Slim Executive Power Bank
December 14, 2015
Slim Executive Power Bank South Africa- A wonderful executive gift, perfect for making a lasting impression on an important client, the Slim Executive Power Bank is a sleek and stylish power bank option that is powerful enough to charge most smaller devices like cell phones and compact cameras.

With a stunning metallic design that is wonderfully compact this is the best way to keep you phone alive and kicking in the professional setting.

3 Reasons why this is a wonderful executive gift
  1. 1.  3-in-1 charging cable
  2. 2.  Aluminium alloy design
  3. 3.  4000mAh capacity

A fantastic branded gift that any executive client is sure to love, this stylish slim executive power bank is a good looking technology gift that can charge your cell phone over and over again without worry. With a bright LED capacity indicator and a small range of colours available, this si a wonderful client gift that will be shown off as much as possible.

Colour options
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Black

Power banks are fantastic when branded with your brand or company name. 

They offer long lasting branding and great value to your brand, as they are always in need and widely used by many. 

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Branded Cork Coasters
December 12, 2015
Branded Cork Coasters- A clever and eye-catching set of promotional items, a branded cork backed coaster is a unique approach to marketing your brand that lets you gift clients and staff in a creative way.

An everyday item that can be used at home or work, these awesome coasters are made in South Africa and offer stunning full colour prints for your unique designs.

Cork Coasters make great promotional items:
1.  100% Made in South Africa
2.  Full colour design
3.  Available in square or circle shape

With the options of shape and style this fantastic promotional gift is a thoughtful branded item that will be shown off with every visiting guest.

A wonderful way to make your brand a daily feature in the lives of clients, these eye-catching promotional items are ideal for restaurants, hotels and bars.

A great way to create uniformity, this allows for small branded touches that clients will absolutely love.

Imagine your brand or company name on the coffee tables and desks in every office, hotel, bar and university!

Get your stunning branded cork backed coasters today!

Available across South Africa, e-mail now to order.

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Engraved Memory Sticks
December 11, 2015
Engraved Memory Sticks South Africa- A fantastic promotional item that is excellent as a branded client gift, the awesome Swivel USB is an awesome option of engraved memory sticks that gives you a stunning selection of branded gifts.

Presented in a plastic case, with a cool metal design that is perfect for engraved branding, this is a wonderful promotional gift for clients or staff to use on a daily basis.

Swivel USB Supplier

Swivel USB supplier in South Africa, for your executive clients and corporate gifting needs. 

Brand your logo on a USB and reap the rewards of great marketing. 

Memory sticks are tech items that are used by many from all over. 

Branded USB's 

Branded USB's make fantastic corporate gifts for clients or promotional products to increase your brand reach. 

Branding memory sticks with your logo or company name adds great brand value to your business and flash drives offer long lasting branding. 

3 Reasons why USB's are great:
1.  Standard 4GB size- available in larger on bulk order
2.  Free lanyard and USB attachment
3.  Can be printed or engraved

A fantastic marketing USB item that is very popular as a branded staff gift, branding is placed on the metal swivel cover for an elegant look and feel.

Available in colour on order, this can be perfectly suited to your unique brand image.

With the standard size being 4GB, however larger sizes can be ordered, this is a good looking, high quality USB item that is great to have around the office.

Don’t miss out on your engraved memory sticks, e-mail now to order your special promotional items.

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High End Corporate Gifts
December 10, 2015
High End Corporate Gifts South Africa- A stunning pen option, absolutely perfect as a promotional gift for your important clients and staff members, the elegant and sophisticated Montblanc Cruise Corporate Pen is a brilliantly comfortable writing piece that is an exceptionally popular pen from our selection of high end corporate gifts.
A truly timeless gift for any executive client this is a stylish pen option that is sure to be shown off around the office time and time again.

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant client gift

  1. 1.  Black precious resin barrel
  2. 2.  Platinum plated clips and trim
  3. 3.  Fantastic twist mechanism

The Monblanc Cruise Pen is a brilliant item for a sophisticated client gift, a corporate gift not soon forgotten this is one of the most popular high end corporate gifts around. With a beautifully branded Montblanc presentation box and world famous writing comfort, this is the pen to bring out when bringing in new clients. Not available in shops, this is a high end corporate gifts item available from Brand Innovation.

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Locally Manufactured Clothing
December 10, 2015
Locally Manufactured Clothing South Africa- A brilliant item for casual staff wear or as a stylish promotional item, a locally manufactured clothing option is a great way to support local manufacturers while giving your staff a great looking branded clothing item. With a wide range of vibrant colours and a comfortable, form-fitting design, this is a much loved staff item.

Locally Manufactured Basic Pique Golf Shirt

3 Reason why this is a great golf shirt option
  1. 1.  16 available colour options
  2. 2.  Polycotton pique design
  3. 3.  Locally manufactured

Colour options
  • Navy
  • Black
  • White
  • Cyan
  • Lime
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Royal
  • Sky
  • Emerald
  • Bottle
  • Maroon
  • Grey melange
  • Cerise

A stunning item to wear around the office, fitting into both formal and casual settings, a stunning branded golf shirt is a great way to connect with staff in a meaningful way- giving out casual uniform items creating uniformity throughout your corporate structure.
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Pens Made in South Africa
December 08, 2015
Pens Made in South Africa- The most popular BIC pen options around, perfect for branded office stationary for staff and clients to use, these cost effective pens are a simple yet effective marketing tool to have around your company.

