Elliptic Magnetic Pen

Code : PEN-1719


The Magnetic Pen is a fantastic promotional giveaway that your clients will keep around for a long time! This is a super handy pen that sticks to your fridge, ideal for writing shopping lists or recipies in the kitchen. 

Top features of the Magnetic Pen:

  • Stunning full colour branding
  • Full colour digital print or pad printing
  • Pad printing up to four colours
  • Two branding areas
  • Black German Ink
  • Magnetic Back
  • Great for refrigerators

Magnetic Fridge Pen – The fridge is often a central family gathering point, and is very often where people leave messages for each other. It’s also a great place to have a shopping list. The only real problem with this is that the fridge is a flat vertical surface that doesn’t necessarily allow you to have pen close to it. Sticking a pen to the fridge with some Press-stick is effective, but it’s also messy and doesn’t look very good.

Which is what makes magnetic pens for the refrigerator a perfect branding solution. These awesome pens have a magnet built into them so that you can just stick them on the fridge and get on with your life. And they have your brand’s message on them! The Elliptic Magnetic Pen has a large branding area, and can be done in full colour so that you have the most beautiful and eye catching pen around!




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