more choices here than you can shake a stick at, and all of them look good. They’re also fantastic for winter and can be made to fit most uniform guidelines. A jersey is a comfortable, practical and striking option that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Matric Cardigan

A subsect of  the matric jersey is the cardigan. It has the same concepts of being neat, good looking and warm but with the added design feature of buttons. It’s all up to you really and what style you choose, but a cardigan is warm and can be a little more casual than a jersey, which makes it nice to carry over into after school wear, as many people do. Your matric jacket may well see you into university or through your gap year. It can be perfect for when you’re studying with friends, or maybe you’re just showing a little pride for your old high school. Either way, some kind of knitwear is a great way to do either.

Matric Hoodies

Hoodies South Africa

Everyone wants a matric hoodie. Though not all schools agree with the casual look, a hoodie is a warm, super comfortable way to see out your matric year and beyond. They have lots of space for logos, options for zips, drawstrings, pockets and fleece linings. And they just look plain awesome. A hoodie is the perfect thing to wear on those cold winter mornings before school, and is just as great hanging at home or with friends. There’s no doubt about it, a hoodie is one of the most desirable matric accessories.
[Mens Omega Hooded Sweater
Code : BAS-7786] or [Bravo Mens Hooded Sweater
Code : BAS-3428]

Hoodies South Africa

In just one minute Google will tell you that hoodies are pretty much the most in-demand item of Matric gear. For all the reasons listed above, and the fact that they just look cool. When you have something like that, there’s a lot of stiff competition and so many options to choose from that it just about makes your head spin. With that much going on, it pays to pick something that’s tried and trusted. A brand hoodie with your designs printed or embroidered onto it will give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best quality product, and that your beloved Matric hoodie is going to be with you for a very long time.

That being said, there are other options.

Plain Hoodies

A plain hoodie makes for an excellent Matric Jacket. It’s great for wearing outside of school and can be as subtle as wearing your school colours. This is particularly great if you don’t necessarily want a lot of writing or branding all over your shirt and just want something sophisticated and understated. It’s still a statement in the modern school environment, just a more subtle one.

Printed Hoodies

On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, you have the printed hoodie. Say it loud and say it proud. Maybe you’ve got someone in your grade with a particular knack for graphic design who you really want to support and encourage. What better vote of solidarity than to have it printed on hoodies for you all to wear!

The wonderful thing about hoodies, and one of the reasons that they’re just so popular is that they are incredibly versatile, and it’s wonderfully easy to showcase who you are as a grade with a hoodie. There are just so many variations that make them one of the most fun and sought after Matric jackets.

Matric Blazer

A Matric blazer is undoubtedly a classic. It’s a more specific investment and shows an awful lot of school pride. But it looks fantastic with a school uniform, and it’s incredibly distinctive. While a hoodie or a jersey might be in your school colours and can blend into the masses a little, a blazer is definitely a statement item. It both unites you and your fellow Matrics, while at the same time  sets you apart as the most senior students in the building. And a blazer just looks good. It’s clean cut, formal, has a lot of little details that can be altered to your specifications from lapels to buttons, colours, pockets, logos and braiding. Depending on what the school allows, a blazer can also be customised with patches showcasing your achievements, both academic as well as sports. A blazer might not be the most muli-functional of matric jackets, but it is definitely one of the sleekest in terms of overall appearance.

Matric Jacket

The Matric jacket covers a plethora of options. Just like all the other options, it has zips, pockets and can also have a hood. It can be weatherproof and can keep out a strong wind, depending on your fabric options. It can also be great to wear instead of a blazer, or just for a more casual look. It often has more pockets than all of the other options available, so it’s a really practical option for carrying all those spare pens you’ll start carrying during your exams.
[Benton Mens Executive Jacket
Code : BAS-3404]

Matric Microfleece

Microfleece is an excellently cosy option. It’s warm and cuddly, and it’s something you’ll get loads of use out of in winter when you need something to keep you warm. It’s not the most common choice but that’s what makes it so special. It’s something different and interesting while being exceptionally comfortable, warm and it works really well with an embroidered logo. It also has an option for being long sleeved or a bodywarmer, so it’s a very versatile fabric choice.
[Performer Polar Fleece Jackets
Code : ALT-PER01]

