Stylish Coffee Sets
November 30, 2015
Coffee Sets South Africa- A stunning idea for a corporate gift for important clients and stakeholders, a thoughtful way to connect with clients in a meaningful way, Coffee Sets are perfect for giving a functional branded item to clients that can be used and enjoyed on a daily basis, whether at the office or home.

This gift option offers a stunning gift with your corporate logo printed on all pieces that is sure to make your brand part of your client’s daily life. A wonderful gift that clients will love to show off to friends and family, this is a stunning porcelain set that makes for a much loves client gift.

Americano Coffee Set

3 Reasons why this is a thoughtful branded gift
  1. 1.  Four colour print
  2. 2.  Stunning gift box
  3. 3.  AB grade porcelain

Café-Java Coffee Set

3 Reasons why this is a perfect coffee set
  1. 1.  Saucers and spoons
  2. 2.  Good-looking mug design
  3. 3.  Four colour print

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Bluetooth Headphones
November 27, 2015
Bluetooth Headphones South Africa- A wonderful gifting item, a new addition to the Brand Innovation technology range, the awesome Integer Deluxe Bluetooth Headphones are modern and great-looking Bluetooth headphones that give out perfectly audio every time. Great for a meaningful client gift, perfect for promoting a modern and tech-savvy brand image, these are anytime anywhere gifts that clients are sure to adore.

3 Reasons why these are great branded headphones

  1. 1.  10m range
  2. 2.  Six hours playback time
  3. 3.  High quality presentation box

A brilliant branded gift that has a wonderfully modern and sleek design, this awesome headphones set has a matte black finish along the band with an awesome quick button design on the right hand side ear piece. With funky blue lights to show power and a wonderfully snug fit, these are a great for making a meaningful connection with clients and music lovers.

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Printed Cooler Bags
November 26, 2015
Printed Cooler Bags South Africa- A great casual item for corporate gifting and promotional giveaways, printed cooler bags are thoughtful, useful gifts that can be enjoyed with family and friends. A great way to keep your drinks icy fresh all day long, this fantastic cooler bag is perfect for a picnic or Sunday evening braai. A great way to connect with clients and staff members in a meaningful way, this is an item to be used often, consistently marketing your brand with every use.

Munch Cooler Bag
3 Reasons why this is an ideal cooler bag option
  1. 1.  Holds nine cans
  2. 2.  Available in eight vibrant colours
  3. 3.  Has handy carry compartment underneath

A wonderful cooler bag option that can have a multitude of branding options, this is an ideal gift for a custom branded gift. With a six colour screen print allowed on the sides and a one colour print on the top, this is a stunning printed cooler bag that clients and staff are sure to love.

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Eco Friendly Notebooks
November 26, 2015
Eco Friendly Notebooks South Africa- One of the most popular eco gifts available, perfect for any office setting or “Go Green” initiative, the stunning Ink-Fusion A5 Notebook is made from 100% recycled paper and includes a handy ballpoint pen that fits right into the notebook cover. A creative gift, very popular with clients, this comes in handy day after day, whether at the office or around the house.

3 Reasons why this is a great eco friendly gift
  1. 1.  100% recycled paper
  2. 2.  Ballpoint pen in cover
  3. 3.  Large area for branding on the cover

A brilliant item for promotions, wonderful also as a staff or client gift, these eco friendly notebooks give you a branded promotional item that looks good and markets your brand in a meaningful way. A great way to ensure your brand features daily in the lives of clients, this is an every day item that will be used time and time again.

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Balmain Pen Set
November 25, 2015
Balmain Pen Set South Africa- A stunning gift set from the luxurious Balmain range, the Arles Ballpen and Rollerball Set is a sleek and sexy client gift that comes in handy day after day. A great branded gifting item that is perfect for any office, these beautifully set pens can be elegantly engraved for the added professional look.

3 Reasons why this is an awesome pen set
  1. 1.  Printing and engraving
  2. 2.  Stunning presentation box
  3. 3.  Slim and comfortable pens

A fantastic gift for important clients and staff members, this awesome set is elegant and comfortable to write with, giving you a branded gift that can be enjoyed every day. With high-quality black German ink and a great-looking sleek design, this is a popular gift for any client. A world renowned brand, these are the best way to impress that all-important client. Comfortable to hold and even better to show off, these are sure to be found on every desktop of executive clients.
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Best Promotional Power Bank
November 25, 2015
Best Promotional Power Bank South Africa- A fantastic little item that comes in handy day after day, a branded power bank is brilliant way to give out a useful and thoughtful branded gift to clients and staff members. A wonderful item, ideal for the working world, the Capacity Power Bank is a great and easy to use technology item that comes in handy both at the office and at home.

