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Updated 15 February, 2024

Hoodies South Africa - Hoodie Suppliers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and South Africa

How to choose the correct corporate clothing hoodie for your companies needs:

are the most versatile winter wear for the office and at home. It’s time to get your brand on some cool hoodies.

This article peels back the ‘hood’ on the most versatile winter wear for your employees, your sponsored sports team and your clients. 

We want to help you make correct decision, giving you all the information on branded hoodies that you need. We'll help you decide which hoodies are best suited for your company, school, university or organization.

So without further ado, let’s get your team and clients kitted up in comfort.

Our Staff Recommendations

Altitude Harvard Heavyweight Hooded Sweater

This warm and comfy hoodie will allow anyone who wears it to look both sporty and snazzy.

Best features of the Altitude Heavyweight Hoodies:
  • 280g
  • Cotton-rich brushed fleece
  • Kangaroo pocket 
Shop The Heavyweight Hoodie

Altitude Fitness Lightweight Hooded Sweater

Available in a range of fun colours, the Altitude Lightweight Hoodie is an excellent option for anybody leading an active lifestyle. 

Some great features of the Altitude Fitness Lightweight Hooded sweaters:
  • 160g polyester garment
  • Melange aesthetic 
  • Small kangaroo pocket

While this item allows for digital transfer printing, screen printing and embroidery estimate only), we’d suggest sticking to one of the two former suggestions. As wonderful as embroidery can be, it’s better suited to heavier-weighted items.

Shop The Fitness Lightweight Hooded Sweater

Altitude Essential Hooded Sweater


The Altitude Essential Hooded Sweater is a hoodie that is both versatile and comfy, perfect if you're looking to buy hoodies online South Africa.

Features of the Men's Essential Hoodie include:

- Available sizes: Unisex XS-5XL
- Front self-fabric with matching rib sleeve cuff and hem
- Kangaroo pocket (single pocket for two hands)
- A two-piece, fixed hood with a matching drawstring
- Available in black, grey, navy blue, royal blue and red
- We offer a few cool branding options for the Essential hoodie, see above for more information. 

The Men's Essential Hooded Sweater is one of our favourites, offering clients excellent quality at an unbeatable price. One of our top US Basic products, Brand innovation is proud to stock the Essential hoodie and we are confident that our customers will love it just as much as we do.

The Essential hoodie would be great for schools, casual-wear for sports-teams or an excellent addition to your company's corporate uniform, allowing staff to work hard in comfort and warmth. Brand Innovation offers several branding options, but our recommendation for the Essential hoodie is embroidery. This will allow your branding to stand out for its quality and longevity. 

Best of all, this awesome item is available in a ladies' cut too.

Shop The Essential Hooded Sweater

Altitude Kids’ Essential Hooded Sweater

Code: (ALT-EHDK)

If you’re looking for a great option that would be suitable for both boys and girls, Altitude’s Essential Kids’ Hoodie is what you want. 

Features of the Altitude Kids' Essential Hoodie:
  • 240g brushed fleece fabric
  • Available in five fun colours
  • Kangaroo pocket

This item allows for screen printing, digital transfer printing (in A5 only) and embroidery (estimates only).

Shop The Kids’ Essential Hooded Sweater

US Basic Solo Hooded Sweaters

Code: BAS-8040

This classic hoodie is guaranteed to provide warmth and comfort to anybody lucky enough to own one! 

Best features of the US Basic Solo Hooded Sweaters:
  • 240g
  • 60% cotton and 40% polyester brushed fleece
  • Available in black with a choice of blue, grey, red, dark green or lime inner-hood and drawstrings.

With its high grammage, this hoodie would be great for screen printing or embroidery (estimate only).

Shop The Solo Hooded Sweater

US Basic Bravo Hooded Sweaters

Code: BAS-3428

Available in eight bright colours, the Bravo Sweater would make an excellent custom hoodie. With its zippered detail, this hoodie offers breathability and versatility. 

Features of the US Basic Bravo Hooded Sweater:
  • 260g
  • 60% cotton and 40% polyester, knit brushed on the inside for extra warmth
  • Available in eight eye-catching shades
  • Great cuts for men and women

This hoodie offers screen printing, embroidery or A5/A6 digital transfer printing.

Shop The Bravo Hooded Sweater

US Basic Omega Hooded Sweater

Code: BAS-7786

The Omega Hoodie' is one of our best selling hoodies, and it's really not hard to see why.

Best features of the Omega hoodie:

- Sizes range from small to 5XL!
- Weight of 260 g/m², nice and snug
- The fabric is 60% cotton, 40% polyester jersey knit for maximum quality
- Fashion fit to ensure that you always look good!
  ** See product images above for a better idea of the style.
- Available in multiple cool colours, ranging from sleek black to bright pink
- We offer several different branding options, see above for more information. 

