Balmain Paris Pens South Africa
September 25, 2015
Balmain Paris Pens South Africa- The Balmain Paris range is an exceptionally stylish and opulent collection from a world renowned luxury pen brand.

Our most popular Balmain items:

A stunning leather wrapped Balmain pen option, the Balmain Supreme Ball Pen is a functional yet fashionable writing piece presented in a faux leather pouch. A top selling corporate gift, this is a brilliant way to connect with executive clients, giving them an everyday item that makes them feel closer to the brand.

This beautiful Balmain pen features:

  • Barrel: Brass With Genuine Leather Wrap
  • Lid, Clip & Tip: Polished Chrome
  • With Black German Ink
  • Includes Simulated Leather Pouch
  • 14.5 ( L ) X 2.8 ( W ) X 1.8 ( H )

For a set option however, the awesome Balmain Paris Gift Set is a brilliant pen and USB gift set. An executive branded gift that is perfect for the office environment, this comes with a standard 4GB flash drive- although higher capacities can be ordered- and a stylishly engraved Balmain pen. With pad printing or laser engraving available on both items in the set, this is a great way to promote your brand through executive corporate gifts.

This great set features:

  • Pen Material: copper with polished chrome plating / with black German ink
  • Memory stick: zinc alloy & ABS
  • USB Capacity: 4GB
  • USB Size: 5.5 ( l ) x 2.1 ( w ) x 2.2 ( h ) / version 2.0
  • Gift box: 18.6 ( l ) x 8 ( w ) x 4.2 ( h )

Another stunning Balmain set option, the Balmain Concorde Ball Pen & Rollerball Set is a gorgeous branded gift option that is ideal for promoting your branded to executive clients. An opulent writing piece option, these sleek and sexy polished chrome pens give you a comfortable writing experience every time. A great way to connect with executive clients, this is a thoughtful and useful branded gift.

This stunning pen set features:

  • barrel & lid: brass with polished chrome plating
  • clip: polished chrome with black German ink
  • INCLUDES PRESENTATION BOX 18.8 ( l ) x 7.2 ( w ) x 2.2 ( h )

Lastly, one of our most popular and functional corporate Balmain gift sets, the Balmain Appellate Gift Set is a fast selling executive gift set that has a high-quality Balmain pen and a stylish faux leather notepad. A brilliant branded gift for clients, a great item to promote any brand, this is a functional item that is sure to be shown off around the office. With a unique two-tone design and branding allowed on all items including the beautiful presentation box, this is a complete branded gift sure to leave its mark.

This stylish set features:

  • Faux Leather Notepad
  • Ballpoint Pen with a brass barrel wrapped in Genuine Leather
  • Notepad size: 14 ( L ) X 9.5 ( W ) X 1.5 ( H )
  • Presentation Box Size: 19 ( L ) X 15 ( W ) X 4 ( H )

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Branded Laptop Bags
September 25, 2015
Branded Laptop Bags South Africa- A brilliantly useful way to give out meaningful branded gifts to staff members or clients, a selection from our branded laptop bags range is sure to fit the bill perfectly.

Our favourite branded laptop bags:
  • 5th Avenue Compu-Brief
  • Elleven Compu-Messenger
  • Bolt Compu-Messenger Bag

A simple laptop bag option, the 5th Avenue Compu-Brief is a stylish laptop bag option with a plain black design. With a large area on the front face for your branding, as well as two-tone carry straps giving it the added professional look, this is an ideal way to protect your laptop while travelling to work or on a business trip. With a well-designed back made to slip over trolley handles at the airport, plus a large front zip-up pocket for documents, this is an ideal gift for any professional man or woman.

Another amazing laptop bag option, a more versatile option for travelling, the Elleven Compu-Messenger is a durable laptop bag option with a multitude of pockets and compartments for all your business documents and needs. A brilliant bag that has a zip-off the laptop section- allowing it to lay flat when putting it through the x-ray belt at airports- and an earphone outlet, making this a great travel bag for any professional. With file dividers and a removable tech-trap pocket for your devices, this is an amazing bag to have, especially when travelling the world on business.

