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Brand Innovation has since the business was started years ago, helped various organizations on a number of occasions where we could.

Our contributions have mainly been of products that we supply. As we supply a broad spectrum of products we have been able to supply; Clothing such as t shirts, golf shirts, jackets and caps to various needy organizations. We have also donated a lot of stationery and children's toys.
Some recipients have been government bodies such as a fire station in need of pens.
Others children's home such as St Josephs. As there are so many needy organizations, we have chosen to focus our CSR on needy children.
We have recently chosen the Marsh Memorial Home as our charity and are looking forward to growing our relationship with them to help where we can.
It is our intention to not only provide physical items, such as stationery etc, but also to possibly provide employment to a child finishing school.
We welcome any suggestions in this regard from companies who have successful CSR programmes such as this.


We are always happy to give young people the opportunity to learn and to enter into an internship at Brand Innovation. All internships are paid. Interns are treated as part of our team and we do our best to give interns a wonderful working experience with us.
A huge amount of time is given in training our interns and all our interns have really been a great part of our team and have certainly worked well and contributed in a meaningful way. At the end of their time with us we like our interns to have really learnt a lot and to have gained a huge amount in confidence too.
There is also the possibility of full time work at Brand Innovation after completion of the internship. Here's what our most recent intern, Tasneem, has to say about her time at Brand Innovation,

"Being an intern at Brand Innovation has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my academic career. I have been with the company for nearly nine weeks and I have gained tremendous experience.

The transition from living the life of a student to entering the working environment has been a major change. I have learnt so much with regards to how to engage with clients, good communication etiquette as well as the skill of time management. My exposure at Brand Innovation is not only limited to my field of study, but skills that are vital in any working environment.

The team at Brand Innovation are lovely, hard-working motivated ladies who have made me feel welcome and part of their team. Working in such a fast paced working environment has made me grow not only in my field of study but also as an individual.

Being part of the Brand Innovation team is an amazing opportunity as there is so much room for growth within the company.  My experience here has taught me so much which I doubt I would have received at any other firm. Any individual who is lucky enough to be granted this opportunity should definitely grab it with both hands and be prepared to join an amazing team."

For many years Brand Innovation has supported the CPUT internship programme. Here we give students in their final year of marketing a 3 month internship.

Should you our your learning institution be interested in placing students with us please do contact us.

Other charities we have supported

Below are two letters of thanks from charities that we have supported; a school in need and Marsh Memorial Homes.

brand Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility

brand Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility