Colour Changing Mugs


Colour Changing Mugs

A colour changing mug is a fresh and fun option for a branded promotional mug. Because many working people are coffee-fueled, a mug is a classic promotional item! In short a branded mug is a great corporate gift because it’s:

  • Long term branding

  • Excellent value for money

  • An everyday item

  • Useful

This is why the corporate branded mug is such a popular choice.

But colour changing mugs put a spin on the standard branded mug - by changing colour when hot water is added! These delightful products have a heat sensitive colour coating that becomes transparent as the mug comes into contact with heat - revealing

your logo and colour underneath.

This makes it such an effective promotional product: it actively engages the owner with your branding while your logo is magically revealed! Entertaining and fun, the colour changing mug is as functional as other branded mugs. It’s a fresh and innovative branded product idea, making a real impression on your customer.

Brand Innovation supplies colour changing coffee cups. Some of our options are:

Transition Colour-Changing Mug: This coffee mug is made of ceramic and is a stylish matte black when cold. It reveals the printed logo beneath when warm on a white background.

Chameleon Colour Changing Mug: This product comes in a trendy two toned designed, packaged in a matching gift box. It’s available in 5 different colours, allowing you to customise your mug in colours consistent with your brand identity.

To order branded colour changing mugs, please email us or call us on 0861 111 954 - and one of our account executives will be happy to chat to you about the branding options available to you. For our full range of mugs on offer, please see our Ceramic Mugs page.



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