Promotional Webcam Covers
January 29, 2019
Promotional webcam covers are great for your brand in the climate of the digital age we live in, where everything and everyone is accessible with a click.

Webcam Covers

Webcam covers offer internet privacy and safety from hackers. They are typically internet-connected or computer-connected. Hackers can easily connect directly to your laptop or mobile device camera from anywhere globally. They can even access your built-in webcams through malware. This can be as easy as hackers sending a coded link, email or document which hijacks your device's camera. Granting hackers direct access into your life.

We have the solution to keep those internet lurkers away!

Covering your device's camera will safeguard you from any privacy invasion and keep hackers in the dark. We supply webcam covers that slide open. Which are presented in neat packaging. And can be branded with your logo. They are ideal for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. You can also add a paper insert inside the packaging, telling the story of your business or the importance of webcam covers.

Webcam Covers with Screen Cleaner

Webcam covers with screen cleaners are handy and nifty. Keep your privacy secure and your screen sparkling clean. Available in a range of fun colours to brighten up your day. They offer a simple and effective solution to keep your privacy in the ever-developing digital world.

Branded Laptop Camera Covers

Branded laptop camera covers keep your clients safe from sneaky eyes and aid in the promotion of your brand. With your logo on the front of a webcam covering, your brand's visibility will increase and ultimately your brand's value will spike. 

Almost everyone, any gender, age or race uses a device these days so let your brand be the one to keep them safe and free from hackers.

Watch our video for more info on keeping your privacy secure and your brand visible.

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Why is a Water Bottle a Great Marketing Product?
January 21, 2019
Water bottles are a great marketing product, which hold valuable power of quenching a basic human need and ultimately contain the key to survival. 

Branded Water Bottles

Branded water bottles live a long life in the ecosystem of promotional items and corporate gifts.
In the promotional industry, products are aimed to provide useful and trendy items which offer long lasting branding value to your company. A water bottle branded with your logo will tell the story of your brand for many years to come. 

Think of the water bottle sitting beside you on your desk, in your bag or all the branded bottles in your cupboards in your home. Wherever you are, your water bottle is. Kind of like a brand being there with you all the time. In the office, at home, in the gym, in your car and pretty much everywhere in your daily life.

It is a product that continues branding your logo for you, through every lifestyle, age, gender, race and interest. A promotional product that is possibly the most commonly human item on the market. A promotional item that is used by everyone, anywhere and everywhere.

Such a wide reaching and ever-useful promotional merchandise item should not be overlooked, it holds immense power and visibility for your brand. In addition, it often contains one of the most basic human needs for survival, WATER. The value of water is beyond explanation, we are made up of 50-65% water and cannot continue life without it. 

Water's value extends into growth, production and essentially everything on the earth. Considering the vital importance of water in our lives, a water bottle is necessary for functioning. Aligning your brand to a human need, connects your company to your clients and customers on a very personal level. Creating human connection is one of the biggest and seldom forgotten elements of marketing.

For every sip taken from your branded product, you are fulfilling a human need, exposing your brand to new eyes and closing the gap between your company and your customers. Through a water bottle you are telling a story, the story of your brand and its message. In addition, you are adding the value of health to someone's life. Good health starts simply, with water, and so your branded water bottle provides that, and your brand stands for the importance of keeping well and healthy.

The Power of A Branded Item

The power of a branded item goes beyond what it is and reaches further into what it does and stands for. A drinkware item stands for health, humanity and ultimately fulfilling a basic survival need. A product of worth, meaning and significance across the world. 

The evolution and advancement of water bottles has introduced a variety of water bottle types. A common factor has been the replacement of plastic based water bottles for BPA free, glass and aluminium materials. The rise of environmentalism has played a vital role for this production change, where the movement away from plastic production decreases pollution and waste to the earth. Bottles made from strong and durable materials like glass and aluminium last longer, can be reused again and again without damage to your health like plastic and with the intention to be broken down and recycled after use, more effectively than plastic. 

Types of Water Bottles:

The types of water bottles listed below are all better for the environment and a healthier choice for you. All are available from our online promotional and corporate gifts website, which can be branded with your logo.