These two BIC Pens are manufactured and assembled in South Africa and are SABS approved.

 The best promotional options from a world-renowned pen brand, these make for branded day to day items that present your brand proudly throughout your corporate structure. Known for quality and long lasting items, these BIC promotional pens made in South Africa are perfect branded items.

BIC Stic Round Printed Pen

3 Reasons why this is a great BIC Promotional Pens option
  1. 1.  Printing in up to two colours
  2. 2.  Round barrel for wider branding allowance
  3. 3.  Black or white barrel options

BIC Stic Printed Pen

3 Reasons why this is a great branded pen
  1. 1.  One colour print on the barrel
  2. 2.  Mix and match clip and plug colours
  3. 3.  Cost-effective branded item

With the ability to mix and match the cap and plug colour, these are great every day office items that are used constantly throughout the work week. A brilliant item to give to clients during meetings these pen options can act as a consistent reminder of your brand and its willingness to provide.
Great as a promotional item, wonderful as a school or university giveaway item, these are used every day- a consistent marketing tool for your brand.

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Credit Card Flash Drive
December 08, 2015
Credit Card Flash Drive South Africa - A branded creative gift that is perfect for marketing your corporate image during promotional events or to give to staff as a useful office item, the Credit Card Flash Drive is a lightweight memory stick with a large, full colour branding area that fits perfectly into your wallet. A stunning creative gift, this can even be pre-loaded with information or data to better market your vibrant brand image.

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant creative gift:
  1. 1.  Full-colour, custom design on both sides
  2. 2.  Available in a range of sizes- 4GB standard
  3. 3.  Cost-effective, lightweight promotional gift

With sizes ranging from 4GB up to 16GB, presented with a great carry pouch for cards, this credit card flash drive is a brilliant way of connecting with clients while giving them an item to use on a day to day basis. A cost-effective, eye-catching item for your business or marketing needs, the Credit Card Flash Drive is a popular full-colour item that is sure to catch any eye with a unique design.

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Business Christmas Gifts
December 07, 2015
Business Christmas Gifts South Africa- For a stunning selection of Business Christmas Gifts that are perfect for executive clients or important staff members, engraved Parker Pens are fantastic ways of connecting with clients while giving out a meaningful and functional branded gift. An item that can be used every day, clients will love to show this off-sure to be seen on every executive desktop.
Parker IM Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

3 Reasons why this is a stunning Parker Pen:
  1. 1.  Stainless steel barrel and chrome trim
  2. 2.  Wide, comfortable design
  3. 3.  Can be personalised with names or a logo

A wonderfully elegant gift that can be personalised with stylish engraving, this is a perfect item for a thoughtful and useful Christmas gift. Perfect for impressing clients with your sophisticated gifting selection, this is a stunning pen option that is a very popular personalised gift. Sure to be seen as often as possible, this is a much loved gifting item that clients will love.

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Cotton Spandex T Shirts
December 07, 2015
Cotton Spandex T Shirts South Africa- A perfect promotional item for sports teams or corporate events, Cotton Spandex T Shirts are comfortable, form-fitting t shirts that hug to your body and keep you cool while out in the heat. Perfect for sports or outdoor activities, these tops let your body breather, allowing you to enjoy your fun in the sun for hours at a time. Stunning when branded, available in a great range of colours, these are available for both men and women. Perfect for a form fitting promotional t shirt, these are wonderful t shirt options that are sure to be taken on every morning run.

Alex Cotton Spandex T Shirt for Men

3 Reasons why this is an awesome t shirt option
  1. 1.  Available in five colour options
  2. 2.  Locally manufactured
  3. 3.  Slim fit design

Jody Cotton Spandex T Shirt for Ladies

3 Reasons why this is a great branded t shirt
  1. 1.  Six colour options
  2. 2.  Cap sleeve on female cut
  3. 3.  Regular fit with crew neck

Don’t miss out on these awesome Cotton Spandex T Shirts from Brand Innovation, a stunning printed t shirt option. E-mail to order your specially branded promotional items today. more
Parker Pen and Pencil Sets
December 04, 2015
Parker Pen and Pencil Sets South Africa- A brilliant way to connect with important clients and staff members, a branded gift set is an item to be used on a daily basis around the office or home. Perfect for a thoughtful, personalised promotional item a Parker Pen and Pencil Set is a stunning corporate gift that is sure to be loved by executive stakeholders. A meaningful gifting item, this is sure to be a hit with all your important clients and staff members.

Parker IM Stainless Steel Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set

3 Reasons why this is a stunning gift set
  1. 1.  Stainless Steel barrel
  2. 2.  Chrome Trim
  3. 3.  Premium Parker Gift Box

A wonderful gift set that is amazing to use, these comfortable items come in a beautifully set presentation box branded with the renowned Parker logo. With personalised engraving allowed on the pens, this is an ideal way to make an impact on your executive clients.
Don’t miss out on the stunning Parker IM Stainless Steel Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set from Brand Innovation. E-mail now to order yours. more