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Slazenger is a world famous sporting goods and apparel brand. Brand Innovation is the premier supplier of Slazenger clothing in South Africa. These high-quality corporate clothing items are ideal for branding. Slazenger is well know for being the main brand at Wimbledon every year.

Order your Slazenger now from Brand Innovation.
Slazenger clothing is designed to combine practicality with comfort and style. Our range of corporate apparel includes shirts, jackets and accessories that is suitable for any business. Inspired with the Slazenger sporting goods, these clothes are top of the range, high-performance products. 

Choosing Slazenger clothing for your corporate uniform is choosing quality. Having your company associated with the Slazenger brand shows your clients that you value the highest quality products. 

Slazenger Clothing – If you’re looking for high quality corporate clothing then why not check out our selection of Slazenger Clothing Online? With a long history of quality and stunning designs, this is definitely a brand that looks brilliant with branding. Slazenger has been making high performance sports goods for years, and with it, a range of matching high performance clothing.

Because it is such a reputable brand, large corporates have been using Slazenger clothing for corporate clothing uniforms for a number of years. Branding their company logo on shirts, jackets, sweaters and more.

  •         Founded in the UK

  •         Great quality

  •          Beautiful designs

  •       Great for Corporate Uniforms

The Slazenger brand is one that has commanded the respect of the sporting world for 136 years. That’s over a century of producing high quality sorts wear the world over. Originally based in the United Kingdom,Slazenger once had a brand influence similar to that of the empire on which the sun never set, priding themselves on being one of the leading suppliers of sporting goods throughout the world.

That legacy remains true today, with Slazenger being one of the oldest sporting goods suppliers in the world, a truly impressive feat. The thing about putting your trust in a brand this old is that they’ve been producing beautiful goods for generations.

The brand has strong ties with Tennis, Golf and Hockey. It still keeps these traditions, being a huge supplier of cricketing goods as well as the sole supplier of tennis balls for the Wimbledon tennis tournament. This incredible brand is a really fantastic way to make your brand look good.

The brand is well known for their quality and design, which is impeccable. Brand Innovation has branded several Slazenger jackets for our own corporate uniform and the quality of these products is incredible! There are Slazenger Catalyst Jackets in our office that still look like they were taken out of the packaging this morning when in reality they’re about five years old.

We also have Slazenger Bodywarmers and Slazenger Hoodies in the office and at any given time at least one member of staff can be found wearing Slazenger brand clothing. Slazenger is one of our most popular brands,and frankly, we’re not surprised.

Slazenger Golf Shirts

One of the sports that Slazenger is strongly affiliated with is golf. Golf is a great sport that can be played by any age group. We have a range of Slazenger Golf Shirts, Ladies and Gents. Mens Golf Shirts and Womens golf shirts are both very popular corporate clothing items. They look amazing with branding, and we have a whole range of branding options that we can give you so that you get the best corporate uniform for your company.

  • Print Screening

  • Embroidery

  • Laser Engraving

Print screening is a time honoured method of applying a design to fabric, as well as other materials. It involves making a mesh screen stencil and then pushing ink through that and onto your object. Each different colour requires a different stencil, making it a very exact process. We can do print screening in up to six colours but please do check individual branding guidelines.

Embroidery is the art of stitching a design into fabric.It’s been around for a very long time and is a great way to showcase your brand. Embroidery creates a gorgeous, raised texture on your fabric and adds a really high end finish to your garments. We can do embroidery in up to nine colours on our embroidery machines. We also use a stabiliser when embroidering,which you will be able to see on the inside of your fabric. This is a little extra piece of fabric that ensures that your logo is the best that it can be.

Laser engraving – now there’s a high tech branding method!And it’s one that we’re proud to offer you. We want to give you cutting edge branding methods so that you’re always ahead of the curve! Laser engraving is a gorgeous, subtle branding method that removes the top layer of pigment from the fabric. It doesn’t affect the integrity of waterproof fabrics and it can be branded over seams, zips and buttons, making it a very versatile branding option.

You can even mix and match your branding methods and have more than one on a garment so that you can have a truly unique and beautiful item of corporate clothing.

Golf shirts are amazing corporate uniform shirts. They’re breathable, move-able and they look fantastic. Especially when they’re branded.

