Car air freshener suppliers
September 30, 2013
A car air freshener is a great promotional marketing product.
There are many reasons why it makes the perfect corporate giveaway
  • After property, your car is your most expensive investment
  • People will appreciate being given a car air freshener 
  • They will definitely hang it in their car
  • Your brand will be seen from the moment they get in their car
  • Many people spend hours in their car every day driving to work and back

Car air freshener fragrance

You can choose your fragrance from a variety of fragrances.

These are;
  • New car
  • Vanilla
  • Sea breeze
  • Papaya melon
  • Water lilly
  • Green apple
Get your brand moving and travelling throughout South Africa.

The minimum order quantity is 500 units.
The air fresheners are made of paper
Come with hanging string
Individually wrapped air fresheners more
Caps South Africa
September 30, 2013
Caps South Africa - Branded hats and promotional caps with your company logo.
A branded cap is the perfect marketing product for Summer!

We have a range of bright and colour caps and hats to choose from. We can brand these caps with embroidery on the front, sides or the back, wherever you like. A cap with a logo is a very effective marketing tool, because it is something many people use and it is highly visible. Your clients will be wearing your logo on their heads for the whole world to see.

The Detroit 6 Panel Cap code: CAP-801

The Detroit 6 panel cap is popular promotional cap. These great caps are cost effective and make great gifts for summer. These caps are available in 9 different colours: yellow, navy, lime, black, orange, white, red, light blue and khaki. 

Caps Features:
  • Made of Twill cotton
  • 6 Panels
  • Has an adjustable strap
Caps branded with your logo will add great benefit to your brand, offering long lasting branding value and many uses!

We are a premier supplier of caps and hats in South Africa.

For all your branded head wear please email us. We look forward to being of assistance. more
End of year gift ideas
September 26, 2013
A great end of year gift idea for  anyone is an executive pen like Sheaffer pen!
If you are looking for a slimline executive pen, then the Sheaffer Sentinel Brushed Chrome with Chrome Trim Pen s a perfect option. The Sentinel pen has always been a popular metal pen and a best seller at Brand Innovation.
It is presented in a Sheaffer Box with a clear lid. 
This pen is also available with a gold trim.
Who this pen will be perfect for;
  • Any executive businessman or businesswoman
  • A university student as a graduation gift
  • A long service award
  • For Grade 12's leaving school
  • As a birthday gift
We engrave the pens for you with your logo or personalized engraving.
Other reasons why this pen is a great end of year gift idea;
  • Well priced
  • Guarantee on the mechanism for a year
  • Very smart
  • Worldwide well known brand
  • Sheaffer has a great reputation
  • Sheaffer celebrates its 100 year birthday this year, in 2013
  • A brand will only last 100 years if it is a GREAT BRAND!
The minimum order quantity for this pen is 10 units.
Please email us for pricing.
We deliver countrywide.

Thank you for visiting the best corporate gift website in South Africa. We look forward to being of service to you. more
End of year gift ideas for men
September 26, 2013
A great end of year gift idea for men is the executive mens gift set. This is a beautiful silk tie, handkerchief and matching cufflinks set that is available in different colours.

These elegant ties;
  • have a small white dot pattern
  • are available in blue, silver, black and brown
  • we can brand the box with a beautiful engraved plaque placed on the front of the box
This item, Amcam78992, is a winner and clients love it!

This great executive gift for men has;
  • A beautiful silk tie
  • Matching slik handkerchief
  • Cuff links
  • And presented in a beautiful back gift box.
Any man will appreciate being given such a classy gift. We can brand this mens executive gift for you and they are perfect for your valued clients or business executives.

A tie and cufflinks and handkerchief will still always be worn, even in today's age of business wear becoming more casual. These elegant ties have a small white dot pattern and is available in blue, silver black and brown.

The lid of this gift box has a matching silk inlay to match the silk tie inside the box. Whoever gets this gift will be very grateful and impressed.

These sets truly make excellent business gifts. more
Leather travel wallet
September 25, 2013

This leather travel wallet is made of bonded leather. The dimensions of the wallet are 13 x 24.5 x 2.2cm's. It is a zip around travel wallet. The branding is done on the metal plaque on the front of the wallet. There are various compartments inside for your various documents and cards and of course, a special place for your passport. 

Leather travel wallet AMCAM 29069.

We can also print a logo on the travel wallet for you. This AMCAM bonded leather travel wallet is a best stellar and has been a standard stock item for many years due to its ongoing popularity. A perfect promotional item and marketing product for the travel , tourism and conference industries. 

A leather wallet makes a great business gift. Leather products are always classy and leave a lasting impression. We supply these awesome leather travel wallets and assorted other executive leather gifts. For more options please view our Leather Products Catalogue.

