Branded Blankets South Africa
June 30, 2017
Branded Blankets South Africa – Branded Blankets can go a long way in South Africa. A company looking to do some good can make a wonderful donation of blankets to those in need, or a hostel company can keep travellers warm by investing in some of our great branded blankets. The truth is that in winter, everyone needs a little extra warming up. A warm, snuggly blanket can be just the thing to help keep a puppy warm during winter, or help a mother and child stay warm in the coldest nights of our year. We’re very fortunate to live in a country that doesn’t reach the climactic extremes of the North, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the cold too. The perfect way to combat that is with a blanket. We have blankets for sale in bulk, with lots of different branding options.


Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets are some of the most common ones that you will see around. They are incredibly popular! They’re warm and cosy as well as being soft! A fleece blanket can be an awesome promotional blanket, as they’re fairly cost effective in terms of production. They are also a great way to have your brand get known out there.

Our top seller is the Cuddles Fleece Blanket.

Why brand a blanket?
Well, from movie theatres to concerts that offer blankets as part of their service, they’re a pretty great investment and they can really improve your standing on a company if you’ve got something warm to snuggle under in the chill. Fleece makes for lovely, plush blankets! It’s also one of the items requested by animal shelters during winter. Animals, particularly the young and the old, who are commonly found in shelters, can really feel the cold.

Cocoon Fleece Blanket And Bag

Try as shelters might, there’s often not enough warmth to go around, and a donation of fleece blankets can really go a long way towards warming an animal’s body and their heart and help them have a second chance at finding their forever home.

Picnic blankets

Picnic blankets are another kind that we stock! We have a whole range of picnic blankets, some waterproofed, some fleece. These blankets make for awesome gifts, encouraging people to spend time outside and in nature! They’re a little more geared towards summer than winter, but a picnic blanket with a water proofed base is a great way to enjoy those crisp winter days without getting wet around the seat from any wet grass that might be around.

It also makes just about all weather picnic weather, which is a wonderful wat to enjoy the outdoors. Promotional picnic blankets are a great way for your company to encourage people to get out there and enjoy the great wide yonder!

Embroidered Blankets

Embroidered blankets are a super great way to get your branding onto the blanket. Often, we only offer embroidery as an option for branding on blankets because printing doesn’t always take very well on fabrics like fleece. However, embroidery does, and embroidered fleece blankets look and feel amazing! An embroidered blanket looks fantastic and it makes a definite impression.

Embroidered blankets. We use this method to brand directly onto the blanket, but we do often print onto carry straps for a more subtle branding solution if that’s what interests you. Embroidery is done by stitching thread into a pattern on the fabric. We do it by taking your design and programming it into our embroidery machines, which do it much more quickly than hand stitching.

Our embroidery costs are calculated by how much thread is used in the design, or per stitch. Embroidery is also a great way to add colour to your blankets, as our machines can stitch designs in up to nine different colours!

Printed blankets

Printed Blankets are usually printed via screen printing onto the straps on the parts that don’t have that delicious blanket texture that we all love so much. The softness of the insulating fabrics used to make blankets don’t always lend themselves to printing. So rather than give you a branding option that won’t look as good as it could, we would rather give you a smaller screen print and a larger embroidery area so that you can have the best looking blanket that you could possibly have.

Corporate blankets

Corporate blankets are a fun way to commemorate an event like a concert or a carol service that the company had. Even a company sleep over that could be a lot of fun, and it could really help the team bond. A corporate blanket can have a lot of benefits, from keeping staff warm behind the scenes to being something that you can offer to clients and customers when they are feeling the cold. A corporate blanket is a really fun and creative way to show off your company brand, and what a fun time you can have at your company.  Even a day care could benefit from corporate blankets for naptime, as sleep is an important part of a child’s development.

Custom logo blanket

embroidered logo blankets
Your blanket is something special, and we can give you personalised blankets as well as a blanket with logo. Custom Logo Blankets that are unique to your company or to you are a great way to celebrate your individuality. Custom blankets are also a fantastic way to set you and your company apart from anyone else. It’s a way to show off your pride in your company and your logo!

Gift blankets

Gift blankets are a fantastic way to give back to the community. You never know who is a little colder this year than they were the year before, and a great way to take care of your people is with blankets. Another fantastic way is to gift blankets to charity organisations who help the homeless, who suffer greatly when the temperatures drop. A gift of blankets is the gift of warmth that may mean the world to someone. Animal shelters also ask for donations of blankets around this time of year, as our four legged friends also feel the cold, and those who need the shelters the most often aren’t in any kind of position to take care of themselves.

Branded Blankets South Africa

A blanket may just be a square of cloth, but that square of cloth holds the promise of warmth and comfort, and caring too. And sometimes that’s the greatest gift that you can give someone, a gift that can be helped into being by Branded Blankets South Africa

Brand Innovation stocks a great range of corporate gift blankets. more
Gifts for End of Year
June 29, 2017
Gifts for End of Year – the end of the year is fast approaching. It seems as though 2017 has whooshed past. It’s halfway through already and it was only February last week. Or that’s what it feels like. But seeing as the middle of the year is upon us, now is a good time to start thinking about the gifts that you’ll be giving people in December. End of Year Gifts are a really popular way to thank people for all the hard work and effort that they’ve made over the course of the year, or if it’s a gift for your client, it’s a way to thank them for the business that they’ve given you.

The end of the year can be a great time to look back on the things that have happened over the course of the last twelve months and think about all the things that you’re grateful for. Getting a present can really make someone’s day, and it can really make them feel special and appreciated. A gift is a really great way to thank someone, because it shows that you were thinking of them.

This is why corporate gifts are so important, and why people start their end of year shopping in July.

It’s nice to get your ducks in a row before the end of the year actually hits, and you have to rush around from store to store. When you have a lot of staff and you want to include everyone, buying gifts can be quite a process. And it can take a while too. This is why we suggest that you consider bulk buying your end of year gifts with us!

The queen of England buys gifts for her staff in bulk, after all, so it’s not an uncommon practise. It also makes things much more cost effective when you have a large staff to cater to (Buckingham Palace has an estimated staff of 800 people). Getting gifts for everyone, whether it’s your clients or your staff, can be done just by placing a bulk order with us.

Buying in bulk allows us to keep the price down so that you get the best value for your money when you buy with us. It also gives you the opportunity to give your gives an individual touch by branding them with your company logo. Branding your products like this makes for a really fantastic way to get a really beautiful end of year gift that is singular to your company.

Year end function gifts

  • Wine glasses
  • Power Banks
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Stylus Pens
  • Manicure Set
  • Bamboo Pens

End of the year functions can be really great opportunities to give out your gifts. They’re fun get-togethers that celebrate the past year and there’s generally a mood of celebration around them, making them the perfect opportunity to dispense presents!

An end of the year function can see you raising a toast to the old year in a beautifully branded wine glass. To the old year, and everything that the New Year is going to bring you! That’s a gift that works beautifully for a really celebratory occasion. The end of the year is a great time to celebrate all the hard work that has been done and a time to relax and recharge before forging on ahead to the year ahead!

Power banks and USBs are also really fun to give at the end of the year, they’re reminders to have some fun over the December break while also being practical and beautiful. We have a selection of power banks that brand beautifully! Ask us about our new range of full colour prints that we can do on our power banks!
We also have USBs that come in a beautiful selection of really awesome devices that can come with packaging, so that you get the best option. A USB can also be a more cost effective option, as you can choose the capacity of your flash drive, which can influence the price.

Corporate Year End gifts

  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Gift hampers
  • Executive desk stands

Gifts for corporate business partners and companies who you do a lot of work with can be a great way to network and encourage someone to do business with you again in future. These gifts are a really fantastic way to give someone a thoughtful gift while at the same time reminding them of your partnership or working relationship.

