Business Card USB Flash Drive


Business Card USB Flash Drive

A business card usb flash drive is an innovative and useful corporate gift. This gift combines the old classic business card with a modern new twist; a USB flash drive.

These days every office and household uses at least a few flash drives. We use them for quickly copying our files, photos, music and any digital documents to various different computers. And having a flash drive with all your documents on sure beats carrying a big file with lots of papers.

A branded flash drive is always a popular promotional item and with the unique card shaped USB you are sure to grab your client's attention.

Why in a credit card shape?

  • Easy for men to carry in wallets
  • Easy for ladies to slip in their wallets too!
  • Cool and unique
  • Awesome branding for your company on both sides of the flash drive

How do we know that your clients will love this gift?

  • Once a client orders these credit card usb’s, they usually order again
  • A re-order of the same item time and again means client satisfaction
  • Everyone needs a usb at some stage and how awesome to have a unique flash drive given to you
  • This is a practical and very useful product that everyone will appreciate

Awesome corporate branding opportunity too!
Full colour branding on both sides of the credit card usb large branding area for company website, email addresses and telephone numbers.  

Order your business card flash drives today.



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