The Omega hoodie is an awesome, versatile option, available in both men and ladies' fit. The Omega is one of our best-sellers, providing customers with excellent quality and style at an affordable price. For that reason, it has been a big hit amongst corporates who have given these hoodies away as cool corporate gifts and have added them to their corporate uniform.

The excellent quality of the Omega hoodie, as well as it's 260g weight, makes it perfect for embroidery branding. This option will ensure that your company's logo and/or name will be displayed clearly and professionally and last forever. The nice thing about the Omega hoodie is that it strikes the perfect balance between weight, style and comfort. It's heavy enough to be warm and ensure maximum quality, but heavy enough to make you uncomfortable.

Shop The Omega Hooded Sweater

The History Of The Hoodie

Way back yonder, in a world teeming with conflict and conquest, heartache and triumph, an innovative garment found its humble beginnings.

Born into the Middle Ages, the very first derivation of what we know today as the “hoodie” emerged as an answer to a call for warmth and functionality during simpler times.

Although these early sweaters were a far cry from the cool hoodies we're used to today, this exciting new piece of clothing initiated the beginning of an exciting, new garment.

Hooded Garments In Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe was a frosty place. Without the technological advances in clothing that we enjoy today, harsh Northern winters brought with them not only discomfort and inconvenience but great suffering and loss too. 

Thus, the very first hooded garments emerged as an innovation in clothing design. Initially serving as an addition to existing items like cloaks and tunics, Europeans began to produce hoods to keep their necks and heads protected from the cold weather. 

As the trend caught on and the utility of the hood became more and more broadly acknowledged, the garment found itself on the backs of many different people from all walks of life. 

From respected and revered monks in conservative communities to men and women skulking in the shadows, hoods quickly gained popularity across the continent.

The Hood Emerges In The 20th Century 

Clearly, early versions of hoodies have existed in different variations for hundreds of years. However, it was only in the early 1900s that the garment we know and love today was introduced into the modern world of fashion and popular culture.

The very first hooded sweatshirts emerged in 1930. Designed and produced by The Knickerbocker Knitting Company, known today as Champion, the hoodie was intended to provide warmth to wearers. Consequently, the very first hoodies were commonly used by workers in the early 20th century who laboured outdoors in the searing cold. 

Utilised most commonly in the early days by tree surgeons and labourers who worked amid difficult and freezing conditions, designers were simultaneously designing hoodies for school. 

By the mid-1930s The Knickerbocker Knitting Company had developed specially designed double-thickness, hooded sweaters for high school football and track athletes. These garments were perfect for keeping the sportsmen and women cold as they waited on the sidelines before, during and after their events. Indeed, hoodies for school became incredibly popular. 

Quickly gaining traction, the hoodie made its first and most memorable appearance in the film circuit in 1976. Worn by Sylvester Salvone in the iconic film Rocky, the hoodie soon became a clothing item that nobody could live without. Eventually, by the 1990s, the word “hoodie” had become a common colloquial term in the English language. 

The Hoodie: A Clothing Item For All 

With an undeniably long and intriguing history, the hoodie has represented and evoked more than just opinions on appearance and functionality. 

So let's scoot back to 2020 and dive into contemporary uses of custom hoodies South Africa.

Why Hoodies Are The Most Versatile Winter Wear in South Africa 

Hoodies are the most practical and useful item of clothing you could have in your cupboard. The perfect addition to any outfit, a good ol’ hoodie will never do you wrong. 

Whether you’re lounging around the house, running errands or trying to look professional while spending the day at the office, hoodies can offer you everything you need and more. 

Why hoodies South Africa are perfect and appropriate for corporate wear:
  • Comfortable, soft and easy to work in — no more stiff and bulky jackets and sweaters!
  • Warm and cosy 
  • Easy to put on when it’s cold and easy to take off when it’s too hot — perfect for those who have issues air conditioning in offices
  • Ideal for those who enjoy wearing multiple layers of clothing during winter
  • Stylish and on trend 
  • Extensive branding potential in terms of types of printing, colours, styles, and more!

Reasons why hoodies are excellent for casual wear:
  • Soft and warm
  • Ample pocket space to keep your hands snug
  • Fashionable — you can’t deny that hoodies are snazzy
  • Can be tied around the waist if you get hot or if you need to add to your outfit
  • Undeniably comfortable — there really is nothing comfier!
  • Works well with loads of different types of outfits 
  • Easy to throw on when you’re in a hurry

Of course, custom hoodies South Africa are also perfect for those chilly evening workouts and runs when you’re contemplating whether or not the endorphins will be worth the cold. 