  • BPA-free
  • Glass
  • Aluminium 
  • Stainless steel
  • Double wall
  • Infuser filter

1. BPA-free Water Bottles

BPA-free water bottles are made without the harmful chemical called Bisphenol-A, which is an estrogen-imitating chemical. A chemical that has been reported to have negative effects on your health. Products made from BPA are dangerous because the chemical has the potential to leach into the product and contaminate the contents of the plastic item. 

BPA Free Water Bottles

Bottles made without this chemical, reduce major health concerns like cancer, infertility, diabetes and birth defects. Another appealing factor is that BPA-free water bottles are inexpensive and can now be found almost everywhere as more companies and factories are moving towards BPA-free production of plastic. 

2. Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles are the smarter and better choice for you and the environment.

Glass Water Bottles

3. Aluminium Water Bottles

Aluminium water bottles can be made from various types of polyethylene containing either low or high density polyethylene. Bottles made from aluminium have the advantage odor resistance, meaning that the traces of polyethylene will be far less in aluminium bottles than in other types like plastic.

Aluminium Water Bottles
Bottles made from aluminium are shock-resistant and deformation-resistant, which means that they can keep the water protected from direct light entering into the water. They are also very lightweight and easy to travel with. Some are environmentally friendly as they can be reused and recycled. 

Another great fact about these bottles are that they are super durable thanks to their internal coating which is flexible and has a lower chance of cracking or breaking during impact. Paired with its secure cap and internal lining, an aluminium water bottle is a keeper!

4. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are typically produced from high-quality stainless steel which enables its excellent durability. These bottles generally do not contain plastic toxins so your health is no worry. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Bottles made from stainless steel are most often dishwasher safe which makes them great to reuse over and over. They are the essential travel buddy for any adventure as they are lightweight and do not break or crack easily. 

5. Double Wall Water Bottles 

Double wall water bottles are great for keeping drinks hot or cold. They are lightweight, durable and are bottles that can be use multiple times over for endless use because of their excellent quality and strength.

Double Wall Water Bottles
 Most bottles made with a double wall are BPA-free and can be recycled. 

6. Infuser Water Bottles 

Many bottles which have infusers are BPA-free which enhances its value.
Bottles made with infusers are ideal for adding a splash of taste to a daily essential. 

Infuser Water Bottles
Branding your logo on any of these types of water bottles enhances the experience of your brand and the value your brand has on your customers and clients. Through your consideration of their health and the environment, you are expanding the importance of a water bottle for survival and helping to preserve the planet. 

Watch our video for more info:

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The Importance of Branding
January 08, 2019

Branding goes beyond your logo or company name, it is a marketing mechanism which adds great value to your brand and aids in creating a meaningful relationships with clients or customers. 

Your brand relies on client engagement and interaction, this is where promoting your brand comes to play and really flourishes. Brand identity is everything in our fast-paced way of living and the global rise of technology, marketing your logo or company the right way helps translate your brand image in a relatable
and digestible way for clients. 

World Aids Day
Great brand marketing creates a platform which enables your brand to be better understood by clients and customers, ideally its aim is to present who your brand is, what your brand does and why your brand is the best at what it does. Overall, branding guides the representation of your brand to clients. The advertising of your brand translates the reputation and purpose of your brand. 

Promoting your brand in a world that is ever changing and constantly developing is highly important, you have to be bold and communicate with your clients on a level that appeals to their needs and creates engagement.

Marketing also includes excellent service, your brand should always strive to deliver more than what your client is expecting. This ensures satisfaction beyond what your client asked for. Generating returning clients and a great reputation for your brand. The promotion of your brand starts from within your company, at the core of the business, where your employees communicate and assist your clients.

For the success of your brand, internal brand power and external marketing tools need to come together to produce a mechanism of cohesion and unity in representing your brand.

