A Branded Pen - The Perfect Marketing Product


A Branded Pen - The Perfect Marketing Product

Here at Brand Innovation we firmly believe that a branded pen is the best marketing product. We often brand pens for ourselves with our logo and contact details and hand the to our clients and prospective clients. These pens are the perfect business cards.

What makes a promotional pen such a great idea:

  • A pen is a useful item that everyone uses on a daily basis. Even in the computer age, we still write with a good old trusty pen.
  • A branded pen is a long lasting and cost effective means of advertisement. 
  • A pen with your logo will market your company much longer than a printed add in a magazine or a pamphlet.

Our BIC Media Clic is a fantastic example of a great promotional pen. This is a high-quality and stylish promotional pen that can be printed with up to 3 colours. These BIC printed pens are great business gifts.

To order your BIC Media Clic Pens, please email us at info@brandinnovation.co.za. We look forward to being of assistance.



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