The Ultimate Guide to Gift Sets: Strengthening Business Relationships through Corporate Gifting - Cover Picture
Monique Thompson-Green
Updated 04 December, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Gift Sets: Strengthening Business Relationships through Corporate Gifting

Strengthening Business Relationships through Corporate Gifting

First impressions matter in the business world and corporate gifting is a powerful tool to help you achieve just that. Corporate gifting is a great way to build a strong brand reputation, and nurture working relationships- beneficial for your business across the board! Whether you want to show your appreciation to your staff and clients, add some motivation to the workplace or promote your business, corporate gift sets are a versatile strategy, curated for your convenience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the facts and features of corporate gifting and corporate gift sets, from the importance of corporate gifting to how to choose the perfect gift and everything in between.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The Importance of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting isn’t just about giving out presents, it’s a strategic move that can be very beneficial for your business and your brand.


·         Boosting Employee Morale

Corporate thank-you gifts are a great way to motivate staff and improve workplace morale. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be productive and stay engaged, positively impacting your business.


·         Strengthening Client Relationships

Corporate gifts for clients are a thoughtful way to show your gratitude for their business. It makes your clients feel valued and appreciated, which fosters working relationships and increases brand loyalty. International gifting company &Open reports a 30% surge in customer retention rates due to client gifting.


·         Enhancing Brand Reputation

Promotional corporate gifts are a useful way to increase brand awareness, improve brand image and ultimately enhance your brand’s reputation. Everyone loves receiving gifts, they generate good feelings and when your business is the one doing the gifting these good feelings will be associated with you.

2. Understanding Corporate Gifting

Why Corporations Gift?

Corporations gift for many different reasons:

1.       Showing Appreciation: It’s a great way to show your gratitude to staff and clients alike.

2.       Motivation: Gifts are fantastic for rewarding and motivating your staff, leading to better performance in the workplace.

3.       Building Relationships: Gift-giving helps garner positive relationships with clients, staff and even partners of your business.

4.       Promote your business: Corporate gifts are also a great promotional tool to increase brand visibility.

Why Corporate Gift Sets are a Good Idea?

1.       More bang for your buck: Instead of buying an individual gift for your recipients, gift sets give them many without an extra cost to you- you pay for the whole package!

2.       It’s a good look: Gift sets come packaged and presented to make a professional, long-lasting impression that will make your gift and your business look good.

3.       They save time: These sets are time savers! Don’t worry about the picking, purchasing and packaging when it can be done for you.

4.       Convenience: Our gift sets are carefully curated to be practical, thoughtful and beautiful, all for your convenience.

3. Types of Branded Corporate Gift Sets

Corporate gift sets come in many, versatile forms that each serve a unique purpose:

Pen and Notebook Gift Sets

Pen and notebook gift sets are a great corporate gift. They are durable, and practical and can be customised to suit your brand and your recipients. Everyone uses a notebook and a pen, so what better way to show your appreciation and increase your brand’s visibility than with a pen and notebook gift set in pretty packaging:

Sutton Notebook & Pen Set

This gift set includes a black A5 notebook and an aluminium ball pen with a rose gold underlay and laser engraving, packaged together in a box with a transparent acetate lid for increased brand visibility and exposure.

Okiyo Denki Cork Notebook & Pen Set

This pen and notebook set adds a sustainable touch to your gift set. A cork & paper notebook and an aluminium & cork black ink pen come zipped together in an eco-friendly cotton pouch.

Duran Notebook & Pen Set

A notebook in the colour of your choice and a black, aluminium ball pen are packaged together in a box with a clear lid to show off your logo

Alex Varga Polanco Notebook & Pen Set

Presented in an elegant, black, Alex Varga box, this pen and notebook set comes with a modern branded diary and a sleek black pen- the embodiment of sophistication.

Sage Gift Set

This classic notebook comes with a mobile phone pocket and is paired with a stylus pen, perfect to use with your tablet or phone.

Drinkware Gift Sets

Drinkware gift sets are a popular choice when it comes to corporate gifts because it is a very useful gift. These sets usually include some form of drinkware like mugs, glasses, water bottles and travel drinkware presented in attractive packaging. Our drinkware can be branded with your corporate logo and even personalised to suit your recipient:

Fields Kraft Gift Set

This gift set comes with a stainless steel bottle with a bamboo lid, a partial cork cover notebook and a ballpoint pen with a cork grip, all packaged together for your convenience.

Eva & Elm Newton Kraft Gift Set

This set includes a gym towel and an aluminium water bottle packaged in a natural gift box, making this a great health and wellness gift.

Okiyo Harada Kraft Gift Set

This set is partially made from sustainable and biodegradable wheat straw. A double wall tumbler and snap-lock lid lunch box come paired in a cotton drawstring bag.

Serendipio Sheridisc Drinkware Gift Set

Both the 500ml bottle and the 300ml cup in the set consist of double-wall stainless steel, keeping your drinks hot or cold for hours. They are presented beautifully in a natural gift box and shredded paper filler.