Varsity Jackets

These, along with hoodies, are a great choice. They’re also called Letterman jackets and are particularly eye-catching. They tend to be pretty bold in colour choices, with different colours for the body of the jacket and the sleeves. The original varsity jacket originated in America, which is why we see them so often in TV and movies.  These days they have the school’s initials on the left breast, but it started off as a letter badge that the student earned for academic or sporting success, so there’s a long history of achievement backing up this particular style of jacket. It used to be that they were made of boiled wool with leather sleeves. Which is all well and good if you live in Massachusetts, USA, where it regularly gets well below freezing in winter. But for Sunny South Africa where we don’t dip too low that often, a lighter fabric in the same sort of design is much more preferable.

No matter what you choose, it’s always a good idea to take into account that this is something that you’re probably going to be wearing outside of school well into the future. Many university students wear their school jackets on campus and to classes right through to Honours and beyond. With that in mind, it’s worth it to pick something that you feel like you’ll want to wear again, especially since you’ll be paying for it! Pick a design and a style that you can be proud to wear for years afterwards.

Which brings us to the very important matter of:

Matric Jacket Designs:

This topic covers fit, colour, pattern and the placement of zips, pockets and the kinds of collar it has. Whether or not it is in line with the current fashion or something more classic is entirely up to you. Both can be really fun! A timeless jacket is a joy forever, but there’s just something about the nostalgia of wearing a jacket in a style that was super popular when you were in Matric. It’s hard to believe, but having a specific style can help attach memories to the jacket, particularly if it means that you’re more likely to wear it outside of school during the year.

Patterns and accents can add a lot to a jacket. It’s all well and good to have a jersey in a colour that’s different from the rest of the uniform, but a couple of accents can really make it pop. If your uniform is a dark blue, a white jersey with dark blue stripes around the collar and cuffs can be absolutely stunning, if a bit of a pain to keep clean. Or even something with pale blue stripes. If your uniform is lighter, maybe try for some lighter accents to complement it. Something that’s a different colour from the rest of your uniform or has a bold pattern can be really striking.

In terms of colour, the sad truth is that you’re probably going to be restricted to your school colours. But there’s no reason why you can’t still have some fun with that. Since it is supposed to make you stand out, there’s nothing that says that it has to be the same shade.  Something just a little brighter can really pop without making you look like you go to an entirely different school.

Matric Jacket Logos

The logo is a very important part of your jacket: it’s how you let the world know who you are. Your year, your school, Matric - of course - and even your name can be an integral part of this design. The placement and font you use can be very important in creating the feel of who you are as a grade. What’s pretty popular is having the students in your grade each submit different designs and take a vote on which one you like best so that you end up with the most popular design, rather than having a small group decide for the rest of you. That also helps personalise the jacket and set it apart from the grades that came before you. A unique design is something that the entire grade can be proud of.

Something to take into consideration is how you want your logo applied to your jacket, be it your school coat of arms, your name, or just Matric 2017. There are a lot of different options that Brand Innovation has available, all of them resulting in a beautiful, professional finish.

Matric Jacket Printing

  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidering
  • Digital Printing

Screen Printing Jackets

Screen printing is done using a mesh screen with a stencil of your desired image blocked off. Ink is then pushed through the stencil onto your jacket giving a beautiful, neat finish. Screen printing works best for flat, separate colours with no shading. It can be done on a wide variety of fabrics and always looks stunning. But keep in mind, the more colours you have, the higher the price, so you might want to keep it simple and more affordable!

Embroidery Matric Jackets

There’s no denying it. Embroidery looks good. It’s classy, it’s professional, it’s got that silky smooth texture that you just can’t help running your fingers over. Just looking at it invokes that internal ‘oooh!’ response. Most mass embroidery is machine stitched but that doesn’t take anything away from the finish or the quality, only the cost. Just like with screen printing, block colours are best, and though they’re pretty plain, the results never fail to impress.

Digital Printing Matric Jackets

Digital printing is available for almost every material and allows for colour blends and gradients. You do need a pretty high quality image of your design if this is the route that you want to take - at least 300dpi (dots per inch) - so keep that in mind when selecting and image to use. This is a pretty popular method with an excellent track record.

