End of Year Gifts Ideas for Clients
July 31, 2015
End of year gift ideas for clients- When considering branded promotional items for your clients, it is always of the utmost importance to find a product that can not only proudly display your logo or corporate name, but also a product that can be put to use daily, giving out an item to use daily rather than just take up space.

A great promotional item, perfect for the wine lovers across South Africa, the Sunset Wine Cooler Bag is an awesome picnic style set that gives you all you need to enjoy that much anticipated bottle of wine.

A fantastic branded gift that clients are sure to love and use, this is a wonderful idea for the holidays, whether a picnic with family in the park, or taking a bottle along to a braai, this awesome bag holds a bottle in a foil lined cooler section while the rest of the area is taken up by two goblets, two napkins, a wooden bottle opener, a wooden cheese knife and a stainless steel bottle stopper.
This sturdy, waterproof canvas bag gives you complete convenience when enjoying a smooth bottle of your favourite wine.

Another fantastic end of year gift idea for clients, the Reversible Bodywarmer is a thick and durable body warmer option that gives you the option of nylon or fleece as your lining. A wonderful branded item that clients are sure to love, this is an item perfectly suited to be both office-formal and smart-casual.

  • Outside material: 100% ripstop nylon with silver coating
  • Inside material: 100% polyester fleece
  • Outside: Slazenger logo embroidery on the back of the collar
  • Foldaway hood in collar
  • Front pockets with zipper
  • Chest pocket with zipper
  • Drawstring with cordstoppers at the bottom
  • Inside: front pockets with zipper
  • Zipper in side seam for access to embroidery and print
  • Sizes range from S-4XL (standard fit)

Available in a range of six colours, this is a branded promotional item that clients can use every day, no matter if at the home or office.

An end of year gift idea that will not soon be forgotten, the Powermax Power Bank is the perfect end of year gift idea for executive clients. A strong, 10000 mAh power bank portable charger, this great device lets you travel freely while still maintaining your mobile devices.
A brilliant way to charge your phone or tablet on the go, the Powermax is a long lasting branded gift option that is a life saver at times. A very popular branded gift option for executives, this power bank features:

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 10 000 mAh capacity
  • Life cycle: +- 500 times
  • Size: 2.2cm x 7cm x 10cm
  • Presented in velveteen pouch and box

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Creative Corporate Gift ideas
July 30, 2015
Creative Corporate Gift Ideas, South Africa- A corporate gift or branded marketing item not only serves as a promotional tool for your brand, but also acts as a way of strengthening customer and client relations within the business structure.

Corporate gifting offers a unique opportunity for businesses to think outside the box, giving out an item that has been customised to the look and feel of the brand, while still presenting clients and customers with a fun item that they can use daily. This is creative corporate gifting at its finest.

A creative gift that can be used in a whole heap of ways, the USB Credit Card Flash Drive is a customisable USB flash drive that can have full colour prints on both sides.

A brilliant opportunity for a funky, eye-catching and creative promotional item, this awesome flash drive can be used as a modern business card, or even just as a promotional giveaway item perfect for banks or financial institutions. A great USB, available in a range of capacities, this handy USB fits right in your wallet, ensuring that your important data is always right by your side.

Another creative corporate gift idea that brings a bit of fun to the corporate world, the branded Cube Stressball is a clever and innovative way of gifting clients and staff members. A brilliant idea for giveaways, this allows for a six sided colour print that can be perfectly customised to your corporate needs. A clever item that will not be forgotten, this is a marketing tool that will stick in the minds of many. A great item for launches or campaigns, this is something that will get people talking about your brand and its marketing approach.

A fairly small gift option that is entirely useful, the Adhesive Silicone Phone Wallet is a card and note pocket that sticks right onto the back of your phone. A wonderfully convenient item during the working day, this allows you to keep business cards and notes close at hand.

An effective marketing item that displays the brand to the world every time the phone is picked up, this is a clever and unique way of marketing your modern brand. A creative corporate gift idea that is sure to be remembered, this is a great item for events or giveaways, being both cost-effective as well as an innovative marketing tool.

