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Updated 19 November, 2019

Executive End Of Year Gift Ideas

We supply executive end of year gifts for your annual year end functions. One of our best sellers is the stunning Executive Desk Organizer.

This is a stunning and stylish desk box with various compartments for your pens, stationery, phone and any office accessories. It also includes a handy memo note pad for making quick notes.

The Executive Desk Organizer does exactly what it's name implies; it is a place to keep all the clutter off your desk and nicely organized for easy access.

These end of year gifts are the perfect office gifts for your staff and clients.

Features of this Executive Desk Box CODE:BD0060

  • Outer material faux leather with stitching
  • Inner soft black velvet
  • One large compartment for tablet or bigger stationery
  • One compartment for pens
  • One compartment for cell phone
  • Notepad with memo notes
  • Front drawer for accessories

We can make these executive corporate gifts even more fabulous, by adding a metal plaque engraved with your company on the front of the box. Engraving looks very classy and is the recommended branding method for these sets.

This is a universal gift that is suitable for men and women of all ages. You can't go wrong with this stunning Executive Desk Organizer.

Order your end of year gifts now, to avoid the rush in November. 
For more gift ideas, view our year end gift ideas category.

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