A diary, is a great gift. A diary is an excellent way to keep track of your day, and they are especially lovely given at the end of the year, like a prelude to continued partnership in the coming year. A diary is a really beautiful thing to have and we can brand a range of our diaries with prints, debossing or foiling, whichever you prefer. These make for really striking, classy books that are stunning gifts.

Gifting your corporate business partner a diary is a way to keep you in their minds every day when they look at it. It’s also a very thoughtful gift. Getting an individual diary can be an expensive experience, whereas buying them in bulk from us makes them more cost effective, and it gives you a ready supply of end of year gifts to strengthen your bond with your clients.

A gift hamper is a classic gift. A collection of gifts that have been thoughtfully picked out for you that can be branded with your logo to give you a really beautiful set of products that will put a smile on someone’s face! The really great thing about giving a hamper as a gift is that you can give someone many smaller gifts, so it feels like a bigger present! We also have a variety of hampers that range from beach items for those who like sun and sand, to ladies and gents bath time pamper packs that can encourage someone to relax and unwind during the holidays.

Our executive desk organiser makes for a really wonderful end of the year gift! It’s got a stunning leatherette finish and a memo pad so that you can start using it immediately! A desk organiser like this makes for a truly spectacular gift because it’s a brilliant accessory for any desk and it’s in a position where your client will see it every day, meaning that your brand is always on their minds, whether consciously or not. It’s also got storage drawers and place for a small tablet, or your letters, so it has a lot of space to be utilised.

Year end gifts for staff

  • Cooler bags
  • Beach bags
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Desk organisers
  • Stationery sets

Your staff are the cogs that keep the machine of your company running smoothly. A company is often more than one person can run on their own, and a little help is always appreciated. It’s a nice thing to do to thank your staff for all the hard work that they put into the company. People are more likely to work harder in future when they feel like the hard work that they put in before has been acknowledged. People like to know that the effort that they put in is appreciated. Working hard with no thanks isn’t always pleasant. A gift as a token of thanks can really cheer someone up and make them more inclined to keep up that hard work!

Cooler bags make for a really great end of year gift! They look fantastic with branding, and the end of the year in South Africa is often warm, the perfect time to picnic! When people are making camping trips and beach days, these are the times when you need to have a cooler bag handy! A cooler bag is a great accessory for any picnic and is the kind of product that everyone needs!

Beach bags are another great bag that makes for a really fantastic gift! These wonderful totes can be used wherever you’re going, be it the mall or the beach. They’re roomy and can be beautifully coloured, which is a really great way to complement your logo. Though it says for beaches a beach bag is another bag that can be very easily applied to other areas of the country, like a picnic in the bush, or a bag to take towels down to the pool or the river. The African summer can get very hot and a cooling dip is a really great way to regulate your body temperature and have fun at the same time.

A fun thing to give your staff would be one of this year’s hottest promotional items, adored by children and adults all across the globe: the fidget spinner. We also have fidget cubes if that’s more your speed. These awesome products are a really great gift! They’re the must have office toy of the year and we’ve been selling out of them as fast as we can get stock in. A fidget spinner or fidget cube is a really awesome way to keep fingers busy, and you may even find that you have a fun new toy to play with yourself!

A branded desk organiser ia really awesome way to make a desk look much neater, and is a really great thing to have in the office. We even have desk organisers that are combined with Stationery Sets, like the Fizz Stationery set, which comes in a range of colours with all the essential stationery items. And you can brand them! So that you get the best and most personalised office stationery around.

Year end gifts for clients

  • Kooshty Products
  • Volcano Technology
  • Laptop Bags

Your clients are the ones who keep giving your business, and rewarding those loyal customers is a really wonderful way to strengthen your working relationship. It’s a way of letting the client know that you value their support through the years. Studies show that when you give someone a promotional gift, or in this case a corporate year end gift, they’re more likely to feel appreciated. The same study says that people are three times as likely to be loyal to a brand that gives them a gift, and twice as likely to support them in future.

A gift is a powerful token of appreciation, and a pretty fantastic way to strengthen the relationship between you and your client. Giving someone a nice gift, with a personal note can go a long way towards furthering your working relationship. And it’s just a nice thing to do!

Kooshty Products are a really fantastic way to gift someone with something that’s stunningly beautiful, is made with gorgeous quality and is a really fantastic way to make someone smile. Kooshty South Africa has a range of beautiful products that has a strong focus on travel and drinkware. They have a range that includes the comfy travel set – the perfect way to rest on your flight or long distance journey!

Kooshty has a range of a different bottles and drinkware sets that can be branded, from their borosilicate glass travel mugs that have brightly coloured silicone sleeves and lids to their Kooshty Bottle, which has a neoprene sleeve that comes in bright colours. These awesome glasses look beautiful and are BPA free, which makes them a really stunning option for gifting! They also do coffee sets, which are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a strong cup of Java.

Volkano is an awesome range of technology that does everything from power banks to headphones and Bluetooth speakers, so there’s a lot of selection within this really awesome brand to make sure that you can give your client the gift that suits them best. The Volkano range of products also includes a really awesome multi media player that will turn your standard TV into a smart TV, allowing you to connect to the Wi-Fi and stream media from the comfort of your own living room. It’s a really beautiful gift to give someone, and is a great, high end gift for technophiles.

A genuine leather bag is a stunning gift, and this one is for the ladies. The Duchess Ladies Laptop bag makes a gorgeous gift. It’s a high end, faux leather in the stunning, warm brown shade that is so popular this year. This bag looks like a ladies handbag and it has subtle branding in the form of a metal tag that we can engrave for you. This bag looks fantastic!

We have a similar bag for those of you who feel like black is the new brown. The Vogue Ladies Laptop Bag, which is made from twill nylon and synthetic leather and stitched with a diamond pattern just like the Duchess. The Vogue bag also features a back panel to slide over the handle of a suitcase. Both of these lovely bags can hold a 15.6” laptop.

Unusual Corporate Gifts

Moptoppers are a really fun an funky corporate gift or promotional item! They’re very fun to play with and have many functions! The chief features of Moptoppers are their smiling faces and their microfiber hair, which can be used as a screen cleaner. Moptoppers are nothing if not multi-functional. We have Moptopper pens in a range that extends from Moptop doctors and breast cancer awareness pens to pens that are also styluses and highlighters. They also product a beautiful little notebook with space to include your Moptopper Pen.

Another really awesome thing that they produce is the Moptopper ear buds, screen cleaner and phone stand. This nifty gadget comes in the form of a little person with the signature smiley face. The hair on that head is the screen cleaner, which is made from microfiber yarn. The earbuds are stored in the clear tube of the body, and the feet act as a suction cup that you can attach to the phone and then use it as a stand! Having a gift like this at your disposal is an awesome way to thank someone in a fun, playful way with lots of smiles and bright colours.

One of the new products that Mopopper has introduced is a really nifty two in one stress ball that features the smiley face and microfiber hair so that you have a two-in-one stress ball and screen cleaner.

High end corporate gift ideas

  • Montblanc
  • Gary Player
  • Cross
  • Parker
  • Balmain

High end gifts are for those really special clients, those big investors. Or everybody if that’s what you want to do! Having a high end gift is a really awesome way to thank someone and to show how much you value them.  Of course that might not necessarily be the case, in Japan there is a strong tradition of gift giving in business, but it’s the act of giving and not necessarily what’s given that makes the impact.

On the other end of the scale you have China, where a brand name gift is considered to be a sign of good fortune in business and the more highly priced the gift and the more well known the brand, the better. Cultural differences can be a good thing to consider when gifting someone, especially if you’re intending on getting them an exclusive branded product.

