Best Picnic Backpack

Best Picnic Backpack South Africa - A wonderful way to head into the new work year, a well-branded promotional item can not only make business relationships sturdier, but also encourage a positive attitude among employees.

An amazing branded gift, the Bastille Picnic Bag is a great looking branded gift option that comes in handy throughout the year.

Features of the Best Selling Bastille Picnic Backpack:
  • 4 X White Plastic Handle  Stainless Steel Forks, Knives & Spoons
  • 4 X Black & White Checked Napkins
  • 4 X Solid White Melamine Tumblers
  • 4 X White Melamine Plates

Other great picnic backpacks and bags available:
  • Afrika Spectator Bag
  • Java Flask and Blanket Set
  • Sunset Picnic Case

Whether an item for staff or for clients, a meaningful marketing product that can be used on a regular basis allows for personal interaction with a company, not only marketing the brand proudly, but making a client’s life a little more enjoyable along the way.

A wonderfully useful item that is great to have over the holiday season, this is perfect for picnicking in the park or taking the family out for a day in the sun. An ideal item for the beach when visiting the coast as well, this can hold everything you need for a truly enjoyable day out.

With a large area open for your branding efforts and holding everything you need to enjoy time with family and friends, this is a very popular item that has been adored time and time again. A clever zip up bag with large compartments, this makes for an unbelievable branded gift that clients are sure to love- the perfect item to show off this summer.

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