Printable Aprons South Africa
September 28, 2018
Printable aprons are an essential addition to restaurant uniforms, cleaning uniforms and many other staff uniforms. Some workplace environments involve rolling up your sleeves and risking splashes and splatters - and for those an apron is a must have! They’re a functional, lightweight solution to protect the clothing layer underneath. Aprons allow freedom of movement and ensure that your staff still look professional and uniform. 

Printable Aprons are a fantastic company swag item. Several branding options are available for a cleaning uniform or restaurant uniforms, such as embroidery and screen printing. Aprons are great addition to staff uniforms, because they’re so customisable. We are cleaning aprons suppliers and staff uniform suppliers. Our range includes a variety of apron colour choices and branding options. This allows you to build a uniform consistent with your brand identity. 

Printable aprons make innovative promotional items and giveaway products for companies in the hospitality and food and drinks industry. Giving resellers of your product or clients in the industry promotional aprons is an ingenious way to increase your brand exposure - especially if your promotional apron is in a location where your product is sold! 

For example, imagine the impact of an entire waitering staff wearing your printable aprons in the restaurant where your product is sold. It’s a corporate gift that will undoubtedly get a great deal of use value - and your printable aprons market your brand wherever the wearer may go!

Staff Uniform Suppliers

We are staff uniform suppliers for many industries - including cleaning aprons suppliers, waitress uniform suppliers, half apron suppliers, and restaurant uniforms suppliers. Take a look at our aprons page to see our available options. Some of our printable aprons collection includes:

US Basic York Barman Apron - a half apron
US Basic Slater Apron - a full apron with ties, 2 open front pockets and 8 colour choices. 

We are proud to be staff uniform suppliers for quality-guaranteed brands, such as US Basic. Please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us to chat to one of our account executives. We will be happy to advise you or give you ideas to suit your restaurant uniforms, cleaning uniform or promotional apron needs. more
Lemon Tree Corporate Gifts
September 27, 2018
Lemon tree corporate gifts are an amazing way to give your clients a more human gift in the corporate world. This delightful fruit-bearing tree is an easy-to-maintain plant, perfectly suited for the indoors. With lemon tree corporate gifts you’re not just adding a beautiful touch of greenery to the workplace, you’re quite literally making your customers happy: office plants have been shown to boost our moods and help us destress!

A lemon tree as a gift is a great choice for a bunch of reasons:

1. Lemon tree gifts are the ideal corporate plant or promotional plant. They don’t need a lot of root space, and only require basic care - so they’re perfect for the indoors, and you don’t need to be a gardening fundi to take care of them! They have beautiful white blossoms, and their bright fruit are a welcomed addition to an office space. 

2. Plants as corporate gifts have a surprising amount of bonus health benefits! They filter our air and lead to reduced stress, help us focus and make us more productive. 

Lemons themselves have a host of benefits too! Besides being a tasty addition to food and drinks, lemons are incredibly healthy. Studies show lemons can aid digestion, are a great source of vitamin C, contribute to weight loss and have natural antibiotic properties.

3. Lemon tree gifts aren’t just healthy for us - they’re healthy for the planet. So lemon trees are an amazing eco friendly gift! Trees support the lives of many birds and insects, they absorb the carbon that contributes to global warming, release the oxygen that we breath and regulate the water cycle. Growing and planting trees can help with the deforestation that is a worldwide environmental problem.

Lemon tree gifts and other green promotional items allow you to align your brand with eco-friendly habits. Choosing a lemon tree as a gift lets you spread eco-friendly products and communicate your ideals to your client.

4. Plants as corporate gifts have the added benefit of being totally unique. Giving a client or customer a natural living gift puts it in another league from other corporate gifts, and really lets you stand out. There are few other corporate gifts that will make your client feel happier just from being around them! It’s a great opportunity to associate your brand with that positivity and mood upliftment.