10 Benefits of Branding:
  1. Improves brand visibility and recognition
  2. Sets your brand apart from competition
  3. Creates clarity as it establishes an understanding of who your brand is 
  4. Develops trust and loyalty towards your clients 
  5. Situates your brand's reputation and role in the business world 
  6. Helps clients know what to expect from your brand 
  7. Represents your brand and its promise to your clients
  8. Builds financial value for your company
  9. Inspires employees through motivation and direction 
  10. Generates new clients

The power of marketing your brand is the reach and relevance of who your brand is and what need your brand fulfills. How your brand is expressed to clients is what shapes your brand identity and brand culture. Time spent on marketing strategies and brand advertising is well worth the effort, the outcome of promoting your brand will go beyond your input.  

A brand is an experience, from your logo, staff, website to your product or service, a client goes through every process and experiences what and who your brand is. Clients become intimate with your brand through feeling, understanding and connecting. Branding extends to a very human element of emotions, discovery, relationship building and forging trust. Keeping this in mind, your brand should have every intention and consideration of your client. 

Watch our video for more the value of branding:

Brand unique and trendy marketing products to get your brand name out there and stay visible.
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Aids Day Promotional Gifts
November 21, 2018

A day dedicated to supporting the cause of the disease and creating awareness.It is an ample opportunity for doctors and medical professionals to educate communities on the disease. To make people acquainted with the disease's prevention, symptoms and treatments. 

World Aids Day

A deadly virus which has spread across many parts of our continent and within South Africa. As a community, we urgently need to educate our selves and others of precaution and prevention, as well as treatment and support. 

Aids Day Gifts

Aids day gifts are an important way to show your brand's support for the disease and use the power of marketing to increase awareness. 

HIV is a deadly disease which affects a huge part of South Africa's population every year. It has been recorded that the approximate HIV rate in South Africa as of mid-2018 stands at a shocking 13,1 % which translates to almost 7,52 million people. 

The importance of branded Aids items and promotional Aids products, lies in the power of your brand or business that can create an impact and encourage change. Your company can help spread the message of Aids and influence a chain reaction of awareness, with branded products and promotional giveaways. Connect your brand with branded items that matter and benefit from marketing which adds to the world in a positive way.

Branded Aids Gifts

Branded aids gifts are important for spreading awareness about the disease and creating an incentive for people to get themselves tested. Aids has a very heavy presence in our lives, it is our responsibility to get ourselves tested regularly and encourage others to be safe. 

World Aids Day

Gifts branded with your logo or brand on will enhance the effect of encouraging people to be conscious of the disease, fight for the cause and spread awareness. In addition, your brand or company will gain great visibility and reach many people. 

Align your company or brand with a cause that matters and urgently needs attention. If you have the power to reach a large audience of clients and customers, use your reach for the better well-being of our nation.

We stock a variety of great Aids day products that can be branded with your logo. Branded items that will add value to your brand,increase loyalty from your clients and customers and position your company as an organisation that cares. 

Our catalog of Aids gifts include:

  • Branded water bottles
  • Branded bags; backpacks, shopper bags, goodie bags and drawstring 
  • Promotional pens
  • Branded notebooks 
  • Branded magnet clips
  • Branded stress balls
  • Branded key rings
  • Branded lunch coolers
  • Branded mugs and travel mugs

Promotional Aids Day Products

Promotional aids day products are fantastic for efficiently spreading the awareness and support of Aids, as well as expanding your brand or company's name. Promotional items help in making a connection with your client and customers. Standing behind a very real and relevant cause is what will put your business ahead of others. 

Products that can be branded with your logo, at an affordable price and great value for your brand!

Enhance the experience that customers and clients have with your company, through promotional gifts and items that set you apart and aid Aids! 

Branded items that gone beyond just being an item, they hold value and the power of connection between you and your clients. With promotional gifts your brand can grow and expand, reaching more customers and creating lasting relationships with items that make a difference.

World Aids Day


Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are one of the best ways to get your brand name or company logo out there! 

Pens are always needed by everyone, everyday! 

Imagine your branded pen on every desk, in every office, on the counter of every home, in hospitals, hotels and in the hands of many everywhere. 

Branded pens are a great way of promoting your company or brand,they never go out of fashion, are always useful and can be your free advertisement for years to come! Pens have a long lifetime of use, display and visibility. 