We look forward to providing you with your branded travel wallets. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to assisting you with your orders for travel wallets. more
Wine holder Wooden gift box
September 25, 2013
A gift box of a wine holder is a perfect end of year gift for any wine lover or for someone who has everything. The Treasure Chest Wine Set, Amcam84049, is a very popular executive gift.
We supply the Treasure Chest wine holder with wine accessories. We do not supply the wine. You can find out what type of wine your client or staff member likes and choose the wine to suit the person you are giving the treasure chest to. 
The dimensions of the treasure chest are 36 x 11.5 x 13.7cm.
This gift is perfect if you are in the following industries;
  • Wine industry
  • Bottle store
  • Retail store
  • Financial institution and many more.
So many people are wine lovers and belong to a wine of the month club. 
This gift is perfect for;
  • A christmas business gift
  • An end of year gift
  • A speaker's thank you
  • A conference gift
  • A long service award
  • An incentive gift
  • A birthday gift
  • For a CEO and many more! more
Journal Notebook – new in South Africa
September 25, 2013

Our new Journal Notebook has landed in South Africa!

This Notebook comes in a variety of great colors;  purple, lime, orange, red, black, blue and yellow. These journals are bright and fun and will put a smile on your clients' face. What makes these awesome journal notebooks so unique is the pages; this notebook has unlined pages in different vibrant colours!

Notebook Code: Amcam28211

Reasons why this is a cool corporate gift notebook;
  • Bright, cool colors
  • Unlined colored paper which is a unique fun feature
  • Perfect for work projects
  • Perfect for creatives
  • Great promo item for school children and university students too
The dimensions of this notebook are 14 x 18 x 2cm.
There are 144 colored unlined pages
The notebook also has an elastic strap

This notebook can be used:
  • In meetings
  • For conferences
  • For special projects
  • For staff to write down their goals and dreams
  • For travelers to record their journeys
  • And many many more uses
Everyone loves and needs a notebook or journal at some stage of their day.
I have a notebook next to me when I go to sleep at night in case I need to remember something for work or to do the next day.
No matter how technology grows, we will always still need to write at some stage of our day.
These jounal notebooks are fabulous and fun and everyone will love them!
Orders yours now!! We can also brand them with your company logo or the recipients name. A personalized notebook is a special gift that clients will certainly treasure. more
Eco friendly notebook
September 23, 2013

An eco friendly notebook with a real bamboo hard cover is a unique and interesting and useful corporate gift for a company that promotes taking care of the environment. 

The Amcam28909 Bamboo Eco Notebook measures 14.5 cm x 18 x 1cm. It has bamboo cover, 70 lined pages made of unbleached recycled paper and comes with a bamboo pen. There is an elastic band on the side of the notebook especially for the bamboo pen. We can brand the notebook and the pen, or just the notebook for you. 

A note book is a really useful corporate gift for everyone from a man to a women, university graduate or intern and definitely the CEO too. 

We have distribution throughout South Africa and so no matter where you are based in South Africa, we can deliver your note books to you! Delivery is door to door with our courier services. We follow up once your order has left our premises until you have received your goods. 

Our aim is always to delight and we are sure that we will delight you with the eco friendly bamboo notebooks. more
Sewing kit
September 23, 2013
Our stunning sewing kit Amcam78950, measuring 8.5cm x 6 x 2cm is available in a variety of beautiful colors. A sewing kit is a lovely promotional item and can and will be used by both men and women when they are travelling or even at home.
If you are not a big sewer, you only need a small travel size sewing kit at home too. Our sewing kits are available in a variety of stunning colors, namely orange, pink, purple and lime. How cool!
These sewing kits are also perfect for university students and business men and women. So order your sewing kits today!

Sewing kits make great marketing gifts for the hospitality industry and travel industries. They make unique and memorable promotional gifts that your clients can use. We brand these mini sewing kits with your company logo. Giving someone a useful gift is a great idea, because they will keep it and think of you everytime they use the item.
A sewing kit is the perfect item for business people! If you lose a button on your shirt or blazer, you can just quickly use your travel sewing kit to fix that.
It is also a great gift for families with children, who often lose buttons or tear clothing when playing.
This is an all over great promotional gift idea. more
Sheaffer Pens
September 20, 2013

Sheaffer Pens make a lasting and impressionable corporate gift. The Sheaffer Pen Brand is one that we at Brand Innovation are proud to be able to offer our clients. 

Sheaffer celebrates its 100th birthday this year, 2013. The Sheaffer Pen is a timeless classic pen that we love. 

If you give someone a Sheaffer they will thank you for ever and always remember you when they write with their beautiful pen. Even better, we can personalize the pen with their name and / or your company logo. We believe absolutely in the quality of the Sheaffer Pens and recommend that when looking for an executive pen, you consider a Sheaffer. 

Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black Pen

The Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black Pen is one of our best selling pens. It is presented in this beautiful Sheaffer Box. Our minimum order quantity on this pen is 10 units. The pen is glossy black with a gold trim and engraves gold. Once you place your order and pay your deposit, we send you the artwork to approve. Once approved, we go into production. The lead time to receive your pens is usually 7 to 10 working days from approval of artwork. 

We thank you for visiting our website. Our aim at Brand Innovation is to delight you, our client. Once a client, we look forward to being of service to you forever. 

Please let us know how we can help you with your corporate gift pen orders. more