Well, with the perfect hoodie in your closet, there will be no more excuses! Ideal for a frosty hike, evening stroll or early morning jog, hoodies are great for anybody living an active lifestyle. 

Available in so many variations — fitted or oversized, bright or neutral, pullover or zippered, branded or unbranded, thick or thin — hoodies truly are the most versatile winter clothing item. 

Whether you’re looking for custom hoodies in Cape Town to beat the chilly winters or branded hoodies in Johannesburg to take shelter from the thunder storms, Brand Innovation can offer you premier hoodies in South Africa. 

As an added bonus, we don’t just supply and deliver anywhere in the country, Brand Innovation allows you to buy hoodies online South Africa. It’s so easy!
Branded custom hoodies are incredibly versatile. they can be great for:
  • Corporate uniform
  • Children at school and at home 
  • University students 

Hoodies For Corporate Uniform 

Although they may seem a little bit on the casual side, this isn't necessarily the case. In recent years, the modern world of business has become a lot less about suits, ties and pencil skirts and more focused on utility and efficiency.

And during the winter months when the rain and cold roll in, you want your employees to be cosy and comfortable during their days in the office. Let's be honest, hoodies are the best way to do that. 

Due to the fact that hoodies are comfy, stylish and can be worn with pretty much anything, your employees are more likely to wear your branded hoodie outside of work too. We all know what that means: more brand exposure! 

Here are a few reasons why you should add hoodies to your corporate uniform:
  • Great branding space for excellent marketing
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Likely to be used a lot and forever

Hoodies For Schools

Although most primary and high schools in South Africa require children to wear uniforms, hoodies still have a place in the every-day lives of kids. 

A few ideas:
  • Matric hoodies
  • Team hoodies
  • Hoodies for school clubs or societies

...or, you could be a cool school and simply add a comfy, warm hoodie to your official uniform for day-to-day use. We guarantee that your students will be thanking you when the classrooms start getting chilly.

University Hoodies 

Lowa Renegade women's hiking boot_
We have supplied a number of universities with beautifully embroidered hooded sweaters, and we think that branded university hoodies are one of the best clothing items for a graduating class:
  • Nature of clothing means that there is higher marketing visibility 
  • Fun & functional branded gift 
  • Can be used by absolutely everyone 
  • Ample room for custom branding — back and front
  • Many reputable brand name hoodies to choose from that mean high-quality products will be associated with your brand
  • Great for team-building and unity
  • Kept forever
  • Used in winter and chilly summer’s days
  • Loads of potential for creative branding
  • Easy to store without the hassle of creasing
  • Great for travelling with

...and so much more!

Cool hoodies would also be suitable for university clubs, societies and sports teams.

Promotional Hoodies For Excellent Brand Exposure

Branded hoodies are not only fashionable, comfortable and useful items of clothing, but they have the potential to provide widespread marketing for your business. 

It’s a no-brainer, really. It’s an item of clothing that everybody loves, it can be worn all year round, and it makes anybody who wears it a walking billboard for your brand. 

Not only will your custom hoodie be seen by loads of people, but your business will automatically be associated with the high-quality brand of hoodie that you choose. This will only boost your brand’s image and reputation, implying that your company has high regard for quality and reputability. 
Branded hoodies would make a great promotional item to give to:
  • Employees as part of their corporate uniform
  • Staff at company retreats
  • Clients as a corporate gift
  • Sports fans
  • School students 

Branded hoodies are also widely used by:
  • University students
  • Sports teams
  • Clubs and associations
  • Protest groups
  • Corporates

...and pretty much anybody else.

You really just can’t go wrong. 

Branding Options For Hoodies 

Brand Innovation is here for you, and we want to make sure you walk away with exactly what you need and nothing less. In order to be able to make sure we can make you as happy as possible, we want to give you all the information you need to make informed decisions.

That's why we're giving you the expert guide to buying branded hoodies in South Africa.  
In this section, you’ll get to know more about our branded hoodies and the uber high-quality brands we work with to bring you only the finest selection of comfortable winter wear for the office or at home. 

So what kinds of branding options are there when ordering cool hoodies South Africa? 

Lots! We’ll get into more detail on this just now, but the simple answer is that we offer multiple options for types of branding:

- Digital direct transfer printing
- Screen printing
- Embroidery 

...and several different colours, and different branding areas to make these custom hoodies your own. 

We’ll cover branding options in more detail below, but visit our website to find out absolutely everything you need to know about branded clothing.

