BIC Lighters
July 31, 2014
Branded BIC Lighters are a great way to light up your brand! A printed lighter with your company logo makes for a very useful giveaway item.

A lighter seems to be something you are always in need of and often without. Having a distinctive looking lighter helps you identify it and keep it from getting miss placed. Printed lighters are very popular.

Why Choose BIC Lighters?

  • Best Quality - Goes through vigorous testing
  • SABS Approved
  • Child-resistant Lighter
  • Great branding opportunity

Watch this great video on how BIC Lighters are made and what safety tests they go through:

BIC lighters are the brand you can trust. All BIC lighters are safety tested and are SABS approved. These are the best quality promotional lighters in South Africa.

We supply printed BIC lighters, with your logo on one or both sides of the lighter. This is a great marketing item to give to clients.

The Standard BIC Flint Lighters are available in 3 different sizes:

  • BIC Maxi
  • BIC Slim
  • BIC Mini

We also supply the BIC electronic lighter.
All of these lighters can be printed with up to 5 colours on each size.

For a full colour digital print, the order has to be imported from BIC international and the lead time will be longer.

To order your BIC Lighters in Johannesburg, Cape Town and throughout South Africa, contact us now. more
Parker IM Gold Pen
July 29, 2014
Parker IM Gold Pen - A gold pen is a luxury corporate gift that is often a great idea as a long service award or appreciation award. These beautiful Parker pens with their eye catching golden shimmer makes any recipient feel special.

Gold is the colour of prosperity, generosity and wealth. That makes a gold pen the perfect business gift. Our Parker IM Gold Ballpoint Pen is a stunning, high quality writing instrument that embodies the bold nature of gold.

Parker IM Gold Pen Features:

  • Ballpoint pen with black ink
  • Brushed gold barrel and trim
  • Presented in Premium gift box

An engraved Parker pen is very popular as a corporate gift, because it is functional and valuable. Having any gift engraved with a personalized name makes it very special and memorable.

Add to the fact that the engraved pen is gold and your clients will know that they are receiving something truly precious.

These Parker pens are also available in a pen and pencil set.

Other gold pen options:

Cross Century Classic 10 karat Gold Pen
Ferraghini Gold Pen and Fountain Pen Set
Golden Scribe Pen

To order your beautiful corporate gift gold pens, email us now! more
Cotton Golf Shirts
July 28, 2014
Cotton golf shirts are often the the staple of a company uniform because they are versatile and suitable for everyone. 

A branded cotton golf shirt is a classic that looks professional and is comfortable. This makes it suitable for many different companies and industries, ranging from corporate office jobs to retail. An embroidered logo on the left chest of a shirt is a great way to identify and promote your company.

We are a supplier of cotton golf shirts and we have a great selection for you to choose from. One of our most popular options is the US Basic Boston Golfer.

US Basic Boston Golf Shirt (BAS-803 & BAS-804)

  • 100% cotton combed, pique knit
  • Weight: 180gm2
  • 2 button collar
  • Self-fabric neck tape
  • Available in mens and ladies
This is a very popular promotional golf shirt, because it is available in a large range of colours. Choosing a golf shirt with a colour that matches or compliments your logo colour is a great way to emphasise your branding.

The US Basic Boston Cotton Golf Shirts are great quality, cost-effective shirts that are available in both mens and womens styles.

To order your golf shirts in South Africa, please email us now. We deliver straight to your door, anywhere more
July 25, 2014
What is the importance of branding?
Simply put, establishing a brand for your company is a way to differentiate yourself from the competition

A logo or brand is a visual representation of a company, business or service. It is your trademark and a promise of quality, credibility and experience.

The objectives of a good brand is:

  • To set you apart from competitors
  • Connect with your clients or users
  • Confirm your company credibility
  • Inspire brand loyalty

In this day and age, branding and brand building is more popular than ever. Brand loyalty is something that everyone experiences on a daily basis. Whether you are choosing your favourite drink, or you use a cellphone company that you trust, everything is influenced by branding.

Brand loyalty is inspired by emotions. If your clients associate your brand with positive emotions, they are more likely to purchase from you and build long-term relationships with your company. 

Having your company logo printed on promotional products and corporate gifts is a key way to build your brand and spread brand awareness.

Big companies such as Coca-Cola and Apple Inc brand all kinds of promotional merchandise items and clothing and spread them worldwide. Even in the most remote countries of the world, you will find the iconic Coke sign somewhere. 