Brand Innovation is excited to be supplying lemon tree corporate gifts and other plants as corporate gifts! Please find our corporate plant gifts on Eco-Friendly Gifts page, or give us a call on 0861 111 954 or email usFind our contact details at the top of our website. more
Laptop Bag Corporate Gift
September 27, 2018
Laptop Bag Corporate Gift - a laptop bag is the ultimate corporate accessory - and Brand Innovation is happy to be a laptop bag supplier. They’re not just functional, a whole world of stylish laptop bags has opened up: it’s more than just a case for your computer. 

A laptop bag is now a necessity for the modern corporate world. As our work becomes increasingly digitised and everything becomes more portable, a trendy laptop bag is an indicator of the contemporary professional. 

This makes it the perfect apparel for branding. A laptop bag goes everywhere your laptop goes - it’s designed for those on the move. It goes without saying that laptop bags offer a fantastic platform for increased brand exposure. The next time you bring your laptop to work on public transport or fly for business, your brand comes with you.

Corporate laptop bags are great promotional items and corporate gifts. They let you communicate your appreciation to your clients and employees, whilst adding value to their lives. Hand them out at your next conference, give them to valued clients, or add them to the branded apparel of your workplace. Their guaranteed usability means they’ll do the marketing work on their own.

Stylish laptop bags South Africa

We supply stylish laptop bags South Africa in a variety of styles. The Portland Ladies Laptop Bag is a gorgeous option for laptop bags for women. This trendy laptop handbag is so sleek it just looks like a fashionable handbag. Other similarly fashionable laptop bags for women include the Duchess Ladies Laptop Bag, Vogue Ladies Laptop Bag and the Saturn Ladies Laptop Bag

Brand Innovation also supplies stylish laptop bags for men. The Metro Laptop Bag and OGIO Messenger Bag are great minimalist choices for the corporate laptop bag. With a padded shoulder strap the Ferraghini Notebook Bag is also a fun stylish option, with 4 colour choices. 

Laptop Backpack

A laptop backpack is a great innovation that has made transporting your computer more convenient and safer. They’re useful in a diverse range of situations as they are appropriate for both casual occasions and professional work attire. Brand Innovation are laptop backpack suppliers.

The Elleven Laptop Backpacks are a collection of fantastic durable backpacks. They have a ton of available space for branding, making them a stellar promotional product. We are also suppliers of the Slazenger Laptop Backpack is available in 3 different colours . This esteemed brand provides consistently high quality products.

We also supply the Apex Laptop Backpack and Ferraghini Laptop Backpack.

Also available are laptop trolley backpacks. We supply:
Monaco Tech Trolley Backpack
Paragon Laptop Trolley Backpack

Laptop Trolley Bags are an ingenious innovation in the laptop bag world. Extremely convenient and safe for business travel, they’re a must-have for the frequent flyer. We supply:

Ferraghini Laptop Bag
Manhattan Tech Trolley Bag

Leather Laptop Bag

A leather laptop bag is a modern spin on the classic leather bag. Brand Innovation is a supplier of a leather laptop bag with options of embossing on the bag or engraving on a metal plaque. This is a gorgeous luxury option for corporate gift. Take a look at our Leather Products page to find this unique product. 

Please take a look at our Laptop Bags and Backpacks page. We also have a selection of Laptop Sleeves to choose from. Contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us to chat to one of our account executives who will be happy to advise you on the laptop bag choice that suits you. Find our contact details at the top of our website. more
Corporate Golf Shirts South Africa
September 27, 2018
Corporate Golf Shirts South AfricaCorporate golf shirts are an incredibly versatile clothing item for the professional world. They’re not just appropriate for the golf course or sportswear, but are increasingly becoming the uniform of choice for many businesses. This is the team uniform for the contemporary workplace. Corporate golf shirts strike a wonderful balance between professionalism and comfort. Lightweight and durable, there are various golf shirt designs appropriate for different levels of formality - whatever is appropriate for your workplace culture. As primary suppliers of corporate golf shirts, take a look at Brand Innovation's golf shirts page

Personalized golf shirts

Personalized golf shirts also make fantastic branded clothing for giveaways and promotions. Golf t shirts are minimally designed items, with ample room for branding and space to personalise the shirt to your specifications. 