Another brilliant branded laptop bag for the office environment, the Bolt Compu-Messenger Bag is a stylish carry bag option that has a funky design and a strong outer design. A great laptop bag with a removable shoulder strap and a range of compartments for all your document needs, this is an ideal item for hand luggage while travelling or when on a weekend business trip. Sure to keep your devices safe while on the go, this allows for clear branding on the face, giving you a complete branded gift for your important clients.

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Printed Lighters
September 23, 2015
Printed lighters South Africa- A simple, cost-effective way to promote any brand through everyday items, a branded lighter is an ideal branded marketing item- especially for giveaways.

Our popular banded lighters:

  • Disposable Flint Lighter
  • BIC Slim Line Lighter
  • BIC Maxi Lighter

A cost-effective promotional item that is ideal for giveaways, a Disposable Flint Lighter is a simple yet efficient lighter option that comes in a range of colours. With your logo printed proudly on the front face, this is an everyday marketing item that is sure to be used regularly. Lighters are passed around constantly, making this an item that everyone will see. This is the best and easiest way to make your brand a daily feature in the life of clients and customers.

Another awesome lighter option, although higher quality and much more durable than the normal disposable flint lighter, the BIC Slim Line Lighter is a good-quality item in a choice of four colours- white, black, red and blue. With branding allowed in up to five colours, this is a great custom gift that can be made to perfectly suit your brand. A great item from the renowned BIC brand, this is a great way to market your brand through useful everyday items. An item sure to be passed around, this is ideal for ensuring maximum reach for your marketing efforts.

The BIC Maxi Lighter, the more expensive lighter option, is a durable and high-quality lighter option that is brilliant for corporate branding efforts. Available in a range of four colours to match the slim lighter option, it can hold a large print in up to five colours. A great way to show off your brand through functional marketing items, a branded lighter is an effective yet cost efficient way of spreading your brand name around town- especially when considering the younger generations.

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BPA Free Water Bottles Suppliers
September 23, 2015
BPA Free Water Bottles Suppliers South Africa- BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics since the 60s, a substance that has been linked to a number or physical diseases and syndromes, we are proud to supply BPA free water bottles.

A brilliant branded bottle option, the Aqua Water Bottle is a stylish gifting option perfect for sports teams or gyms. A great item for promotional giveaway or for new clients signing up, this is an awesome way to give out meaningful branded products while ensuring your clients stay hydrated and healthy.

The Aqua Water Bottle features:

  • Size: 26.4cm (h)
  • Capacity: 650ml
  • Material: Plastic Alloy
  • Flip Top spout
  • BPA Free

Available in a range of seven colours, the bottle has a cool grip section, and the slim design makes it perfect for sticking in the side compartment of most backpacks and bags. With a spill proof cap and clear branding on the body, this is an ideal branded gift for your clients.

A wonderful non-drip bottle option, the Tatum 600ML Water Bottle  is a great branded bottle with a stylish design. With no cap, and a clever one way drinking hole using suction-valve technology, this bottle ensures that all the water is saved for you.

Colour options:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow

A bottle with a large branding area on the front face, this is a great item to gift staff for a meaningful and entirely useful corporate gift. Perfect for focusing on health and hydration around the office, this is a gift to be used on a daily basis.

A stunning water bottle option, the more opulent branded bottle option, the Glacier Freezer Water Bottle is a cleverly designed product that is perfect for keeping water or drinks colder for longer.

This awesome bottle features:

  • Material: PETG & PP
  • Capacity: 540ml 
  • Size: 27.3 ( h )
  • flip-up straw
  • suitable for cold liquids only

A unique bottle option that has a double walled design with freeze gel in the centre to lock in all the cold. A great feature that allows you to stick in in the fridge before heading to gym, ensuring your water is icy cold and completely refreshing.  With a large area open for branding, this bottle can hold a four colour screen print or a one colour screen wrap. A brilliant item that clients are sure to love, this is an awesome way to promote a healthy life style within your corporate family.