3 Reasons why this is a great office gift
  1. 1.  Available in 10 vibrant colours
  2. 2.  2200mAh capacity
  3. 3.  Full-colour print

Available on its own or in a customisable gift set, this is a cost-effective gifting item that can be used often throughout the busy year- whether at work or enjoying a vacation. Perfect for charging your phone while on the go, this keeps you connected where ever you may be.

With allowance for eye-catching branding and a creative marketing message, this can be one of the best corporate gifting items- no surprise it is one of our most popular branded gifts around. 

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Brand Name Corporate Gifts
November 24, 2015
Brand Name Corporate Gifts South Africa- Giving out brand name corporate gifts is an important part of any brand’s corporate ethos and image. Keeping staff happy and rewarded is great for portraying a solid brand culture, branded corporate gifts are a great way to not only gain recognition of your brand but also associate it with real people. The best way to give staff and clients something special for their role in the company, Brand Innovation stock some of the most popular corporate gifting brands in the world today.

Some of our famous brands names:

3 Reasons why this is a fantastic clothing range
  1. 1.  Caps, golf shirts. Jackets and sports bags
  2. 2.  Durable, high-quality designs
  3. 3.  Perfect for casual wear and sports events

3 Reasons why this is a great gift range
1.  Professional pens
2.  Classic and timeless
3.  Stunning chrome and gold options

3 Reasons why this is an awesome sunglasses brand
  1. 1.  World-renowned glasses brand
  2. 2.  Huge range of shapes and styles
  3. 3.  Most popular- Aviators and Wayfarers

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant executive gift range
  1. Executive pens
  2. Most popular executive pen brand in the world
  3. Sleek and professional designs

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Card Memory Stick Suppliers
November 24, 2015
Card Memory Stick Suppliers South Africa- A creative, full-colour branded item that is perfect as a promotional giveaway item for staff or to give out during events, these USB Card Flash Drives are compact memory sticks that fit perfectly into your wallet or phone pouch for easy storage and quick use. A stunning full-colour memory card, this is a wonderful way to give out a unique marketing gift to your corporate family. Get yours today from a premium Card Memory Stick Supplier in South Africa.

3 Reasons why this USB is a brilliant creative gift:

  1. 1.  Full-colour, custom design on both sides
  2. 2.  Available in different sizes- 4GB standard
  3. 3.  Cost-effective promotional gift

A fantastic, eye-catching gifting item for corporate branding, the USB Card Flash Drive is perfect for safely storing digital copies of your work throughout the busy work week. With loads of room for branding on both sides, giving you a creative and unique promotional item for all situations, this is a perfect way to make your brand a daily feature in the lives of all your clients.

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Head Lamps
November 23, 2015
Head Lamps South Africa - A fantastic branded gift that is great as a holiday gift for staff members, these bright LED Head Lamps are perfect for a simple corporate gift. A fairly cost-effective gift that comes in handy throughout the holidays, this is great for any avid camper our outdoor enthusiast. A small item with a durable plastic design, this is a useful corporate gift.

3 Reasons why this is a great branded item
  1. 1.  12 hour torch time
  2. 2.  Durable ABS design
  3. 3.  Strong CREE LED light

A handy and durable item, whether out in the wilderness or just getting through loadshedding, a bright torch always comes in handy. With a snug fitting strap and a comfortable padded back for a comfortable wear, this is a brilliant item that can be used as often as possible.

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How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift
November 20, 2015

How to choose theperfect corporate gift South Africa- Choosing a corporate gift cansometimes be tricky. A well-branded, useful item is ideal as it allows for aconstantly seen marketing tool that will be used on a daily basis. Perfect formeaningful interaction with clients, staff and customers, this makes your branda part of their daily lives.

Things to keep inmind when choosing your corporate gifts:

1. Budget

Budget is a very important aspect of corporate gifting,making sure of how much you can spend for how many people. This often dictates,or is otherwise a clear indication of, the level of gift and the prominence ofthe recipient. Staff gifts tend to be cheaper but more in amount, and viceversa for executive gifts.

2. Number of units required

When ordering corporate gifts you need to know how manypeople are expected to receive one. For an office gift it will be less of abulk order, however for a giveaway item during promotions the amounts would bemuch, much bigger.

3. What the item will beused for

Always get an item that can fulfil a need to some extent. Isthe item for a promotional event? Or for an office staff gift? Will they use itoutdoors or at their desk? What the items will be used for makes all thedifference. Some items are rough and rugged, perfect for the outdoors andadventure, while others are luxurious and delicate, to be kept safely indoorsor on a desk.

4. Who is the targetmarket?

The target market is an important aspect as this giftingitem will represent your brand as a marketing tool. Getting a gifting item thatdoes not align with your target market will distance your brand from yourdesired image.

5. What branding isrequired?

Different items allow for different branding styles. This isimportant to consider as it changes the entire look and feel of yourpromotional items. A full-colour item can be ideal for a vibrant brand image,however an embroidered or foiled item is much better suited for theprofessional world.

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