The freedom of movement they allow means they’re also a really comfortable option. But there isn’t a tradeoff between comfort and stylishness. We supply a range of trendy styles, meaning that corporate golf shirts are a very wearable item. The greater the use value of your branded clothing, the more brand exposure your business gets. This is why personalized golf shirts offer incredible marketing opportunities. Browse our golf shirts page for the logo golf tees you need. 

Embroidered golf shirts

Embroidered golf shirts are a wonderful means of branding your logo golf tees. This is an elegant form of branding that is unique to products made of fabric. Brand Innovation offers embroidering on the golf t shirts we supply. We are you single destination for all your embroidered gold shirts requirements! Chat to one of our account executives on  0861 111 954 or and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Golf shirt designs

Golf shirt designs should have comfort and high quality in mind. Brand Innovation supplies various trendy golf shirts. We have over 150 golf shirt designs, with options for both women and men. Our our designs also include many material options and long sleeve golf shirt options for the winter season. 

Golf clothing brands

Our range includes many stylish golf clothing brands in many golf shirt designs. Golf clothing brands we supply include: 

These golf clothing brands are names that indicate quality and understated stylishness. Attaching your business’s brand to golf clothing brands such as these indicates that your business pays attention to both quality and staying contemporary.

Ladies golf shirts

Ladies golf shirts are available for most styles that we supply. A lady's counterpart for every men’s style means that your uniform is flattering on all members of your team. It’s a corporate clothing choice that is both modest and stylish. Take a look at our golf shirts page for the range of styles we have on offer.

Long sleeve golf shirts

Long sleeve golf shirts mean that you can carry the qualities of the corporate golf shirt into the winter months. Still professional, but keeping the wearer comfortable and warm this is an excellent promotional item or team uniform during the colder seasons. Available on our golf shirts page, long sleeve golf shirts options include:

US Basic Long Sleeve Elemental Golf Shirt - in men’s and women’s styles
US Basic Long Sleeve Solo Golf Shirt - in men’s and women’s styles
US Basic Long Sleeve Boston Golf Shirt - in men’s and women’s styles
US Basic Brisbane Men’s Long Sleeve Golf Shirt
Gary Play Long Sleeve Pensacola Golf Shirt - in men’s and women’s styles
Slazenger Zenith Long Sleeve Golf Shirt - in men’s and women’s styles

Golf Polo Shirts

Golf Polo shirts are rightfully some of the most popular logo golf tees available. These can be viewed in our Polo Clothing selection. We supply the Polo Classic Golf Shirt in both women’s and men’s styles. These golf Polo shirt are made of 100% cotton and are available in 4 different colours. The recognizable Polo logo is embroidered in a contrasting colour. These fashionable golf Polo shirts are available in sizes xS to 3XL.

Golf shirts suppliers

We are foremost golf shirts suppliers to the corporate market in South Africa. Our collection includes many significant brands in a plethora of styles. We supply over a 150 different styles of golf t shirts alone. Please browse through our vast collection on our golf shirts page to choose a style, material and colour appropriate for your corporate event or workplace. Give us a call on 0861 111 954 and our account executives would also be happy to advise you on the golf t shirts suited for your budget and requirements. more
Andy Cartwright Suppliers
September 27, 2018
Andy Cartwright Suppliers - the Andy Cartwright collection is a range of lifestyle gifts by the local award winning design house. These products are mainly designed as corporate gifts, for companies looking for quirky and beautifully designed lifestyle gifts. The full Andy C range includes everything from homeware to stationary to chocolate. 

Andy Cartwright gifts are unique in that their designs are very African-influenced. The proudly South African brand offers many beautiful homeware products with a local spin. If you’re looking for a brand with a South African influence in the design - you’ve come to the right place. 