We supply a wide variety of great items that are ideal for marketing your company. 

A good brand is very valuable to any company or corporation. more
Colour Changing Mug
July 09, 2014
A colour changing mug is a fun and innovative way to advertise your company. These unique coffee mugs change colour when hot water is added, and reveals your branded logo.

Coffee mugs are very popular promotional gifts, because they can be used at the office or at home and are used often. Who doesn't enjoy a cup of coffee every morning?

Why Clients Will Love the Colour Changing Mug:

  • Fun and unique product
  • Great gift for office and home
  • Can be used on a daily basis

Not only is the colour changing mug fun to look at, it is also useful. Then your mug starts to turn dark again, you know your drink is getting cold and you can heat it up again. Most people hate cold coffee and this is perfect for avoiding that.

At Brand Innovation we have two colour changing coffee mug options; The Chameleon Mug and the Nexus Mug. There are slight differences between these mugs.

Chameleon Colour Changing Mug Code: MUG-6357

  • This mug has a colour inner
  • Includes a matching colour spoon in handle
  • Exterior is black and changes to white
  • Capacity: 320ml
  • Slightly curved shape
  • Branding Area: 200mm x 45mm

The Nexus Colour Change Mug Code: AB-COFF001

  • This mug has a white inner
  • Exterior is one of 6 different colours that changes to white
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Standard cylindrical shape
  • Branding Area: 185mm x 75mm

Both of these colour changing coffee mugs are sure to be a great hit with your clients. 
A printed mug lasts a long time and gives you an opportunity for long term advertising, and the colour change mug is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Order these cool coffee mugs now, by emailing us at or browse through our other great ceramic mugs for more options. more
Promotional USB Flash Drives
July 07, 2014
Promotional USB Flash Drives are a modern way to advertise your business and create brand awareness. Branded flash drives with your company logo can be given to clients or staff as promotional gifts, and whenever they use their new USB, your company name will be present.

USB flash drives are used on an almost daily basis for people who work in an office environment. Whether you are making backups, transferring files or just using it as extra storage, a USB flash drive can go a long way.
That is what makes a promotional USB such an effective marketing tool.

Why clients love receiving USB Flash Drives:

  • It is practical and they can use it
  • It is great for office or personal use
  • It is small and easily portable
  • It is something valuable that they will not throw away

We have various different promotional usb's that are great for advertising your company. The different branding methods used on each of these flash drives provide you with a different way to promote your company.

The three main types of branded usb's would be a printed USB, an engraved USB and a custom made USB. Below are some of our most popular in each of these categories;

Different Types of Promotional USB Flash Drives:

  • Printed Credit Card USB
  • Engraved Swivel USB
  • Custom Logo USB

Printed Card USB

The printed credit card USB gives you a large branding area that can be customized with a full colour digital print. Because of the flat shape, we can brand this memory stick on both sides with an eye catching design that is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

These card usb drives can also double as a business card, by branding all of your contact detail on one side.

Engraved Swivel USB

This is a classic and popular flash drive that you have probably seen before. These USBs are a best seller, because they are cost effective and look great with branding. The Swivel USB has a metal clip that is ideal for engraving. 

An engraved logo looks very professional and it lasts forever.

Custom Logo USB

The custom USB flash drive is a unique way to advertise your business. These flash drives are custom made into any shape that you want. A popular option is to make a USB shaped like the company logo. If you are willing to spend a bit more and wait a little longer, these custom made memory sticks are the perfect way to promote brand awareness.

You certainly won't forget a company logo if your USB flash drive is shaped like it!

We supply a wide variety of great promotional USB flash drives in South Africa. Email us to order one of these great branded flash drives, or browse through our catalogue for more USB options.

We a a website dedicated to our best selling USB flash drives. more
Executive End Of Year Gift Ideas
July 04, 2014
We supply executive end of year gifts for your annual year end functions. One of our best sellers is the stunning Executive Desk Organizer.

This is a stunning and stylish desk box with various compartments for your pens, stationery, phone and any office accessories. It also includes a handy memo note pad for making quick notes.

The Executive Desk Organizer does exactly what it's name implies; it is a place to keep all the clutter off your desk and nicely organized for easy access.

These end of year gifts are the perfect office gifts for your staff and clients.