Aligning your branded pen with the awareness and support of Aids Day, is commendable and furthers the good intentions of your brand or business.Show that you care and add value to your company. 


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The Importance of Digital Marketing
November 15, 2018
Digital marketing has been and continues to be a fast-rising marketing strategy globally. Companies and brands are moving their business strategies to a more technology-based platforms daily. Economies are experiencing a time where digital and business ideologies are merging and creating new waves of thinking and doing business. 

The power of digital and online movements has a massive impact on how companies and brands create relationships with clients and potential business partners. Technology has shaped and constantly reshapes how we experience the world of business.


There are many forms of marketing that is digital based and new types are being born as we speak! 

It can be defined as the marketing of products, items and services with the use of online and digital technology. This type of marketing is targeted at digital technologies such as cell phones, computers, laptops and other digital operated devices. 

The more outdated methods of marketing such as advertisements, posters and flyers have transformed into digital copies that can be viewed online or digitally through various devices. This transfer of mediums has changed the way of marketing and how we communicate products and services to customers and clients. 

The age of digital advertising and promoting products and services has granted an ease and efficiency to the process of marketing. Customers and clients are able to receive updates, alerts, new products and promotions of items and services much faster and conveniently. 

Digital Age

Promoting and expanding your brand or company has become more plausible. You are able to increase your audience reach with the click of a finger and gain greater brand visibility with the power of social media marketing, online platforms, email and so much more! 

Small businesses have more capability of competing with large scale businesses, as the pool of opportunity is fair for all with the presence of digital and media marketing. Creating a space where every company, business or brand can utilize the power that marketing in a digital era has to offer. 

Types of Digital Marketing
10 Types of Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-Per Click Advertising 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio Marketing
  • Television Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Advertising 

The above list is your answer to all your digital-based marketing problems! Understanding and mastering the various forms of marketing is your key to advertising and promotional success of your company or brand! These avenues of marketing work best when they are integrated and used together, as they interact and engage with each other on various levels. 

Your company or brand can reach optimal success and potential growth with the use of these marketing methods and take over the media marketing world! 

Why Marketing of The Digital Kind Will Help Your Brand or Business Grow

The power of marketing your brand or company with the use of digital strategies will benefit the growth and adaptability of your business. 


Digital and media marketing is a technological movement that is taking over many forms of outdated marketing and advertising. It is a pathway towards the future of doing business. To reach your company or brand's optimal position and success in the business world of today, you must be willing to adapt and assimilate to the changing nature of technology. 

Online marketing is rapidly becoming the means of purchasing, communicating and essentially doing business with clients and customers. The interaction and connection creation in today's world is through online platforms with the aid of digital technologies. 

The digital age is a demanding and continuously evolving one and to fully gain reward from its power and influence, a brand or company must become familiar with digital technologies, online platforms and communication via digital and media marketing. 

To survive and thrive in a competitive economy and business market, new and unique strategies such as digital, social media and SEO marketing methods should be studied and implemented. Just as the world is changing and transforming, your brand or business needs to follow or be two steps ahead. 

Move with the future and join Brand Innovation in staying up to date and connected with the world! more
Stainless Steel Drink Bottles
October 31, 2018

Stainless steel drink bottles are the sophisticated and more adult twist on a classic promotional drink bottle. Sleek and elegant, these drink bottles are the perfect accessory for a professional person. These are versatile and classy items that will keep your water cool, and your coffee steaming! With either a polished finish or unique powdered outer coat, a stainless steel bottle sends a strong message that your business has an eye for the contemporary, trendy and modern.

Our stainless steel selection includes everything from flasks and tumblers to travel mugs and water bottles. This diverse range makes use of the easy to maintain, durable stain and corrosion resistant qualities of stainless steel for a lasting quality product.  Many of our items are also available in trim gift set, to turn the impact of your corporate gift up a notch.

Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle

A double wall stainless steel bottle it the product to ensure your drink is insulated throughout the day. It’s a lightweight alternative to other insulting materials, making it a convenient and easy to carry choice. These streamlined products are amazing in that they can function as both a water bottle and a flask. The Nova Double Wall Drink Bottle will retain heat for up to 6 hours, and keep your water cool for up to 24 hours! So the same bottle of water can refresh you at lunch and your after work gym session.

