Aids Day Promotional Gifts


Aids Day Promotional Gifts

A day dedicated to supporting the cause of the disease and creating awareness.It is an ample opportunity for doctors and medical professionals to educate communities on the disease. To make people acquainted with the disease's prevention, symptoms and treatments. 

World Aids Day

A deadly virus which has spread across many parts of our continent and within South Africa. As a community, we urgently need to educate our selves and others of precaution and prevention, as well as treatment and support. 

Aids Day Gifts

Aids day gifts are an important way to show your brand's support for the disease and use the power of marketing to increase awareness. 

HIV is a deadly disease which affects a huge part of South Africa's population every year. It has been recorded that the approximate HIV rate in South Africa as of mid-2018 stands at a shocking 13,1 % which translates to almost 7,52 million people. 

The importance of branded Aids items and promotional Aids products, lies in the power of your brand or business that can create an impact and encourage change. Your company can help spread the message of Aids and influence a chain reaction of awareness, with branded products and promotional giveaways. Connect your brand with branded items that matter and benefit from marketing which adds to the world in a positive way.

Branded Aids Gifts

Branded aids gifts are important for spreading awareness about the disease and creating an incentive for people to get themselves tested. Aids has a very heavy presence in our lives, it is our responsibility to get ourselves tested regularly and encourage others to be safe. 

World Aids Day

Gifts branded with your logo or brand on will enhance the effect of encouraging people to be conscious of the disease, fight for the cause and spread awareness. In addition, your brand or company will gain great visibility and reach many people. 

Align your company or brand with a cause that matters and urgently needs attention. If you have the power to reach a large audience of clients and customers, use your reach for the better well-being of our nation.

We stock a variety of great Aids day products that can be branded with your logo. Branded items that will add value to your brand,increase loyalty from your clients and customers and position your company as an organisation that cares. 

Our catalog of Aids gifts include:

  • Branded water bottles
  • Branded bags; backpacks, shopper bags, goodie bags and drawstring 
  • Promotional pens
  • Branded notebooks 
  • Branded magnet clips
  • Branded stress balls
  • Branded key rings
  • Branded lunch coolers
  • Branded mugs and travel mugs

Promotional Aids Day Products

Promotional aids day products are fantastic for efficiently spreading the awareness and support of Aids, as well as expanding your brand or company's name. Promotional items help in making a connection with your client and customers. Standing behind a very real and relevant cause is what will put your business ahead of others. 

Products that can be branded with your logo, at an affordable price and great value for your brand!

Enhance the experience that customers and clients have with your company, through promotional gifts and items that set you apart and aid Aids! 

Branded items that gone beyond just being an item, they hold value and the power of connection between you and your clients. With promotional gifts your brand can grow and expand, reaching more customers and creating lasting relationships with items that make a difference.

World Aids Day


Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are one of the best ways to get your brand name or company logo out there! 

Pens are always needed by everyone, everyday! 

Imagine your branded pen on every desk, in every office, on the counter of every home, in hospitals, hotels and in the hands of many everywhere. 

Branded pens are a great way of promoting your company or brand,they never go out of fashion, are always useful and can be your free advertisement for years to come! Pens have a long lifetime of use, display and visibility. 

Aligning your branded pen with the awareness and support of Aids Day, is commendable and furthers the good intentions of your brand or business.Show that you care and add value to your company. 


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