Other great water bottle options:
  • Nautilis Water Bottle
  • Tatum 600ML Water Bottle
  • Curves-500 Water Bottle
  • Aqua Water Bottle
  • Glacier Freezer Water Bottle
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September 23, 2015
T Shirts South Africa - An everyday item that allows for a clean and clear marketing message, a stylish printed t-shirt is the perfect item for gifting. With endless options for creative and unique designs, this is an ideal way to give out items that can proudly represent your brand.

The great-quality 145g Printed T-Shirt is a great branded gift option that is available in a massive 13 colour range. Perfect for events or casual staff wear, the large open area allows for the perfect creative marketing opportunity for your brand.

An item to be used on a day to day basis, this is a great and effective way to promote your brand- not to mention this is a fairly cost-effective option, allowing for efficient branding. Printing on this shirt option is available in 10 spot colours, and can be printed on the front, back and sleeves.

Another t-shirt option, the 180g Printed T-Shirt is a durable, high quality branded item that can be given to staff for casual work wear or promotional events. Also available in a wider range of 13 colours with 10 spot colour printing allowed on the front, back and sleeves, this is a customisable t-shirt that allows you to create a unique and effective marketing gift.

Give your clients and staff a casual shirt option that they will love to wear, a comfortable item that shows off your creative design constantly, this is a great branded gift for your brand.

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Promotional Power Bank
September 22, 2015
Promotional Power Bank South Africa- A brilliant way to promote your company in a modern and meaningful way, the Capacity 2200mAh Power Bank is a compact portable charger that can have a stunning full colour print along the body. A small device perfect for times of need, it can be kept in your pocket or bag- b your side whenever you need it.

This awesome power bank features:
  • Output: 5V / 1A
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Includes USB / Micro USB cable
  • Material: ABS
  • 9.5 ( l ) x 2.2 ( w ) x 2.2 ( h )
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • safety: over voltage, over current, over load & short circuit protection
  • Includes velvet carry pouch

A brilliant item that comes in handy on a daily basis, the Capacity Power Bank is perfect for charging your phone on the move. With up to eight hours extra talk time for your phone, this is a great technology item to have on a business trip or weekend away, ensuring you can use your mobile devices when you need them.

Available in a range of colours:
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Light blue
  • Royal blue
  • Green
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow

With a micro USB cable to charge modern cell phones, and the carry pouch making for easy storage, this is a wonderful promotional item for staff and clients. Perfect for the office environment, this cost-effective power bank option is brilliantly useful.

Charging at the same rate as most wall chargers, this item comes in a sleek presentation box and has a durable plastic exterior which makes this an ideal device for any phone charging need.

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Best Picnic Backpack
September 22, 2015
Best Picnic Backpack South Africa - A wonderful way to head into the new work year, a well-branded promotional item can not only make business relationships sturdier, but also encourage a positive attitude among employees.

An amazing branded gift, the Bastille Picnic Bag is a great looking branded gift option that comes in handy throughout the year.

Features of the Best Selling Bastille Picnic Backpack:
  • 4 X White Plastic Handle  Stainless Steel Forks, Knives & Spoons
  • 4 X Black & White Checked Napkins
  • 4 X Solid White Melamine Tumblers
  • 4 X White Melamine Plates

Other great picnic backpacks and bags available:
  • Afrika Spectator Bag
  • Java Flask and Blanket Set
  • Sunset Picnic Case

Whether an item for staff or for clients, a meaningful marketing product that can be used on a regular basis allows for personal interaction with a company, not only marketing the brand proudly, but making a client’s life a little more enjoyable along the way.

A wonderfully useful item that is great to have over the holiday season, this is perfect for picnicking in the park or taking the family out for a day in the sun. An ideal item for the beach when visiting the coast as well, this can hold everything you need for a truly enjoyable day out.

With a large area open for your branding efforts and holding everything you need to enjoy time with family and friends, this is a very popular item that has been adored time and time again. A clever zip up bag with large compartments, this makes for an unbelievable branded gift that clients are sure to love- the perfect item to show off this summer.

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BIC Pens Supplier
September 22, 2015
BIC Pens South Africa- A stunning range from the renowned BIC brand, these amazing pens make for some of the most stunning branded gifts around. These awesome branded pens make for the best corporate branded gifts for clients and staff members alike.