Montblanc is one of our most popular exclusive brands. It’s a company with a long history of beautiful quality. Founded in 1906, as a small company that was selling mechanical pencils, the signature snowflake logo has come to grace a wide range of products from those world renowned pens to fragrances and cufflinks. We also have a range of beautiful Montblanc purses and wallets, so that you can have the best and most beautiful products for your gifts. These gifts are made from genuine leather and metals. Some of the cufflinks have stone accents and the pens are made out of their black precious resin. We’ll even engrave a plaque in the presentation box of these beautiful pens for you.

Gary Player is a great brand to use for your executive gifts because not only is it the line of a local ledgend Golfer, but they’re also beautifully high quality and locally made, so if you’re looking for a range of products for someone who golfs, then Gary Player has a range of bags, clothes and golfing accessories to make up the perfect gift for you.

Cross Pens make fantastic gifts. They produce ranges of pens for every occasion and they even have a really beautiful selection of pens for the new Star Wars movie, and for Marvel superheroes. Cross pens have also been a long time staple in the Whitehouse, with many presidents having used these beautiful pens. The contract with Cross was officially signed under Bill Clinton, but since then every President has used them. President Obama made a change from the classic Cross Townsend model to the Century II, a tradition that the current President has continued by ordering 150 Cross pens for his term in office.

Unique gifts for customers

We also have some great new and unique gifts for customers. These include technology gifts, French products and beautiful made in South Africa creative gifts. Please email us and ask us for ideas and we will send you some sure to be perfect options.

Order all of your awesome end of year gifts from Brand Innovation. Email us or give us a call on 0861 111 954 more
Branded Beanies
June 23, 2017
Branded Beanies are on the rise! Sooner or later the Starks are always right; Winter Is Coming. And with winter comes a drop in temperatures and the need for warming winter woollies! Or fleece-ies, as the case may be. Whatever your preference for winter gear, the fact of the matter is that the time has come to start wearing it!

Whether you’re longing for summer or can’t wait to see your own breath before you even get out of bed in the morning, we cannot deny that winter is upon us so we better make the most of it!

Winter gear looks great, that is undeniable. A cosy pair of gloves, a scarf or a beanie pulled down low over your ears to keep them snug, it’s a cosy look and it lets you enjoy the chill weather with impunity.

One of the most fun things about winter is beanies. Beanies are fun and warm, they come in a variety of different colours and fabrics, and it’s always fun to watch people going about their commutes in multi coloured hats!

Some of our awesome beanies:

  • Alaska Fleece Beanie
  • Colorado Beanie
  • Team Spirit Beanie
  • Team Colours Beanie
  • Elevate Beanie
  • High Visibility Beanie

A great way to get your brand into the mix is to brand a beanie! A branded hat is a very effective summer time promotional product, but it’s equally effective in winter. Hat time is all year around, it just depends on which hat!

Corporate Uniform Beanies

Corporate uniform beanies are an awesome way to keep your staff snug while they are going about their work! A work beanie a great way to make sure that your corporate uniform looks as awesome and on point in winter as it does in summer!

Corporate uniform beanies are also super cute. And a great touch that will show your employees how much you care about them and want them to be as comfortable as possible while they are at work. Being too cold when you’re trying to do your work can really throw off you groove.

Your head is one of the places on your body that loses the most heat and a beanie is a fantastic way to keep that heat in so that you retain your body heat a bit better. So by giving your employees a warm and snuggly beanie as a part of your corporate you are not only letting them know that you care, but you’re also helping them. A warm employee is a happy employee!

It’s also a fun way to show team spirit. When you have all your employees together and wearing their beanies, it can be a great show of company pride! You’re all wearing the same uniform after all, and working towards the same goal. Say it loud and proud by wearing it on your head!

Promotional Beanies

Promotional beanies are again, a great way to show people that you care about their warmth, comfort and wellbeing. But this time it’s not just your employees. This time it’s your clients, your potential clients, everyone you can reach with these promotional products. A beanie can be worn in winter to celebrate an occasion, or to cheer on your favourite sports team. A Bokke beanie is a great way to let everyone know who you will be supporting this winter!

A promotional beanie is also a great opportunity to show how much you care. In winter the temperature can really take a dive at night, and that can be dangerous for those who don’t have homes or shelters to keep the cold at bay.

A beanie can go some small way to helping to keep someone warm and can be the first step they need to take towards a second chance. Extra warmth is always appreciated during the colder months and your generous promotional beanie can help someone who might otherwise have been freezing a little warner.

Polar Fleece Beanie

Polar Fleece Beanie - A classic, made from 100% polyester in 240gsm fabric, these toasty, ear warming beanies look great and can be embroidered with your brand!

Polar fleece is a warm, snuggly fabric that is meant to insulate and keep you warm when it’s cold out there! Our neat polar fleece beanie has a panelled design to better suit the shape of your head and have a brim panel as well to fit you snugly. They also come in six fresh colours!

Polar Fleece Beanie Colours

  • Royal Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Bottle Green
  • Orange
  • Black

The Polar Fleece Beanies also have a matching range of scarves and gloves, also made out of polar fleece, so that you can have a full matching set for your uniform! The warm polyester fleece is anti-pill so that it won’t generate little balls of fluff on the fabric and looks stunning when embroidered with your brand.

Acrylic Beanie

Acrylic Beanie is the option for you if you prefer a woollier feel to your uniform, or just in general. Acrylic is a synthetic fibre that is woven to produce a synthetic wool. This recreates the benefits of wool, only being much more resistant to moths and other critters who like to snack on natural fibre garments. Acrylic has great colour fastness and is easy to dye vibrant colours. It also has a lot of flexibility and great water wicking or moisture management capabilities.

Branding is still an option with your acrylic beanie, as we can embroider that too. Acrylic also has a lot more flexibility to it because of the construction of the thread as well as the way that it is woven together. This means that an acrylic beanie has a little more leeway in terms of varying head shape and size than a polar fleece beanie would.

Our Acrylic Beanies come in 6 great colours, and we also have a selection of acrylic scarves so that you can have a matching set if that’s what tickles your fancy!

Acrylic Beanie Colours:

  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Natural

Branded Beanies

Branded Beanies have multiple uses and look as great as they make people feel – all warm and cosy inside! If you’re looking for a winter warmer to keep your company toasty this season, then you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Branded Beanies.

Order your awesome beanies now by emailing us or give us a call on 0861 111 954 more
Gifts for Men
June 22, 2017
Gifts for Men - there are a great number of ways that you can show your appreciation for the men in the world for all that they do. It’s not always easy being a man, with all that is expected to him.
No matter the occasion, we have a wonderful selection of gifts in all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of hobbies and interests. A gift for the men in your life is a great way to show how appreciative and grateful you are for all that he does for you.

Whether you’re interested in promotional products or high end executive gifting, a great way to show a man that you care is with a gift. Just to let him know how much he means to you and that you value his contribution to your life.

Promotional Gifts for Men

Promotional gifts for men can be used at events specifically geared towards men. A gentleman’s event is a great opportunity to expose your brand to its intended target market. Everyone likes to be reminded that they’re special. Men too! And a promotional product geared just towards men is a great way to let men know how special they are with a little present! After all, a freebie is a great way to make a man feel special.

Our wide selection of promotional gifts range from promotional products to novelty and they make wonderful branded gifts. We have a range of neat gadgets that are sure to entertain the most avid technophile man you know. A promotional gift is a great way to show a man that you are thinking about him.