Many of our selection include a finish to give your product the extra stylishness that sets your brand apart. The Meteor Double Wall Flask has fashionable gold and silver coat options, as well as unique debossed detailing around the grip. The Milan Double Wall Powder Coated Drink bottle sports a gorgeous white power coat, with a contrasting gold lid and base for a trendy and feminine item.

The Woodbury Double Wall Drink Bottle has a unique coat that gives it the appearance of wood. This is a beautiful item for organisations that want to steer clear of a corporate feel, or are do nature-related work.

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

The vacuum insulated water bottle makes use of a vacuum to keep liquid both cool and warm. Whether it’s to keep your water refreshing during hot summer days, your tea steaming on your early morning commute or even to take your favourite soup along on a road trip - this is the ideal product.

A vacuum insulated water bottle is the perfect seasonal gift… all year round! Our 1 Liter Double Walled Vacuum Flask has a screw-off lid with a vacuum seal to make sure your drink is properly insulated. It’s large capacity and versatility make this a gift that will be appreciated by everyone.

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

Stainless steel insulated tumbler - this product takes your travel coffee mug to the next level! A stainless steel insulated tumbler is designed for sipping on the go, without having to worry about spilling or losing heat. The days taking an unpleasant sip of room temperature coffee are behind you! These tumblers are a lightweight solution to insulating your beverage. Complete with gorgeous metal finishes and embossed detailing, your disposable coffee cup has nothing on a stainless steel insulated tumbler!

Choosing a reusable travel mug for that daily drink from your local coffee joint is the more eco friendly option. These tumblers make sustainable habits easier and more enjoyable! This is a great choice businesses looking to promote sustainable behaviour.

Wholesale Stainless Water Bottles

Wholesale stainless water bottles - Brand Innovation is proud to be a supplier of these incredible products, and offer branding services on all the items we carry. Wholesale stainless water bottles are an amazing platform for elegant branding solutions, such as engraving. This is a modern branding option that greatly increases the perceived value of your products!

To browse our full selection please see our Metal Drinkware page. If you have any queries about our collection or branding options available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us on 0861 111 954  or via email, and one of our friendly account executives will be happy to assist you! more
The Rise of Brand Activism
October 31, 2018

Brand activism is an interesting and relatively new phenomenon. From companies being vocal about LGBT rights and other social justice issues on social media, all the way to some even backing particular politicians - more and more we see companies taking a stand on social justice matters. Brand activism lies in that sweet spot where awareness and marketing strategy intersect. When it’s done right, it can be a positive force for change, and a powerful advertising technique.

Brand Activism

Businesses often have huge reach. The really big names boast substantial social media followings. We drive past their billboards daily. Our wardrobes are home to their promotional merch. When businesses start to champion particular causes or challenge harmful stereotypes, that messaging reaches a large audience. Raising awareness through cause-related marketing can potentially be really influential. Business hold in their hands a powerful tool for social good with brand activism.

For decades businesses have been building corporate social responsibility profiles - but brand activism - or “cause marketing” represents something entirely different. It sees many companies center issues of social justice at the core of their brand messaging. They take up clear political positions, even at the risk of alienating some of their customer base. So why is this such a popular marketing strategy that businesses are openly embracing?

It’s not just altruism. Social impact branding has struck marketing strategy gold. Using a footballer or celebrity in your advertising campaign just can’t compare to tapping into arguably the most powerful factor in customers’ lives: their morals and values. Naturally, this kind of marketing can successfully generate that desirable and elusive thing: brand loyalty. This is the powerful factor that means a business can build a base of repeat customers.

Aligning your brand with social justice issues is an incredibly impactful way to emotionally connect with customers. It’s a means of relating to the public on the aspects they hold most dear. Cause marketing is also a clear response to the interests of a particular target group: millennials. The rise of “woke” culture means we live in an age where issues on race, gender, sexuality and justice are very openly discussed and embraced. Cause marketing is merely a reaction to this.

