Valentines Day Promotional Items

Valentine's Day promotional items are perfect for the month of love.
Many people enjoy celebrating this special day by either sending a gift card to their loved ones or planning a romantic dinner.
It may even be a special time for couples to kick back and go out on a date night without the kids, or who knows your boyfriend might be popping the question.

Brand Innovation is offering a great selection of gifts this year to spoil your valentine

Valentine's Day for employees

This heart stress ball is a stress relief buster. Spread some appreciation to your work colleagues, friends and family by giving them a heart to encourage a motivating and happy work environment.

Omega A5 Notebook

The Omega A5 Notebook is the perfect notebook for students and working colleagues to sketch, jotting down thoughts and write down notes when it comes to business meetings and school duties.
Get inspired with some creativity as Brand Innovation is offering you a choice of 11 great colours and features like colour-coordinated holder ribbons and elastic closures.

  • Yellow lined paper
  • 100 sheets
  • Includes elastic binder and satin bookmark
  • Material: PVC Cover
  • Available in a variety of colours

Brand offers the following Branding Options
  • BB-B-Belly Band A5
  • BOS-1-Debossing
  • DB-Digital Dome Sticker
  • DC-Digital Dome Sticker
  • DNB-A-Direct to Product for Notebooks
  • FL-Foiling
  • SB-Screen Print

The DaKata RFID Phone Card Holder 

The Dakota Phone Card Holder is a small sleeve with a great backing so you can attach it to the back of your phone.
Slim, versatile and very convenient for the safety of your bank and credit cards. This sleek red sleeve is perfect for keeping your card details secure.

  • Small and convenient
  • Tight and High safety- Holds your items firmly
  • Provides protection for your credit cards/bank cards
  • Creates some colour and a vibrant feel to your phone
  • Adhesive backing so that you can attach it to the back of your phone

Cuddles Plush Toy

The cuddles plush toy is the perfect cuddly bear that you can snuggle up with when watching a movie with your partner or friends.

  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in a cute brandable t-shirt
  • Available colours- green, navy, red, white and blue

The Heart-Shaped Handle Cups

Make your love ones smile this Valentine’s day with the heart handle mug. The mugs have a unique heart shaped handle that is comfortable to hold.

The perfect gift for any loved ones to use in the comfort of their home or office.

  • Colourful and Unique
  • Serve a romantic breakfast in bed with the heart-shaped cups

The Hearts-On-Fire Candle 

Heart-shaped candles perfect for romantic dinner dates and Galileo dates under the nigh time stars.

  • Clean and quality wax
  • Provides light in your home and creates a sense of relaxation
  • A pleasant smell within your home
  • Decorative that provides a great interior feel to your home
  • Special Occasions- Candles can be used for special occasions like romantic dinners or birthday parties
  • Room Refreshers and Tension Relievers
  • Candles are often used as room refreshers to add some fragrance to your home

Heart Highlighter

On the hunt for new office or school suppliers? the heart highlighters can be used for note taking at work or school, or to mark and accent text in your textbooks, journals or planners.

  • Bright, colourful and shaped uniquely like a heart
  • Superior ink that can dry fast
  • Provides maximum brilliance when being used on paper types
  • Provides neat and consistent text marking with no smears
  • Functional, fun and colourful with 3-in-1 colours

The Heart Bookmark 

Are you a book worm? Crazy about the world of books and words?
Make reading fun with this colourful heart-shaped book mark. You can look forward to opening a book to see a colourful heart bookmark.
Ensure your page is marked with these colourful pink and green plastic bookmarks.

  • Helpful tool to use after you done reading to remind you of the page you left on 
  • Used as references for kids to use during reading lessons
  • Designed and created using different fonts and colours to create inspiration.
  • Having a book mark in your reading book will also allow you to see how many pages you have accomplished
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