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BIC Brand South Africa

BIC brand South Africa, a globally recognised brand which has reached international success. BIC is the world leader in high-quality, safe and reliable stationery, pens and lighters. A well-known brand that is trusted around the world. 

The history of BIC began over 60 years ago and remains the world leader in consumer goods. The BIC brand is a family-owned company, which has been producing superb quality products for over 60 years, and continues to improve their standards in safety, quality, reliability and design. Pens and lighters are useful items that form part of everyone’s daily lives. Promotional products like pens and lighters, grant your logo the maximum branding opportunity and reach high-levels of brand reach, visibility and exposure.

A pen persists to be extremely useful even in the technological age. Branded pens will never go out of fashion, a pen is an essential item in everyone’s life, from children at school or students in university taking notes, workers in offices jotting down meeting minutes, artists doodling creating masterpieces, writers weaving words together, to at home scribbling a shopping list. 

Pens are so integral to our daily lives, and will always continue to be no matter how far we advance with technology. A writing instrument is always there for you when technology cannot be. Lighters are used by a huge amount of people daily on a global level. Imagine your branded lighters being lit up by everyone in every coffee shop, street, outside every bar, birthday party and beyond. Brand your logo on BIC pens and BIC lighters, to ensure optimal branding exposure and value for your brand. BIC pens and lighters value lie in their high-quality in safety and of use. 

BIC Products South Africa

BIC products South Africa, offer your company, brand or organisation excellent quality items, which provide the same quality of use from beginning to end of the product’s life. Branded pens and lighters which are easy to use and super reliable. In 2017 BIC was voted second in stationery globally and first in the world for branded pocket lighters. Statistics don’t lie and neither do BIC products. 

We are a proud supplier of BIC in South Africa and can brand your logo on pens, lighters and stationery which we supply. BIC products offer your brand or company excellent quality promotional products that are affordable, easy to use, simple in design, reliable and long lasting. 

Branding a lighter or pen helps your brand convey its marketing message more effectively. Think of all the times your branded BIC pen will be on display for everyone to see, in every school, on every office desk, in every home, coffee shop, university lecture room and beyond! Everyone everywhere makes use of a pen or lighter worldwide, let your brand be the one to light up every birthday candle, write the next novel, highlight every textbook and draw the next masterpiece. 


Why are BIC Lighters the Best?

Why are BIC lighters the best? - BIC lighters have been ranked number one in branded pocket lighters worldwide. BIC lighters are so popular that over 4.4 million are manufactured daily. You know you can trust lighters that have been around for decades and are continually being improved in terms of safety and quality. BIC makes it their mission to ensure that safety is their top priority. Lighters produced in a BIC factory go through over 50 individual safety checks before ending up in your pocket!


Lighters by BIC are guaranteed to provide you with:


  • Quality in safety

  • Affordability to your budget

  • An effective marketing medium for your brand

  • Lightweight & compact

  • Durable & strong


What are BIC Lighters Made of?

What are BIC lighters made of? - the strongest plastic in the world called Delrin. The body and base of BIC lighters contain Delrin which is a high-tech and extremely durable material that can withstand ruptures, impact and high temperatures. Thanks to the strong and durable materials of BIC lighters, you can be rest assured that your branded lighter will live a long life! Lighters made by BIC are also super lightweight, compact and convenient. 


BIC Company

The BIC Company is a leading supplier of pens across the world and has been supplying pens to South Africa since 1957. BIC is the supplier of the only SABS approved pen in the country and their pens are guaranteed to write. Since its founding in 1945, BIC has quickly conquered the global market for disposable pens and has branched out into lighters and razors as well. Brand Innovation has been one of the top five distributors of branded BIC pens for the last 11 years, a pretty impressive track record.

BIC was founded in 1945 when Marcel Bich and his associate Edouard Buffard began to produce parts for fountain pens and mechanical pencils in France. The full company name is Société BIC, though it is usually just shortened to BIC, a shortening of Bich’s own name. The company earned its fame for making disposable razors and pens.