These are are really innovative gifts that make for unique branding opportunities. They are often recommended as end of year gifts for clients and employees, but are appropriate for almost any corporate gifting occasion - for example as Heritage Day gifts or as souvenirs from South Africa. Let’s take a closer look at this vast and varied range.

Andy Cartwright Homeware

Andy Cartwright homeware includes an amazing range of corporate lifestyle gifts. A unique and charming gift is the Poykie Ceramic Pot. This ceramic dish is covered in silicon and is a novel take on the traditional South African Potjie. It’s small enough to be a large coffee mug or cocktail glass, and big enough to be a snack or dip bowl! If you’re looking for African gift ideas or South African gift ideas - this is a unique and fun option!

The homeware range includes the Tribal Collection and Emerge Collection. These designs and patterns are influenced by South African art and imagery. Some options include: 

Tribal Condiment Dish
Maiden & Warrior Wine Set
Maiden Cheese Knife
Emerge Salad Servers
Maiden Butter Spreader
Warrior Wine Stopper
Maiden Letter Opener
Tribal Salt & Pepper Pots
Maiden & Warrior Salad Servers
Maiden Condiment Spoon

These proudly South African products can make excellent corporate gifts for overseas business travel. They’re useful, beautiful and modern homeware items to give foreigners a taste of our country. Take a look at our Andy Cartwright page to see the full range of options available.

I am South African Collection

The Andy Cartwright I am South African Collection is an amazing range that celebrates being South African. These products are perfect for Heritage Gift Ideas or Women’s Day Gift Ideas. Some of the options are:

I am South African travel mug: the perfect item for the on-the-go professional who still needs her caffeine fix! 
Chopping Block Biltong Slicer: the ultimate proudly South African gift
Glass serving board: a beautiful serving board displaying a minimally designed national flag
I am South African Notebooks and Diaries: a useful and beautiful range of books perfect for the office

The Afrique collection also celebrates Africanness with a beautiful range of corporate gifts. The Afrique A5 Notebook is a totally unique executive gift with custom drawings. It pairs really well with the Afrique ball pen. Another option is the Afrique Cheese Set: this colourful set comes with cheese utensils and a vibrant amber glass cutting board. All come in sophisticated Andy Cartwright packaging.

Brand Innovation is proud to supply these Andy C collections. Please see our Andy Cartwright page for the full range available.

For an executive gift that combines food and beautiful design, Medium African Mud Chocolate is the perfect choice. This chocolate is sourced from the finest beans, and elegantly packaged in gold. Ingeniously designed to look like mud of African planes, and shaped into the form of the continent, this is a chocolate like nothing you’ve seen before. 

Brand Innovation is proud to supply a vast range of Andy C gifts. Please browse our Andy Cartwright page for our full selection or consult with one of our account executives on 0861 111 954. We’d be happy to assist you in choosing the gift and branding option to suit your budget and needs. more
End of Year Gift Ideas South Africa
September 27, 2018
End of year gift ideas South Africa can be an amazing token to let your clients know just how important their business is to you. And after all - ‘tis the season!

We have some ideas about what makes a great end-of-year gift, that you should keep in mind. 

1. Personalise your client gifts - generic gifts that your client won’t use, don’t really do the trick if you’re trying to show them that they’re important to you. Thinking about the interests of your client, or the industry they’re in can be good starting point.

2. Choose something useful and novel - the best gifts add value to your life. The greater the use value of your gift, the more often your business comes to mind! 

3. But functionality shouldn’t mean boring or generic! Novel gifts are more fun and memorable. We have a ton of options for gifts that are both useful and delightful, to help your business stand out.

