Branded Backpacks


Branded Backpacks

Branded backpacks are a very effective way to market your company.
If you have ever used public transport for your daily commute to work, you are guaranteed to have seen dozens of branded backpacks. You can't help but notice the brightly printed logos that appear here and there throughout the crowds.

Every day there are hundreds of employees and school kids using backpacks when going to and fro to work or schools. This provides you with the perfect branding opportunity!

What makes a branded backpack such a great marketing item?:

  • The branding space is highly visible
  • Backpacks are used every day
  • A large demographic uses backpacks
  • Most backpacks have a big branding area

Having your logo branded on a backpack is a great way to advertise your company. Because the bags are worn on a person's back, all other passers by will be able to see the logos. Wherever your clients or employees walk with your backpack, your brand will go along for the ride.

Another great opportunity to use a branded backpack would be at events or festivals. Usually at events there are many companies handing out pamphlets and brochures and samples and more. It is troublesome to try and carry all of these items with you, which is where the backpack comes in.

You can keep all of your goodies in your backpack and comfortably carry it around throughout the rest of the event.

We have a large selection of backpacks to choose from, ranging from the budget friendly drawstring backpack to the executive trolley backpack.
We supply these branded backpacks throughout South Africa. To order your bags, email us now.



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