Custom Shape USB Drive
October 12, 2018

Custom shape USB drive - Looking for a completely customisable promotional product? A unique promotional flash drive? Add another dimension (literally!) to your branded USBs. Design your own USB drive shape for a bold branding choice! Let your customers store their data with this fun and novel USB product. We’re not just talking regular surface branding! This amazing silicon item can be produced in whichever bespoke shape you’d like. Even its specs are customisable!

It’s available in either 2D or 3D options

Can be molded into any shape and colour

Available in 2GB to 32GB storage sizes

There’s nothing like a quirky gadget to get customers chatting about your brand. This is a product that’s guaranteed to be totally unique, making sure your brand stands out.

Promotional Flash Drives

Promotional flash drives - this handy item predicts the needs of your clients, adding value to their lives. A promotional flash drive is useful to everyone - it’s where your teenager stores his mixtapes and where your boss keeps his presentations. The guaranteed usefulness of USBs means that customers are sure to hang onto your product no matter who they are, increasing the brand exposure of your company.

As the world moves towards a computer-based mode of operating, data storage becomes increasingly relevant. Demonstrate your company’s dynamism and tech savvy ethos with a trendy promotional products choice.

Novelty USB Drive

Novelty USB drive - the real strength of this product isn’t just that customers will use it, it’s that they’ll really engage with it. This is an unorthodox take on a branded USB drive. It’s a standard office item that brings a welcome element of light hearted fun into the workplace.The rainbow of colour options available and the very physical quality of your novelty USB drive means it’s a really memorable item. Keep your brand top of mind on a daily basis with this totally unique item.

Design Your Own Flash Drive

Design your own flash drive for the ultimate bespoke promotional item! Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of custom shape USB drives. You can find a ton more USB options on our Memory Sticks page. Give us a call on 0861 111 954 or email us and one of our account executives will be happy to help you design your own flash drive! more
Useful Corporate Gifts South Africa
October 12, 2018

Useful corporate gifts - usefulness is the number one criteria for a powerful corporate gift. Unfortunately a promotional item can’t do any marketing work from the bin! The most effective promotional products are those that a customer chooses to hold onto for a long period of time - so your marketing campaign has long term effects.

We know that people are more likely to hold onto promotional gifts if they’re

1. Useful

2. Trendy

3. Fun

Useful corporate gifts fill a lack or fix a problem a customer might not even have considered they had! The more a gift adds value to your customers, the more it becomes integrated into their daily lives. This makes your brand familiar and increases your brand exposure. Familiarity increases the recall of your branding, and makes contacting you super accessible - this is how you prompt a customer down a path of purchase from your company!

Consider how if your branded shirt is worn your logo is exposed to everyone the wearer comes into contact with. If your branded mugs are used in the office of your customer your logo is exposed to anyone who comes into that space. If you scale up the number of days that product is used for and give out multiples of your promotional items, the effectiveness of useful corporate gifts compounds exponentially. Paying attention to the use-factor of a promotional product is the best way to get bang for your buck.

Useful corporate gift ideas

Fortunately, useful corporate gift ideas are plentiful! Brand Innovation is in the business of supplying innovative, useful items that add value to customers’ lives. Some amazing corporate gifts are just everyday items that you can’t have too many of - but with an innovative twist to make you stand out from the competition:

Mugs are a great branded item: people grow attached to their favourites, hang onto them for years and use them daily. Our Drinkware and Food page has our full selection, but here are some fun alternatives to a standard coffee cup:

Colour changing coffee mugs - coated in a black heat sensitive layer, these mugs reveal the logo beneath when hot water is poured into them!

Chalk coffee mugs - this quirky product lets you drink your coffee, draw doodles and leave little messages all on the same item.

Travel coffee mugs - this item makes sure you never miss your morning coffee! Travel mugs let you have your hot beverages on the move. They’re also a great reusable alternative to disposable coffee mugs, making them a wonderful eco-friendly gift.

Branded pens are the most effective promotional product. They’re extremely cost effective, with high impact potential. It goes without saying that they’re used by everyone, no matter their job, every day. Branded pens are universal in their usefulness, and you can’t have too many! Our writing instruments page has our full range. If you want to outshine the competition our unique branded pens will help you stand out. These include:

Eco friendly pens - pens made from recycled materials or polished bamboo are a beautiful natural alternative to plastic pens. Make eco-friendly habits easy for your customers, with these sustainable gifts!

USB pens - this is a dual purpose pen, that lets you conveniently store your data and take notes using only one device.

