Bluetooth Speakers South Africa


Bluetooth Speakers South Africa

Bluetooth speakers South Africa – Brand Innovation is a supplier of Bluetooth technology in South Africa. Bluetooth Technology is a really fantastic way for two devices to connect wirelessly. This means that you have the freedom to move around with your device without losing the connection with your speakers. This is a really great device to have for parties or to listen to music!

  • Wirelessly connect two devices
  • Share music and media easily
  • Great end of year gifts!
  • Perfect for travel!
  • Lots of beautiful designs to choose from!

We have a selection of awesome Bluetooth speakers from leading brands like Swiss Cougar and Volkano, as well as a few surprises of our own. These products are a really fantastic way to bring people together, get everyone dancing and put smiles on faces!

When it comes to a corporate gift that’s really going to turn heads, putting your brand on one of our stunning speakers is sure to do just that! We’ve got speakers that range from small to large, and even some that come with cool features, like being waterproof!

A speaker that works for every occasion, is easily portable and produces great sound is a fantastic way to make a splash with your brand!

End of Year Gifts

It’s Christmas in July! Or rather, you should probably start thinking about Christmas in July. It sometimes seems like 2017 just started yesterday but that’s not quite the case. Unique end of year gifts are a great way to make your clients, partners and staff smile, and an awesome way to make them feel appreciated for all the hard work that they’ve done over the course of the year.

With our Bluetooth speakers you can encourage them to let their hair down and relax a little to their favourite music. These speakers also make a great gift for offices! We’ve used the Swiss Cougar Mega Boom Speaker at Brand Innovation and it has amazing sound quality! It also has man ways to connect to the device, from USBs and SD cards to AUX cables and, of course, Bluetooth.

The End of the Year is a time to give thanks and to look forward to the year that has yet to come. You can have people dancing forwards into the New Year with our awesome selection of high quality promotional speakers.

Top Electronic Gifts

Electronics make for amazing gifts! Whether they’re promotional gifts, corporate gifts or thank you gifts, this is an era when technology rules! So getting someone a gift that will help them enjoy their technology even more than they already do is fantastic way to celebrate! And the great thing about a Bluetooth speaker is that it is a device that is compatible with almost every device that’s Bluetooth enabled.

Bluetooth enabled means that both devices have Bluetooth radio transmitters. That’s right! Even in the age of satellites, Bluetooth is a radio transmission. It allows two devices to send and receive data from one another in real time so that you can send media files like pictures and music from one device to another without having to use cables for either of them.

This is particularly useful if you don’t have a connecting cable for those two devices. It also means that while you’re sharing files and enjoying your media then you don’t necessarily have to sit in one place and stare at the device until it connects.

Sometimes when you have an old connector cable you have to hold it at just the right angle on a still afternoon in mid-September if you want the devices to pair.  Modern technology means that Bluetooth is advancing all the time! Bluetooth transmitters are getting smaller, able to use less and less energy while doing more and having a wider range! This kind of technological advancement is what makes Bluetooth Speakers such a great gift, because the frequency is the same while the technology of the device changes.

Best Portable Speakers

The really great thing about a lot of our Bluetooth speakers is how portable they are. We have pocket sized speakers and speakers that you’d need to stand on your desk, all of which can get their playlists from a Bluetooth enabled device. Like your phone! A smart phone, and even generations of phones before this have had Bluetooth capabilities. This means that anyone with a phone can connect to your speakers and play their own music – which is a really fantastic way to keep the music at a party fresh and have something that everyone will enjoy! Because everyone can bring their own.

Many speakers, like the Mega Boom and the Mini Bomb are really easy to carry around. The Mega Boom because it has a strap that lets you carry it around over your shoulder and the Mini Bomb because it could fit into your pocket. Having speakers like this with your branding on them is a great way to have your brand spread smiles and good cheer wherever it goes! A perfect gift for the end of the year.

Must Have Gifts for Men

Boys and their toys, right? Men love something that they can play with and they especially love tech gadgets! You can have a really beautiful product with your brand on that men will love.
We have speakers like the Melody and the Harmony, which are both sleek squares. They have a sharp, sleek design in silver and white that looks amazing with a full colour brand and makes for a truly fantastic branding option.

Our range of Bluetooth speakers is suitable for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the kind of tech heaven that a man will have trouble choosing his favourite out of. We have some beautiful high end brands that will give you the sound quality you crave with designs that are a feast for the eyes.
Like the Mega Boom, which can have beautiful wrap around branding on the barrel and can be accessed by just about every file sharing method known to man. Or the Atlantis, which has the really cool feature of being water proof so that you can listen to music and podcasts, or even take calls in the shower! Bluetooth speakers really are Must Have Gifts for Men!