Best corporate Christmas gifts for clients

Amongst all the busyness of wrapping up before the holidays, brainstorming the best corporate Christmas gifts for clients can fall to the bottom of your to-do list. But don’t worry! We’re here to make it easy for you. Here are 5 of the best corporate Christmas gifts for clients - to keep your company name on the forefront of your clients’ minds:

1. Desk plants: desk plants let you bring a touch of nature into the office environment. Plants naturally purify the air, and indoor office plants have been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. It’s also beautifully symbolic of a growing relationship between the business and your client! 

For the hopeless gardeners, the Hope in the Box gift is a perfect choice. This cactus seedling gift set is low maintenance, foolproof gift!

For a completely novel option: take a look at our lemon tree desk plants. These beautiful citrus plants can be nurtured in the office until they’re ready to be replanted at home. Find them on our eco-friendly gifts page.

2. Travel gifts: travel gifts are the perfect gift for your client to receive just before peak traveling season! Choose from our unique range of travel gifts that your clients can take along this holiday.

Take a look at our bright luggage tags that come in 10 colours. We also have a gorgeous Nappa leather passport wallet, that comes in a gift box. 

For all the products a traveller could need, choose our Comfort Travel Set. This includes an inflatable travel pillow, eye mask and earplugs - all in a compact velvet pouch.

A solar charger power bank is also a great gift for anyone going off the beaten track this holiday, or as a backup to keep in their backpack while they travel!

Find the travel gifts we supply on our Travel Gifts page.

3. Pamper gifts & Personal care gifts: get your client fully kitted out to relax and re-energize this holiday! 

We have a Men’s 5 Piece Bath Set, a Wellness Gift Set, as well as a range of aromatic candles and bath products. 

Also consider our Bath and Robe Gift Set or our Signature Men’s Bathrobe
Go over to our Pamper Gifts page or our Personal Care page to find these products. 

4. Diaries and calendars for the new year: be the first to get your client prepared for the new business year. Diaries and calendars are useful end of year gifts that keep your business on the forefront of your client’s mind into the new year.

Take a look at our large diary selection on our Diaries and Calendars page, with options in various sizes and colours. 

5. Engraved pens: engraved pens are perfect as an end of year gift for high end clients. Engraved pens are a classic and tasteful gift that has a great deal of use-value. We are proud to be leading suppliers of Parker pens, Sheaffer pens and Mont Blanc pens. Take a look at our Writing Instruments page for our full range.

Send the right message to your clients this holiday season through an amazing end of year gift! For more ideas, we recommend taking a look at our Year End Gift Ideas page. Otherwise please email us or call us on 0861 111 954, and one of our account executives will be happy to advise you on an end of year gift idea suitable for your specific clients. Find our contact details at the top of our website. more
Name Brand Clothing South Africa
September 27, 2018
Name Brand Clothing South Africa - name brand clothing has an undeniably huge presence in our everyday lives. It’s present in every sphere of our world: from graceful red carpet ensembles to the kit of national sports teams. But what’s the deal with name brand clothing? Is it just about the cool status symbol? Why do we choose to consistently buy from designer brands and fashion brands that we know?

Best Clothing Brands

The best clothing brands are so successful because as consumers we repeatedly return to the clothing brands that we know and trust. The best clothing brands offer their consumer an important guarantee: consistent quality. A brand name acts as a signifier to the buyer that they can expect a certain quality from that item of clothing. Take a look at the corporate clothing range - consisting of some of the best brands in South Africa.

Top Clothing Brands

Top clothing brands have an incentive to produce the highest quality clothing, so that they maintain the brand’s reputation. That’s why we return to the top clothing brands as consumers!

As fast fashion begins to take over the textiles and clothing world, the top fashion brands are even more important. Cheap, low quality clothing is becoming more common. Sure, you’re probably going to get what you pay for, but expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality - and quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. 

Sometimes a price tag is sometimes slapped onto lower quality items. Branding ensures that consumer knows they are buying a high quality item, with attention paid to excellent design and durability.