Pens with highlighters - this product accounts for two birds with one stone! Condense your stationery needs into one pen.

Blankets are a unique branded item, with great marketing potential. And they really come in handy - every household or workplace could use another blanket to keep snug in the winter. You can see all our blankets on our Blankets page, which include many fleece options!

Tech Promotional Products

Tech promotional products make the lives of your customers easier and more convenient! See our Mobile Technology page for all the cool gadgets we supply. Here are some of useful tech promotional products available:

Solar Charged Power Bank - this power bank lets you charge your devices anywhere, anytime, relying only on the energy of the sun! This is super convenient for anyone on-the-go all day or going off the grid for a long period. It also uses a renewable energy source, so it’s an eco-friendly choice!

3 in 1 connector cables - this product lets you charge multiple devices of different makes simultaneously! It reduces 3 different chargers into 1 compact cable.

Travel smart multi-charger - never fight over the car charger again! This car charger provides 4 USB portals, with an extending cord to reach the back seat. This let’s everyone charge their devices on-the-go.

Memory sticks are an essential tool in working life. Check out our USBs page, or take a look at some of our most innovative product examples:

Credit card USB - this flash stick is shaped like a credit card to fit with ease into your wallet, so you always know where your memory stick is!

Bottle Opener USB - this 8GB flash stick is dual purposed! It’ll keep your data safe and pop your bottle caps in one convenient device

Silicone Wristband USB - this wristband USB let’s you wear your device for ease of access and portability.

Bamboo USB - this wooden USB bridges the gap between nature and the tech world. It’s a beautiful organic alternative to plastic USBs - making it an eco-friendly corporate gift option.

These useful corporate gift examples solve universal problems and inconveniences in all of our lives. Some gifts are useful for specific people, and this can make for a really thoughtful corporate gift. For example, we recommend our Travel Gifts for frequent flyers or companies in the travel industry. Our Tools, Torches and Knives page is recommended for useful gifts for people in the tourism, safari or adventuring industries.

For more useful gift ideas, give us a call on 0861 111 954 or email us, and one of our account executives will be happy to make suggestions. We look forward to helping you! more
Renewable Energy Gifts Suppliers
October 12, 2018

Renewable energy gifts are a great way to show off the dynamism and tech savviness of your company ethos. Relying only on solar and kinetic energy, renewable energy gifts make for innovative green products. These green promotional products align your brand with eco-friendly ideals - spreading awareness and and making eco-friendly habits easy!

Being without power could be anything from a mild inconvenience to a full blown crisis. But these sustainable energy sources ensure your customer always has charge - in the midst of a suburban power cut or on a hair-raising adventure out in the wilderness. You know the expression about giving a man a fish - a renewable energy gift is a gift that keeps on giving!  

Here are some of the renewable energy gifts supplied by Brand Innovation:

Solar Powered Gifts

Solar powered gifts offer a ton of wonderful eco-friendly products.

Solar Charger Power Bank 5000mAh

This power bank unplugs you from the wall, letting you charge your devices on the move! This is super convenient for those who like to take the road less traveled where there is no electricity, or expect to be on-the-go for long periods. The solar charger is an incredibly useful item for travelers, so it makes a great End of Year gift or a thoughtful corporate gift for frequent flyers. It’s also

Water resistant

Shock resistant

Includes 4 in 1 charging cable

Includes a carabiner

Includes an LED torch

Solar Silicon Lamps

Solar silicon lamps are a durable waterproof light source. Being stranded in the dark whilst camping or during load shedding is an experience noone should have to endure! Solar silicon lamps are collapsable and super portable, complete with a handle.These eco friendly gadgets have different brightness settings, letting you control the ambience. You can also throw them in the pool, or leave them out in the rain, and the solar silicon lamps will keep on shining!

Solar Torch Keyring

These nifty little devices make a great promotional product. Compact and portable, attach this torch to your keys to charge it without ever having to think about it. Ever needed a light source with only a dead phone to help you? Solar torch keyrings ensure you always have a torch on hand. Perfect for a quick hunt through a dark handbag, or checking if you’ve left anything behind in the car, they’re the kind of gift that’s useful on an everyday basis.

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Many sustainable gift ideas are supplied by Brand Innovation! Besides our selection of solar power gifts, we also offer the Spark Kinetic Torch. No batteries are required for this practical little gadget. It relies on the action of pumping the “trigger” to generate the kinetic energy that powers the light. This eco friendly gift, as well as many other sustainable gift ideas can be found on our eco-friendly gifts page.