Corporate uniforms are something that take a lot of wear and tear, so you want to have a really quality product that’s going to withstand everything you can throw at it. Slazenger is quality, it’s one of their buzzwords and one of the key points that we give clients when recommending them as a brand. Whether you’re looking for a hoodie or for Slazenger ladies golfshirts, or even mens golf shirts. All of these are things that you definitely want to go the distance with you.

This gorgeous range of golfers can be both fitted or loose cut, which means that there is a golf shirt on our site to suit all your needs and body types.

A uniform is something that should be comfortable for everyone to wear, and everyone should have a size that fits them comfortably.Different strokes for different folks, right? Our range of Slazenger golfshirts ranges from XS to XXXXL.

We understand that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and that not everyone has the same body type. And since not everyone looks the same, not everyone should have to wear the same sizes.

Slazenger Animal

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Slazenger Logo and it’s actually a black panther. The panther is a graceful animal that is often said to represent grace and controlled power. This big cat can be found in mid stride across Slazenger branded merchandise.

Pairing your brand with this powerful panther is a great idea! It looks great and what better way to keep your brand looking in tip top shape than with this gorgeous sporting brand? Why not let your brand roar with the beautiful Slazenger panther? The Slazenger brand adds a great  accent to your branding and lets people know that you have invest in quality products.

Slazenger Hoodie

The hoodie is a wonderful, multi functional item of clothing.It’s great for promotional purposes and for more relaxed corporate clothing.Having a hoodie as a part of your uniform is an increasingly popular trend,especially in winter. The hoodie was originally invented in the 1930s as an item of work wear in America by another sporting brand, Champion. They were meant to combat the cold and keep workers warm in the icy grip of Upstate New York winters.

Since then the hoodie has become a part of everyday wear. Just like jeans were originally worn by miners and are now an everyday item of clothing, hoodies have ascended into a wardrobe essential! So why not complement your band with a gorgeous, warm winter hoodie? Hoodies also have lots of space for your branding on them, so they’re a really great choice for sports teams with lots of sponsors, or for matric jackets.

Previously known as a hooded sweatshirt, the word hoodie only came into common usage in the 1990s. With a long history and a lot of comfort behind them, and paired with Slazenger’s reputation for high quality products, Slazenger’s Smash Hoodie is a must have!

Our Slazenger Hoodies are incredibly popular and they make for beautiful corporate jackets.

The Slazenger Brand History

Slazenger History - Slazenger is a sporting goods manufacturer, established in 1881 in England. It is one of the worlds oldest sports brands and has been making high quality sports goods and equipment for over a hundred years.

Brace yourselves for the 
Slazenger origin story! Being over a century old, Slazenger is an impressive brand with a long history behind it. The company was founded by two Jewish brothers, Albert and Ralph Slazenger. They started out selling rain wear with their father and later began to make and sell rubberised sporting goods in Cannon Street, London. Since then they have become Slazenger and Sons and supply sporting goods all over the world. 

Ralph Slazenger was also very keen on aviation, and while he was at Cambridge University with Arthur Clarke, they founded the British Interplanetary Society. This is now one of the oldest societies promoting the exploration of space. 

While he also had a mind to become a Royal Air Force pilot, his short-sightedness put a stop to that dream before it could lift off. However, he did help to test the Allies’ radar devices to see if they could detect gliders. He was also described as a very genial and well-liked person.

The Slazenger Company also supplied the Allies with bayonets, machetes, goggles and gloves during the Second World War. This was because during World War II, a sporting goods company was considered to be non-essential. So instead they produced items for the war effort instead. During the London Blitz, two of their factories were destroyed and Slazenger joined forces with their competitors in order to produce more, and later bought out their companies.  So, the Slazenger family grew to be Slazengers, Gradidge, Sykes and Ayres. The company later merged into their competition and became 
Dunlop Slazenger

The family interest in aviation continued down through the generations. Michael Slazenger who was the heir to the Slazenger business passed away due to a tragic plane crash in April of 2010. 

The brand is especially well known for it's attribution to tennis, cricket, hockey and golf.

It is also the official tennis ball supplier to Wimbledon. is now one of the biggest sporting brands in the world and distribute in over 100 countries all over the world.

