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Cotton Spandex T Shirts South Africa- A perfect promotional item for sports teams or corporate events, Cotton Spandex T Shirts are comfortable, form-fitting t shirts that hug to your body and keep you cool while out in the heat. Perfect for sports or outdoor activities, these tops let your body breather, allowing you to enjoy your fun in the sun for hours at a time. Stunning when branded, available in a great range of colours, these are available for both men and women. Perfect for a form fitting promotional t shirt, these are wonderful t shirt options that are sure to be taken on every morning run.

Alex Cotton Spandex T Shirt for Men

3 Reasons why this is an awesome t shirt option
  1. 1.  Available in five colour options
  2. 2.  Locally manufactured
  3. 3.  Slim fit design

Jody Cotton Spandex T Shirt for Ladies

3 Reasons why this is a great branded t shirt
  1. 1.  Six colour options
  2. 2.  Cap sleeve on female cut
  3. 3.  Regular fit with crew neck

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