Popular Gift Ideas for Guys include the following;

  • Hip Flasks
  • Knives
  • Braai Sets
  • Grooming Sets
  • Tie and Cufflinks
  • Multi Tools
  • Bottle Openers
  • Branded Caps
  • Power Bank Chargers

Hip flasks South Africa

Hip flasks make an especially great gift! They’re stunningly designed, often being small enough to fit into a pocket and are a great way to let a man carry your gift everywhere he goes, displaying your brand wherever he may go! A hip flask has many different applications, from the kind of flask that you can take with you when you’re camping so that you can have a store of water with you everywhere you go, to the kind that allows you to keep a nip of something in your pocket, which is nice for when it’s cold out. When you’re out for a walk in the wilderness, a hip flask can be a wonderful companion. Our metal hip flasks can be engraved with your brand, making them a stunning and elegant branded gift!

We have two very popular hip flask options:

  • Swiss Peak Hip Flask Gift Set
  • Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Knife Gifts for Men

Engraved knives are always a winner! There’s something really great about receiving a set of beautifully arranged and sharpened knives. They have so many wonderful applications, from cooking in the kitchen for those men who appreciate the art of a well prepared meal, to slicing that perfect steak that’s just settled after it’s come off the braai and the meat is so tender that the knife cuts through like butter.
Knife sets are a wonderful promotional gift, a set of steak knives are a great way to help your favourite carnivore enjoy his favourite meal.

The gift of a hunting knife is also a great gift! A beautifully branded knife can be a fantastic present for men. A knife is an incredibly versatile tool and can be used for a great many things from slicing fruit to being invaluable in fixing something. Innovative use of tools was how mankind became top of the food chain and it’s what allows us to use a butterfly knife to undo a screw.

Whether it’s a whole set or a single knife, there are many benefits to giving a knife as a gift.

Braai Set Gifts for Men

Braai Gift Sets for Men – When the sun shines and the air is right, men across South Africa will look at the sky and nod. It’s time to braai! The braai is such an integral part of South African culture that it only makes sense to give braai kits as gifts! A set of awesome braai tools is an awesome way to give a man the chance to show off his skills at the grill. A braai is a way of bringing people together. It’s a time honoured South African traditional and we’ve gone so far as to call our Heritage Day on September 23rd Braai Day. Because in that mild September weather when the sun is shining and it’s a public holiday, what can we do but braai?

A beautiful braai kit is a great way to help that celebration along. We have a selection of braai kits that range from aluminium to wooden handled. They come beautifully packed and can be branded for you.

Grooming Set Gifts for Men

Grooming Set Gifts for Men are yet another fantastic way to show the men out there that you care about them by giving them the tools to take care of themselves and keep themselves looking at their best. A well-groomed man turns heads wherever he goes and it makes for a beautifully neat present.
Grooming kits is an umbrella term for anything that falls under personal care.  From manicure kits to shaving sets and bath time pamper kits, a grooming kit is a great way to help the man in your life take care of himself.

A grooming kit can be something small and easy to carry around in his pocket, so it makes a wonderful promotional branded item.

Tool Sets

Tool Sets make for fantastic gifts. If there’s nothing men like more it’s the chance to tinker with something. Whether it’s a puzzle or a car engine, there’s an element of tinkering in us all. So to enable that tinkering habit and that natural curiosity that brought us so swiftly to the top of the food chain and to the state of technological progress that we’re currently at – and ready to springboard from up onto the next level – we have tool sets. Tool sets make fantastic gifts. Not only are they super handy around the house but they’re super portable so even it’s a gift that’s given to someone who already has tools, it’s a nice way for him to be able to put them into his car and take them wherever he needs them without having to unpack the 500 kinds of spanners that he has stashed in a toolbox in the garage.

A tool set is a nifty, portable way to be able to take your tools wherever it is that you need them no matter where you are.

Multi Tool for Men

Multi Tools are exceptional gifts for men. It has the same benefits as a tool kit in being something that they can use for everyday tinkering, but with the added bonus of being pocket sized so that it really can be taken just about everywhere that doesn’t have airport security. A multi tool comes with a wide range of features from bottle openers and knives to nut crackers and pliers. This really is a tool for all occasions and is pretty much the Swiss Army of pocket tools, just on a slightly larger scale. A multi tool lets you go about your day safe in the knowledge that you have a tool in case you need it.
Multi tools also make for beautiful branded products and are great for promotions! Because a multi tool is small and so very useful, they’re very popular and make for great items for giveaways. When you’re looking for a great promotional item for men then look no further than the Multi Tool for Men.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are great for men.  A branded bottle opener that you can attach to your keyring and use everywhere you go is an awesome gift and makes relaxing after a hard day’s work that much easier. A bottle opener is just one of those things that people always seem to need. Whether you’re popping a bottle of coke or listening to the click of an ice cold beer, a bottle opener is an amazing gift to have and it makes for a beautiful branded product.

We have a selection of keyring bottle openers in various sizes and shapes, in different colours that can all be used as keyrings and bottle openers so that you have the widest selection of beautiful promotional gifts for men. When you’re looking for a neat and nifty little gift that is endlessly practical and great for promotions, then we have Bottle Openers for Men.

Tech gadgets for Men

Tech Gadgets for Men are always super popular. You know what they say about boys and their toys! A tech gadget gift is a great idea for men. They’re fun and functional, and they make super great branded and promotional items, so if you’re looking for something that will really put you in the good graces of men, a tech gadget is the ultimate in gifting!

We have a wide selection of tech gadget gifts for men, from the novel to the really hard core.  Headphones make wonderful gifts because there’s nothing quite like rocking to your own tunes while you work. Your own music can help you be more productive and really gives that extra little bit of focus to your work. It helps if you’re listening to a pair of our stunning Swiss Cougar or Volkano headphones with their pounding base so that there’s nothing to distract you from your work. Just you and the sound.
Another great gift is a USB hub, or the Volkano 6 Port USB charger which is a great way to charge multiple devices at the same time and makes for a really great gift for the office. Volkano is an excellent brand full of beautiful, innovative products that will really knock your socks off! They’re great gifts for men.

Just as an example, our beautiful Volkano Obsidian Series Smart Media Player is a way to turn any TV into a smart TV that lets you stream media online from the comfort of your own living room. A smart media player is the ultimate way to have any media that you want whenerver you want it. Now that’s what I call Tech Gadgets for Men.

Power Banks

Power banks are another super awesome, technology themed gift for men. A power bank literally puts the power to charge your phone in the palm of your hand. They come in variety of different colours, sizes and capacities so that you can pick and choose the one that best suits you and your company. But they make amazing gifts for men. Off-roading and need the GPS but it’s dead? A power bank is a great way to give it enough juice that you can roam the wilderness a little longer and enjoy your freedom before returning to civilization.

With a branded power bank, you can use it as a promotional item or a corporate gift, it all depends on the styling and capacity of the power bank you intend to give, so really a power bank not only has many uses in terms of what it can charge, it’s also a very versatile branded product.

Beanies and Caps for men

Beanies and caps for men make for wonderful promotional items no matter the season. A cap is the perfect summer promotional item and they have a long history of being traditionally masculine items as baseball players.

A beanie is another great item, but this time for winter, so that you have a hat for each season. A beanie is a great way to keep warm in winter, and as it is often traditional for men to have shorter hair than women, a beanie is an awesome way to keep in a little extra heat. A hat is not only a cost effective promotional item, and not only does it look good, it also looks after the person you give it to, making it the perfect promotional item for Men.

Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men are the best way to show your appreciation. Whether it’s through a gadget, something to help them take care of themselves or even a sweet treat, a gesture of affection can go a long way with most men. That’s want makes gifts for men so important, and why we at Brand Innovation have such a great selection of stunning gift ideas for the important men.

Also looking for gift ideas for women? We have a great selection to offer. Contact us for more information or to place your order.