Slazenger Online

Online shopping is one of the great advantages of the modern age. You can do your shopping quickly and easily and have it delivered to your door with no stress at all. Half the fun of it is getting your purchase delivered to you, like a present to yourself.

And having your corporate clothing delivered to you makes things just that much less stressful for you. Especially when you get to open the boxes and unwrap your awesome Slazenger branded corporate uniform. We’ve made it easier for you by displaying our selection of Slazenger online. 

Online shopping also gives you access to all sorts of brands that we in South Africa might not necessarily have had access to at the moment. Like the UK brand Slazenger. Much of the sporting gear is available in specialist shops, but if you wanted to get something like the trainer jacket it would be quite the mission.

With us it’s right there for you online and with all the specs that you need to know. 

We love Slazenger at Brand Innovation and we want to share with you exactly why that is! 

Soft Shell Jackets South Africa 

Softshell jackets are a beautiful part of a corporate uniform. The look beautiful and they wear well. And because they’re Slazenger we trust in their quality. We’ve put our brand on the Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket not once, but twice (once red and once black). 

The Catalyst is our most popular softshell jacket. It’s a beautiful jacket with a soft polyester exterior. These are the ones that look like they’re fresh out of the box. Slazenger softshell jackets are a great investment. They’re meant to keep you warm and that they do in spades. The catalyst is wind resistant and has a roomy hood too, so that you can keep your ears warm, whether you’re inside or outside. 

This is a great jacket to brand for a sports team or a corporate event. It has a hood, which is an incredibly popular feature. Hoodies are incredibly popular for everything from matric jackets to corporate clothing. And the Catalyst has everything that we need for the best corporate jacket you’ve ever had. 

Have you ever considered offering a corporate jacket as a promotional item? It’s an impressive, executive corporate gift. Having someone high up being seen wearing your logo is a great feat of endorsement. 

Being a bulk supplier, we want you to have the best soft shell jacket price that we can give you, and selling a lot of them at the same time helps us to do that. We’re a proud bulk supplier of Soft Shell Jackets Cape Town. 

Slazenger Balls

There would be no ball games without balls, and Slazenger are a worldwide and world-renowned supplier of balls for hockey, cricket, golf and of course tennis. If you choose Slazenger as your corporate clothing brand you can get your game on and play ball!

Slazenger has been the official sponsor of the Championships, Wimbledon since 1902, one of the longest running sponsorships in the world. They’ve got to be doing something right, haven’t they? 

Well they definitely are, because 28 000 Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon every year. That’s pretty impressive, right? 

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to have a product that is made by the same brand that plays in front of the Queen of England every year? That’s a pretty impressive honour. 

That is a dream that you can fulfil with Brand Innovation! 

Slazenger Jackets

The Slazenger Trainer Jacket is a stunning windbreaker jacket. It comes in 5 different colours, is water resistant and is another one of these fantastic products that we have done for our staff over the last 12 years. These jackets are incredibly popular. And with quality like this, if an opportunity that’s too good to miss out on. 

A branded jacket is a wonderful corporate uniform item for the outdoors, whether you’re working on site or if you’re going on a team building camp. 

These branded jackets are light and easy to wear, made from 100% polyester with a polyester pongee lining. When you want to put your brand on items of corporate clothing that you can trust to represent your brand and last beautifully then you’re looking for Slazenger.

A jacket is, just on its own, a beautiful item of corporate clothing and a great way to promote your company. First of all because once the cold weather sets in a good corporate jacket is going to be the most common item of clothing seen in your office. People always appreciate something that keeps them warm. 

Jackets are also outerwear, so your branding is on proud display for the world to see whenever it is worn. 
Something else to take into account is a little out of the box branding. We can absolutely give you the standard left chest embroidery if that’s what you want. But we do offer other branding areas and styles that may look just as good on your jackets. You can even mix and match your branding so that you have something totally unique. 

Slazenger Body Warmers

Body warmers are an amazing part of a corporate uniform! They look amazing and they are especially great for sportspeople because you can move around freely, giving you a full range of motion. 

The Evolution Bodywarmer is one that we have had branded for ourselves and they are gorgeous and super comfortable. They also have lots of pocket space for you to keep your valuables. It comes in three different colours and is the perfect sporting accessory, whether it’s cheering for your team on the side lines or being on the field itself. 

