Best Solar Power Bank


Best Solar Power Bank

For the best solar power bank options in South Africa, Brand Innovation has the range for you. A power bank alone is an incredible corporate branding item, with the added value of being solar powered bank as well, you need not worry about where you can charge it- as long as there is sun you will have power.

The Solar Charger Power Bank 5000 mAh is a strong and sturdy power bank option that lets you harness the suns energy to use as your own personal power outlet. The perfect branded gift for a technology driven or travel-style company, this is a wonderful present for the outdoor enthusiast. Both shock resistant and waterproof, this is perfect for the avid South African traveler.

From Johannesburg to Cape Town, whether hiking in the mountains or sitting on the beach, there is no reason to get disconnected while you can charge all your mobile devices with this handy solar portable charger.

A brilliant way to promote a brand and company ethos, a tech-savvy gift like this can show the youthful, vibrant side of your brand, giving out an item that not only promotes your brand but also serves a daily purpose around the office environment.  A brilliant gift for the modern day Eco-warrior, this is sustainable technology in your pocket.

A hardy branded item that acts as a testament to the strength of your corporate identity, this is a solar power bank that can charge most smartphones on the market at the moment. A modern and youthful gift that can be used endlessly under the infinite African sun, this is a gift that will not soon be forgotten be clients and staff alike.

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