Kooshty Tyboost Drinkware Set

A Kooshty glass bottle and double wall tumbler are paired together as a gift set and are available in many different colours.

Eco-Friendly Gift Sets

Eco-friendly gifting is a great way for your business to adopt sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the environment. These gift sets are typically made from sustainable, recycled or eco-friendly materials and are designed to be recyclable and reduce waste. Eco-friendly corporate gift sets have a positive impact on your brand image and encourage others to go green and make a change:

Okiyo Yahari Bamboo Notebook & Pen Set

This beautiful gift set is made from bamboo, a highly sustainable material that grows extremely fast and can be used as a substitute for many harmful materials. This bamboo notebook comes with a bamboo and iron pen, presented in a recyclable box.

Okiyo Noto Cork & Bamboo Notebook & Pen Set

A natural fibre notebook made from bamboo and cork comes with a bamboo black pen in a cotton drawstring bag for pretty and practical packaging. This gift set is a great eco-friendly choice.

Okiyo Betsubara Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set

These cooking utensil and caddy set is made completely from non-abrasive bamboo, an ideal choice for non-stick pots and pans.

Okiyo Kura Cotton & Wheat Straw Lunch Set

This lunch set is one way your brand can encourage healthy choices for those around you and the environment. Made from wheat straw this set includes a lunch box with a bamboo lid and a knife, fork and spoon and comes in a cotton lunch cooler with an aluminium lining. This set is perfect, practical and a good reflection of your brand.

Okiyo Yakiniku 5-Piece Braai Set

Bamboo and stainless steel are combined to make this 5 piece eco-conscious braai set. It includes a spatula, tongs, knife, basting brush and fork, all presented in a sustainable bamboo box with a carry handle.

Luxury Corporate gift sets

Luxurious corporate gifts are designed to show your appreciation to your employees and clients in a sophisticated way. Luxury gift sets often include premium and high-end products of the best quality. These gift sets reflect well on your brand and are bound to make your recipients feel valued:

Andy Cartwright Afrique Dusk Whiskey Glass Set

This chic glass set is a great addition to any home. This luxurious gift is made from the finest lead-free crystal to provide high clarity and brilliant glass. These glasses are premium, practical and the perfect gift set for your brand.

Rosewood Exclusive Pen and Letter Opener Set – Brown

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated gift then look no further. Made from metal and rosewood this set consists of a black ink fountain pen, a letter opener and a fountain pen, packaged in a matching metal and rosewood display case.

Alex Varga Nasterovia Drinkware Set

A double-wall stainless steel vacuum design can be seen in this luxury drinkware set packaged in a professional box. Consisting of a bottle and 2 tumblers this gift set is practical and can keep your drinks hot or cold for hours at a time.

Alex Varga Crixus Gift Set

This luxury gift set is a pairing of a stainless steel vacuum flask and a stylish umbrella in an elegant 2-piece box with a velvet touch inner. This set will look fantastic with your company’s brand and your recipients are sure to love it!

Alex Varga Atrox Gift Set

The height of sophistication comes in this gift set. A stainless steel vacuum water bottle, hardcover A5 notebook, ball pen and rollerball and a 32GB USB key holder come together to make this grand gift box that anyone would be sure to appreciate.

Cost-Effective Gift Sets in Bulk

Buying your gift sets in bulk can greatly benefit your business. It is a strategic and convenient way to save money, plan ahead, and have your products remain consistent and efficient. Take a look at a list of a few of our cost-effective gift sets that are available:

Marksman Classic Ball Pen & Rollerball Set

This gift set is a ball pen and rollerball set presented in a professional black box. With black German ink and brass and polished chrome plating, this gift set is cost-effective, practical and available to buy in bulk.

Marshall Hug in a Mug Gift Set

A warm cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate and a delicious biscuit in a mug make a great, cost-effective gift. You can customise the mug to suit your brand and it comes presented in a professional Serendipio gift box.

Kork Bottle in Bianca Custom Gift Box

This Kork bottle from Kooshty is customisable to suit your brand and create a lasting impact. Made from glass, cork and stainless steel in a custom gift box this gift set is reusable, useful and a great eco-friendly choice.

Salad Set Berter – Neutral

Made from resistant bamboo this 2 piece salad gift set comes packaged in a natural cotton drawstring bag. Branded with your logo this makes for a practical, eco-conscious gift.

Unique Gift Sets

Unique corporate gift sets are the perfect way for your business to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression. These gift sets highlight your brand's creativity while rewarding the recipients for their dedication to your business. Be different, and choose a unique corporate gift set:

Altitude Task-Master Exercise Set

Consisting of a carry pouch, foam hand grips, foam bow-tie resistance and foam skipping rope this exercise gift set is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a unique gift to promote healthy behaviour.

