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Updated 21 July, 2020

What Does In Ratio Mean When Ordering Corporate Clothing

What Does In Ratio Mean When Ordering PrintedT-shirts? – A Very valid question. When you’re ordering products for a corporate event or if you’re ordering clothing for promotional purposes, you may be wondering what sizes to get.

Ratio means in proportion. So that you will always have a balance of shirts that will have a number of sizes that will be in proportion to your other sizes. And these sizes are all calculated on which of our sizes are the most requested. This means that you have all our knowledge poured into this quick and easy formula to make your t-shirt ordering process that much more simple.

A Formula to order the most popular t-shirt sizes

Our standard ratio for t-shirts is Sizes: S-XXL(2;4;4;2;1) 

- Small: 2
- Medium: 4
- Large: 4
- XL: 2
- 2XL: 1

That means that in an order of 100 t-shirts then the number of shirts that you should be buying in each size would be as follows:

- Small: 15
 - Medium: 30
- Large: 30
- XL: 15
- 2XL: 10

What size should you order the most of? When you take it down to the smallest number, then this is the ratio that you should be buying.

People do come in different shapes after all and you can’t always ask everyone what size they are beforehand. Especially for promotional products, you don’t always know ahead of time who is going to be there.

So this is a pretty tricky question and one that either requires a lot of guesswork or some pretty intense math – something that not all of us look forward to! The sad truth is that buying the wrong size of t shirt, especially for a one-off event, can’t cost you a lot of money. And we don’t want you to spend your money on unnecessary things.

Here at Brand Innovation, we want you to have the best possible products, we want to save you time and money and we want you to have the most rocking event possible! Whether you’re giving them away at an event or selling them, a t shirt is a joy to have and we’re here to spread a little joy.

Which is why we’ve done all that math for you! 

So, what’s the formula? How to we work it out?

We take our data, and we boil it down into its simplest form. For each small shirt, how many large shirts are ordered? Like that. And we put that into its simplest form so that it can be applied to any order.

- Small
- Medium
- Large
- XL
- 2XL

That gives you an even distribution of sizes that will give you the most popular sizes in the highest quantity. You’ll find that in t shirts, larger sizes are usual the more popular ones, so mediums and larges are often a good bet.

This is usually because a t shirt is often worn as a loose, comfortable garment, so people often get a size up from what they would usually take for comfort value. This is also, as an interesting aside, because human beings have been getting bigger over the last century, not just in terms of body mass but also in height. The increase in nutrients in food over the last century has resulted in taller people – and bigger t shirts.
Hopefully that formula has helped you figure out what ratio to use when Ordering Corporate Clothing!
So when you next need to order 10 0000 shirts from Brand Innovation, you will know exactly what in ratio or out of ratio means.
We are here to help. Order your t shirts now!

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