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Updated 24 July, 2020

Unique Corporate Gifts

Unique Corporate Gifts are an important way to proudly promote your brand to the masses in a meaningful and creative way. 

So many corporate gift ideas have been overdone. We don't want you to give your clients the same old corporate gifts that receive every year. Corporate gifts need to be creative and unique! 

As a leading corporate gifts company in South Africa, Brand Innovation is here for you. We want to ensure that your company is giving out the best branded corporate gifts in South Africa that are loved by those who receive them and give your business excellent brand exposure at the same time! 

So get in touch with your creative side and give your clients or employees something special.

What makes a corporate gift unique? 

We're trying to move away from the same old products that companies give out all the time. Whether you're looking to purchase unique corporate gifts in Cape Town, Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa, you want your corporate gifts to stand out from the crowd. So what makes a corporate gift unique?

Corporate gifts are unique if they are:

- Memorable corporate gifts - you'll never forget that amazing picnic set your boss gave you five years ago!
Different corporate gifts - who wants to be given the same thing over and over again? 
- High quality and long-lasting corporate gifts - your corporate gifts should be just as fabulous as you are!
- Useful corporate gifts - the more the gift is used, the more valuable it is and the brand exposure you'll get! 
Innovative corporate gifts - give people something that reflects your business's unique flare! 

Lucky for you, we've put together an expert guide on the ultimate unique corporate gifts! 

Cost-effective unique corporate gifts 

If you're looking for entry-level unique corporate gifts that stand out from the crowd, we've got lots of great options. Unique corporate gifts in this category are great to give to a large number of people without becoming the same old gift people receive year after year. 

So if you're looking for corporate gift ideas that are different, useful and of high quality, we've got some great ideas for you! 

Razzle Dazzle Phone Card Holder: IDEA-0310

A small pocket that tucks right on the back of your phone, this can fit business cards or credit cards, even a few notes, giving you carrying convenience as you go about your business.

- Easy to use
- Can be customised to your look and feel
- Available in a range of colours
- Space for a large logo or brand name.

An item that markets a brand with every use, the Razzle Dazzle Phone Card Holder is an innovative corporate gift idea.

Glide Mousepad: TECH-4387

Now a mousepad may not be the most unique corporate gift in itself, but what makes the Glide Mousepad is different:

 - Offers you the option of full-colour sublimation
Unbelievable value for money!

These totally unique mousepads make great branded corporate gifts for employees or clients. With your name up front and centre, branded Glide Mousepads will provide your company with great, long term brand exposure!

Moptopper Webcam Cover & Screen Cleaner: IDEA-50033

This cute gift idea is sure to be popular amongst clients and employees! With its dual-function of covering your webcam and cleaning your screen, the Moptopper Webcam Cover & Screen Cleaner is a quirky and useful gift available at an absolute bargain!  

In fact, this product is only one of many funky gadgets available in the Moptopper Collection!

Mosaic Collapsible Water Bottle - 740 ml: DW-6715


The Mosaic Collapsible Water Bottle is a great, different product that makes an awesome corporate gift! 

- Useful 
- Good quality 
- Keeps your water cool and fresh!
- Easy to store
- Perfect for every day or active adventures! 

Whether you're looking for a unique branded gift in Cape Town that's perfect for days on the city's picturesque mountains or a unique branded gift in East London that can go along to the beach, the Mosaic Collapsible Water Bottle is an excellent option. 

Newhaven Eco-Logical Ball Pen: PEN-1064

This isn't just any pen, it's an awesome eco pen that is both well-priced and great looking! The Newhaven Eco Ball Pen would make a great corporate gift and is an excellent way to have a lot of people see your branding. 

In addition to providing excellent marketing for your business, this branded corporate gift spreads an awesome, positive message to the world about looking after the environment! 

Colour-Edge A5 Notebook: IDEA-1880

You can't go wrong with a funky notebook like the Colour Edge A5 Notebook. 

- Available in seven different colours 
Offers a broad range of branding options to ensure awesome marketing for your business!
- Well-priced gift for employees or clients

For more notebook options, browse our website now.

Mid-range unique corporate gifts

Are you looking for something different to gift employees or clients? Something that strikes the perfect balance between being cost-effective and great quality?

Our mid-range unique corporate gift ideas are sure to offer you lots of different unique gifts to choose from! 
- Chameleon Sublimation Mug - 325ml
- Better-Days Portable USB Humidifier
- Cadence Tubular Bandana
- Unisex Trendi Canvas Sneaker 
- Pebble Beach Rucksack
- Renaissance A5 Notebook 

Have a look at why these creative corporate gifts would make the best branded corporate gifts in South Africa!