Branded clothing South Africa

For branded clothing South Africa, Brand Innovation supplies the highest quality international brands. We supply name brand clothing that as a team we love ourselves. It’s a testament to the quality of the best clothing brands that we are still wearing items today that we got years ago! This is advantage of branded clothing South Africa.Take a look at the corporate clothing brands we supply.

Brands online

Easily browse brands online on the Brand Innovation brand page. Name brand clothing is very accessible in South Africa. No matter where you are in the country, you can choose from our brands online, choose the branding you’d like to add and we’ll deliver to your door!

Some of the top clothing brands online we supply are:

With an emphasis on quality, durability, and beautiful design, these name brand clothes make a fantastic choice for branded corporate clothing and work attire. more
Innovative Eco Products & Green Promotional Items
September 27, 2018
Innovative Eco Products & Green Promotional Items - Looking for a unique green gift? Cool sustainable products for your next corporate gift? Maybe an environmentally friendly promotional item a little fresher than your standard recycled product? Luckily there are some really smart people out there, inventing novel eco friendly gadgets and new environmentally friendly products all the time!

Let’s take a look at some of the most current options for a more fun and fresh take on the eco friendly corporate gift and innovative eco product. These can all be found on our Eco Friendly Gifts page. 

Solartech & Solar Powered Gifts. 

Our solartech and solar powered gifts options are a great place to start looking for eco friendly gadgets. Not only are they unique green gifts, but they make for really useful and interesting corporate gifts.

Solar powered portable charger. A low battery on your device at an important business moment is a stressful situation noone should have to deal with anymore! This gift offers a solartech solution to this problem. The solar powered portable charger is the best power bank available, because it charges by being left out in the sun - it provides portable solar power. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the center of Sandton or stranded in the rural Karoo. These solar powered gifts let you plug into a power source wherever, whenever using an eco-friendly renewable energy source: the sun! These are innovative eco products for a problem everyone has faced. We supply these solar powered portable chargers - go over to our Eco Friendly Gifts page to take a look.

Solar Torch Keyring: this on-hand torch never has to have its batteries replaced! Conveniently small, these keyrings are a wonderful solar powered gift - replenishing without you ever having to think about it. These are solar torch keyrings are understated, but quirky green promotional items

Desk plants
An actual plant has got to be the ultimate green corporate gift! Desk plants naturally purify the air, and produce the oxygen we need to survive. The presence of plants in the office has proven health and psychological benefits for employees - even making them more productive! 

Desk lemon trees: for a really exciting gift option, we are supplying desk lemon trees. These are designed to be nurtured on your desk until they’re ready to be replanted, where they will eventually bare fruit. So this is a gift that keeps on giving!

Hope in a Box: We also offer the Hope in a Box gift set. These boxes of cactus seedlings are a wonderful low maintenance plant for green promotional items.

Recycled bags: 

We’re learning more and more about how damaging plastic waste is to our environment. And plastic shopping bags are major culprit! Our bags aren’t just reusable, some are made from recycled materials.

Recycled billboard bags: Take a look at our heavy duty bags made from recycled billboards on our Eco Friendly Gifts page. They’re available in bookbag and shopping bag sizes, and are a totally unique recycled corporate gift! 

Recyclable jute bags: Recycled bags isn’t where the options end. We also have a range of beautiful jute shopping bags, gift bags and totes - and even a jute wine bag! This material is totally recyclable and biodegradable, making it a perfect eco friendly corporate gift.

Products made from bamboo: 

Products made from bamboo make a wonderful eco friendly corporate gift, as they often provide alternatives to plastic. The fast growing natural material is what makes organic bamboo items such innovative eco products.

Bamboo stationary: We offer a gorgeous set of polished bamboo pens and pencils, that are presented in a bamboo box. This is a stylish, useful corporate gift. The Unity Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set is available on our Eco Friendly Gifts page. Single Unity Bamboo pens are also available.

Amongst our collection of products made from bamboo is a bamboo notebook and pen set. The spiral bound notebook has recycled paper and a bamboo hardcover.