Solo Winter Warmer Set

This winter warmer gift set is fantastic for fighting off the cold. Including gloves and a branded scarf and hat this gift set is great for brand visibility during the winter months.

Cocktail Set Relien – Black

A cocktail set is a fun and unique gift. Made from stainless steel this set consists of a filter, mixer spoon, 2-in-1 measuring glass and a cocktail shaker this professionally presented set is the perfect choice to stand out from the crowd.

Outback Braai & Cooler Set

This unique gift set consists of a braai and a cooler! The braai folds away into the cooler bag for easy transportation which we are sure your recipients are sure to love.

Kooshty Maenam Summer Set

Perfect for the summer time this gift set comes with a branded towel and flip-flops. It’s unique, fun and great for brand visibility and brand reputation.

Thank You Gift Sets for Clients

Giving a gift set to your client as a way to say thank you is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude for their business and strengthen your working relationships. When choosing these client gift sets it’s important to pick a set that is professional, thoughtful and shows your appreciation. Here are some ideas for corporate thank-you gift sets for clients:

Andy Cartwright Afrique Wine Set

The Afrique Wine Set is designed to be a contemporary and sophisticated conversation piece. Including a wine stand and wine opener, this gift set is a great way to say thank you to your clients for their business.

Cafe Omega Coffee Set

This uniquely designed mug set has a cosy matte surface which is perfect for laser engraving your branding on your mug forever. This set comes with 2 dishwasher and microwave-safe mugs and comes packaged in a grey Serendipio gift box.

Serendipio Camden Duo Coffee Set

This uniquely designed mug set has a cosy matte surface which is perfect for laser engraving your branding on your mug forever. This set comes with 2 dishwasher and microwave-safe mugs and comes packaged in a grey Serendipio gift box.

Okiyo Chizu Bamboo Cheese Board Set

If you want to thank your clients in a unique and eco-friendly way then this is the perfect gift set for you. This cheeseboard gift set is made from sustainable bamboo and comes with 3 stainless steel tools with bamboo handles made for hard and soft cheeses.

Coffea Coffee Set

This glass coffee mug set includes 2 double wall coffee mugs and 2 double wall espresso cups which are presented in a beautiful, black box. Not only is this set useful but it is a beautiful and elegant addition to any house or office.

Appreciation Gift Sets for Staff

Appreciation gift sets for your staff are a wonderful way to express your gratitude and show your employees that you recognise their hard work and dedication. Appreciation gifts can boost work morale, increase employee satisfaction and motivate your team. Employee appreciation gifts are a great opportunity to say thank you and foster a positive work culture:

Kooshty Hot And Kold Set

This Kooshty set is an awesome corporate gift for your staff. This 700ml glass water bottle has a silicone sleeve and removable infusion filter and comes paired with a practical Kooshty Kup with its colourful silicone lid and grip band. It’s perfect to show your appreciation.

Okiyo Suraisu Bamboo Food & Wine Set

Bamboo, stainless steel and glass combine to make this beautiful, eco-friendly food and wine gift set. Including a corkscrew, carving knife, carving fork and packaged in a natural kraft gift box this gift set is a wonderful way to show your staff you value you.

Kooshty Coolito Refreshment Kit

When it comes to lunch this gift set has almost everything you need! With a microwave-safe glass base and a snap-lock lid, this food container comes paired with a glass water bottle, packaged together in a spacious cooler bag made from RPET fabric (material made from recycled single-use plastic bottles).

Alex Varga Corinthia USB Pen - 32GB

This gift set consists of an elegant Alex Varga pen with a 32GB USB attachment and 3 spare refills, all packaged together in a professional matte black box. The duality of this gift makes it a smart choice to show your employees how much they mean to you.

2 Person Picnic Set and Cooler

This 2 person picnic and cooler set has it all! With side mesh pockets for easy storage, an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and a cooler in the main zippered compartment this gift set is perfect for your staff. The picnic set also includes 2 plastic plates, 2 steak knives, 2 forks, 2 plastic wine glasses, 1 bottle opener and a pair of ice tongs.

Customised Gift sets for men

Customised corporate gift sets for men are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your male clients and employees. When selecting and customising this gift set it is important to consider the preferences, needs and interests of your recipient. Take a look at some of our ideas for customised corporate gifts for men:

Frontier Multi-Tool & Keyholder Set

The Multi-Tool & Keyholder set is a great gift for any man. Consisting of a knife, different screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a saw, and a file, this set will be sure to make the men feel appreciated

Admiral Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask & Mug Set

This gift set comes with a 500ml double-walled flask and 2 matching mugs in a black carry pouch with a shoulder strap. This is useful for hikes, camping and the great outdoors and the men are sure to love it.

6 Piece Barbeque Set in Apron

The ultimate braai set! This gift set comes with a 6-piece stainless steel barbeque set: carving fork, spatula, tongs, oven glove, salt and pepper set all in a nylon apron.

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