Branded Items

If you backtrack a couple of paragraphs, there was something about having a brand name jacket. It’s a good idea because you get the best possible quality along with your perfect design, and it makes it that much more special. A brand is there for a reason, particularly something that has a long standing reputation. Now Brand Innovation can help with that. Instead of bulk buying your Matric jackets somewhere where you don’t know where they’re made and you’re not one hundred percent convinced of how high quality that stitching really is, do something for your own peace of mind. Go with a local, eco-friendly business with reputable brands just waiting to be customised at your fingertips.

US Basic South Africa

US Basic is a casual promotional brand of corporate clothing designed in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and is one of Europe’s leading corporate clothing brands. US Basic prides themselves on having high quality items that are stylish, durable and beautifully designed. On top of that, as if that wasn’t enough, they have a range of products so extensive that you have to take a step backwards to take it all in. With t shirts, shirts, jackets, microfleece, golf shirts, baseball caps and beanies, they really do have everything you would need. On top of that there’s the amazing range of colours and different thicknesses of fabric. Slazenger Corporate Clothing

Slazenger Corporate Clothing South Africa

Slazenger is a high quality brand that is dedicated to promotional corporate wear as well as sportswear. These items are made with the avid sportsperson in mind and have nifty features such as special pockets to keep your mobile phone and mp3 player safe and accessible. It also has a special place for your headphones, just make sure that you remember to take those out of their pockets before you put them in the wash! With their wonderful range of golf shirts, bodywarmers, hoodies and jackets, this brand is a sure fire winner when looking at options.

Elevate Corporate Clothing

Elevate is a local favourite when it comes to supplying corporate clothing at a high standard that will meet customer satisfaction every single time. With an enviable range of shirts, golf shirts and jackets, they really do have a solid corner in high quality promotional clothing and would be a wise purchasing choice from anyone’s perspective.

The BIZ Collection

The most gorgeous collection of business clothes, crafted to exacting standards to make sure that you get the best quality product possible. They have a stunning range of shirts, hoodies and light jackets just waiting for you to add your Matric branding.

But Why Any Of These?

Well why not? These are all brands that have a notable performance history and have trusted, quality products that would make sure that you will be enjoying your Matric wear for a very long time to come. Which is why it’s so important to get quality. What you put in is what you get out, with life as much as with school. You work hard and you study hard so that you can get the best possible marks, in order for you to have a bright future. Why shouldn’t all the choices you make reflect the life you want to have? Choose to invest in something that’s going to last. Your education will last you for the rest of your life, and you’re only in Matric once, so why not have a jacket that will help the memories you’re making last just as long?

These brands are recognised for their quality. The way you dress is a projection of yourself. You’re already repping some serious school pride in your uniform, why not take it that next level and represent who you are and what you have managed to achieve in what you wear. Make it something that you can be proud of.

Making A Statement

Through doing something unique and top quality, you’re ensuring that the grades below you will remember you. They will draw inspiration from you when the time comes for them to make their own jackets. As well as showing your own personality, you’re making a statement to your school and the world around you. Everyone is impressed by a good looking Matric jacket.

Is It A Good Idea?

Absolutely. A Matric jacket is an investment of your time and money into something that you’re going to keep for a long time to come. It’s a reward, a status symbol, a clear sign that you are the top dogs of the school. You’ve stuck it out for the last four years and you broke your back working to earn that recognition. And at the same time, you are investing in a memory. High school is the last phase of your secondary education and the springboard from that into tertiary education. Whether you start working right off the bat, you’re going to take a gap year to give yourself time to breathe, or you’re so keen for university that you’re already trying to pack as many credits as possible into the first semester, the end of Matric is the closing of a chapter in your life. Going forward, you take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints behind you. Your jacket is a memory that has been made physical. It’s something that you’ll be able to look back on and remember all the good times.

And all the not so good and embarrassing times too, but one of the wonderful things about looking back on how much you’ve grown as a person is seeing how you’ve learnt from your past self. There’s no way that you’re the same person in Matric as you were in grade eight. When you’re out of university - and you’ll doubtless have a jacket for that too - you’ll be able to look back at how much you’ve grown with your jacket.

