The Importance of Brand Identity

Brand identity is how your business sells itself to clients or customers and how those groups of people experience and connect with your brand.

Your individual identity is the single most important element that shapes who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. Identity is something that sets us apart from everyone else, everyone has their own identity, like an individual trademark or certified stamp. Establishing your identity is vital to understanding yourself and what you stand for. Many people take years to form who they are, their values and essentially what shapes them.

A business or brand follows a similar pattern of discovery through brand identity. It is the process of establishing who you brand/business is, what you do, how you do it, your values and ultimately your mission or aim to either help or improve the lives of your clients or customers.

The world is a busy and bustling wave of rapid movement, where new concepts, buildings, businesses and brands are popping up every day. So establishing your brand identity is of high importance, it is how new clients discover you, returning clients identify you and old clients recognise you.

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise is the only marketing tool you'll need to grow your business or brand. Your brand is the representation of you business, an image which you portray to the world. To further cultivate, refine and maintain the presentation of your brand, promotional products are your best friend.

Products branded with your logo act as the ambassador of your brand and are the number one spokesperson, who ensures that your business stays visible, gains reach and rewards your brand with long lasting value.

We live in a world which relies on reviews and ratings for guidance. The advancement of technology and the growing internet’s intelligence provides us with everything at the click of a finger, where we are able to gain instant info on a business or brand based on someone else’s experience. That's why building a great experience with your brand is key to unlocking returning and new clients.

Promotional merchandise holds the power of this key, it is the physical and tangible connection to your brand or business. Promotional products offer your brand or business real items which can be held, used and seen by many people. When your brand is seen, it’s identity grows stronger and more recognisable, filtering into your brand identity which extends how people interact and engage with your business.

The image of your brand or business is like the face of someone you’ve met before; it has the potential to fade from your memory if you do not come into contact with that person often and eventually you are unable to recognise the person. Your brand can have this effect if you do not uphold and maintain the visibility of your brand. With your branded items, your brand will be a face that is easy to identify and will always be in the minds of everyone. Stay recognisable and visible with marketing products which ensure your ‘face’ will always be greeted with a familiar friendliness.

Promotional Giveaway Items

Promotional giveaway items create a connection between your brand and your clients. Cultivating connections is key to maintaining your business values and ethics. Good relations between a brand/business and its clients/customers translate into a boost in sales, exposure and ultimately the communication of your brand/business which is passed on by clients or customer who have a good experience with your business.

Establishing a relationship with people via promotional products creates a solid connection between your brand or business and your customers or clients. A direct link forms, where your branded item is the medium for communication, sales and trust. A promotional product goes beyond being the representation of your brand, it feeds into how your brand helps someone’s life and the memorability your brand had on people.

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