Bamboo USBs: the plastic memory stick has got to be the most ubiquitous workplace gadget around. They’re incredibly useful and tend to stick around, so they make a fantastic promotional item. But steering clear of plastic is of course the more eco-friendly option. Take a look at our Evergreen Memory Stick on our Eco Friendly Gifts page, a bamboo USB alternative.

Eco friendly corporate gifts South Africa

Eco friendly corporate gifts South Africa offer a huge amount of variety to choose from. Align your brand with the issues you care about, while impressing your clients with a beautiful eco friendly corporate gifts. Find all these products on our Eco Friendly Gifts page, or chat to one of our account executives about the options available. more
Corporate Gift Plants
September 27, 2018
Corporate gift plants - plants as corporate gifts are a unique and symbolic way to thank your clients and customers. In an increasingly competitive world, bringing your clients a touch of nature into the corporate environment can be a powerful way to stand out! 

Corporate Plant Gifts 

Corporate plant gifts aren’t just beautiful eco friendly corporate gifts, they also have a wealth of health benefits. Nature is good for us - indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress of workers and increase productivity. Trees and plants naturally take in harmful gasses like carbon dioxide, and release the oxygen we need to survive. They’ve also been shown to be mood-boosters and increase creative thinking! These are just a couple of the phenomenal benefits of giving clients corporate plant gifts.

We supply spekboom, lemon trees and cactus seedling gift box. Please take a look at our Eco-friendly Gifts page to find these corporate plant gifts!

Promotional Plants

Promotional plants are of course a delightful and charming gift for your clients and customers to receive. But they’re also the ultimate green promotional item! Plants are of course an essential component of a sustainable environment and ecosystem. They provide habitats for plants, produce oxygen and regulate the water cycle. They also remove carbon from the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen - so they in fact help fight climate change.

We supply potted spekboom plants - these indigenous plants are especially easy to maintain and good for combatting carbon emissions. They are extremely carbon adsorbent and efficient at converting carbon into oxygen. 

Best Tree to Give as a Gift

The best tree to give as a gift is one that is low maintenance and thrives indoors. Corporate plant gifts ideally require minimal attention to flourish. Office plants should be easy to maintain and you can’t predict how much of a green thumb your clients have! This is why one of the bests tree to give as a gift is a lemon tree.

Lemon Tree Corporate Gift

A lemon tree corporate gift is one of the most beautiful corporate plant gifts. They are evergreen and generous fruit-bearers. Lemon trees do well in containers and so make excellent indoor plants for the office! A lemon tree corporate gift can tolerate most soils and pruning - and don’t need more than basic care. So lemon trees are a great gift even for those of us that lack a green thumb!

Brand Innovation proudly supplies lemon tree corporate gifts. We can deliver your lemon trees to clients anywhere in the country! 

Lemon Tree as a Gift

A lemon tree as a gift is a wonderful choice for a range of aesthetic and health reasons! The fruit is an eye-catching, charming addition to any workplace - although lemon trees will need to be outside to be pollinated. Like many citrus plants, they also have beautiful white blossoms.

Lemons themselves are an amazing fruit. They’re used often in cooking, baking and drinks. They also have a ton of health benefits: they’re an amazing source of vitamin C, aid digestion and have antibacterial qualities.

So a lemon tree gift is a gift that keep on giving!

Plant a Tree Gift

Lemon trees make a wonderful plant a tree gift. When they’re grown enough in size, a lemon tree gift can be replanted in bigger pots or in gardens. In this way a lemon tree as a gift is a beautiful symbol of growth, wonderfully appropriate for the relationship between your business and your clients.

This plant a tree gift can also be propagated through cutoffs and other methods. So when life gives you a lemon tree - you can give one to all your friends!

