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Andy Cartwright is a South African design house known worldwide for its unique, African inspired range of homeware.

The Andy C range of products are all stunning, contemporary and functional items inspired by the vibrancy and passion of Africa.

Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of these truly African corporate gifts, and we also have a collection of African inspired clothing.


African Gifts 

African gifts are items which are locally made in South Africa. Products which are unique to South African and continue telling the story of our diverse nation. 


Why African gifts?

African gifts are truly unique and symbolic of a continent that is bursting with vibrancy and an intense flavour of people, cultures and heritages.

Africa is a melting pot of rich history, bright energy and bold diversity. So why not change up your corporate gifts with African inspired gifts that are sure to keep your brand lively and well remembered. 

Corporate gifts can become boring and overdone, where companies repeat the same gifts again and again. If you want to excite your clients and make certain that your brand sticks to their minds, why not gift something funky, different and fresh?

Our selection of African gifts aim to inspire difference, ignite fun and generate a deeper sense of value. 


What are the best African gifts?

  • Shweshwe bags

  • Wine boxes

  • Andy Cartwright Biltong Slicer

  • Wine glasses

  • Animal Coasters

  • Animal Wine charms

  • Animal Bookmarks

  • Animal fridge magnets 

  • Animal/Africa continent keyring

  • Animal/Africa continent phone holder

  • Animal key holder

  • Tree jewellery holder


Where to buy South African Gifts?

Where to buy South African gifts - we are a top supplier of all things uniquely and proudly South African. 

If you are looking for upmarket African gifts for executive clients, our Andy Cartwright range is perfect for you!

Andy Cartwright is a well-known South African designer and acclaimed brand which has received international success. The collection includes a variety of useful and quirky products that will make every home or office instantly vibrant. Designs which draw inspiration from African tribal patterns, with a hint of edgy modernism. 

The Andy Cartwright collection features:

  • Elegant wine glasses

  • Bold coasters

  • Tribal designed notebooks, pens, mugs and tote bags

  • Classy cheese sets


Shweshwe Products/Shweshwe Fabric Gifts

Shweshwe products are proudly South African items, which include boldly unique bags, cooler bags, lunch bags and conference bags with funky patterns and authentically African designs. 

Truly authentic South African gifts which make excellent corporate gifts for your clients, that are memorable. 

Products made from Shweshwe fabric is sustainable and eco-friendly, which can be used many times over for multiple occasions. Ensuring that less plastic and damaging materials are used while keeping your brand top of mind.

Shweshwe is also a great contributor towards job creation and up-skilling people in South Africa. Often a community orientated programme which enables people with a creative outlet and encourages local small business growth. 

Gift your clients something new and different, with recycled shweshwe bags, cooler bags or notebooks. Let your corporate gifts be authentic and original. 


What is Shweshwe?

Shweshwe is a traditional printed dyed cotton African fabric which features uniquely authentic African designs, bright colours and geometric patterns. 


What is the History of Shweshwe?

Shweshwe was introduced in the early 1840s by the then King of Lesotho, Moshoeshoe, who had received the fabric from French missionaries as a gift. From then onwards, Shweshwe fabric became an integral part of African culture.

Shweshwe fabric holds great historical value, a deep sense of heritage and a rich culture. Typically handmade which enhances the cultural value and meaning of the products.

Within African cultures, fabric plays a large role in shaping your cultural identity and establishing your heritage. 

Although originally Shweshwe was brought from Europe to South Africa, it has become a staple part of South African culture and an identifiable trademark of proudly South African products. Shweshwe is locally grown and manufactured in many parts of South Africa including Eastern Cape.


How is Shweshwe made?

Shweshwe is recycled from PVC banners and billboards, paper and plastic waste and polypropylene grain bags. 

The upcycled products are locally manufactured in South Africa and the recycled waste is also sourced locally. 

The recycled waste is turned into beautiful bags, conference bags, toiletry bags, pencil cases, cooler bags and more!

All in all a great South African product. 


Shweshwe Fabric Bags (Cape Town)

Shweshwe fabric bags are made locally with care for the planet and the intention to upskill South Africans. Branded bags with a difference, let your brand stand out and proud!

Why Shweshwe fabric bags?

  • Locally made in South Africa

  • Made from recycled materials 

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

  • Long lasting

  • Unique designs

  • Traditional African patterns

  • Strong and durable 


Gifting upcycled bags with beautiful designs will bring something different and fresh to your corporate gifts. 

What are the types of Shweshwe bags?

  • Backpacks

  • Conference bags

  • Cosmetic and toiletry bags

  • Drawstring bags

  • Gift bags

  • Ladies handbags

  • Laptop or tablet bags

  • Lunch bags

  • Shopping bags

  • Sling bags

  • Tote bags

  • Wine bags


Upcycled Billboard Bags

Upcycled billboard bags are made from recycled PVC billboards found around South Africa, which are turned into durable and beautiful bags that make stunning gifts for your corporate clients, conferences or end of year gifts.

A super sustainable product which turns waste into something that can be used daily and tells an interesting story. 

In this case the logos can show and the client not only gets brand extension but can give away a product that speaks volumes about their business and ensures them a better carbon footprint.

Each upcycled bag is completely unique, some more colourful than others, all different patterns.

When we make these upcycled bags we cut the waste so that no logos show unless we are making them from the client’s own waste. We line many of the bags with polyester marketing waste.

The producer of the upcycled bags is a small black owned factory in Johannesburg. Production of these upcycled bags and other green promotional items has created 18 permanent jobs and used up 30 tons of billboard waste since 2014. A lot of hand work is required to make these products so its very labor intensive and as such creates jobs in South Africa. We ensure that we cut the waste to show no logos As little water as possible is used to clean the upcycled bags to ensure that we have the best possible carbon footprint.

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