Chameleon Sublimation Mug - 325ml: MUG-6357

This nifty little corporate gift is not just any mug for the office.

- Reveals your unique branding as you fill it!
- Available in a range of different colours
- Changes colours as your pour water into the mug!

Undoubtedly, this mug is sure to be an original corporate gift that everybody will love!

Kristy Diaper Bag With Changing Mat 

This diaper bag of excellent quality is an amazing gift for anybody with little ones! What makes it a unique corporate gift? The Kristy Diaper Bag comes with a bonus changing mat to make things that much easier! 

Better-Days Portable USB Humidifier: GIFT-17149-SW

The Better-Days Portable USB Humidifier is a super unique corporate gift idea!

- Filters out radiation
- Prevents dry skin and sore throats

...and with several other functions, anybody spending long periods of time in a stuff office would absolutely love this innovative corporate gift.

Cadence Tubular Bandana: GIFT-17106-SW

The Cadence Tubular Bandana is an excellent option for a branded corporate gift for employees or clients! With endless branding possibilities, you can ensure that your company name is the first thing anyone sees when they catch a glance of someone wearing one of your buffs around town! 

The Cadence Tubular Bandana is so useful and has loads of different functions!

- We offfer full-colour sublimation so you can brand them however you like
- Available in a range of different colours!
- This buff is sure to last for years and years!

As the perfect item to take wherever you go and to use in whatever you do, this buff is sure to provide your business with great brand exposure! 

This buff would make the perfect corporate gift for running for hiking in Cape Town, running in Joburg or cycling in Durban! Why not give the Cadence Tubular Bandana to clients needing to keep warm as a useful and unique corporate gift in Bloemfontein? 

Unisex Trendi Canvas Sneaker: ALT-TRD

The Unisex Trendi Canvas Sneaker is one of our most popular products and offers something completely different for corporate gifts! 

This innovative branded corporate gift item provides you with a great opportunity to market your company in a totally creative and modern way!

- Available in different colours
- Option to add your own custom branding to make them even more unique

See the branding areas below!
This hip and happening canvas sneakers are popular amongst all age groups and are guaranteed to show off your brand everywhere they may travel!

These sneakers would make an excellent unique corporate gift in South Africa!

Pebble Beach Rucksack: BAG-4561-NT

When you're heading out for a fun day out or a trip to the beach, you want a bag that is both efficient and fashionable! Well, the Pebble Beach Rucksack offers something different in its aesthetic and style. 

This rucksack offers a great, clear space for branding in either screen printing or digital direct transfer printing that will guarantee that your brand will be seen by loads of people on all its different adventures! 

The Pebble Beach Rucksack is an especially good choice for a branded corporate gift in Cape Town or anywhere near the seaside! 

Executive unique corporate gift ideas

It's difficult to find amazing corporate gift ideas for executives that are both unique and memorable! That's why we've put together a collection of incredible, classy executive unique corporate gift ideas that will be sure to make you clients or employees feel special and valued. 

These unusual items are avant-garde and ensure excellent quality, making them the perfect branded corporate gifts in South Africa that are sure to make a positive impression on the lucky recipients!

Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen: MONTBLANC-5657

Brand Innovation is proud to offer Montblanc products that provide extraordinary quality and exude elegance and class. 

While you have the option to add your own branding to these exceptional corporate gift items, the sheer quality offered by Montblanc products is guaranteed to make a long-lasting impression on anyone who receives them.

Whether you're looking to provide employees with professional, unique corporate gifts in Pretoria or gift clients with special, corporate gifts all over South Africa, Montblanc is an excellent choice. 

No doubt about it, nobody will ever forget who gave them that incredible Montblanc pen or notebook! Montblanc offers the ultimate VIP corporate gifts in South Africa! 

The Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen is the ultimate exclusive corporate gift It certainly is no ordinary writing instrument. 

Branding for the Starwalker Pen is available on the clip or box to ensure quality. This pen is sophisticated and offers absolute luxury to anybody lucky enough hold one!  

Gary Player Erinvale Double-Decker Bag: GP-040-GY

The Erinvale Double-Decker Bag is no ordinary sports bag. 

- The bag is compact and professional-looking
- Additional perk: it has a separate zippered shoe compartment at the bottom for your convenience! 