Our top selling BIC pens:

  • BIC Stic Printed Pen- the cost-effective, everyday pen
  • BIC Stic Round Printed Pen- the best pen for colour branding options
  • BIC Media Clic Pen- a cost-effective click pen with good room for colourful branding
  • BIC Grip Rollerball Pen- the pricier, executive BIC pen option

A fantastic, cost-effective BIC option that gives you a simple giveaway or office use item, the BIC Stic Printed Pen is a simple pen option that is perfect for corporate branding. With one colour branding and multiple colour options for the barrel, plug and lid, this is a customisable pen perfect for your promotional branding. A popular choice for a giveaway item during times of promotions, the everyday use of a pen ensures it will be seen as often as possible.

Another BIC option that is better suited to coloured branding, the BIC Stic Round Printed Pen is a round barrel pen that allows for more detailed branding than the previous option. A great marketing product, the barrel can be white or black, however the lid and plus, as well as the ink, can be chosen in any colour available- mix and match these elements to create the perfect promotional item. With a rounded barrel allowing for more branding space, this is an ideal item for around the office or to giveaway during promotions.

A more upmarket item compared to the last two, the BIC Media Clic Pen is a branded pen option that is great for a staff gift. With the barrel, clip and plug available in a range of five colours, as well as branding allowed in up to three colours, this is a marketing item that staff will love. With every day use making it a clear and effective marketing gift, this is a great item to give out throughout the office environment.

The height of BIC opulence, the BIC Grip Rollerball Pen is a sleek and stylish BIC option for the executive members of staff. A great item that is available in cream, black or navy blue, this awesome item can be branded in a single colour print. A subtle yet elegant gift to give, this is a sure way of giving out effective marketing tools that clients and staff will love. With a comfortable grip and a well-designed body, this is truly a thing of beauty.

Promotional pens are one of the greatest marketing strategies for adding value to your brand. 

Branded pens offer long lasting branding value because everyone uses a pen every day!

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Custom USB Flash Drives
September 21, 2015
Custom USB Flash Drive South Africa- An awesome corporate gifting item that is sure to be a memorable one, the Custom USB Flash Drive is a fun and funky item that lets you create a promotional item in any shape you want. A brilliant unique gift that can be made to look and feel any way you way, this is a clever marketing gift that can be used on a day to day basis.

Order now to prevent delay

Minimum order quantity: 200
Lead time: approximately 3-4 weeks after approval of artwork and deposit

Custom USB Features:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Can be made into any shape you require
  • Available in various chip sizes: 2GB-32GB

A brilliant little device that has daily uses throughout work, school and university, this is a great marketing item that also gives you a cost-effective promotional item. Whether giving it to staff to use around the office, or as a giveaway promotional item at evens, a well-designed USB flash drive is an awesome way to give out a modern and highly useful promotional item.

With endless ways to design this creative, clever marketing tool, this can be made to look like you product or your logo, giving you a good-looking gift item that can clearly and effectively promote you brand. A memorable gift to say the least, this is an ideal way to get people talking about your brand and what it has to offer.

An item that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and staff members, this is a brilliant item to have both in the office and as a giveaway item.

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Bamboo USB Flash Drives
September 21, 2015
Bamboo USB Flash Drives South Africa- A wonderful eco-friendly device that is sure to leave a lasting impression on clients, the Bamboo USB Flash Drive is an incredibly useful devices that allows for an environmentally friendly branded gift for clients and staff.

This awesome device features:

  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo
  • Range of memory capacities (4GB standard size)
  • USB Dimensions: 6 x 2.7cm

A great item to give out when promoting sustainable business and business practices, this is a cost-effective way of marketing your positive brand ethos as well as your attitude towards social issues. A useful item that comes in use every day, this works wonders as a staff gift around the office, or even as a thoughtful giveaway item for clients.

A constructive way to promote your brand through meaningful gifting, this little device has daily applications. A great way to give your employees a stylish solution to data storage and safe keeping, this is a modern technology gift that is sure to be appreciated.

A stunning promotional item that sends out a positive message about your brand and its marketing efforts, this is a brilliant way to connect with those around you, aligning yourself with their interests and beliefs to achieve an effective marketing campaign.

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