Branded Glass Drinking Bottles


Branded Glass Drinking Bottles

Branded glass drinking bottles, are the smarter and better choice for you, your brand and the planet.
A product made from natural and sustainable raw materials, which can be reused many times over and is 100% recyclable. It is a durable and sturdy product which keeps your water cooler and does not have the unpleasant chemical taste of plastic bottles.

Kooshty Water Bottle KOOSH-8208-04

Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles are manufactured in such away that does little harm to the environment because of its pure qualities. As for your health, glass does not contain any chemicals that can leach into your water and contaminate it. 

Bottles made from glass are cost-effective and long lasting. Which means you take care of your health while keeping your wallet thick and the earth cleaner. Glass is the future, connect your brand with products that are less harmful to the environment, offer your clients and customers long lasting use and health benefits and ensure that your brand stays visible.

Kooshty Glass Water Bottle KOOSH-8750 Promotional Glass Water Bottles

Promotional glass water bottles are one of the best marketing tools to promote your brand. A bottle is always in need and makes a great addition to any sports event, golf day, conference or expo. They are fantastic for giveaways and as a promotional handout. Ideal for schools, universities, hotels and offices.

Kooshty Kup KOOSH-8300-08
Choose from fun colours and trendy designs. Find a bottle that suits your needs and for your occasion. We supply a range of water bottles from stainless steel, aluminium, infuser to BPA-free.  

Kooshty Products

Kooshty products are trendy, fun and unique items. A brand that stands out and offers excellent quality and great branding value. A range that offers you something new and fresh, with cool designs and useful products. The collection's focus is on being on trend and in tune with the world's changing nature, from their product styles to the intention behind the products. Glass items factor as a huge part of the brand's identity, with their range of glass drinkware, including coffee plungers, glasses, bottles and travel size cups. Fantastic products, packaged in beautiful boxes making the perfect gift or promotional item.

Are you interested to take a step into the future of glass water bottles? 

View our website today and browse our selection of water bottles and other cool promotional items and corporate gifts.



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