A short five years after the company was founded, Marcel launched the BIC Cristal disposable ballpoint. Since then Bic has dominated the global market for disposable pens, becoming the number one suppliers of pens across South America, Africa, Europe and India. And they’re close in North America and Oceania, coming in second. For pocket lighters, BIC comes in a worldwide number one!

BIC cares about the environment, which may sound like an odd thing to be said about a company whose empire was built on disposable pens. But Bic does their best to make sure that they give back to their communities and to the environments. They’re also thinking of your safety when they make their lighters. BIC Lighters are non-refillable because BIC wants to be able to guarantee the quality of the gas used in them. So you won’t be catching any sub-par BIC products! Their pens, however, are refillable, and you can find those at PNA and Makro. BIC is also the Build-A-Bear of the pen world, giving you options to customise the colour of the ink, the barrel, the plug, tip and clip, for a pen that is uniquely yours.

Société Bic is a company based in France, known globally as a manufacturer of pens, lighters and other products. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of promotional BIC products in South Africa. These items are manufactured specifically as marketing items and are branded with your company logo. We have a large catalogue of BIC pens and products for you to choose from. Depending on your branding requirements and budget, we can give you some great options to suit your needs.

BIC pens are quality and trustworthy writing instruments that you will be proud to use as promotional items. A printed pen is great as a giveaway. For more information on branded BIC pens or BIC lighters, please email us now. We deliver anywhere in South Africa including main areas such Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.


BIC Logo

BIC as a company admits that their logo is something of an enigma. Not that classic typeface pioneered by Raymond Savignac in 1952. No, that little person standing next to the BIC logo. That’s BIC boy. He started off as a school boy back when BIC’s typeface was hand drawn. Since then he has evolved into the uniform wearing figuring wearing a uniform we know today. In 1961 he adopted his pose with his pen held behind his back and has kept that ever since. These days he wears an orange uniform instead of the original blue but his head, that large black dot, is the original tungsten carbide ball that was used in the 1961 BIC pens.


Gel Pens

Gel Pens have the same sort of mechanism as a rollerball pen, though the ink is slightly different. Gel pens use water-based gel pigments to give a thicker, more opaque ink which is often praised for its flow. This makes it a particularly fun pen to use when writing in cursive, and they can also be used for illustration. Gel pens are very popular for metallic and glittery colours, as well as for their opaque qualities on dark paper – the infamous milky pen which children all over the country love to play with is a gel pen.

Gel pens ca create thin crisp lines, but can also be used to colour in rather nicely, which is why their most recent burst of popularity has come from the adult colouring book sensation that has been sweeping the globe over the past several years. This because they are much less likely to bleed through a page than a standard rollerball pen is.


Top 5 BIC Pens

1. BIC Stic Round

  • Bestseller
  • Made in South Africa
  • Cost effective
  • Black, Blue or Red ink
  • Takes up to a 3 colour print
  • Fine or Medium nibs available


The BIC Stic Round is the top selling BIC pen in the country and with good reason. With its black and black and white barrel, there are many colours of plug, tip and clip to choose from to customise your pen. The branding can wrap all around the round barrel and it can take up to a three colour print. The pen itself is made in South Africa, and the ink that’s inside it – your pick of black, blue or red – is imported. With all the selection available on this pen, it’s no wonder it’s a bestseller!


2. BIC Stic

  • Made in South Africa
  • Red, Blue, or Black ink
  • Single colour print
  • Text print only
  • Medium or Fine tip refills


Bic Stic Pens are amazing. With their mix n match barrels and accessories, they really are fully customisable. You can even pick from three different imported ink colours in a proudly South African barrel. Because of the hexagonal shape of the barrel, this pen can only take a one colour text print, and the branding area does have a little hole in it. However it does also have an option to change the nib size on the refills, which come with fine or medium points to suit your handwriting – or drawing. BIC encourages creativity and so does Brand Innovation. Creative thinking is the solution to any challenge that life presents, and you’ll definitely be thinking outside the box with a hexagonal pen.

