Branded water bottles

Branded water bottles are a really a wonderful way to market your brand.
We all know that drinking water is one of the best ways to add to good health.
We need to be hyrdrated and the body needs water to function well.

While promoting good health,  your brand gets wonderful advertising.
Also the price of branded promotional water bottles is excellent.
Water bottles are great as promotional items or as end of year corporate gifts.
Choose from an awesome selection;
  • Stainless steel bottles
  • Foldable plastic bottles with carabiner clips
  • Aluminium water bottles
  • Protein shake bottles
  • Fruit infusing water bottles
  • Water bottles with a freezer stick and a compass
  • Water bottles with phone holders
  • Curvy shaped water bottles
  • Fruit juicer bottles
  • Cork water bottles with stainless steel tops
  • Kooshty glass bottles with a kooshty cup
  • Kooshty glass bottles with flip-top lids
  • Silicone water bottles

Promotional water bottles for marketing campaigns in South Africa

If you have a marketing campaign, a printed water bottle with your logo might just be the product you need.

if your company sponsors a sports event like The Argus Cylcle Tour.
Or a Marathon

Bestselling promotional water bottles in South Africa

Brand Innovation’s best-selling water bottles include;
  • 500ml Braxton water bottle
  • 750ml Solano water bottle
  • 750 ml Quench water bottle

The importance of drinking water

Water is valuable resources for humans, animals and plants.
The human body is made up of 80% water.

Body cells require water to function accurately and to remove toxins.
Water delivers great nutrients to human body cells.
Drinking water each day helps in keeping your body hydrated.

The human body needs to stay hydrated and energized by drinking water.
Drinking water helps in maintaining a healthy heart rate.
The body works better when you drink water on a regular basis.

Billions of people around the globe struggle with weight loss.
By having more water in your diet plan can help you with weight loss.

Water can improve your skin

Drinking lots of water throughout the day can remove bad toxins in your body.
Drinking water can prevent fewer pimples from coming on your face.

Water gets rid of body waste

Drinking water helps your bowel to function better.
Water removes urine and faeces out of our bodies.

Water improves constipation and indigestion problems.
Billions of people love sugary treats.
Sugar treats like chocolate,
chips or cooldrinks can be cleared
out of your immune system by drinking water.

Drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach

Drinking water in the morning can give you a kick start to seize the day.

One or two glasses of water in the morning before eating breakfast can help with good digestion.
This can also help your body in rehydrating after 8 hours of sleep.

Water helps your heart to function

Keep your bodies hydrated by drinking water.
Human hearts work very hard to constantly pump blood throughout the body.
By drinking water every day, you are helping your heart to stay hydrated, while having smooth blood flow.

Drinking water improves blood circulation

High cholesterol can happen when a person consumes too much-saturated fats.
Consuming too much-saturated fat can lead to blood vessels getting damaged.
Drinking water can improve your blood vessels to maintain elasticity.

The benefits of drinking water

  • Water helps your brain to function better.
  • Water helps your body with indigestion and constipation problems.
  • Water helps you to get rid of waste through urination.
  • Drinking water helps your body fight off flues and illnesses.
  • Water helps with weight loss.
  • Water is needed in the procedures of sweating and the removal of urine and faeces.
  • Water cleans out your immune system.
  • Certain medication and nutrients that dissolve in water make it possible for you to digest in your immune system.
  • Drinking water can reduce the risk of bladder infections and urinary tract infections.

Water helps with the functioning process of your brain

Drinking water helps your brain to function better.
By drinking water, you are improving your concentration level.
You can balance your mood and emotions by drinking water while increasing a regular flow of blood and oxygen to your brain.

Water is essential for your brain because every cell in your body needs to function properly.
Water helps in sending oxygen and nutrients to your brain.

Brain cells are important and need a great balance between water and other elements to operate.
Water can improve a person’s memory function.
Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day can improve a person’s sleeping patterns.
You can have a good night’s rest by drinking lots of water.

Drinking water can increase better blood flow to a person’s brain.
By doing this you will increase oxygenation to your brain.

The benefits of drinking water to help your brain function

Tips on how water can help with brain functioning
  • Water helps your brain function.
  • You can have a better balance in your moods and emotions.
  • By drinking water, you can have fewer headaches because you are keeping your brain healthy.
  • Drinking water helps with long term memory function.
  • The brain is made out of 75% water. When you drink water, you will be able to focus better.
  • Water delivers certain nutrients to the brain and removes toxins.