This one-of-a-kind corporate gift will be an absolute hit and is sure to be used for a long time!

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack: BAG-4455-GY

Ordinary backpacks are cool, but the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is the ultimate corporate gift! Offering innovative anti-theft technology, this backpack is sure to be your first choice when heading out of the house!

- Keeps your belongings safe
- Professional looking
- Comfortable

This sleek backpack is a great product to attach your branding to. It's guaranteed to be seen by loads of people every single day, providing you company with excellent brand exposure. 

Ashburton USB A5 Notebook: FOLD-2505

Everybody loves a good notebook, but the Ashtonburton USB A5 Notebook offers you so much more! Attach your brand to this elegant notebook and ensure that your name goes all over town! 

- Sleek and professional in black or brown simulated leather
- Bonus 8GB  memory stick 
Additional pockets for your phone, cards, pens and earphones

The Ashburton USB A5 Notebook offers convenience and style and would make an excellent, branded corporate gift.

Alex Varga Insomnia TWS Earbuds: AV-19098-BL

Everybody uses earphones, but the Alex Varga Insomnia TWS Earbuds is a luxury option that'll ensure sound is loud and clear. These days, we all want wireless everything, and Alex Varga offers supreme quality.

- Comes with an aluminium charging case. Case charges via USB 
- 15m distance for listening to music
- 10m distance for making calls
- Slick, black aesthetic
- Pad Printing for branding on charging case! 

You really can't go wrong with this unique corporate gift!

Altura Coffee Set: GLASS-1015

Coffee culture is huge these days and everybody loves a good cuppa! So why not treat your staff or clients to this luxury Altura Coffee Set? 


- A plunger
- Two trendy glass coffee mugs 
Bonus: Premium Roast Coffee Beans,

This creative corporate gift idea provides everything you would need to get going in the morning!

Montana Jacket: ELE-11500

Great quality, stylish jackets always have and always will make the most popular branded corporate gifts! 

Brand Innovation offers an extensive range of excellent winter jackets for you to choose from. And to make your life easier we've put together The Complete Shopping Guide For Winter Corporate Wear.

For now, we've selected our favourite option that offers you excellent value for money and is sure to provide your company with excellent marketing.

The Montana Jacket, available in both men and women's styles, is an excellent quality padded jacket for winter. Although you may not be the first company in the world to give employees or clients jackets as a corporate gift, everybody loves a high-quality winter jacket. 

This excellent quality jacked would make an awesome corporate gift for Cape Town to help keep warm during the chilly winter months!

Available in four different colours, this jacket is guaranteed to be a popular and special gift! 

Swiss Cougar Cape Town Lantern & 4000mah Wireless Power Bank: TECH-5116-GM 

As South Africans, we all know how frustrating it is when the power goes out and you're left in darkness with a phone on 2% battery. Well, the Swiss Cougar Cape Town Lantern & 4000mah Wireless Powerbank is here to solve at least a few of your load-shedding woes!

This creative corporate gift idea allows you the opportunity to attach your brand to something that is useful and sure to spark conversation!

Perfect for:

- Loadshedding at home
- Camping weekends away
- Braais with friends or family 

Offering excellent quality, the Swiss Cougar Lantern and Powerbank makes a completely unique corporate gift, especially for South Africans!

Unique end of year corporate gifts

End of year corporate gifts are a great way too show staff or clients that you value their hard work and dedication to your company!

We have loads of options for you to choose from. Visit our website to browse now!

Unique corporate gifts South Africa

South Africa, and the continent as a whole, has so much to offer the world. At Brand Innovation we are proudly South African and are excited to offer you some awesome corporate gift ideas that are unique and special because of their African influence. 

What's more? As one of South Africa's leading corporate gifts companies, Brand Innovation will deliver your orders anywhere in the country! Whether you're looking for branded corporate gifts in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, East London, Port Elizabeth or Durban or anywhere else in the country, we've got you covered!

Let us know where, and Brand Innovation will make sure your creative corporate gifts get there. 
Brand Innovation is proudly South African we want to celebrate our country and our continent's unique and creative flair! 

Two of our top brands that produce excellent South African goods are Kooshty and Andy CartwrightKooshty offers an awesome range of high-end products that promote clean living and Andy Cartwright provides wonderful lifestyle gifts 

So if you're looking for unique African corporate gifts, we've got your back1

We've put together a few of our favourite unique corporate gift ideas that really show off what Africa has to offer:

Andy Cartwright Afrique Wood Memory Stick: AC-2265-16GB

This super popular unique corporate gift offers a special African flare. Made of wood, the Andy Cartwright Afrique Wood Memory Stick is sure to catch the eye of anybody who sees it!

