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Prisca Limbaya
Updated 25 October, 2023

Womens Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Whether big or small, office gifts create a touchpoint between management and employees. Making the recipient feel a sense of belonging and that they are valued. Why not make this particular day extra special by gifting the beloved women in your workplace with a few practical gifts that will decorate the office and desks. Our website has a variety of affordable office tools from pens to notebooks that the women in your workplace would absolutely appreciate.

Women's Day Corporate Gifts

Gifting corporate gifts is a particularly powerful way to connect to the minds of the women in your organization and to the whole of South Africa at large. It sells the brand as one that acknowledges the historical contributions made by women to earn their place in the workplace. Take your pick from our wide range of stunning corporate gifts.

Unique Women's Day Gift Sets

1. Stunning Contemporary Gift Set

2. The Exclusive Rosemary Gift Set with Toiletry Bag, Manicure Set, Scented Candle, Tissue Oil and Chocolate

3. The Andrea Bath Bomb Set

4. The Vera Margaret with Scented Candle, Toiletry Bag, Soap, Eye Mask and Tissue Oil

5. Serenity Set with Eye Mask, Scented Candle,Tissue Oil and Toiletry Bag

6. The Penny Pamper Box with Salted Caramel Chocolate and Scented Bath Spoils

7. The Special Sienna Set with Eye Mask, Toiletry Bag & Tissue Oil

8. The Best Popcorn Maker Ever

9. The Pink Sparkly

10. The Imbokodo Pamper Set (The Women is the Rock) with Lip balm Nail File, Eye Mask, Tissue Oil & Small Chocolate

11. The Togsy Thermal Mug with Treats

12. Altitude Andes Non Woven 12-Can Lunch Cooler

Women's Day Gifts under R100

Who said gifting had to hurt your pocket? At Brand innovation we have a vast array of thoughtful gifts to accommodate tight budgets. Choosing from this selection is a win-win situation as you still succeed to delight the women in your workplace without necessarily breaking the bank.

1. Okiyo Yoshi Jute Tote

2. Kooshty Kork Glass Water Bottle

Small Gifts for International Women's Day

Although we should do so daily, every year the world dedicates this 1 day to celebrate our women. Make it memorable by opting for our rather small yet wonderful high quality gift selections. We all know that the thought counts way more than the size. Go on a brief shopping spree by browsing our websites small gifts.

1. Kooshty Kork Glass Smoothie Kup & Straw

2. Serendipio Sienna Cork Sublimation

Personalized Gifts for Women

Can you mention a better way than to gift women a custom picture engraved or imprinted on an item specially selected just for them. opt for some of our Branded range of women’s gifts. You can be assured that they will treasure it for life.

1. Sorrento Laser-Ready Ceramic Mug

2. Andy Cartwright Afrique 1.5L Decanter

3. Cullen Gift Set

4. Okiyo Kushami Bamboo Fibre Desk Caddy Tissue Box

5. Kooshty Kork Hands-Free Vacuum Water Bottle

Budget Women's Day Gifts

Surprise the wonderful women in your workplace on this special occasion with some economic budget friendly gifts. Always remember that price tag does not determine worth. Always remember to choose one that will resonate with them. Such as our smile stress balls that bring an element of joy.

1. Nu-Toonz Earbuds

Luxury Women's Day Gifts

Want to outdo yourself this year? Well try some of Brand innovations Luxury items to make our women feel elevated as luxury items have been proven to boost self-esteem. Have a look at our Brands category, we’ve got brands such as Alex Varga and Swiss Cougar that has products with an opulent finish.

1. Alex Varga Majestra Gift Set

2. Instalight Selfie Phone Light

Women's Day Gift Hampers

The more the merrier they say. There’s a lot of truth in this saying. Go for our excellent gift sets, that offer you at least 2 items per set. As a result, the women in your workplace will really appreciate the effort and contribute even more in the organization. 

1. Dayton Winter Gift Set

Women's Day Home Decor Gifts

Décor gifts is another great gifting idea. We’ve got some exquisite pieces such as scented candles and wine sets that will have everyone who enters their home enquire the company for such great efforts. Take it as killing 2 birds with 1 stone, you please the women in your organization while creating brand awareness.

1. Okiyo Utensil Set

2. Andy Cartwright Afrique Salad Claws

Women's Day Beauty Gifts

This is one of the most ideal gifts to give the women in your workplace as it promotes a lovely appearances, relaxation and pampering. Our website’s got a basket of elegant beauty products that will make them feel that they too deserve relaxation and rest as we know how pressurized the work environment can be.

1. Bella-Donna Cosmetic Bag

2. Sparkle Manicure Set

3. Carly Compact Mirror

Women's Day Tech Gifts

The world is no longer what we have known it to be due to the rise of the technical era. Keep the women in your workplace up with the trends with our cool gadgets such as earbuds, power banks and many more! We pride ourselves in providing good quality electronics.

1. Liberty TWS Earbuds

2. Icon Bluetooth Speaker

3. Odeon Bluetooth Speaker

Women's Day Travel Gifts

Planning a work trip soon? Bless our wonder women with some travel size gits such as our soft pillows. We’ve also got items that can make their rides to work more pleasurable like our car chargers and car fresheners. This will drive a better work environment as how you start your day has a huge impact on the rest of it.

1. Prima Donna Manicure Set

2. Masterclass Silicone Oven Glove

3. Kooshty Cloud Nine Travel Set

Women's Day Fitness Gifts

Fitness gifts encourages people to boost their physical and mental wellbeing. This is a thoughtful gift to show women that you care for their overall well-being and would like them to live a not only long-lived life but also a healthy one.

1. Chill Cooling Sports Towel

2. Pace Running Pouch

3. Task-Master Exercise Set

Looking for more ideas? View our Women's day corporate gift ideas category

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Whether big or small, office gifts create a touchpoint between management and employees. Making the recipient feel a sense of belonging and that they are valued. Why not make this particular day extra special by gifting the beloved women in your workplace with a few practical gifts that will decorate the office and desks. Our website has a variety of affordable office tools from pens to notebooks that the women in your workplace would absolutely appreciate.

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