Water is the world’s most valuable resource

Water is valuable resources for animals, food and humans.
This is the cycle of life because animals use water to drink and to live in every day.
All living humans and species need water to survive because water is needed for drinking, living and sanitation.

Humans need water to cook their food in and to clean themselves.
Their bodies need water for their organs and brain to function.
Think about the farming industry.

If we don’t have water then no crops will grow which means that humans won’t be able to eat.
So, we need water to keep plants and crops growing to ensure that we have food on the table.

Changing weather patterns in South Africa

Climate change is a natural cycle that causes the earth’s temperature to rise and fall.
Climate change can affect ecosystems and biodiversity life
because it has an impact on temperature shifts, water resources, greenhouse gas and food security.

South Africa has endured the toughest of weather conditions because there have been lots of hot days where South African residents have faced drought conditions and dam levels have been at their lowest.

Due to South Africa having poor rainfall, this has affected the economy as crops, farms and animals have suffered because they were not getting enough water.
If crops suffer because of drought then this can lead to humans suffering because there is less food being produced.

When South Africa experienced a drastic drought condition due to extreme hot weather conditions,
then South Africa had to make some new changes like incorporate strict water restrictions.

People were only allowed to use a certain amount of water each day.
This drought-affected farms as farmers lost crops which impacted on producing food.

Inflation and prices go up because there is less rainfall.
The change of weather patterns results in climate
change and results in environmental risks and economical challenges.

Climate change negatively affects South Africa’s most valuable resource which is water.
So, when there are increases in climate variability and it impacts South Africa’s water quality.
Then there will be changes in soil moisture and an increase in evaporation.

Changing weather patterns in the Western Cape and Cape Town

Cape Town has faced a rapid change in its weather patterns for the last few years.
Some days it’s been extremely hot in Cape Town and other days we do receive rain.

Some days we have light drops of rain in the morning or in the afternoon.
But the majority of our days have been hot summer days.

Yes, those summer days are absolutely a bliss,
but our rainfall has decreased in a negative manner which affects the Western Cape and Cape Town.

Local residents around the Western Cape started to make drastic changes in saving water.
People saved water within their homes. People reused dishwashing water and took shorter showers.

This was small ways of contributing to saving billions of more water.
The Western Cape’s government also decided to put massive changes into place for the public to follow.

Swimming pools that needed municipal water were prohibited, which included lawns and plants.
The government also implemented a water-pressure system that could save a certain percentage of municipal water consumption.

How to save water

  • Shorter showers 
  • Switch the taps off while you are brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Water your plants with the dishwashing water you left in the sink.
  • Fix up any leaks around the house and on the taps.
  • Fill up bottles of water and store them in the fridge.
  • Use your washing machine only when you have full clothing loads to wash.
  • Consider taking a bath than a shower, then re-use the bathwater for plants.
  • When it rains, put buckets outside to collect more water.
  • Don’t wash up one dish, wash all the dishes at once when necessary.
  • Reuse your cooking water for your plants or garden area.
  • You can install water pipes or a water-saving toilet.
  • Use the dishwasher when it is full of dishes to get more than one dish clean.

How to recycle water

Recycling water is beneficial for the environment.

Below are some ways on how you can recycle water.
  • Have you ever thought of saving pasta water? well, the next time you decide to make a pasta dish for your family, then re-use the water for your plants.
  • While you’re showering, place a bucket in the shower to save water.
  • Reuse water from old water bottles that are just lying in the fridge.
  • You can install a grey water recycling system because this can save water that would have been flushed out in the drain.

The value of water

Every country needs water to survive because, without water crops, plants, animals and humans won’t be able to survive.
Water is valuable because farmers need to grow crops, fruits and vegetables for consumers to eat.

Think about plants? certain plants have nutrients and ingredients that are needed for our bodies.
Certain plants have specific ingredients that can heal a cut or a sore.

Water is so valuable because animals and sea creatures need water to survive in.
Human bodies need water for their immune system to function.
Water is needed for cooking, cleaning and staying alive.

How to save water in a work environment

Incorporating small saving tips in the office can be a great way to contribute towards saving water.
Below are a few tips that you can keep in mind when you recycle water.
  • Staff members can re-use the dishing water for the plants or garden area. 
  • Cleaners that mop the floors and wash the desks can re-use water for plants.
We hope this blog has given you more insight into the importance of water and how to save water in your everyday life.

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