The Andy Cartwright Afrique Wood Memory Stick offers unique utility and style and will take your brand along wherever business takes it! This innovative corporate gift idea is sure to catch the eye of anybody who sees it!

Andy Cartwright "I am South African" Vuvuzela Pen: AC-2255

This funky and artistic looking pen is totally different to anything you've ever seen before!

- Available in a range of bright colours
- Eye-catching
- Proudly South African

This cool corporate gift will transcend you back to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup with just one glance!

Andy Cartwright Palette L'Artiste Cheese Set: AC-2135

The Andy Cartwright Palette L 'Artiste Cheese Set is something different that you can give to clients or employees that is sure to be well-utilised receive loads of compliments! Unlike ordinary cheese boards, this one adds a sprinkle of our continent's unique zest for life!

This cheese board would make a great branded corporate gift, marketing your company from the comfort of people's homes to their friends and families!

- Sophisticated
- Great value for money
- Creative!

Andy Cartwright Afrique Wine Glasses: AC-2290

If you're looking for an original idea for corporate gifts, the Andy Cartwright Afrique Wine Glasses are ideal for you! Nobody can have too many wine glasses, but these will definitely catch the eye of anybody reaching into your glass cabinet. 

- Elegant
- Well-priced
- Guaranteed to stick around for years to come!

These sophisticated looking glasses have a regal touch, and would make a wonderful unique African corporate gift!

Eco-friendly unique corporate gifts

Gifting employees or clients a branded, eco-friendly corporate gift sends a great message to anyone who lays their eyes upon these fabulous water bottles. 

Eco-friendly corporate gifts show that your company cares about the environment and is doing its part in moving towards a sustainable future for the generations to come! Attaching your brand to this positive message is a great way to encourage positivity around your business and connect to both clients and employees on a really important issue. 

Wooden corporate gifts are a huge hit at the moment - you certainly don't want to miss out!

Brand Innovation can assist with the supply, branding and delivery of all your unique corporate gifts and deliver directly to your door, in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or wherever you may be in South Africa. Let us help you show your customers and employees appreciation and give your brand the boost it needs in 2020!

So we're going to tell you about some of our favourite ideas for unique eco-friendly corporate gifts, but have a look at our branded eco-friendly product range to see all the options. 

So join us in doing what we can to care for our environment and opt for products in our awesome eco-friendly range of corporate gifts.

Kooshty Kork Kup - 340ml: Koosh-8930-BL

A great and easy way to make a difference in the world's struggle against pollution is to stop using single-use coffee cups! The Kooshty Kork Kup is a nifty little re-usable coffee cup that you can take anywhere you go. 

Attaching your brand name to a product with a positive environmental mission is a good look for your company! By giving employees or clients these branded coffee cups your business will gain valuable brand exposure and be associated with a great cause!

Of course, re-usable coffee cups may not unique in and of themselves, but Kooshty offers incredible value for money on this product. In addition, this nifty glass coffee cup comes with a silicone lid and a super cool cork band so you don't burn your hands!

Kooshty Natura Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box

If you're looking for a fabulous, different eco-friendly corporate gift then the Kooshty Natura Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box is just thing for you. As something that people use all the time, having your brand name on this special, environmentally conscious lunch box is a great way to get noticed. 

- Offers awesome branding space ensuring that your name will be a hot topic!
- Useful
- Attractive 

Okiyo Elm Cork Ball Pen: PEN-1995 

In both business and leisure, we use pens all the time! With pens most commonly made of plastic and not being great for the environment, the Okiyo Elm Cork Ball Pen offers an excellent, unique alternative. 

A pens provide excellent brand exposure and is sure to fall into the hands of loads of people during its lifetime!

Cost-effective and nifty, the Okiyo Elm Cork Ball Pen makes for a wonderful branded corporate gift!

Unique corporate gifts for travel 

Trying to find a unique corporate travel gift can be a tough task, but we've got you covered! Brand Innovation offers a great range of different travel-related products, and we've compiled a list of some of our favourite ideas for unique corporate travel gifts!

Swiss Cougar Sydney Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker: TECH-5101-GM

The Swiss Cougar Sydney Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker is great for anybody on the go! 

This innovative branded gift idea is sure to be well-used and will certainly spark conversations when they're whipped out in front of friends and families! What better way to get people talking about your brand?

