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Updated 22 June, 2020

Permanent Markers

permanent marker is a great promotional gift that can be used at the office, at schools and universities or at home. A branded marker is also an excellent marketing product to use in logistics companies where parcels and boxes need to be marked. 

Our permanent markers are available in different thickness sizes and different ink colours. These markers are manufactured in South Africa and come standard with a white barrel which we can brand with your company logo. 

If you are a packaging or box company, or courier company, why not give your clients permanent markers with your logo and details on them? Maybe you are a storage warehouse and want all your clients to label their boxes well? Anyone who uses boxes in their office environment will be pleased to get a permanent marker as a promotional item

Our permanent markers are manufactured in South Africa. We supply the markers with red, blue or black lids. If your quantity is large enough, you can choose your color lid. The barrels are white and we can print your logo on the barrel in a one color print. 

In 2013 Hollard gave all the Cape Argus Cyclists two permanent markers for race day to mark everything that needed to be labelled. 

Who else would love to get a permanent marker as a corporate gift? 

All mothers would appreciate being given a permanent marker to mark their children’s clothing, lunch boxes, bags, school books, towels, gym clothing and sports items. So often one hears mothers getting frustrated because their children have lost expensive items. Meanwhile the item does not have the child’s name on it and no one knows who it belongs to. So when you give parents a permanent marker with your logo on it, the moms will think, “what a clever and helpful company!” 

Wedding planners, event organisers, trade show companies and really just anyone and everyone who likes order and everything labelled beautifully will be over the moon to get a permanent marker. We think all removal companies should give out a permanent marker when giving their quote. The prospective clients will really appreciate this! So if you’re moving house or office, you’re sure to need your boxes marked! Contact our helpful and awesome team to assist you with your permanent branded markers in South Africa.

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