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Solar Silicon Lamp
July 29, 2015
The Solar Silicon Lamp is an amazing, easy to use portable lamp, perfect for any outdoor occasion. A new, innovative lamp that uses the energy from the sun to give you endless, calming light. This great branded item has a range of uses and modes, giving you everything you could ask for from a silicon lamp.

A branded marketing item unlike any other, the eco friendly Solar Silicon lamp has a range of setting including bright light, low light and flashing light, making it an awesome item to have. Whether at home during loadshedding or out in the wilderness of South Africa, enjoying some camping time with the family, this durable and waterproof lamp can be used anywhere, anytime.

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Foldable
  • Eco-Friendly

With the added value of being a jar, this collapsible and easy to store lamp can hold valuables safe and sound- whether wading through a river or simply caught in the rain, this item can light your way while making sure your valuables are kept dry, protected from the elements.

Also acting as a wonderful outside lantern during events, the low light setting is perfect for mood lighting, and with the waterproof aspect these awesome little devices can also be thrown in the pool as floating lights, adding to the elegant ambiance of the evening.

Whether gifting clients or staff, or even as a giveaway to customers, this is a useful and thoughtful product that can serve them well for years to come. The collapsible nature of the lamp also means you can store it anywhere, it can be folded into less than half the size as to take up as little space as possible- the perfect item for camping and hiking.

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Promotional Coffee Mugs
July 29, 2015
Promotional Coffee Mugs South Africa- When giving out an item to clients or staff members, it is always best to offer an item that is both useful in a daily context and also a clearly visible marketing item to promote your own brand.

A product that fits the bill perfectly for a small client gift or an office item for staff, a promotional coffee mug is a well branded item that can be used again and again, a consistent reminder of the brand and what it stands for.

The Scoop Mug and Spoon, a colourful branded coffee mug option, is a very popular corporate gift option. A handy set, the matching spoon fits right into the handle of the mug, making it a convenient coffee mug and spoon combo that will never be apart. A wonderful item to have around the office for staff, these mugs can be clearly branded with a logo or design, giving you a complete marketing item for the business place. Whether making clients coffee at meetings or just to be used at staff mugs, these awesome branded mugs are sure to catch the eye of any onlookers.

Another favourite mug option, the Chameleon Colour Changing Mug is a unique product that allows for unique and innovative branding solutions. This awesome mug changes colour depending on the temperature, usually revealing the hidden logo or copy once filled with hot coffee or tea. A mug that also comes with a matching spoon that fits in the handle, these mugs offer a promotional item that clients will remember. A great end of year gift for clients and staff, these brilliant mugs are a gift not soon forgotten.

The Home-Base Mug, a more common mug option for gifting, is a simple branded coffee mug with a silicone base. With a vibrant colour inner and a matching colour base, these mugs offer wonderful staff gifts that display your logo proudly to the world. A great item for around the office for staff use, this is a nice way to show uniformity around the office environment. With ample room for branding and a selection of colours to choose from, this is a promotional coffee mug to keep around the work place.

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Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients
July 28, 2015
Corporate Christmas gift ideas for clients, and promotional giveaways for staff members, can be an important part of the marketing and relationship building process for a business. Ensuring a strong, positive attitude in the new years as well as giving out an item that can be used and enjoyed, this is a way to market your brand effectively in a personal fashion.

At a time of year when everyone is in the spirit of giving, the Elleven Laptop Backpack is an unbelievably awesome backpack option to give before your clients and colleagues head off for the Christmas break. A padded bag with a whole collection of compartments, pockets and dividers, this is the ideal travel buddy for any holiday. The perfect bag for carry-on luggage when flying, this bag has a breakaway laptop pocket and zipped organisers, specifically so you do not have to unpack your bag at checks, but rather just zip off a pocket or two and lay them flat in the tray. A stunning piece when branded, this sleek laptop backpack gives you everything you need in a carry bag over the Christmas holidays.

