Pendulus Desk Caddy

Code : Gift-9845


A desk organizer is a promotional gift that can be used on a daily base in any office. The Pendulus Desk Caddy is a unique and creative pen holder and desk organizer that twists open to reveal small compartments for stationery. It also includes a desk clock.

Features of this Desk Organizer:

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 12.8 ( w ) x 6 ( d ) x 7.5 ( h )
  • Clock features: time / alarm
  • 1 x AAA batteries ( not included )
  • Pen holder and 2 compartments

A unique, modern and stylish option for corporate branding, the Pendulus desk caddy is a funky way to store stationary and tid bits at the office.

A three level product with a digital clock, each level can swing around independently as to create on main compartment and three small trays around it.

A wonderfully functional idea that clients are sure to love and use regularly, the desk caddy makes for office ease. With your brand displayed proudly along the top face, there can be no doubt as to the brand that gives back. A clean cut and stylish gift, this is definitely going to be seen.



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