To chat to one of our account executives about renewable energy gift ideas, please give us a call on 0861 111 954 or send us an email. We look forwards to helping you! more
Reusable Steel Straws South Africa
October 08, 2018

Reusable steel straws - our plastic waste is really harmful to the environment: it makes soil less fertile, and harms sea life. It’s non-biodegradable so it sticks around for thousands of years filling our landfills. And those little plastic tubes we drink our cocktails with? Well they’re the last straw!

Plastic straws are designed to be used just once, and they’re not recyclable. Using alternative materials - like reusable steel straws - is the environmentally friendly choice. Now your brand can get involved in encouraging eco-friendly behaviour!

Branded Reusable Straws

Branded reusable straws are an amazing eco friendly gift. They are:

- A lightweight and compact gift

- Cost effective

- Useful on an everyday basis

- Novel

- Eco-friendly

Green promotional products allow your brand to align itself with eco-friendliness and spread awareness. These compact and portable swag products make it easy for your customers to pick up eco-friendly habits. As awareness is growing about the effects of plastic straws, this is a great contemporary, on-trend product in the eco-friendly gifting world.

Branded reusable straws are also a long term branding option, because they’re by definition designed to be reused! Metal straws and reusable steel straws also have a laser engraving branding option - the branding method that increases the perceived value of your product the most.

Stainless Steel Straws South Africa

We supply stainless steel straws in South Africa! Our Rainbow Effect Steel Eco Straws are a bright, and colourful reusable straw choice. Their shimmering effect makes them a delightful addition to any drink - helping you literally outshine your competition! They’re available as a set which includes:

- 2 steel straws

- a cleaning brush

- bag for easy portability

Laser engraving is available on the straws, and heat press on the bags. This is a great branding opportunity for a fun, trendy, eco-friendly corporate gift. For more green promotional products take a look at Brand Innovation’s eco-friendly gifts page. To order your stainless steel straws in South Africa, please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us - we look forward to helping you! more
Internships Cape Town South Africa
October 08, 2018

Internships Cape Town South Africa - applications for our internships 2019 programme are now open! Fresh out of matric, or university and ready for a new challenge? Take a look at our Internship Academy. We offer full-time paid internships based in Cape Town, with intake at any time.

Brand Innovation is a corporate gifts and promotional items supplier. We have a mission to provide youth employment, and to be a platform for the development and empowerment of young people. And it’s not our first time at the rodeo - since we first opened our doors 13 year ago, we have taken on between 5 and 10 paid interns each year. This has evolved into a standalone project: The Internship Academy.

So, what makes the Internship Academy different from other internship programmes?

We recognise that many businesses take on interns who don’t end up getting the time and attention they need - they spend their time fetching coffees instead of learning new skills.

With this in mind, the Internship Academy is designed to provide a structured learning environment for interns. It combines a theory-based component with real-world work experience - so nobody gets left behind!

But it’s not all about skills in your specific field - interns learn professional etiquette and skills applicable to the rest of their working lives. The programme also assists you in finding work after the internship ends.

Internship Opportunities

We offer internship opportunities in all spheres of the business for our internships 2019. These are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Copywriting for SEO

  • Design

  • Sales staff

  • Business administration

  • Digital media

  • Web development

General requirements:

  • Excellent work ethic and attitude

  • Initiative

  • Willingness to learn

  • Some knowledge in your field

  • No work experience is required

Requirements for Sales and Business Admin internships:

  • excellent typing skills

  • very organized

  • attention to detail

  • love to help people


Necessary Qualifications:

No qualification in your field is necessary for the internships with the exceptions of the

  • webdesign internship

  • graphic design internship

These two internships require a relevant qualification.


Application for Internship

Here’s how you can go about applying for the Internship Academy:

  • Send us an email with the subject line: Your Name/ The position you’re interested in/ the year e.g. John Smith/ Digital Media Internship/ 2019

  • Attach a CV no longer than one page and a copy of your matric certificate.

  • Indicate which internship opportunity you’re interested in

  • Explain in no more than 3 sentences why you’d make a great intern


We highly recommend doing some research about what we do at Brand Innovation before your interview. Take a look at our About Us page for more information! more
Products Made from Bamboo
October 05, 2018

Products made from bamboo - In the corporate world, a gift made from natural materials really adds the human touch needed to make your brand stand out. Bamboo offers an organic alternative to many plastic products - a subtly sophisticated one.

Besides being a beautiful and natural product, bamboo is actually an amazing material for many reasons. It’s lightweight, strong and has a multiplicity of uses.

