BIC Promotional Pens

BIC Pens 

BIC pens are a great promotiojal pen.

If your office is looking for quality pens then BIC pens is a cool option.   

Why choose BIC pens as a promotional item for marketing? 

BIC pens can be used as promotional items or part of a marketing campaign because they can promote a company’s image. 
BIC pens can be used at tradeshows or conference meetings. 
At some stage, people will use a pen whether it’s at the office or at home. When consumers use your branded BIC pen, they will have a constant reminder of who your brand is. A brand can increase its customer base by using promotional pens.  
Why choose BIC?
BIC pens have cool features that include different colour ink options. Corporate offices can select different colours and designs for their brand. BIC pens can also be included in an awesome welcome package for new employees that are starting at a company.

Places where BIC pens can be used
BIC pens can be used as a promotional item at the following events; 
• Local workshops
• Tradeshows
• Conferences 
• Client meetings 
• Local community events 
• Work training days 

Types of BIC pens 

• BIC 4 colour pens
• BIC Clic pens 
• BIC Clic stick pens
• BIC Grip rollerball pens
• BIC Intensity Gel Pens
• BIC Matic mechanical pens
• BIC Metal pens
BIC Stic printed pens
BIC Stic round printed pens
• BIC Clip pens
• BIC Tri-tone twist pens
• BIC Widebody grip metal pens
• BIC Metal ballpoint pens

The benefits of having a BIC pen
• SABS guaranteed in SA 
• BIC pens can be used in the office or in your everyday life. 
• Branding a BIC pen will allow consumers to see your company details and keeps your brand top of mind.  

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