Brand activism isn’t just a way to relate to your customers. It also lets them know that they’re not simply buying a product, they’re supporting an organisation that has a positive impact on the world. For socially conscious consumers, this means they can put their money where their mouth is. If buying from your company is the more moral choice, that can be a powerful way to stand out from the competition. And the opposite is true too. By not aligning with social justice issues, you allow customers to turn to competitors who wear their values on their sleeves.

That’s not to say cause-related marketing is without controversy. It definitely isn’t. Many slogan-emblazoning, justice-championing organisations have recently been called out for hypocrisy, being tone-deaf or appropriating causes for their own gain. Inauthenticity when it comes to social impact branding isn’t just unethical - it’s also poor marketing.

We have seen time and time again how businesses that have failed to strike the right chord in their messaging have received a fierce public backlash. It’s clear that social impact branding isn’t just a quick marketing fix. It has to be consistent with contributing a net positive impact on the world.

Brand activism is an incredible phenomenon in that it can make use of the influence of businesses to raise awareness about critical issues, while the business in turn receives the marketing benefits of aligning with those issues.

Wondering how your own business can get involved?

You don’t need to be on the extreme end of the social impact branding spectrum to experience the effects. There are some simple choices your business can make to better connect with your customers - and more effectively raise awareness!

A great place to start can be choosing promotional products that are consistent with your company values. For example, we offer a series of “proudly South African” products, that are locally manufactured and support South African industries. This sets a powerful example to buy local, and protect our country’s industries.

Or choose from our range of eco-friendly products. We offer spekboom plant desks, recycled stationary, reusable steel straws, solar powered power banks, and a range of innovative green products. This is a great way to spread awareness about the environmental issues you care about, and align your business with green habits.

Brand Innovation is a leading supplier of corporate gifts and promotional products in South Africa. We are happy to give you product ideas consistent with your branded messaging, or suit your company’s budget. Start spreading awareness about the issues you value. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, by contacting via email or on 0861 111 954. One of our account executives will be happy to help you. We look forward to assisting you! more
Goodie Bags for Sports Events
October 31, 2018

Goodie bags for sports events is a practise we won’t be letting go of any time soon! It’s not a just a fun addition to your event, goodie bags for sports events are a really smart marketing strategy. Giving participants branded merch to take home is a powerful way to spread brand awareness for your event and sponsors - and to keep them coming back!

Participating in a sports event can often be a grueling, physically demanding activity. For one thing, a goodie bag shows your participants that your appreciate their attendance and all the hard work involved in the run up to the event.

Goodie Bags for Events

Goodie bags for events also allows for the “Been there, got the T-Shirt” factor. The branded merch of a goodie bag is a trophy that everyone receives for participating. It’s evidence of your participants’ endurance and tenacity. And if attendees are tempted to splash your products over their social media, all the better for brand awareness!

Goodie bags are also a great people pleaser. After all, who doesn’t love receiving trendy, useful items for free? It adds a delightful cherry on top of your event for your attendees, and can even be a pull factor to keep them returning year after year.

A prepackaged branded goodie bag also adds to the sense of significance of the day - that this is something special. Goodie bags for events are mood boosters that can really positively contribute to the success of your event.

Goodie Bag Ideas

Goodie bag ideas - need inspiration for goodies to fill your swag bag? Browse our giveaway products page for a vast range of fun and novel goodie bag ideas.

There are a couple of factors that make for really great corporate gifts to ensure your gift bag isn’t abandoned at the back of a wardrobe, or left behind at your event. Most of all, branded merch should balance being useful and fun. The best gifts really add value to participants lives, so they hold onto them to fulfil a purpose.

Keeping in mind that your participants are active, outdoorsy people, our range of sports and wellness gifts are also a great source of ideas. Some options include sunblock, a protein shake, runner arm pouch, skipping rope or exercise mat. A branded t-shirt is always a well-received item in swag bags for events. Sports apparel is a great twist on this - one that really caters to your participants.

Swag Bags for Events

Swag bags for events are also an opportunity for you to really get creative! A banal or dull swag bag just won’t have the same impact as one full of interesting, cool goodies. The digit ring grip and stand, branded USBs, or adhesive silicone phone card holders are great examples of useful nifty promo items. Products like bubbles and fidget spinners, are also fun and trendy items to add a lighthearted touch to your swag bag.

Goodie Bags Supplier

Goodie bags supplier - we offer a bright selection of giveaway bags - a great eye catching way to ensure your branding draws attention. Brand Innovation is proud to be a goodie bags supplier. We can source and brand your giveaway items, and offer packaging services. We also offer door-to-door delivery nationwide. So you can focus on your successful event, while we take care of the goodie bags process from start to finish!

To chat to an account executive about any queries you might have about our goodie bags, please feel free to contact us via email or on 0861 111 954. We look forward to assisting you! more
Power of Promotional Products
October 29, 2018

Why are promotional products so powerful? There are a range of marketing techniques available to businesses. What is it about promotional products and corporate swag that makes it such a successful method? Ideally, the end goal of marketing is to lead the customer down a path of purchase from your company - there are some key reasons promotional products do that most effectively.

The strength of promo products lies in their tangibility: customers hold the products, engage with them, use them in their daily lives. They’re a long-term form of marketing, that is integrated into the day to day of your customers. This factor has an extremely positive impact on 5 metrics of successful marketing: reach, recall, resonance, relativity and reaction.

Reach: according to the research of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) 89% of consumers have been given at least one promo product in the last six months. This is a huge proportion of the consumer population!

Because promotional products are so cost effective, their effects are widespread. They can really scale up your brand exposure.  But it’s not enough for products to just reach customers, they should make an impact on the consumer. Promotional products are especially good at this.

Recall: the PPAI’s research tells us that promotional products are a really memorable form of marketing.

9 in 10 people will recall the branding

8 in 10 will recall the message

7 in 10 will recall the call to action

Resonance: we also know that power of promotional products is that they resonate with consumers. 82% of people had a more favourable impression of brands whose promotional products they received.

Relativity: relative to other forms of marketing, promotional products are rank the number one most effective channel to prompt action in customers. Where as other advertising forms work better for different generations, promotional products are the most powerful marketing channel across all generations.

Reaction: promotional products effectively prompt a reaction in customers.

80% of people researched the brand

83% were more likely to do business with the brand

81% held onto the promotional product for more than a year

The top 3 types of promo products that make people keep them are those that are:




The power of promotional products is in how effectively they lead a consumer down a path of purchase. Their impact in terms of reach, recall, resonance, relativity and reaction makes them an excellent advertising channel. It’s a high impact, cost effective marketing channel.

Brand Innovation is a leading supplier of promotional products and branded corporate goods in South Africa. Browse our promotional products catalogue to see our full selection of customisable items. To get in touch please leave us an email or call us on 0861 111 954. more
Colour Changing Mugs
October 29, 2018

A colour changing mug is a fresh and fun option for a branded promotional mug. Because many working people are coffee-fueled, a mug is a classic promotional item! In short a branded mug is a great corporate gift because it’s:

  • Long term branding

  • Excellent value for money

  • An everyday item

  • Useful

This is why the corporate branded mug is such a popular choice.

But colour changing mugs put a spin on the standard branded mug - by changing colour when hot water is added! These delightful products have a heat sensitive colour coating that becomes transparent as the mug comes into contact with heat - revealing

your logo and colour underneath.

This makes it such an effective promotional product: it actively engages the owner with your branding while your logo is magically revealed! Entertaining and fun, the colour changing mug is as functional as other branded mugs. It’s a fresh and innovative branded product idea, making a real impression on your customer.

Brand Innovation supplies colour changing coffee cups. Some of our options are:

Transition Colour-Changing Mug: This coffee mug is made of ceramic and is a stylish matte black when cold. It reveals the printed logo beneath when warm on a white background.

Chameleon Colour Changing Mug: This product comes in a trendy two toned designed, packaged in a matching gift box. It’s available in 5 different colours, allowing you to customise your mug in colours consistent with your brand identity.

To order branded colour changing mugs, please email us or call us on 0861 111 954 - and one of our account executives will be happy to chat to you about the branding options available to you. For our full range of mugs on offer, please see our Ceramic Mugs page. more