3. BIC Clic Stic

  • BIC’s bestseller in the USA
  • Printing on the barrel and the clip
  • Up to 3 colour printing on the barrel


BIC’s Clic Stic is great value because it has printing options on both the clip of the pen as well as the barrel. The clip can only take a single colour text print, but the barrel can take up to three colours. This pen comes with black ink and has the BIC specialty customisable tip, barrel, clip and plunger colour. This pen looks good, and with BIC’s guarantee, it will write well too. It comes in a selection of fun, professional colours like red, black, navy blue and grey to give you the custom office pen of your dreams!


4. BIC Media Clic

  • Printable barrel and clip
  • Sleek and stylish promotional pen
  • Mix and match colours


BIC Media Clic is a middle of the range pen that looks and feels good. It has the option to print on both the barrel and the clip, with the clip taking a single colour text print and the barrel taking up to three colours in its branding area. Being able to pick the colours that your pen is going to be is a great way to make sure that your pen is exactly the way you want it to be and BIC is one of the few companies that offers that as an option to its customers. It’s often said at Brand Innovation that we want to help our customers find their perfect product. As a distributor of branded BIC products, it pleases us immensely to be able to actually make up your perfect pen for you.


5. BIC Grip Roller

  • Extremely popular in the financial industry and with law firms
  • Print areas on the barrel and the cap
  • Single colour print
  • Black grip


BIC’s Grip Roller is a high roller indeed. Popular with executive law firms and across the financial industry, this rollerball pen comes with black ink and a barrel that only comes in the colours white, black and navy blue. In South Africa the clip is a stunning chrome colour and it is the only capped pen on this list. For international orders the clip can come in gold. The textured grip only comes in black, the better to hold the pen with. This sleek, efficient pen goes straight to the top and stays there.


Branded Pens

Branded Pens are a great way to promote your brand. A branded pen tends to make things a lot more official. When you go into a Standard Bank, all their pens are branded with their logo. The pens they use in their offices too. A serious pen for a serious job, and many of the documents that are signed in a bank do need to be taken very seriously. It gives the right atmosphere and puts the client in the right frame of mind for what they are about to do.

A branded pen can let you know where you are and what you’re doing. It can also be a little souvenir if it’s a promotional gift. One of the fun things about going to a conference is getting branded pens from companies that are involved in the set up and presentation of it.

A branded pen can also be an excellent commemorative gift. A beautiful pen that has been well branded can be an excellent gift to someone who is planning to retire, or who just got a prestigious promotion. A high-quality pen is a gift that can be handed down through the generations. It’s an investment in memories. A great pen will last and last, and when you hold it in your hands you’re holding years of experience and years of memories of everything that it has ever written.


Printed Pens

In addition to being able to print on your pens, sometimes in up to three different colours, there is the additional option of imprinting into the barrel. This can give your branding an extra three-dimensional touch, adding that little bit of extra texture and interest to the product. Human beings are very sensory, and having something that they can feel about a pen makes it that much more appealing. Texture is a very important part of how we understand the world around us and different textures appeal to different people.
Imprinting is also a great way to make sure that the brand will stay with the pen no matter what.


Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens are an awesome way to release the potential of your brand on the world. A BIC pen is guaranteed to give you two kilometres worth of ink. Two kilometres is a lot of ink to fit into that itty-bitty barrel, but even more impressive than that is how much further the ideas given by one pen can take you. Whether you’re writing or drawing – and from personal experience, BIC pens are a blast to draw with – you’re putting ideas down into a tangible form.

Once they’re down one paper and out there in the great wide world, there is so much more space for an idea to grow. A promotional pen that your company has given someone can give be the lucky pen that they trust to help them pass their exams. Boom, just like that you’ve helped someone get their doctorate. Even more than that, because BIC pens are refillable, that pen can last them all the way through to their first practice and beyond. A pen is powerful tool and in the right hands, the promotional pen that you were handing out at an event can be used to achieve greatness. There’s a good reason that they say that the pen is mightier than the sword.

BIC pens have so many wonderful features, from their great company ethic and worldwide presence, they have a long and wonderful reputation as the one of the top pen distributors in the world and the have an incredible range of top quality, fully customisable writing tools and lighters available to you. All of which are excellent reasons to put your brand on BIC PENS.