Features of this Executive Desk Box CODE:BD0060

  • Outer material faux leather with stitching
  • Inner soft black velvet
  • One large compartment for tablet or bigger stationery
  • One compartment for pens
  • One compartment for cell phone
  • Notepad with memo notes
  • Front drawer for accessories

We can make these executive corporate gifts even more fabulous, by adding a metal plaque engraved with your company on the front of the box. Engraving looks very classy and is the recommended branding method for these sets.

This is a universal gift that is suitable for men and women of all ages. You can't go wrong with this stunning Executive Desk Organizer.

Order your end of year gifts now, to avoid the rush in November. 
For more gift ideas, view our year end gift ideas category. more
Branded Backpacks
July 01, 2014
Branded backpacks are a very effective way to market your company.
If you have ever used public transport for your daily commute to work, you are guaranteed to have seen dozens of branded backpacks. You can't help but notice the brightly printed logos that appear here and there throughout the crowds.

Every day there are hundreds of employees and school kids using backpacks when going to and fro to work or schools. This provides you with the perfect branding opportunity!

What makes a branded backpack such a great marketing item?:

  • The branding space is highly visible
  • Backpacks are used every day
  • A large demographic uses backpacks
  • Most backpacks have a big branding area

Having your logo branded on a backpack is a great way to advertise your company. Because the bags are worn on a person's back, all other passers by will be able to see the logos. Wherever your clients or employees walk with your backpack, your brand will go along for the ride.

Another great opportunity to use a branded backpack would be at events or festivals. Usually at events there are many companies handing out pamphlets and brochures and samples and more. It is troublesome to try and carry all of these items with you, which is where the backpack comes in.

You can keep all of your goodies in your backpack and comfortably carry it around throughout the rest of the event.

We have a large selection of backpacks to choose from, ranging from the budget friendly drawstring backpack to the executive trolley backpack.
We supply these branded backpacks throughout South Africa. To order your bags, email us now. more
Branded Earphones
June 30, 2014
Branded earphones are becoming more and more popular as promotional products. With our brand new range of tech gifts, we have added 7 new earphone options.

These branded earphones make trendy and fresh promotional products that are popular not only with the youth, but also with any music lovers.

If you are looking for a creative way to market your company, a headset with your logo on might be just what you need.

Why use promotional earphones?

  • Fun and creative promo items
  • Something useful that clients will appreciate
  • Appeals to wide audience

Whether you prefer the in ear earphones or over head earphones, we are sure to have an option that you will love.

One of our brand new headphones options is the Frequency Headphones set (TECH-4205).
These are unique, fold-up headphones that are easy to carry wherever you go. 
The headphone snap open and can be adjusted to suit your size.

The Frequency Headphones are promotional earphones with a design similar to the popular Beats earphones. We can print your company logo on the side of each ear cover, to give you maximum brand exposure. 

Frequency Branded Earphones:

  • Material: ABS and PVC
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Fold-up headphones
  • Compatible with all audio devices
  • Available in white and black

To order your promotional earphones, contact us now! We supply earphones throughout South Africa. For more options. more
USB Gadgets
June 26, 2014
We have a cool range of brand new USB Gadgets available for you! This year we have added lots of  new tech gadgets to our corporate gifts range.

Giving your clients or staff tech gadgets as promotional gifts is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression. It also lets them know that your company is ahead of the game and up to date with new technology.

More and more companies use branded technology products as corporate gifts, and here are some of the benefits;

Why give USB Gadgets as corporate gifts?

  • USB is universal; if you have a computer or laptop you have USB ports
  • These items are trendy and modern
  • Clients LOVE receiving gadget gifts
  • Functional items that clients can use

Because we have such a large selection of gadget gifts to choose from, we have put together three awesome USB gadgets for you to choose from.


One of the big problems with some computers is that they have only a few USB ports. If you need to plug in your keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive, you have no space for any other things such as your phone. The solution for this is a USB Hub.
Our Palette USB Hub (TECH-805) has 4 extra USB ports for you to use!

Powerbank USB Card

This handy little USB Gadget is a multi-functional 8GB USB Flash Drive and mobile charger Powerbank. The card shaped USB is a light and portable drive that combines two very important and useful tech items; a storage drive and a charger device. Any tech savvy clients will love the Powerbank Card USB (GM-MB2200)!

USB Desk Fan

This is a great gift for the office on those hot summer days! This small desk fan is powered by a USB cable. Simply plug it into your computer and you have a lovely breeze to cool you down. The USB Desk Fan (BAR-BD0100) is available in 3 different colours.

To order your promotional USB gadgets, email us now! We are a premier supplier of technology corporate gifts in South Africa. more