A smaller, cost-effective gifting option for staff members before the Christmas break, the adhesive silicone phone wallet is a small yet highly useful item that is perfect for a branded gift. A clear marketing tool that promotes your brand every time the phone is used, this is a handy card carrier that gives you carrying convenience. Storing cards and notes right behind your phone, a pocket like this allows you to have everything you need on a night out, at arm’s reach. Great for holiday goers and travellers, the silicone phone wallet is a brilliant little branded item.

The 10000mAh Superboost Power Bank is another exciting Christmas time gift for clients of the executive type. A strong power bank option that allows you the freedom to travel without worrying about your mobile devices losing battery, the SupoerBoost portable charger gives you hours of recharging power that can fully charge a tablet and smartphone simultaneously. A brilliant gift for the holidays, sure to come in handy all along the road, this ensure you never lose power at times when you need it.

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Adhesive Cell Phone Card Holder
July 27, 2015
The adhesive cell phone card holder is a unique marketing tool that is right on par with modern trends, both in and outside the business world. A wonderful silicone phone wallet that stick right onto the back or your smartphone, this makes for carrying ease as you know your cards and even cash are right by your side at all times.

A brilliant way to keep important cards and items close at hand, this is a great branding item that proudly displays your logo every time the phone is used. A consistent reminder of what your brand stands for, this a modern and youthful gift that comes in handy time and time again. Available in a range of colours, this makes for a wonderful marketing gift or corporate giveaway at events.

A brilliant small item for staff gifts, this allows for a well branded, entirely useful promotional item that is perfect for a night out on the town or collecting business cards during the course of the week. Also a great way to keep your own business cards close at hand, this awesome little wallet ensures everything you need is at an arm’s reach.

The adhesive phone card holder features:
  • Material: Silicone
  • Adhesive back
  • Size: 5.6 x 0.3 x 8.5cm

A great branded item that can be used on a daily basis, this is a great way to give out branded item that suit your corporate image and promotes your corporate identity.
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Unique End Of Year Gift Ideas
July 27, 2015
End of Year Gift Ideas are an integral part of the marketing process and a very important aspect of maintaining and strengthening corporate relationships. 
A way to give useful and thoughtful gifts to clients or customers, while still achieving consistent, passive marketing through association, the giving of a functional branded gift is an ideal way to end off the year on a high.

Powerbank and Bluetooth Speaker

A gift that can bring a bit of joy and dancing to your holiday adventures, the Polaris Power Bank & Speaker is an awesome 4400mAh power bank that lets you play your favourite songs, wherever you may go. A power bank and speaker duo, this awesome device lets you charge your smart phone, while listening to your favourite tracks. 

A perfect holiday gift for the avid traveller, this lets you power your mobile devices no matter where you go. A wonderful branded gift option, with ample room for branding, this is a gadget that is much loved, and with a corporate logo displayed proudly on the body, this is a marketing tool that clients will love to show off.

Braai Tongs with Light

Another great end of year gift that customers and staff are sure to love, the Braai Tongs with Light is a holiday type gift that makes for a useful and thoughtful corporate branded item. A great way to promote your company through clients and customers, an item like this is perfect for the South African culture- one deeply rooted in the Sunday afternoon braai. 

An ideal gift for the end of the year, with a good sized branded area for engraving, these give you braai-time ease as you can see everything perfectly no matter how dark it is.

Silicon Lamps

The Silicone Solar Lamp is another awesome end of year gift idea that is perfect for clients and customers alike. A small, jar-type lamp that gives you a wonderfully bright light, this is an eco-friendly, compact gift idea that is perfect for corporate gifting efforts. 

An awesome and hardy outdoor light, perfect for camping of hiking, this is a gift loved by all who receive it. In a range of colours and a small branding area available on the top, this is an item sure to be used for years to come.

Give your clients and staff a gift they can use, from around the office to holiday time fun, a branded gift can do wonders for your corporate relations.

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Conference Gift Ideas
July 24, 2015
Conference Gift ideas- When considering conference gift ideas, it is of the utmost importance to give guests items that are both useful and relevant- an item that promotes the business and corporate image, while still fulfilling a use and not just taking up space.