If you are from America, you would call corporate gifts SWAG. So if you are an American company, we can also help with your SWAG. more
2019 Diaries
June 20, 2017
2019 Diaries are in high demand, and they make for fantastic corporate gifts! A diary can be a lifeline in a time or stress, and it can give you cause to smile, even if that cause is just seeing that it’s the weekend soon and you can catch your breath before jumping right back into it!

A diary is a great way to get your life organised. It’s a great way to get your client’s lives organised. It’s great for your employees, it’s great for your business partners. A diary for the New Year is a beautiful gift. On top of being useful when they are received, a diary remains useful thought the entire year.

When you give someone a diary, you’re giving them a beautiful gift that will be with them for the next 365 years. It’s a way to record memories, birthdays and meetings! Any innovative or ground breaking ideas that they have during a meeting could be jotted down in their diary, so that they can come back later. A diary is an organiser. It’s a book full of all the potential that this year will hold. You can give someone a book full of all the things that they have yet to do with their lives with a 2018 Diary.

Page a Day Diaries

Page a Day Diaries are great way to write down everything that you need to do with your day and have enough space to do it in! A page a day diary is an awesome product to give as a corporate gift. They look stunning and we have a whole range of beautiful diaries in different sizes and different appearances so that you can give the diary that best represents your brand!

A4 and A5 page a day diaries are the classic choices and we have a beautiful selection that are made from faux leather – a great vote for the animals as well as for your company. These are beautiful products that look stunning and make for wonderful gift. A gift of organisation is a gift that will be cherished with every new page! Each size has its own benefits. An A4 diary is ideal for those who have a lot to write down and super busy days!

An A5 book also has a lot of space, but it’s a more portable size so that it can be easily popped into a document bag or a handbag and taken wherever it needs to go. Even in this age of technology, cell phone alarms and digital reminders, writing things down can still help to cement information in your memory. There’s also a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you look back on your diary and see how much you managed to do in one day!

Branded Diaries

Branded Diaries - they make for wonderful gifts. They look beautiful, they’re a true representation of your company, and they’re an every say reminder to your client or partner of the partnership between you. What better way to make sure that the diary you give has that special touch from your company than to brand it? A custom branded diary is a gorgeous gift, and a very useful one for anyone doing business.

So, what kinds of branding can we offer you? We have a selection of branding options for you to choose from so that you can get the best possible result and representation for your brand!
We have screen printing, which is a printing method that is done by pushing ink through a mesh screen stencil. This makes for a beautiful brand that works best in solid colours. It’s also very good for bold brands.

Another method we have is debossing. Debossing involves pressing a stamp of your brand into the material of the cover of your book and that creates a permanent impression in the fabric of the cover. This is the opposite of embossing, which creates a raised impression. On this kind of product, debossing is preferable as a more long lasting branding method. It also looks amazing and is capable of picking up fine details. It’s s stunning, subtle and elegant branding solution.

Something that incorporates the best of both worlds between screen printing and debossing is foiling. Foiling means that there is an impression created into the material of the cover, like with debossing, but there is a metallic foil in the impression, giving your beautiful brand the shimmer that it deserves. Foiling is traditionally done in gold or silver, and creates the same textured finish that debossing does but with the pop of colour that makes print screening so popular!

Executive Diaries

Executive Diaries make for wonderful presents, and looks really beautiful with foiling. We have a couple of options for executive diaries that extend from our beautiful slim diary to our high end notebooks.
The slim diary is a beautiful koskin book that as a weekly layout and is a stunning gift for the executive on the move, It’s part diary, part trave3l wallet so it makes the perfect present for people who are on the go. This stunning range also has an A5 and an A4 diary available so that you can have the size that best suits your needs.

2019 Diaries Suppliers South Africa

Corporate diaries are beautiful products. A lot of time and care can go into picking the diary that you feel best represents the brand. A beautiful branded diary can put a smile on someone’s face. Your company can help keep someone’s day organised, get them through a particularly busy time, or remind them that they have a dentist’s appointment on Thursday. A branded diary is an awesome way to keep yourself and those around you organised.

Giving someone a thoughtful, practical gift that they can use every day is a wonderful way to keep your company in their thoughts every day, all year long! For a beautiful gift that’s going to keep giving new peace of mind every day, we have a wonderful selection of 2019 Diaries available in South Africa.

I still love using a diary.The mere fact of writing down your goals, your to do list, really helps to plan, achieve and manage your life. Long live the diary. more
Kooshty South Africa
June 14, 2017
Kooshty South Africa – Kooshty is a brand that is as adorable as is sounds and so much more! More than being a really cute sounding brand, Kooshty is a range of high end, beautiful quality products that make for really wonderful executive gifts. These products are a great way to show how much you appreciate someone, and they have a truly impressive range of gifts that will have something for everyone!

Kooshty is a brand that values form as well as function, and giving people a beautiful gift that they can really use! Kooshty Branded Products are the kind of gifts that make people smile. There’s just something about getting a quality gift that looks as good as the Kooshty ones do that puts a smile on your face.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s very health conscious, or a coffee connoisseur the Kooshty has something for you! Not only that but their stunning range of elegantly designed products come in a range of colours that range from serious to fun and playful, so there really is something for everyone in their beautiful selection of corporate merchandise.

Travel Sets

Travel Sets are a big focus of the Kooshty brand. They know that there’s adventure out there and that those in the know are always seeking and striving to get to the next big thing. This is why Kooshty has a selection of products that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of their exclusive products on the go.
Travel sets are the kind of products that can really make your trip that much easier. Whether you’re on the go and they allow you to enjoy your favourite up of coffee on the go, whether you’re far away from home or even if you’re just commuting between work and home.

Kooshty also has a travel set that will make your travel experience a dream, literally. Let’s take a look at the awesome products that Kooshty has that are going to make your life a whole lot more comfortable.

Kooshty Comfy Travel Set

  • Eye mask
  • Travel Pillow
  • Brand-able polyester bag

Travel Sets can be a really useful addition to your travelling arsenal. When you’re on the go, sleep doesn’t always come easily. The motion of travel as well as the unfamiliar setting can make falling asleep a little tricky, especially when you’re travelling between time zones and that jet lag is threatening.

Using a plane trip is a great way to adjust to a different time zone but at the same time, it can e difficult when the sun is poking its blinding rays through the windows. This is where Kooshty comes to your rescue with a beautiful travel set. The have a curved pillow that comes with one side made of soft, striped stretch (say that three times fast!) and the other made out of a plush velour in a colour that matches the stripes. This pillow is full of microbeads and is incredibly comfortable, providing your neck with the support that it needs when you’re resting in a strange position, and allowing you the comfort that you need to relax.

Which is awesome, being comfortable is a huge help when you’re travelling, but that doesn’t do much for that pesky sun and the blinds only do so much. If you’re travelling by car or bus, there aren’t always even blinds or curtains for you to use and draping a towel out the window doesn’t always work.  So now what?

The solution is also packed in the Kooshty comfy travel set. An eye mask is a great travel companion. When you’re travelling the light can sometimes make it difficult to sleep, and so can the strange environment. An eye mask is a great way to help with that because when you’re in total darkness then your brain begins to produce the sleep chemical, melatonin. Do this is a sneaky yet really useful way to trick your brain into thinking that it’s naptime.

This beautiful set makes a fantastic gift for anyone who travels a lot, and could even a beautiful corporate gift for an airline or travel agents. Jet lag is seen as one of the few downsides to travelling long distance, and this amazing brand has given us some awesome tools to cope with it in the form of this stunning Corporate Travel Set.

Kooshty Coffee Set with Plunger

  • Plunger in Black or white
  • Kooshty Kup with silicone grip (One or two)

Coffee Sets are a great way to enjoy coffee at home on on the go and with these stunning sets, the coffee lover that you’re buying these for will certainly love you. We have a few options with this one.