Desk Plant

A desk plant can make an amazing corporate gift to your clients and even your own employees. Desk plants bring greenery into your immediate workspace, and are a beautiful colour office decor addition. Of course there is also the option of branding desk plants. This is a unique way to bring you brand exposure, as your brand is exposed to everyone who enters the office space. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to associate your brand with the mood boost people get when we interact with plants. Branded desk plants also align your brand to eco friendly ideals, and humanises your business in the corporate world. 

Sapling Gift

A sapling gift makes a wonderful corporate gift and green promotional item. It provides your customers with a gift that they can really love and nurture into growing. This is how sapling gifts bring delight and pleasure to their recipients. Plants as corporate gifts add a human touch, amongst the more corporate gifts your clients and customers are likely to receive.

Corporate Tree Planting

Our products have the spinoff effect of allowing your customers to participate in corporate tree planting when their plants grow to that stage. This is a wonderful and easy way to fulfil a business’s CSR - because trees contribute to preventing soil erosion, combat climate change, and provide natural habitats and support the lives of birds and insects.

Plant in a Box Gift

A plant in a box gift is another option for a corporate plant gift! We supply the Hope in a Box gift set. This compact ceramic box of cactus seedlings lets the owner rear cacti from the seedling phase! Succulent plant gifts are super durable and need very little maintenance - they make a great corporate plant gift for anyone.

Send a Tree

Send a tree easily with Brand Innovation! Our delivery service lets you send corporate plant gifts anywhere in the country. Working with a client in another city? Got any remote workers? Send a tree to them for a personal and charming touch, to make your distance clients and employees feel closer.

Gift Trees Delivered

Gift trees delivered - we supply many plants as corporate gifts and promotional plants. We’re able to deliver door-to-door anywhere in the country! For your gift tree delivery, you’ve come to the right place with Brand Innovation.

Plants as corporate gifts and promotional plants are an exciting eco-friendly corporate gift option! Please take a look at Brand Innovation’s Eco-Friendly gifts page and our sister website Eco Friendly Gifts to find our lemon tree corporate gifts, spekboom gifts, and Hope in a Box gift. more
Lounge Shirt Suppliers
September 27, 2018
Lounge Shirt Suppliers - The lounge shirt is the staple workwear item for the contemporary professional. It manages to be simple, comfortable and stylish whilst still being appropriate office wear. It also makes for a perfect uniform, as it’s minimal design and simple cut make way for you to personalise it using branding and colour choices. Brand Innovation is a lounge shirt supplier. We offer various styles and selections appropriate for your office uniform or swag clothing.

Corporate clothing is an important part of the workplace culture: it unifies your team in a very visual way, and acts to equalise colleagues. It also presents a professional and consistent unit to the customer or client. This is why choosing corporate clothing is a significant choice. We recommend this shirt as a comfortable and stylish office wear option. Take a look at our lounge shirt page for the variety of styles and materials we supply.

Lounge shirts South Africa

Brand Innovation supplies lounge shirts South Africa. We offer cuts for both men and women, so that your uniform is flattering, but consistent on everyone. There are also seasonal choices for lounge shirts South Africa: we have short sleeves for the summer time and long sleeve options for the colder months. ¾ sleeves are a great versatile women’s choice that will be comfortable all year round. 

Some of the lounge shirts South Africa we offer are:

Polo work shirt
Long Sleeve Glenarbor Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
Elevate Long Sleeve Wilshire Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
Elevate Preston Long Sleeve Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
Elevate Sycamore Long Sleeve Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
Cutter and Buck Long Sleeve Claremont Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
Epic Mens Long Sleeve Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
Micro Check Mens Shirt - short & long sleeve options
Micro Check Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
US Basic Pittsburgh Striped Long Sleeve Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
US Basic Washington Mens Short Sleeve Shirt
US Basic Bayport - available in short & long sleeve options and men’s & women’s cuts
US Basic Kenton Long Sleeve Shirt - men’s & women’s cuts
US Basic Aston - available in short & long sleeve options and men’s & women’s cuts
US Basic Huntington - available in short & long sleeve options and men’s & women’s cuts

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