So Choose Brand Innovation For Your Matric Jacket

All of these are excellent reasons to go with Brand Innovation, a local South African company with an excellent reputation and friendly staff all dedicated to giving you the best possible experience and quality product available. With door-to-door delivery within  South Africa, a rigorous quality screening process before we even think about sending your order through to our manufacturers. And once we have, we have a stellar seven to ten day turnaround time, so you get your products as fast as is possible. We know that your Matric year is just going to fly by and we want to make sure that you’ve got one less thing to stress about and one more thing to be excited about. more
New Branding Methods
March 22, 2017
We have unique new branding methods available to offer on a select few products. These methods are designed to help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Notebook Belly Bands:

On some of our notebooks we can now offer a full colour printed horizontal ‘belly bands’. These bands are similar to that of well-known notebook brands such as Moleskine, but completely customizable. The branding guidelines of the notebooks that can be branded with the belly band have already been updated with the information on the dimensions of each belly band for each notebook.

Because of the position of the band, we cannot have pens placed in the pen loop on these notebooks. The branding price list offers three prices based on an A4, 5 or 6 notebook, though each belly band within these three categories has a specific size.

Notebooks that can be branded with the belly band include the following;
  • Stanford A5 Notebook
  • Stanford A6 Notebook
  • Jotter A5 Notebook
  • Jotter A6 Notebook
  • Excelsior A5 Notebook
  • Renaissance A5 Notebook
  • Fourth Estate A4 Notebook
  • Fourth Estate A5 Notebook
  • Prominence A5 Notebook
  • Newport A5 Notebook
  • Colourblock A5 Notebook
  • And more…

Full Colour Print on Bags - Digital Direct Transfer:

We now offer an incredible new process that gives us the ability to brand full colour (digital print) on some of our bags. The digital direct transfer process involves printing the full colour artwork onto a special transfer paper and then transferring the artwork from the paper onto the bag using heat and pressure. This gives us a spectacular, eye catching result!

And the biggest benefit is to your budget!

Where a 6 colour screen print on a non-woven bag would mean an expensive individual print and six different setup costs, this NEW process will charge only 1 basic setup fee, no matter the number of colours.

This makes multi-colour prints on bags, not only, much more affordable, but also more effective. We will update our website to show which bags can be branded with this new method.

Digital Printing on Drinkware:

We have a new Digital Printing process that enables us to brand full colour prints on drinkware with a smooth surface and without handles. This is specifically designed for wrap prints on water bottles such as the Braxton Water Bottle. In the blog image you can see how a full colour logo really transforms a product into something unique.

Bottles that can be branded with this new method:

  • Braxton Water Bottle
  • Solano Water Bottle
  • Nautilis Water Bottle 700ml
  • Cabana Water Bottle 750ml
  • Avalon Water Bottle 750ml
  • Tropica Water Bottle
  • Hype Water Bottle 700ml

Laser Engraving on Clothing:

Very soon we will be able to offer a unique new clothing branding option; engraving! This new technique offers amazing possibilities that are not available with any other branding method. With engraving on clothing we can brand over zips and seams.

In our new Clothing Catalogue that has just been released you can find a full description of the new process and a list of the limitations and benefits of using engraving on clothes.

The result of laser etching on clothing is a subtle, tone-on-tone branding that looks very professional.
The laser engraving process removes the top dye layer of the fabric, leaving a slightly shaded colour variant underneath. Unfortunately, this does not show clearly on white, black or white garments, so we do not engrave those colours.

This method creates highly detailed Images and logos that cannot be branded with embroidery. And it also does not damage the integrity of waterproof material.

A few of our Clothing items that can be engraved;

  • Biz Sprint T Shirts
  • Biz Sprint Golf Shirts
  • Slazenger Apex T Shirt
  • Biz Razor Golf Shirt
  • Slazenger Victory Golf Shirts
  • Elevate Quinn Golf Shirts
  • Gary Player Wynn Golf Shirts
  • Cutter & Buck Genre Golf Shirts
  • Cromwell Softshell Jacket
  • Cromwell Softshell Bodywarmer
  • Elevate Jozani Hybrid Softshell Jackets
  • And much more

For the latest, innovative corporate branding always trust Brand Innovation. We are always striving to be the best at what we do.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the new branding processes –

We hope that you love the new offerings! more