We have the Kooshty Koffee single with one cup and a plunger that takes makes one perfect cup of coffee. And that comes in either black or white. These stunning products make for the most amazing coffee moments. The containers are made of durable borosilicate glass that is more resistant to heat than standard glass would be.

And the Kooshty Kups that come with these sets have a unique design at the bottom of the glass that channels any additives that suit your taste to the centre of the glass and help them dissolve so that you get the best cup of coffee possible, blended to your own tastes and through science.

A Kooshty Koffee set with a plunger can also be for two, so that you can enjoy your beautifully designed, wonderful cup of coffee with your favourite person. The perfect way to start the day.

Kooshty Bottle

The Kooshty Bottle is a great accessory for those on the go who really enjoy their water. When you want cool water and you want it in a 100% BPA free glass bottle with a metal lid and a neoprene cover that keeps your water cool, gives you a comfortable grip and comes in a range of awesome colours, then you’re a person of discerning and specific tastes and the Kooshty Bottle is for you.
The Kooshty bottle is a beautiful piece of design work. It’s smooth glass and beautifully comfortable grip make is an awesome bottle for on the go.

Kooshty South Africa

Products with the Kooshty name on them are designed to be high quality, and they are designed to be beautiful. They’re the kind of items that make life more enjoyable. The designs are sleek, elegant and functional. But they’re also fun and creative. There are splashes of colour throughout the range, a veritable rainbow of options for you to choose from.

When you’re looking for a gift that’s perfect for an active lifestyle, that’s sleek and classic with a fun modern twist, then you’re looking for Kooshty South Africa.

Kooshty Prices Online South Africa

If you are looking for prices for Kooshty online in South Africa, then go to Promojozi more
What Does In Ratio Mean When Ordering Corporate Clothing
June 12, 2017
What Does In Ratio Mean When Ordering Corporate Clothing? – A Very valid question. When you’re ordering products for a corporate event or if you’re ordering clothing for promotional purposes, you may be wondering what sizes to get.

Ration means in proportion. So that you will always have a balance of shirts that will have a quantity of sizes that will be in proportion to your other sizes. And these sizes are all calculated on which of our sizes are the most requested. This means that you have all our knowledge poured into this quick and easy formula to make your t shirt ordering process that much more simple.

A Formula to order the most popular t shirt sizes

Our standard ratio for t shirts is Sizes: S-XXL(2;4;4;2;1) 

  • Small: 2
  • Medium: 4
  • Large: 4
  • XL: 2
  • 2XL: 1

That means that in an order of 100 t shirts then the number of shirts that you should be buying in each size would be as follows:

  • Small: 15
  • Medium: 30
  • Large: 30
  • XL: 15
  • 2XL: 10

What size should you order the most of? When you take it down to the smallest number, then this is the ratio that you should be buying.

People do come in different shapes after all and you can’t always ask everyone what size they are beforehand. Especially for promotional products, you don’t always know ahead of time who is going to be there.

So this is a pretty tricky question, and one that either requires a lot of guess work or some pretty intense math – something that not all of us look forward to! The sad truth is that buying the wrong size of t shirt, especially for a one off event, can’t cost you a lot of money. And we don’t want you to spend your money on unnecessary things.

Here at Brand Innovation, we want you to have the best possible products, we want to save you time and money and we want you to have the most rocking event possible! Whether you’re giving them away at an event or selling them, a t shirt is a joy to have and we’re here to spread a little joy.

Which is why we’ve done all that math for you! 

So, what’s the formula? How to we work it out?

We take our data, and we boil it down into its simplest form. For each small shirt, how many large shirts are ordered? Like that. And we put that into its simplest form so that it can be applied to any order.


That gives you an even distribution of sizes that will give you the most popular sizes in the highest quantity. You’ll find that in t shirts, larger sizes are usual the more popular ones, so mediums and larges are often a good bet.

This is usually because a t shirt is often worn as a loos, comfortable garment, so people often get a size up from what they would usually take for comfort value. This is also, as an interesting aside, because human beings have been getting bigger over the last century, not just in terms of body mass but also in height. The increase of nutrients in food over the last century has resulted in taller people – and bigger t shirts.

Hopefully that formula has helped you figure out what Ratio To Use When Ordering Corporate Clothing!

So when you next need to order 10 0000 shirts from Brand Innovation, you will know exactly what in ratio or out of ratio means.
We are here to help. more
Real Estate Promotional Products
June 06, 2017
Real Estate Promotional Products are a great way to promote your company and increase your listings. People are more inclined to be faithful to companies who have given them gifts. And with our selection of fun, house themed goodies, you’ll be fresh in their minds when the time comes for them to move. Promotional products can help cinch a deal and can really help to improve a person’s view of your company. Go from good to great with a Real Estate Promotional Products!


Key USB is a simple, yet effective promotional product with a great message! You can give someone the keys to their new home the same way that you can give them this neat USB! The Key USB comes in three colours, red, blue and a plain aluminium finish. It can be printed and engraved and it has a little hole so that it can be easily looped onto a key chain, making it an even more effective branding method.
Handing someone a key is a great and positive way to start a working relationship, and holds a lot of promise for your future working together. You can give them a key immediately, so you can give them the key that they’ve been searching for.


Keyrings are an amazing way to advertise your business, and very symbolic too. After all, what better way to advertise a Real Estate company than with the keyring that will one day hold the keys to you new home? A key ring is a  fun, practical promotional gift, and we have a couple of suggestions that are sure to make you stand out a little more from the crowd. They look fantastic and we have a number of branding solutions for you to choose from.

House Shaped Keyring KH-705

This stunning House Keyring is a way to keep your house keys together, and a great way to differentiate your house keys from your car keys! It’s cute, double layered design is made from a zinc alloy and then coated in nickel plating. The key ring also includes an elegant black presentation box, lending that extra bit of importance to your gift. It can be laser engraved on both sides, making this a stunning gift whichever way you look at it! With this key ring you can give someone a house before they’ve even decided on the one that they want.

Keybright Key Holder KH-7210

For a beautiful and useful key ring, you can choose our incredible Key bright Key Holder, which is the double whammy of being shaped like a key – an awesome shape for a key chain to be, it really sells the Real Estate angle – and being a torch! This makes it a very useful and fun option to have when you are choosing a promotional key ring to represent your brand to the best of its ability. This key ring also comes with batteries and white LED lights, so that your clients can start using it immediately!

House Shape Memo Holder BF3487

A House Shaped Memo Holder is a fantastic thing to have when you’re house hunting. It keeps your eyes on the prize, and makes it way easier to mark down the listings that you’re interested in and take down the details that you need to know about your new home – how much it is, all those little questions that you have for the estate agent.

Giving this neato little gift to your clients makes it much easier for them to record all the details that they need when they are looking for their new home and is  really useful just on its own. An item like this should have pride of place on the desk in the new home that you’re going to help them find.

House Shape Money Box 56236

House Shaped Money Boxes are a great little way to save extra house hold change. Buying a house can be a financially trying time and every little coin helps. Keeping your change in a jar can add up quickly, and can be a great way to keep your savings in one spot while reminding you of how great things will be once you’re in a new place. It’s also a fun little token of appreciation to your clients for the time and effort that they have put in for house hunting with you! This gift is very sweet, and a thoughtful, playful promotional item.


Lanyards are a great way to make sure that you don’t lose your keys. A lanyard is also a beautiful way to get your brand out there. Lanyards have wonderful branding areas and are super great gifts for expos and for events where you’re going to have a high volume of people like an open house. A lanyard is a brilliant, cost effective branding solution that makes it a wonderful, high volume gift.


