Colour Changing Mug - Colour Changing Coffee Mugs in South Africa

A colour changing mug is a fun and innovative way to advertise your company. These unique coffee mugs change colour when hot water is added, and reveals your branded logo.

Coffee mugs are very popular promotional gifts, because they can be used at the office or at home and are used often. Who doesn't enjoy a cup of coffee every morning?

Why Clients Will Love the Colour Changing Mug:

  • Fun and unique product
  • Great gift for office and home
  • Can be used on a daily basis

Not only is the colour changing mug fun to look at, it is also useful. Then your mug starts to turn dark again, you know your drink is getting cold and you can heat it up again. Most people hate cold coffee and this is perfect for avoiding that.

At Brand Innovation we have two colour changing coffee mug options; The Chameleon Mug and the Nexus Mug. There are slight differences between these mugs.

Chameleon Colour Changing Mug Code: MUG-6357

  • This mug has a colour inner
  • Includes a matching colour spoon in handle
  • Exterior is black and changes to white
  • Capacity: 320ml
  • Slightly curved shape
  • Branding Area: 200mm x 45mm

The Nexus Colour Change Mug Code: AB-COFF001

  • This mug has a white inner
  • Exterior is one of 6 different colours that changes to white
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Standard cylindrical shape
  • Branding Area: 185mm x 75mm

Both of these colour changing coffee mugs are sure to be a great hit with your clients. 
A printed mug lasts a long time and gives you an opportunity for long term advertising, and the colour change mug is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Order these cool coffee mugs now, by emailing us at info@brandinnovation.co.za or browse through our other great ceramic mugs for more options.
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