Corporate Uniforms South Africa


Corporate Uniforms South Africa

Corporate uniforms aren’t just a great tool for brand awareness and promoting your brand, they have a ton of other benefits too. They affect how your company image is perceived by its customers and clients, and can have an impact on the psychology and productivity of workers.

It’s no longer the case that everyone dons a suit and tie to go to work. Whatever the corporate dress code is for your workplace, Brand Innovation has appropriate business attire and corporate uniforms! Because what we wear to work matters. Here’s why:

Brand exposure: Corporate Uniforms are a really great way of increasing your company’s brand exposure. Branded clothing functions to increase the visibility of your brand, because your logo goes wherever the wearer does.

In the workplace, while commuting, or at networking and promotional events, the corporate uniform functions like any company swag. Especially for companies with different branches, a consistent corporate uniform ensures that customers engage with your brand at every point of interaction.

Consistent corporate attire: A uniform ensures that your team are consistently professionally presented. This is important, as business attire affects your image as a company. Professional presentation sens the right impression to your customers, and clients. Corporate uniforms don’t necessarily have to be a full outfit. A branded golf shirt, for example is an excellent uniform item - comfortable, while still professional.

Team building: a uniform is a very visual symbol of unity in the workplace. It equalises employees and can promote a sense of camaraderie amongst workers. The feeling of being in a team is an important component of loyalty and company pride.

Corporate Attire

Appropriate corporate attire is not as rigid as it used to be - different levels of formality are fitting for different industries and workplace cultures. An increasingly popular choice for branded corporate attire is golf shirts. These are perfect for the professional world, as they are lightweight, comfortable and understatedly sophisticated. Because they have minimal designs and are available in so many colours and weights they’re very customisable to your brand identity. We supply over 150 different styles of golf shirts!

Another popular option for the modern workplace is the lounge shirt. This is a great style of office wear, and their stylish simplicity make them an excellent corporate uniform item. Available in short sleeve, ¾ sleeve and long sleeve styles, they allow your uniform to look consistent regardless of the season.

Corporate Clothing Brands

Corporate clothing brands guarantee that you’re receiving a quality, long lasting, stylish product. Here are some of the corporate clothing brands we carry:




Gary Player

Cutter & Buck


US Basic

Uniform Suppliers Cape Town

Brand Innovation are uniform suppliers in Cape Town. We don’t just source and supply branded clothing in the Mother City - we deliver door-to-door anywhere in South Africa. As uniform suppliers in Cape Town we supply conti suits, high visibility clothing, bush shirts, lounge shirts, pitt shirts and golf shirts. Go over to our Corporate Clothing catalogue to browse through our full selection.

To chat to an account executive about branding services on offer and available products, contact us via email or call 0861 111 954.



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