Diaries are also super branded gifts for Real Estate companies. This can be a fantastic way to note down the dates of any open houses or appointments that you have to go to. Buying a house can be a time consuming process and it makes it just a little easier when you have everything written down. The process needn’t be unnecessarily stressful, so a diary is a great way of making a little calm in chaos and can help the process from viewing to buying to moving run more smoothly.


Mugs are a great gift no matter the occasion and it can be a wonderful thing to sit there in your new home on the first morning, drinking your first cup of coffee there with a mug that you were given by the Real Estate Company you were working with. Because it’s thanks to them that you’re there to begin with. Also, you still have to unpack most of the kitchen, but this mug is definitely fast becoming one of your favourites.

Business card holders

Business Card Holders are fantastic real estate gifts because the chances are that every real estate agent that you deal with, from every single company, has their own card. So if you really want your agent to stand out, then you can give your client the card holder to keep them all sorted. It also means that your brand is going to be at the forefront of their minds whenever they flip through to find the right card – yours, obviously.

Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets make for fun promotional items. They can have varied branding areas and you can do a lot with them. Also, if they’re on the fridge, then they are one of the things that you see most often when around the house. The kitchen takes up a fair amount of time with food preparation, that’s why it’s such a common place to put up the notices.


Calendars are also a great way to remind your clients when your open houses are going to be, and a great way to keep your details right where they can see them so that when they’re ready to buy or sell, they are right there with you, ready and waiting for them to give you a buzz!

Hopefully these can help give you some ideas to get a great Real Estate Promotional Product! more
Tracksuits South Africa
May 30, 2017
Tracksuits South Africa – Tracksuits are iconic clothing items. So iconic, in fact, that they have their own day. November 6th is International tracksuit day, a day for those of us who have fond memories of velour Juicy Couture. The tracksuit is an integral part of sportswear’s integration into modern fashion and when it comes down to it, we have tracksuits to thank for yoga pants and leggings being worn regularly. Here’s to having a full, comfortable range of motion!

Tracksuits are fun and comfortable clothing that allow you to move around freely while you’re doing exercise.

The 1960s marked the official birth of the tracksuit into modern culture. Those three, distinctive stripes on a suit and jacket set made of all the new fangled textile technology that the era had to offer was the first apparel that Adidas produced. It even had neat little stirrups on the pants. This first Adidas tracksuit was produced in collaboration with the dreamboat of German football, Franz Beckenbauer.
The swinging 70s was a great era for the tracksuit and they bloomed when they were given a new lease on life as jogging and hiking became popular pastimes. And new innovations in fabric meant that tracksuits were not only becoming much more comfortable, but also better looking and more appropriate to wear recreationally.

During the 1980s even newer fabric innovations made tracksuits much more comfortable to wear while you were actually exercising and the rise in serious exercise made the tracksuit more of a staple clothing item than it had previously been.

The 90s as well saw a rise in tracksuits being used in the limelight of the sporting world. The Olympic team tracksuits were very popular and people wanted to emulate their favourite sports stars by wearing their uniforms off the track. The fact that a tracksuit is a loose, comfortable garment just adds to the off-field appeal.

The new millennium ushered in a veritable tsunami of tracksuit popularity with tabloid magazines full of glassy photos of celebrities living their lives in beautiful velour tracksuits. Britney Spears even had a whole range of custom tracksuits made up for her wedding party.

Tracksuits were everywhere, from print media to television, with Tony Soprano sporting a track suit that made the track suit the new Armani of organised crime.

Modern tracksuits seem to be a true blend of all that came before them. Sporting sleek minimalist designs that echo back to the 60s and 70s all created from those fabrics that were minted in the 80s and 90s, making the tracksuit of the 2010s a collaboration of the decades.

Of course it also because of the tracksuit that we find it much more socially acceptable to wear sports oriented gear out and about in public. Exercise isn’t stigmatised as something gross and shameful that should be done in private. These days we have borrowed the shamelessness pioneered by the Romans and their public gymnasiums. Though with a little less nudity. We are unashamed to exercise and show off our interest in sports in public.

This makes a tracksuit a wonderful corporate item. Tracksuits are designed to match so they make for great sports uniforms - particularly goof for personal trainers and gym staff – for teams.

Mens Tracksuits

Mens Tracksuits  - we stock a selection of tracksuits for men. Men’s garments are cut wider in the shoulder shoulder and tend not to taper in the leg. We have a beautiful uniform tracksuit option for men that’s made out of 210gsm polyester tricot and comes in three wonderful colours. Black and white, blue and white and red and white. This classic tracksuit option comes with a colour contrast zip and side pockets on both the pants and the shirt.

We have a selection of full mens tracksuits as well as tracksuit tops and bottoms that are sold separately so that you can have either, or both, whichever you prefer.

Ladies Tracksuits

Ladies tracksuits – we have a lovely selection of ladies tracksuits that would be wonderful for a sports team or for a sporty uniform. A tracksuit can make a fantastic uniform if you have a work environment where it is appropriate, such as a sporting goods warehouse, or in a factory where you are required to do physical labour.
Tracksuits are designed with physical labour in mind and therefore all9ow for a great range of motion while keeping your body temperature regulated. So when you’ve got a lot of hustle to do, a tracksuit is your best friend.

Team Tracksuits

Team tracksuits are a great thing to have. Weather isn’t always the way we want it to be and if you’re playing a sport with a shorter uniform – ladies hockey, lacrosse or soccer and you want to keep warm before or after the game then tracksuit is a great way to do that. Tracksuits are also called warmup suits and can help you keep cosy while you actually warm up. Then once you are warm it’s time to get down to your actual uniform and really work up a sweat!

We have a great selection of unisex tracksuits that are great for teams. These team uniforms often have sporty colourful accents. A popular unisex option is the US Basic Spartan Unisex Tracksuit.

School Tracksuits

School tracksuits are often a part of the uniform for gym or extracurricular sport. They are sometimes optional, with the shorter summer uniform being the compulsory option, but a tracksuit is a great investment for a really active student who wants to be comfortable and keep their game on no matter what weather it is.

Full Tracksuit

Full tracksuits are just a click away at brand innovation. We have ladies, mens and unisex full tracksuits for you to choose from, all ready and waiting for your branding.

Tracksuit bottoms / Tracksuit tops

Tracksuit bottoms and tops - You know what you want. And you want one thing but not the other? We have a great selection of unisex tracksuits that you can mix and match to make your perfect custom tracksuit. We also have individual gendered items so that you can get your perfect ladies cut tracksuit, no problem.

Branded tracksuit

Branded tracksuits are a way to advertise your brand. Many brands who supply sports gear to teams will add their logo to the team logo or have a selection of other sponsors on the uniform. A branded tracksuit gets your name out there while also letting the world know that you support your team.

Tracksuit Suppliers in South Africa

Tracksuit Suppliers in South Africa – we at Brand Innovation are proud to be bulk tracksuit suppliers in South Africa. You can send us an email at to place your order for Tracksuits South Africa. more
Fidget Spinners South Africa
May 26, 2017
Fidget Spinners South Africa – Fidget Spinners are the gadget sensation that is sweeping the world. They’ve sparked controversy and fads all over the globe and have been described by Forbes Magazine as the ‘Must have office toy of 2017’. What’s for sure is that everyone wants them!

These little toys are in hot demand and they’re incredibly popular with children all over the world. And we’re here to supply that demand! Fidget Spinners are coming to South Africa in a big way and we at Brand Innovation are here to provide you with what you want! Our stock is landing in June and again in early July. You can pre-order from us today by sending us an email at

What is a fidget spinner?

Fidget spinners are toys that are supposed to focus your attention and make it much easier to concentrate on the task at hand. The mechanism of the toy is relatively simple but it keeps it going and it gives those wandering hands something to play with.