Fun Promotional Gifts

They’re also really fun promotional gifts. A speaker like this is something that allows you to have fun and keep dancing no matter where you are. You can have a dance party with your sibling in the middle of the living room, or you can sing along to your favourite songs in the car. You can even take your tunes on a picnic so that you and your friends can sing along. This also makes it the perfect thing to take a long to a children’s birthday party – there’s no need to have a plug point to play pass the parcel or musical chairs. Just you, your phone, your speakers and a lot of happy kids!

Putting your brand on our speakers – which we can absolutely do, the methods for how we do this vary from speaker to speaker – can being smiles to everyone from young to old, making them really fantastic promotional products! And corporate gifts too!

Technology is so wide spread these days that anyone can find a use for a Bluetooth speaker, and a branded one is a great way to promote your brand with a product that people will enjoy using.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof? Really? The uses of a Waterproof speaker can go on and on. From using those shower acoustics to full advantage and giving yourself an awesome backing track to having pool party fun with the Volkano Splash Series, these speakers are a really great way to maximise your aquatic experience!
As mentioned before, the beautiful Atlantis Speaker is a domed speaker that you can stick to your shower walls with a suction cup. Bluetooth Shower Speakers are a great way to take your shower time solos to the next level. They come in pink, blue and black and are a really stunning gift for anyone who enjoys listening to media in the shower.

The Splash Series Speaker from Volkano is waterproof and can float – making it the perfect pool party accessory and a really great unique end of year gift!

We have gadgets for every occasion at Brand Innovation and our beautiful waterproof speakers make for wonderful summer time gifts! They look beautiful and they brand well. These are wonderful corporate gifts for anyone who loves technology.

Bluetooth Speaker Price

We’re a Bulk Supplier of these phenomenal goods. That means that we sell large quantities of these products, often to companies as promotional items or as corporate gifts. And they do make fantastic gifts. We sell them in these quantities so that you can get the best price for your product. Selling these gorgeous Bluetooth Speakers in bulk allows us to keep the price down per unit, so the more you buy, the more you save.

We sell these great speakers branded and unbranded. Branding a product is a way to put your signature. Your brand is the thumb print of your business, it’s a great way to draw attention to who exactly provided this stunning piece of technology. This is also a great way to let people know that something belongs to your office.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker South Africa

Bluetooth Speakers for Sale in South Africa – Brand Innovation is a supplier of Bluetooth speakers and other promotional gifts. And for your convenience, they’re for sale online. That’s right, you can place an order for your Bluetooth speakers online from our web store. You don’t have to leave your office to order, which saves you time and money in the long run. It also means that you can order these speakers from wherever you are in South Africa and we’ll deliver them to you. Delivery is, after all, one of the major perks of online shopping.

You can order these with the click of a mouse, and you can carry them around almost as easily too. Speakers like the Volkano Blaster Speaker and the Swiss Cougar Mega Boom both have carry straps so that you can take them where they need to go easily. Others like the Occulas Bluetooth Speaker, which looks amazing and has great sound quality, could be tucked into a jacket pocket and taken to wear they need to go.

Don’t let the Occulas’ small size fool you, it has some serious volume in that little body. We’ve used this one in the office too! We took turns connecting our phones to it and playing music for the office to listen during the day. It was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for the office.

Electronic Gifts South Africa

South Africa is a country that is constantly growing and learning. Every day we’re climbing and pushing ourselves to learn new things. That’s one of the perks of being a developing country. There’s no need to rest on your laurels, just a determination to get bigger and better and become an integral part of the global economy.

And with our love of growing, our love for technology and our need for it is growing too. Having a speaker like this allows us to take our technology wherever it needs to go and share your music and your media with anyone wherever you are in the country. You can take your sound to the tops of the Drakensberg and down to the coast, wherever there needs to be sound, smiles and a song, you can have them with this stunning selection of Corporate Electronic Gifts.

Bluetooth Speakers are a really great way to have a party or share media and stories. These speakers make for a really beautiful corporate gift. They’re not the usual notebook and pen and they’re something that will put a smile on the faces of your staff and clients. The selection that we have ranges from promotional items all the way up to executive gifts so that you can have the product that best suits your needs and you budgets.

We’re a supplier of beautiful, branded electronics and we’re glad to be offer you this selection of Bluetooth Speakers South Africa.

Technology Gifts are always a popular promotional item or corporate gift and in fact, is one of the fastest growing gift categories in the corporate world.

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of music, fun and laughter in their lives?



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