Branded Earphones
June 30, 2014
Branded earphones are becoming more and more popular as promotional products. With our brand new range of tech gifts, we have added 7 new earphone options.

These branded earphones make trendy and fresh promotional products that are popular not only with the youth, but also with any music lovers.

If you are looking for a creative way to market your company, a headset with your logo on might be just what you need.

Why use promotional earphones?

  • Fun and creative promo items
  • Something useful that clients will appreciate
  • Appeals to wide audience

Whether you prefer the in ear earphones or over head earphones, we are sure to have an option that you will love.

One of our brand new headphones options is the Frequency Headphones set (TECH-4205).
These are unique, fold-up headphones that are easy to carry wherever you go. 
The headphone snap open and can be adjusted to suit your size.

The Frequency Headphones are promotional earphones with a design similar to the popular Beats earphones. We can print your company logo on the side of each ear cover, to give you maximum brand exposure. 

Frequency Branded Earphones:

  • Material: ABS and PVC
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Fold-up headphones
  • Compatible with all audio devices
  • Available in white and black

To order your promotional earphones, contact us now! We supply earphones throughout South Africa. For more options. more
USB Gadgets
June 26, 2014
We have a cool range of brand new USB Gadgets available for you! This year we have added lots of  new tech gadgets to our corporate gifts range.

Giving your clients or staff tech gadgets as promotional gifts is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression. It also lets them know that your company is ahead of the game and up to date with new technology.

More and more companies use branded technology products as corporate gifts, and here are some of the benefits;

Why give USB Gadgets as corporate gifts?

  • USB is universal; if you have a computer or laptop you have USB ports
  • These items are trendy and modern
  • Clients LOVE receiving gadget gifts
  • Functional items that clients can use

Because we have such a large selection of gadget gifts to choose from, we have put together three awesome USB gadgets for you to choose from.


One of the big problems with some computers is that they have only a few USB ports. If you need to plug in your keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive, you have no space for any other things such as your phone. The solution for this is a USB Hub.
Our Palette USB Hub (TECH-805) has 4 extra USB ports for you to use!

Powerbank USB Card

This handy little USB Gadget is a multi-functional 8GB USB Flash Drive and mobile charger Powerbank. The card shaped USB is a light and portable drive that combines two very important and useful tech items; a storage drive and a charger device. Any tech savvy clients will love the Powerbank Card USB (GM-MB2200)!

USB Desk Fan

This is a great gift for the office on those hot summer days! This small desk fan is powered by a USB cable. Simply plug it into your computer and you have a lovely breeze to cool you down. The USB Desk Fan (BAR-BD0100) is available in 3 different colours.

To order your promotional USB gadgets, email us now! We are a premier supplier of technology corporate gifts in South Africa. more
Card USB Flash Drives
June 23, 2014
Card USB flash drives is a unique and creative marketing tool. These ultra thin and lightweight memory sticks provide you with a unique advertising opportunity.

USB flash drives are becoming more and more popular as promotional products and the card USB is one of the front runners.

What Makes the Card USB Flash Drive Special?

  • Unique and practical design
  • Large branding areas
  • Fits into your wallet or purse
  • Can double as a business card

These USB drives are multi-functional and can be used as corporate gifts for clients or as a business card for yourself. By printing your company details on these cards, you can substitute this USB for the classic business card.

Clients are guaranteed to be impressed and they definitely won't lose this business card.

Another great idea for using a card USB as a promotional product is for product launches or to give your clients information and presentations. You can upload any documents that you would like to give to your clients onto the flash drives before handing them out.

We supply the credit card USB flash drives in South Africa. This thin USB is presented in a leather type sleeve and can be branded with a full colour print on both sides of the USB.

To order your branded USBs in South Africa, please email us now. Or visit our Flash Drives website for other great options. more
Why do USB Flash Drive Prices Change so Often?
June 18, 2014
Have you ever wondered why the prices of USB flash drives changes so often? USB prices can change on a daily basis. Sometimes the price of flash drives from one week to the next can be vastly different.
Why is this?

Simply put, it is because the USB chips are traded like a commodity. 

This means that the price changes on a basis of supply and demand.

A USB flash drive consists of various components which include the Flash Memory Chip (NAND) and USB Controllers. There are only a few companies globally that manufacture and supply these memory chips and thus supplies are limited.

These chips are used in a large variety of electronic products. When big companies from various sectors purchase large orders of these chips, it means that the supply in the market it less, and thus the price becomes more.

As with any other commodity, there are byers and sellers with trades going on every day. As the demand and buys of the chips increase, the price increases. When the demand is less and the sellers have lots of stock, they can lower the price in order to move stock.

