Branded Silicone Phone Card Holders


Branded Silicone Phone Card Holders

Branded Silicone Phone Card Holders offer great branding value for your company, where your logo is on display everywhere at anytime. Be seen by everyone and gain massive brand visibility. Reaching new business has never been this easy. 

In the rapid paced digital era we find ourselves in, our two most essential items we value in our day to day lives, is our mobile phone and bank card. Almost everyone owns a cellphone and a bank card, they are a must in a connected and evolving world. Cellphones have become a second limb to our bodies, they are constantly with us and always in reach. Bank cards hold our livelihoods and potential. So why not keep both together? 

Silicone phone holders offer great convenience and ease, they are a nifty item which can be used by all ages. The ideal storage for your bank card, credit card, student card, driver's license, business card or even an hotel key card. Think of it as a kangaroo pouch for your phone!

Phone Card Holders

Phone card holders provide the ultimate ease and remove the worry of carrying too much at once. They can hold up to two cards and earbuds, so you have a hand free for that coffee or smoothie on the go.

Think of all the phones that travel around everyday with thousands of people, how people pass each other on a phone call, standing at the station texting someone, showing a friend a funny video or how many cellphones you see pass you by in a day. Now think of all these cellphones with a silicone holder branded with YOUR logo. Your brand reach and value with boost and soar. 

Phone card holders are:

  • Trendy
  • Handy
  • Great for promoting your brand

Branded Phone Card Holder

Branded phone card holders are made from adurable silicone material, with a strong adhesive back which attachessecurely to your phone. Choose from our range of funky colours to match yourbrand. 

We also supply a Snap Card Wallet which turns into a phone stand, andcan hold earbuds. A nifty feature for gamers, video watchers and everyone anyage! Get your brand out there with silicone phone card holders and move withthe digital age. 

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