This wonder plant is also famously one of the fastest growing plants in the world! Some species will grow 3 ruler lengths in the space of a day. Bamboo products take advantage of the natural grain of wood to give a textured product, with minimal design to make way for corporate branding.

Bamboo is used in the production of biofuel and is totally renewable. Needless to say, promotional products made from bamboo are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for eco friendly gifts - because they’re made from a sustainably produced and biodegradable material. Brand Innovation supplies many products made from bamboo. Please go over to our eco friendly gifts page to take a look at our full selection.

Eco-friendly gifts are the obvious corporate gift choice for NGOs and organisations in the environmental sector. But it’s also a great way for any brand to align with sustainable ideas, spread awareness and encourage eco-friendly habits. Here are some our bamboo products available:

Bamboo flash drives

Bamboo flash drives uniquely bridge the gap between technology and nature. USBs are incredibly useful to every working person on an everyday basis - an essential quality for a great corporate gift. They’re the perfect low cost item to distribute at conferences or trade shows.

With a keyring attached, bamboo flash drives are sure to get a great amount of use value and in turn bring you increased brand exposure. Our evergreen memory stick has a laser engraving option, a branding form that greatly increases the perceived value of your product.

Bamboo pens

Bamboo pens are a beautiful product in their own right. Appropriate as a sleek promotional item or corporate gift, they have a stylish polished finish. Our Unity Bamboo pens are also available in a pen and pencil set, presented in a natural bamboo gift box.

A bamboo pen is perfectly complemented by a bamboo notebook. We also offer a hardcover bamboo notebook with recycled paper, and bamboo pen.

Bamboo lanyard

A bamboo lanyard is an great eco-friendly spin on the standard lanyard. Lanyards are the staple corporate swag item for events and conferences. A bamboo lanyard maintains the great marketing qualities of lanyards, but in an environmentally friendly way. Our bamboo lanyards are made from bamboo fiber and are sustainably produced.

Bamboo homeware

Our bamboo homeware selection is pretty varied. We supply the

- Bamboo Shanghai Wine Set

- Bamboo Salad Bowl

- Bamboo Salad Servers

- Bamboo Salt and Pepper

- Bamboo Cheese Grater

Bamboo homeware makes a perfect eco friendly end of year gift, or promotional item.

Please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us to chat to an account executive about the products made from bamboo that we supply. more
Custom Corporate Embroidery
October 01, 2018

Embroidery is not just your gran’s favourite pastime - it is increasingly becoming the branding choice for corporate clothes and promotional products!

Originally embroidery was a handcraft of decorating fabrics using a needle to apply thread. While this is still a hobby for many, in the modern day machines stitch computerised designs into material. This allows the process to be scalable while retaining the the beautiful, personalised qualities of hand embroidery.

But it’s a practise with a long history! It’s one of the oldest and most widespread crafts of modern humans - with works dated back to the 5th Century BC. In medieval times embroidered silks denoted status and wealth. But embroidery was also a folk art as it uses materials accessible to everyone. So it’s a practise that has always been universal!

And it’s making a comeback in pop culture: the rise of “sassy embroidery” is evident in the large online communities of stitchers. With many Instagram accounts and Pinterest pages dedicated to fun and quirky embroidery artists, the craft is everywhere from cute wall hangings to embroidered workwear.

Embroidered Workwear

Embroidered workwear is a popular branding choice for team uniforms and office attire. It’s a classic branding format, adding depth and and texture to your logo. Embroidered workwear is very customisable in terms of colour and design - logos can be replicated in up to 9 different colours and is effective on flat and irregular surfaces.

So your embroidered workwear can include embroidered golf shirts, custom embroidered hats, t shirt embroidery, embroidered bags and other custom embroidery.

Embroidered workwear is a great way to have a branded, uniformed team clothing without that corporate feel.  

Take a look at our corporate clothing page, for our full range of workwear and office attire.

Embroidery Cape Town

Brand Innovation supplies embroidery Cape Town. In fact, we offer branding services on all the products we supply - with delivery anywhere in South Africa.

Embroidery Cape Town is a wonderful way to brand and customise promotional products - without the corporate impression. The professional, beautiful detailing of embroidery Cape Town creates the perception of a higher value product. This is the perfect branding method to impress clients and customers.

Take a look at our corporate gifts page for our full range of promotional items and corporate gifts. Please contact us via email or call 0861 111 954 to chat to one of our account executives about the branding options available on your chosen products. more