The great thing about having these products branded for the company, and wearing them ourselves is that we can recommend them based on our experiences of the brand. On one occasion we had a client enquire about the Evolution bodywarmer, only to have the Sales Associate who was helping them say that she was wearing one herself.

We trust the products that we sell, and we love to help our clients and give them the products that they need. 

Which may have you asking, who needs a body warmer? It’s a shirt with no sleeves, surely you’d get cold? Not necessarily. Bodywarmers are designed to keep your core warm so that when it’s cold outside your body can keep your limbs warm. Because otherwise your body would prioritise your torso where all your vital organs are, which can result in some very cold fingers.

Slazenger Bag

Of course, it’s not just jackets and golf shirts that Slazenger produces. They were creating sporting goods long before they got into sports apparel. Just an example of these gorgeous goods are the Slazenger duffel bags. 

These sports bags are the ultimate in sports chic and the look utterly gorgeous with branding. When you go to the gym having a beautiful branded bag is an amazing way to keep all your goods together. These bags are also a great way to spread your bag around. Because wow, Slazenger and your company together on one bag? That’s amazing! You’re sure to be the envy of everyone at the gym. 

Of course, sports bags aren’t the only kind that Slazenger makes. They have other bags as well, including tech backpacks. A tech backpack is a backpack that is designed to carry around a laptop – a very convenient way to keep your technology with you at all times while carrying it comfortably and with minimal strain to yourself.

Backpacks are thought to be better for your back than carrying a weight on one side of your body. Which make these really beautiful branded bags to give your clients. Having a branded backpack is a great way to accessorise a conference as well. It lets you carry your technology. 

We also have the fantastic Competition Cooler bag, so you have options when you’re choosing your corporate items. Bags travel everywhere with their people, and they look great! Your brand will go everywhere from the beach to the ball game with your awesome corporate gift!

Bags are a fantastic gift to give your clients a beautiful gift that looks stunning and can be used for a wide variety of uses. They are also really great goodie bags that you can add extra gifts into, making this a stunning corporate gift. 

Slazenger Apparel

While you’re getting your beautiful branded bag, why not look into some branded Slazenger apparel to put in your bag? Some branded Slazenger golf shirts, perhaps? Promotional clothing is a really awesome way to get your brand out there because every person who wears your shirt is acting like a walking talking billboard for your brand. What’s not to like? 

And everyone loves a freebie! If you make it free, clients will be on your faster than you can blink. We have a whole range of different range of products that you can use as gifts for your clients. Like our Slazenger Bold Sunglasses, Slazenger Stride Pedometer and the Slazenger Golf Umbrellas. 

Apparel is so much more than just branded golf shirts. If you can wear it, it’s apparel and if you get it from us, we can brand it for you. There’s a sense of the high end that goes with branded clothing an uniforms. It makes your staff look tidier and more like a team at the same time as it makes your clients the envy of anyone who knows your brand. And a few that don’t, after all, your branded shirt is going to be amazing.

Branding can transform the way that a garment appears and how it looks. The position and style of branding can take a product that has another brand already attributed to it and make sure that yours is the brand that is remembered. 

Because there are ways that we believe things should look, you can use branding to conform to those ideals or to challenge them and create new ones. Whether it’s the positioning of the branding or the different methods used, there are many different ways to make your corporate uniform uniquely yours while still having that Slazenger brand. 

Slazenger Sunglasses

South Africa is a land well known for sunshine! Unfortunately, Sunny South Africa has some downsides too it, one of those being sun damage. Ultra violet radiation can damage your skin very badly, especially around your eyes where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Your eyes themselves are also very easy to damage, as the filaments of muscle in your eyes react to light. 

The Slazenger Bold Sunglasses have category 3 lenses and UV400 protection. UV400 is great because it means that your glasses have 100% UV protection and they can protect you against UV A and UVB rays. 

Sunglasses are the perfect gift to put into a goodie bag, or to give to your clients during events. And they’re not just for summer either! UV rays are just as potent when it’s cloudy as they are when the sun is shining. It pays to take care of yourself and by doing this for your clients you’re showing them that you care about them too. 

Sunglasses make for perfect promotional items as well as beautiful corporate gifts.

Slazenger Promotional Clothing

An awesome way to get in touch with your clients on a more