See our awesome FIDGET SPINNERS

How Fidget Spinners Work

Fidget Spinners are a small to, the standard design having three prongs, being built around a ball bearing. This means that you can spin the spokes of the device and they will spin around and around. This creates a pleasant sensation which is said to be very relaxing and calming. You can flick them around and around on your fingers and even do tricks with them, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.
These funky gadgets have exploded across the globe and across the market, with everyone wanting to get their hands on them. The can make for fun and engaging presents and are a wonderful promotional item. Even celebrities want to get their hands on them!

Katy Perry’s Instagram feed even feature’s the singer’s hand holding one of the spinners on a blue background, featuring the text, ‘Katie Perry ft Nicki Minaj - Fidget Spinna’. Whether this is a clue as to one of the To Be Announced tracks on her new album Witness, which is dropping in early June, we’re excited to see!

Fidget Spinners are also not quite as they started, they’ve gone from strength to strength since their inception, going from their original smooth design to something a little more edgy, and even getting LEDs attached to enhance the gaming experience. If you’re looking to use them recreationally rather than as stress relievers, you can even find instructional videos on YouTube on how to make your own crazy customs or how to do tricks with them, from basic to advanced levels. There are even neat tricks on how to stack your spinners! They’re one small gadget with a lot of potential.

Fidget Spinner Apps

With these toys absolutely everywhere, they have sparked a lot of related media, from the raging debate on their actual function to the tricks that you can do with them. You can even download apps on your phone to help you learn tricks and discover new ways to play with them, there are even apps on your phone that will simulate the sensation of holding a fidget spinner! Fidget Spinners really have rocketed into their position as the must have of the year and the world is eating them up!

The apps are available on both iOS and Android, and these apps go from being therapeutic in just imitating the gadgets to being actual games themselves, encouraging you to do a certain number of spins in order to complete the levels and do a number of different tricks.

These apps range from 2 two four stars and have a variety of different functions, allowing you to pick the app that best suits your style of game play and what you want from it. They range from competitive games to just spinning fidget spinners on your device screen. You can even get them in different shapes and colours, some are even neon and a few games even give you new spinners as you go from level to level.

Benefits of Fidget Spinners

Benefits of Fidget Spinners are widely contested but they are often advertised and sold as relaxation toys.
The motion of a fidget spinner is incredibly relaxing and the motion of it is said to help sooth anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders like ADHD. They do this by providing mild simulation for the brain to focus on so that the user can focus their concentration on something without the constant need for extra external stimulus. This can help to quell nervous habits like foot tapping, nail biting and finger tapping. Stress can be a difficult thing to deal with in an office environment but this kind of device can provide just enough soothing stimuli to keep you calm and focused to get you through the day.
These same benefits have been described as being great for children and adults who have ADHD, anxiety and Autism.

Often these kinds of disorders can be made a little more manageable by having a comfort object or some method to keep them occupied. Many children have reported that it helps to keep their attention focused at school or calm their stress levels when they are facing something unpleasant. One girl cited going to the dentist as a specific occasion that the fidget spinner helped her through.

Fidget Spinner Controversy

As with any super popular gadget, there is a lot of controversy surrounding them. One of the main points being raised is that the fidget spinner has never actually been proven to help people cope with Autism and ADHD. They may help, and many individual reports claim that the toys are extremely beneficial, however experts in their fields are reluctant to recommend them as actual coping mechanisms.
The devices are being banned in classrooms all across the United States, cited as being distracting to students. Some parents protest this, saying that their children are reporting better attention spans in class when they use the spinners and saying that the children who use them as toys are the ones distracting the rest of their classmates.

It is difficult to tell who is who though, when fidget spinners don’t come with any kind of doctor’s recommendation.

Origins of the Fidget Spinner

The origins of the fidget spinner are murky at best, there seem to have been several people who have created different versions throughout the years, several of whom have filed for patents.
The earliest model seems to have been created by Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer who applied for a patent over twenty years ago in 1993. The patent lapsed in 2005, but not before it gained some traction at the invention fairs that she took it to in Florida.

Hettinger herself admits that there’s not a lot of similarity between her original design and the Spinners on the market today. Her original gadget was designed of soft plastic with a button in the centre to entertain her daughter who suffered from an autoimmune disorder that caused muscle weakness. Because this limited the amount of play she and her daughter could share she began making a peaceful toy that wouldn’t put too much strain on her while stimulating her. Thus was one of the original fidget spinners born. While Hettinger admits that there is no direct link between her own spinner and the modern take on it, she is happy to claim Wikipedia status as one of the potential inventors.

Another possible inventor is Scott McCoskery, who threw together a ball bearing device to keep himself from fidgeting too much in meetings. He’s partnered up with an associate and applied for a provisional patent in 2016.

The patent status of the Spinners that are on the market at the moment is unclear, as no one seems to be able to pin point their exact moment or origin of conception. This has led to many thrifty and innovative individuals making their own custom fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinners Promotional Items

Because their current status as the IT toy of 2017, Fidget Spinners make for fantastic promotional items. They’re fun, they’re simple, they’re cost effective. A toy like this is great for the office because it can help concentration. They’re also super popular at the moment, meaning that everyone is hankering to get their hands on them!

Fidget Spinners can be branded with domed sticker branding on the ball bearing at their centre. They also come in a wide variety of colours to match your brand. Fidget spinners are fun and if you’re aiming to give people a little bit of joy today then you can certainly do that with a fidget spinner toy!

At (Company name) we stock them in eleven funky colours and can also give you LED fidget spinners that light up and flash when they spin. These are the kinds of spinners that are making them so very popular as kids toys. But who says that adults don’t deserve to have some fun too! The fidget spinner is fun for all ages!  It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, or whether you have anxiety or not, the fidget spinner can have benefits for anyone. You can have fun with it or you can use it to calm yourself down, it’s all about how you view it.

Fidget Spinners as Mental Health Aids

One important thing that these gadgets are doing regardless of their patent status or whether or not they are recommended by a doctor, is that they are bringing children’s mental health to the conversational forefront without dismissing it. It’s being brought up as a possible solution and getting people talking about way to help children handle mental illnesses like anxiety and depression rather than dismissing the possibilities of a child having illnesses like this. These days we are able to catch the mental health symptoms earlier and earlier, which does make it look like more children are developing mental illnesses at younger ages. But it may very well be that this has always been the case and we as adults are only now developing the tools to understand and treat this

With the advances in medical science racing ahead every day, we are discovering more diseases earlier, and achieving a higher understanding of them. We are learning how to identify autism earlier on, and how to better diagnose it in women, because up until recently mental health professionals considered autism to be relatively uncommon in women. This is not actually the case, it’s simply a case of women exhibiting different autistic behaviours which up until recently went unstudied. Mental health is something that has come under the microscope very recently in human history. We have many things still to understand but we’ve come a long way and things are improving every day.

Modern theories speculate that early folk lore such as ‘changelings’ may have been caused by children displaying autistic markers and being grossly misunderstood by their communities. As little as fifty years ago mental illnesses like BPD and Schizotypal Personality Disorders, even something as common as post-partum depression, could have earned a one way ticket to the sanatorium. These days mental illnesses are much better understood and very often treatable through a variety of methods, who says that in a dew years the Fidget Spinner might not be one of them?

Fidget spinners are really in great they are opening up an avenue for people to have conversations about children’s mental health with a solution in mind.

Fidget Spinners South Africa

Like them or love them, Fidget Spinners are the big gadget right now and with so much going on around them, they look like they’re going to be staying here for a while. If you’re interested in ordering some of our fun, competitively priced Fidget Spinners then you can send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you in getting these awesome gadgets all ready with your brand!

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