From a wide selection of products, we at Brand Innovation have put together a small list of conference gift ideas to make your experience a little easier. Here are some conference must-haves:
  • Document Pocket
  • Notebook and Pen Set
  • Conference Bag

First things first, the simple yet useful option. The Document Pocket is a useful, effective, albeit cheaper option for branded conference gifts.
A simple A4 pocket for keeping all your documents in while at a conference, this great marketing item has huge room for branding and comes in handy when faced with endless conference notes. A clear and effective way to market your brand through gifting, this gives you a solid promotional item that cannot be missed.

Another great conference idea, perfect for keeping on track with notes and documents, the Avatar Gift Set is a wonderful corporate notebook and pen set that takes care of all your writing and note taking needs. A great pen and notepad set that can be customised to suit your corporate image through colour and branding, this nifty little set is a great looking promotional item that conference goers will love. A great solution to branded conference packets and promotional items, this is an ideal way to market your brand widely while still giving out an entirely useful item.

Last, but certainly not least, the Graffiti Conference Bag is a great promotional item, ideal for carrying all your documents and stationary at a conference.
A well-sized bag with ample room for branding available, this item comes in a range of colours that can be suited to fit your corporate image exactly. With a shoulder strap and carry handles for easy transportation of documents and notes, this is conference ease as the multiple zip-pockets and dividers make ordering your documents a breeze.

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Zoom Power Banks
July 23, 2015
Zoom power banks -A strong and sturdy backup power supply, the Zoom Power Bank Extreme is a strong and durable portable charger option, perfect for corporate branding and gifting.

A useful item to have around a solar charger gives you energy on the go, allowing you to travel freely without the worry of losing battery to your mobile devices.

Top Features of this ZOOM power bank:

  • Keeps charge for up to 6 months
  • Impact Resistant
  • Scratch and Dust Resistant
  • Can charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Can charge an iPad and tabled devices
  • Can clip onto a bag or backpack

A great item for client gifting and promotional branding, the Zoom Power Bank gives you efficiency at its finest as once charged it can keep the power at the ready for up to six months before draining slowly. Meaning this is a product that can be used whenever you need it, just charge it up and know that when you need power in a tough situation, it will right there, ready and waiting.

With a hardy silicone cover this impact, splash and dust resistant power bank gives you a corporate item showing off the modern side of your brand, as well as the care and concern for clients’ wellbeing- an important message to instil valued brand loyalty.

Brilliant in its abilities, this charger has two USB output ports letting you charge multiple smart phones at once, as well as an iPad or tablet if needed.

This 5600mAh power bank is a great item to take on a trip, whether for business or pleasure, allowing you the freedom and peace of mind knowing that you have power at the ready at a moment’s notice.

An item that can fulfil a daily need in many cases, a strong power bank life this ensures you are never left in the dark when it comes to your tablets and cell phones. A way to show off a fun and tech-savvy side of a brand, as well as give out a well branded promotional item, the power bank is a meaningful gift that shows how you care for your clients’ well-being.

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Drinking Jars with Straw
July 21, 2015

Drinking Jars

When considering promotional items for events, or gifts for staff members, it is always good to consider the gifts which fit best into the environment.

A perfect idea for events or gifts around the office, the Drinking Jars with Straws is a fun and funky branded item that clients and staff will love to use. A branded glass jar with accompanying straw, this item can be branded perfectly to fit the mood of the hour.

The Drinking Jars are ideal for:
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Events
  • Parties
  • Creative Promotions

A novelty type gift for events and functions, these stylish yet fun jars are perfect for cocktails and other drinks. With a sturdy straw to match, these jars make for great place holders or customised gifts for guests.

With a large area for branding available, plus a range of colours codes and options to choose from, this item can be tailor made to suit your own corporate needs. A great way to serve your clients a fantastic cocktail in a unique and memorable way, while still marketing your brand freely and effectively, it is the small details like this that can set your brand apart from the rest.

A firm favourite for corporate events, this shows clients your attention to detail, having every last item on par with the occasion. A quirky product that is sure to be remembered, the drinking jars with straws make for an item on par with your corporate image.

Holding 470mls of cool, refreshing beverage, this little jar is perfect for sitting back in the sun, soaking up the rays with good friends and great conversation.

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