What effects the supply and demand of USB chips?

  • New product inventions that require these chips
  • Holidays or events that postpone manufacturing of chips
  • Natural disasters that postpone manufacturing of chips

Whilst the majority of our products have stable prices that generally only changes approximately once a year, the USB flash drive prices will differ from day to day.

When we are importing flash drives, the prices change constantly and we quote accordingly.
The best plan of action is to strike while the iron is hot! Order your USB flash drives when the demand is low and you are guaranteed to get great prices.

Browse through our selection of USB flash drives and order now! more
Tech Gifts
June 17, 2014
Tech gifts are a great way to market your company. Giving your clients or staff the latest technology corporate gifts will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Technology is a very big part of our everyday lives, with new and exciting gadgets coming out on a regular basis. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of the latest tech gifts and new gadgets for the corporate market. 

We supply a range of great branded technology gifts with your company logo. Whether you are looking for USB gadgets, cellphone chargers or solar products, we have it all.

Using Tech Gifts to Advertise Your Company:

Using the latest technology items as marketing gifts is sure-fire way to impress your clients. Not only will these items show that your company is ahead of it's game, but they are often very handy for both business use and leisure.
  • Tech items can often be used for business and leisure
  • These items shows that your company is modern
  • Great for a younger target audience

The Promolink Mobile Cable TECH-4299

The Promolink cable adaptor is a prime example of a gadget gift with great branding opportunity. This is a very useful multi-port USB cable that can be used to charge multiple different mobile phones or devices at once. 

This cable has 4 different connectors;
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5
  • Micro USB
  • USB

The cable is branded with a beautiful full colour dome of your company logo.

To order your awesome Promo Link cable email us now, or view our range of Tech Gifts for more great ideas. more
Windbreaker Jackets Suppliers South Africa
June 13, 2014
Windbreaker Jackets Suppliers South Africa are lightweight yet strong jackets that are great for Winter.

Our Slazenger windbreakers make great branded jackets for company uniforms and this is an awesome all weather jacket that can be worn during winter and summer.

What makes the Slazenger Austin Jacket so unique is that it has zip-off sleeves.

It is great as a You can choose to wear it as a long sleeve jacket in the cold, or a shot sleeve, when it is a bit warmer.

Slazenger Jackets 

Slazenger jackets are always a winner; excellent quality, long use and adds great value to your brand. \

They are a popular option for corporate clothing and company uniforms. 

Slazenger Austin 2-in-1 Windbreaker SLAZ-3225

  • Jacklet Sizes: S - 4XL
  • Material: 100% peached polyester dobby
  • lining: 100% polyester mesh
  • Zip-off raglan sleeves
  • Slazenger logo zip pullers and rubber flag label
Branded Windbreakers 

Branded windbreakers are often used for sports groups, schools or even as business jackets.

These jackets look great with embroidery of a company logo on the front, back or sleeves.

We do branding on jackets for you! 

On the Slazenger windbreaker jacket, we recommend an embroidery.

These are high quality jackets and they look very smart with a beautiful embroidered logo on the left chest.

We supply these great windbreakers in bulk, throughout South Africa.

Our minimum order quantity is 25 units.

To order your Slazenger jackets please email us now.

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Year End Gifts for Women
June 12, 2014
Choosing year end gifts for women might seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help.
Finding a ladies gift that is both useful and feminine, something that your clients will really appreciate and be able to use.

We have put together some suggestions that make lovely end of year gifts for women:

Portland Ladies Laptop Bag BAG-3003

This fashionable ladies handbag is also a laptop bag. It is the perfect accessory for any businesswoman. These bags are made of faux leather and have a special metal plaque for branding.

  • Material: Simulated Leather
  • Size: 44 x 14 x 32cm
  • Holds most 15'' laptops

Empress Pamper Set BSL-8055

The Empress Pamper set is a decadent bath set with a range of aromatic products. This is a gift that your clients will appreciate and can use. 

  • Fragrance: Vanilla and lime blossom
  • Size: 29.4 x 14.4 x 5.3
  • 100ml shower gel
  • 100ml body lotion
  • 50g bath crystals
  • 30g bath fizzer
  • small cotton face towel

Diana Carmichael Cheetah Salad Servers CAR-8112

These stunning pewter salad servers are a great addition to any kitchen. Designed by Diana Carmichael, the Cheetah Africa salad servers have beautiful handles shaped like a Cheetah in full motion. This set is presented in a nice gift box.