Branding Areas For Hoodies 

The branding area options for your hoodies will depend on the specific style, brand and material that you select. With that in mind, here are three of the most common places in which hoodies may be branded.
The reason for these specific locations is to ensure a high quality of branding. As a result, we stay away from seams and other intricate parts of the garments that may compromise the overall look of your hoodie.

Of course, branding areas are also very much dependent on the type of branding you choose - that is, direct digital transfer, screen printing or embroidery. 

The price of your branding will differ depending on, amongst other things, the type of branding, the location, the size and the number of colours included in your artwork. 

Types Of Branding

Screen Printing

This is a great, cost-effective option if you’re looking to brand a large number of hoodies. 

Notable features of screen printing:
  • Single or multi-colour branding of up to 6 colours
  • Great for simple and bold branding
  • Very well priced

What is screen printing and how is it done?

Digital Transfer Printing

Digital transfer printing is the perfect option for branding that is intricate, includes small text or requires blending and tone within the artwork. 

Offering photo-realistic quality, digital transfer printing is wonderful if you have special and detailed branding that you’d really like to show off. 

What is digital transfer printing?


This can be a wonderful way to showcase an elegant logo. Embroidery offers, among other things:
  • Tone on tone embroidery 
  • Single or multi-colour branding
  • Up to nine colours

Embroidery often elevates the sophistication of the garment and allows for a professional finish.

What is embroidery? See how it's done.

The Amazing Brands Of Hoodies We Stock

When you’re considering purchasing branded clothing, you can rest assured that Brand Innovation supplies only the best of the best. Whether you’re looking for ladies hoodies South Africa or men’s hoodies South Africa, we’ve got you covered. 

As one of the leading suppliers of branded hoodies in South Africa, Brand Innovation is sure to be able to meet all of your needs.
The main brands of hoodies we stock:
Altitude Brand

Brand Innovation offers great prices and awesome Altitude garments to match! If you’re looking for an excellent, cost-effective option for promotional or custom hoodies in South Africa, look no further. 

Offering awesome ladies hoodies in South Africa, stylish hoodies for men and cute hoodies for kids, Altitude is a one-stop-shop for all your promo needs.

Some of our top picks of Altitude hoodies South Africa:
  • Harvey Heavyweight Hooded Sweaters For Men And Women
  • Fitness Lightweight Hooded Sweaters For Men And Women
  • Kids Essential Hoodies

US Basic Brand

US Basic is and always one of the most popular promotional clothing brands that we offer. This well-known and highly reputable brand ensures excellent, long-lasting products that are sure to be a crowd favourite! 

A few cool US Basic hoodies South Africa that we offer:

Slazenger brand

A leading clothing brand not only in South Africa but worldwide, Slazenger produces awesome hoodies. With this well-known and trusted brand associated with your business, you really can’t go wrong. 

How To Place Your Order For Custom Hoodies South Africa

Now that you know everything there is to know about hoodies South Africa, it’s time to turn all this talk into action and place your order. 

A few things to consider:
  • Who are they for?
  • Your minimum and maximum budget
  • What style are you looking for?
    • Heavyweight or lightweight?
    • Pullover or zippered?
    • Single or double pockets?
  • Do you want branding?
  • Are you looking for men’s and ladies’ or unisex hoodies?
  • By when do you need them?

Placing Your Order In Three Easy Steps 

1. Email us to let us know:
  • Which hoodies you would like
  • How many you need 
  • The sizes you’ll require 

...and as much of the above (‘“a few things to consider”) information as possible!

For more information and tips on knowing how many of each size you need, visit our blog on in and out of ratio with regards to clothing.

2. Send us your vector artwork and preferred Pantone colours and we will finalise your branding design.
Tip: Vector artwork refers to a high-quality format of your branding.

Once we have received payment and you have approved the final design, we will begin the production and printing of your hoodies.

3. Within a specified amount of time (we’ll let you know how long during our personal communication) you will receive your fabulous hoodies and be kitted out for a stylish and toasty winter!
We are a premier hoodie supplier in Cape Town, Johannesburg and South Africa and we deliver country wide.
It really is that easy! So don’t waste another second. 

Email us now to order your hoodies South Africa.

Frequently asked questions

How to choose the correct corporate clothing hoodie for your companies needs:

  • Which is the best brand to buy hoodies?
  • How to shop for oversized hoodies?
  • What is a good name brand hoodie?
  • How do I find a good quality hoodie?
  • How do I choose a quality hoodie?
  • What hoodie size should I get?
  • What makes a hoodie luxury?
  • What Colour is best for a hoodie?
  • What material is better for hoodies?
  • Which brand is best for men's hoodies?

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