Great for:

- At home when the lights go out (as we all know they do)
- Braais in the garden
- Camping weekends away

The Swiss Cougar Sydney Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker will certainly be a unique corporate gift, guaranteed to be loved and well-used by anybody lucky enough to receive one!

Mobile Phone Travel Set: BE7560 

This mobile phone travel set is a wonderful and different idea of a corporate gift that is sure to be a crowd favourite! It's simple, and cost-effective and will stand out from other corporate travel gifts!

Barrier Travel-Safe Backpack: BAG-4405-GY

Employees and clients are tired of receiving boring old backpacks that all look and do the same thing. Well, the Barrier Travel-Safe Backpack is definitely a unique corporate travel gift that everyone will love! 

Whether you're looking for a branded corporate gift in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or anywhere in South Africa, this bag is sure to the best travel-buddy to anybody anywhere in the world. 

-  Innovative safety features
- Cool grey aesthetic
- Comfortable

The Barrier Travel-Safe Backpack is sure to be your go-to backpack when you're hitting the road!

Connexions World Travel Adaptor: TECH-4261 

Travel is fun and exciting, but there's nothing worse than reaching a new country and not being able to charge your devices! The Connexions World Travel Adaptor would make a great gift for both business people and those travelling for leisure. 

A world travel adaptor certainly is the gift you didn't realise you needed!

Kooshty Mykonos Beach Towel: KOOSH-9010

The Kooshty Mykonos Beach Towel makes a great unique corporate gift because not only is it cute and colourful, but it comes with a drawstring bag for maximum convenience!

A bright and funky beach towel is a creative and effective way to gain valuable brand exposure at the beach!

With the Kooshty brand name ensuring quality, this is definitely a great corporate gift option!

Elleven Zip-Around Travel Wallet: 11-008 

As a jet-setter, your top priority when travelling is to keep all your important documents safe and easily accessible. 

The Elleven Zip-Around Travel Wallet is: 

- Useful
- Secure
- Sleek

The Elleven Zip-Around Travel Wallet is the perfect corporate gift if you're looking for something your employees or clients may not already have! 

Unique corporate gifts for health and wellness 

What better way to show employees or clients that you care about them than by gifting them something that contributes to the health and wellness of them and their families? 

We have some cool and unique health and wellness corporate gift ideas for you that'll leave the recipients smiling from ear-to-ear!  

Glamourette Mirror & Lip Balm 

Everybody loves and uses lip balm and you probably get given them all the time. However, the Glamourette is one step ahead of the game with a bonus mirror! 

With awesome branding potential, this lip balm is sure to gain excellent brand exposure and guarantee that your name will be on everybody's lips!

Extender Yoga Bag: BAG-4618

These days everybody loves yoga, and this Extender Yoga Bag provides everything you need to get started! 

This nifty bag will provide valuable brand exposure for your company wherever it travels! 

Unique corporate gifts for sport and fitness

Kinetic Smart Watch: IDEA-50037

Anybody in tune with health and fitness needs a smart watch! Available at an incredible price, the Kinetic Smart Watch would make a wonderful innovative corporate gift item that is sure to be an absolute crowd favourite! 

Trail-Runner Shoe Light: GIFT-9922-BL

This creative corporate gift idea would be an awesome thing to give to anybody who lives an active lifestyle! 

The Trail-Running Shoe Light is an epic way to market your company in the sporting world! 

Sierra Water-Resistant Duffel: BAG-4562

Water-resistant and providing ample space, this would make an excellent bag for any outdoor activities! 

- Stylish
- Water-resistant
- Extra zippered compartments

The Sierra Water-Resistant Duffel is guaranteed to spread your company's name high and low wherever this bag may go!

Kickstarter Running Kit: IDEA-6543

The Kickstarter Running Kit is an awesome gift for anybody who enjoys an active lifestyle! This sporty accessory also offers great space for branding so that you can make sure that everybody who sees it will know your name!

Woodstock Golf Set: GOLF-7504

With golf being an important part of networking in the corporate world, what better way to market your company than while on the golf course?

What we need from you

When helping you choose unique corporate gifts, please let us know:

- Your minimum and maximum budget
- If the gifts are for men or women or unisex
- Do you want them branded?
- Is there a certain time of the event that the unique gifts are for?
- What gifts have you given before?
- Very importantly, when do you need the gifts?

As soon as we've got all this information and we can get started and get you the best corporate gifts to suit your needs!
At Brand Innovation we really want to help you and be of service

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