  • Material: Pewter and Stainless Steel
  • Size: 28cm
  • Presented in DC Gift Box

Balmain Pen and Notebook NB-9339

The Balmain pen and notebook is a practical gift that all women and men can use. It is especially great as a business gift. This is a beautiful exclusive notebook and pen set designed by Balmain Paris.

  • Balmain ballpoint pen with lacquer barrel
  • Notebook with simulated leather cover
  • Presented in a Balmain gift box

To order any of these great gifts for ladies, please email us at or for some more gift ideas go to our End of Year Gift Ideas category. more
Ceramic Travel Coffee Mugs
June 11, 2014
A ceramic travel mug is the perfect corporate gift for people on the move! To busy to stop for a cup of coffee? Take it with you in one of these awesome mugs printed with your logo.

Our ceramic travel coffee mugs are fun and in style promotional gifts that are a great hit with clients.
All recipients of these awesome mugs are delighted and often order again!

Branded Mugs 

Branded mugs are one of the best ways to promote your brand or company name. 

Think of your brand being on the desks in every office, university, school, hotel and all over! 

Mugs branded with your logo on will make all the difference and keep your brand in sight. 

Reasons why branded mugs are great:

1. Drinking coffee or tea is part of our everyday life, and your clients will appreciate receiving something that they can use.

2. Everytime someone uses their cool new mug, they will see your logo and be reminded of our brand.

3. These are travel mugs, so they are perfect to use anywhere. Whether in the office, at home or in the car.

To keep you drink warmer longer and to make drinking easier while on the go, these ceramic travel mugs have silicone lids. It also comes with a matching colour silicone lid, for extra grip and to protect against burning your hand.

Overall this is a very useful and versatile corporate gift idea.

Ceramic Travel Coffee Mugs

Ceramic travel coffee mugs make great corporate client gifts. 

Stylish designs, practical use and excellent branding value. 

Travel mugs details:
  • thermal porcelain walls
  • silicone lid and grip
  • 400ml capcacity
  • Size: 15.5 x 9cm
  • presented in box

Remember to stay warm this winter with a hot cuppa coffee, branded with your logo. 

To order your great mugs contact us now, or go to our printed mugs category for more options to choose from. more
Headphones Suppliers
June 10, 2014
If you are looking for headphones suppliers in South Africa, Cape Town or Johannesburg, Brand Innovation is here to assist.

Branded headphones make fun and fresh promotional products that appeal to the younger generation as well as to any music lovers. If you are looking for a creative way to advertise your company a pair or printed headphones are the way to go.

These are especially great for companies in the music industry or media industry!

We are suppliers of the great Swiss Cougar brand of promotional headphones. These are great quality over ear headphones that can be branded with your company logo.

Swiss Cougar Headphones IDEA3725

  • Padded ear covers
  • Adjustable head band
  • 3mm Audio Jack
  • Includes box

The Swiss Cougar printed headphones are available in standard colours of black and white, which can be printed with your company logo. For large orders, we can manufacture custom colours internationally. We can also manufacture custom packaging.

These earphones have a standard 3mm audio jack, which means it fits into most cellphones, mobile devices, tablets, mp3 players, game consoles and more. Your clients can use your earphones wherever they go!

Headphones printed with your logo is an innovative way to advertise your company. Contact us now to order your branded headphones. more
Printed BIC Pens
June 09, 2014
Printed BIC pens are great advertising products! A pen with your company logo and contact details serves as a business card for your business, and because it is a useful item, you know your clients will use it.

Pens are ideal promotional products for any industry because they are universal. Everyone uses a pen, whether they are in the office, at school or at home. Writing is a part of our everyday lives.

Why Use Printed BIC Pens?

  • Cost Effective
  • Great branding
  • Useful
  • Trusted brand

Giving your client a branded pen ensures that they see your company logo every time they use the pen to write. By adding your contact details, it also functions as a business card; when your clients need your telephone number they can just look on the pen!

We are premier suppliers of printed BIC pens and promotional pens in Africa. Our collection of BIC pens include a wide variety of different styles, colours and price ranges to suit your needs.

With so many choices it might be difficult to pick. Here are our top sellers;

Top 5 BIC Promotional Pens

  1. BIC Stic Round
  2. BIC Stic
  3. BIC Media Clic
  4. BIC Grip Roller
  5. BIC Clic Stic

All of these promo pens are printed with your logo! For simple, one colour or two colours we do the branding in South Africa. If you would like a custom full colour print or BIC Digital design, the pens are branded by BIC international. 

These pens are great value for money and an effective way to advertise your company. 

View our complete range of BIC Pens or email us now to order! more